Chapter 162: Green Frost Fruit

    Chapter 162: Green Frost Fruit

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    The surface of the water was moving up and down in waves. Princess Huo Wu wrinkled her brows, and let out a deep breath as she saw the undulating water surface.

    Shi Mu's face exposed an irresolute color.

    "Can it be that the Xian Tian beasts of the Central Region don't come to the surrounding area because they're afraid of these swordfishes?" Shi Mu thought. But, he didn't say anything aloud.

    "The two of you were already aware of the existence of these swordfishes. So, you must also know the countermeasures... and the ways to cross this river," Princess Huo Wu moved her beautiful eyes and asked.

    "Of course! In fact, it's quite simple. We only need to cut down some big trees, and make a raft of thick wood. Then, we can ride on the raft and cross the river." Mo Lang smiled and nodded. He then explained.

    Shi Mu and Princess Huo Wu were startled.

    "Is it that simple?" Princess Huo Wu asked doubtfully.

    "Would the pointed teeth of these swordfishes not resist the raft?" Shi Mu seemed worried.

    What if the swordfishes attacked and sank the wooden raft? Then, they'd have to confront these thousands of swordfishes in the water. Perhaps, many of them had Xian Tian level strength. They might not be able to withdraw until-after their entire bodies had been severely injured if that were the case.

    "Brother Shi Mu, please relax. Our people have been going into the Central Region using this method for generations. So, this method is well-tested. We will make the wooden raft as strong and thick as possible if Brother Shi is so worried" Mo Lang replied with confidence.

    "Brother Mo Lang seems extremely sure. Is it possible that you've entered this forbidden area before... and have used this method to go to the other side of the river?" Princess Huo Wu pursed-up her lips, and asked with a faint smile on her face.

    Mo Lang's expression changed a bit. He then nodded in a hesitant manner.

    Shi Mu's heart moved. But, the expressions on his face didn't change.

    "In that case... I'm relieved." Princess Huo Wu smiled. After that, Shi Mu turned around and started to walk towards the woods.

    The four people began to work together. They had made a nine meters wide and fifteen meters long wooden raft within a span of two hours.

    Shi Mu laid three additional logs on the base of the boat to ensure complete safety.

    Then, Mo Lang took out a wide animal hide, and set it up on one side as the sail of this raft.

    After that, the four people got on the boat. Mo Lang then drew out a green witch charm. It was made-up of animal skin. He then started to recite a few incantations.

    The animal skin ignited, and sprayed out green rays of light. It then generated a gale out of thin air, and set the sail in movement with a blow. The raft started to move in the water - as if it was flying.

    Shi Mu stood on the wooden raft with an alert face; he was tightly gripping the hilt of his black blade. Moreover, he was secretly holding a black animal-hide magic charm in the sleeve of his other hand. It was the same witch charm that he had stolen from the bald barbarian of the Fierce Snake Tribe.

    He had found two charms at that time, but he had already activated one of them. He had discovered that witchcraft contained in this magic charm was quite similar to the low-level Wind Attribute magic charm - the Wind Wing Technique. It could attract a gale so strong that a man could ride the wind, and glide for a distance.

    Shi Mu had heard about this Wind Wing Technique, but had only seen it in the ancient books and records of magic charms.

    Princess Huo Wu looked around in all the directions; she had withdrawn her hands into her sleeves. She seemed to be holding a few life-saving magic charms in the secrecy of her sleeves as well.

    Mo Lang and Jin Huang had used this method to cross the River of the Warrior before. So, their expressions were relatively tranquil.

    Fortunately, Mo Lang's method turned out to be very useful. They remained seated on the wooden raft the entire way; as if they were travelling in ordinary river water. They didn't encounter any accident.

    Shi Mu jumped to the shore as soon as the wooden raft docked to safety. He felt calm in his heart only after he planted his feet firmly on the ground. He then safely kept the magic charm of the Wind Wing Technique, and looked in the surroundings. He was left startled.

    He had been on an alert while he was crossing the river. So, he hadn't examined the surroundings earlier. However, he had now realized that the river had parted this area into two sections. And, this side of the land was extremely different from the other side.

    The species of flowers, plants, and trees were almost the same. But, their size was two times bigger than that on the opposite side of the river.

    "You two are familiar with the Central Region. So, where should we go first?" Princess Huo Wu's voice echoed.

    "Princess, please wait for a moment. Brother Jin, it's your turn." Mo Lang turned to Jin Huang.

    Jin Huang didn't speak, but took out a yellow animal hide map from his clothes.

    "Is it the map of the Central Region?" Princess Huo Wu was flabbergasted.

    Jin Huang nodded. He then carefully started to compare the yellow hide map with his surroundings. He eventually estimated their current location.

    Shi Mu took a glance at the map. He then moved his eyes, and drew half a step backwards. After that, he secretly took out a small animal hide.

    He had also drawn a map. But, it was too simple compared to the one in Mo Lang's hand. He had briefly marked several locations on his map.

    He had obtained this information from the books and personal letters of Min Tu. There were several locations where the multi-headed python might exist.

    He compared the map in his hand with Mo Lang's. A ray of light flashed in his eyes. Then, he returned the map to its original place.

    "We'll go along this direction." Jin Huang pointed his finger at a certain point on the map after a while.

    Jin Huang had pointed in the direction which was going several kilometers deep into the Central Region.

    "Isn't it inappropriate to go directly into the Central Region?" Princess Huo Wu asked.

    "Princess Huo Wu, it was you who had proposed to cross the river to hunt down ominous beasts in the Central Region. Is it possible that you want to stop here now... and not go forward?" Jin Huang's complexion sank. He seemed to be a little displeased.

    "Yes, it is. After all, we have limited strength. It's not a problem to handle some ominous beasts of Hou Tian consummate-level with our combined strength. But, if we encounter an ambush of ominous beasts of Xian Tian level... then I'm afraid that it'll become extremely difficult for us to even escape from this place..." Princess Huo Wu's voice became cold.

    "Your Highness, don't get angry. The four of us have the same goal. It's important... and would be beneficial to hunt as many ominous beasts as possible in the remaining days. The gains won't be able to make up for the losses if you two make pointless arguments at this juncture..." Mo Lang saw Princess Huo Wu and Jin Huang in a state of mutual hostility. So, he hurriedly spoke-up in order to resolve the matter.

    "I think that the two of you are trying to cover-up something. You've come to the Central Region with some other purpose than to kill ominous beasts, right?" Shi Mu was silent. Suddenly, he exposed a smile on his face and said.

    "Brother Shi, what do you mean by this?" Mo Lang raised his brows.

    "It's better to speak forthrightly if you two people have some other purpose. Otherwise... we'll take different roads from here." Shi Mu glanced at Mo Lang and Jin Huang as he spoke-up in a dull tone.

    An astounded look flashed through Princess Huo Wu's face. But, she was smart enough to not speak anything.

    Mo Lang exchanged a meaningful glance with Jin Huang as he heard this.

    "I'm sorry. We've indeed hid something from you. So, I ask for your forgiveness. The reason that we didn't explain this to you earlier is that this place is quite dangerous. It would've been inappropriate for others to know." Mo Lang forced a smile, and cupped his hand towards Shi Mu and the Princess.

    Shi Mu laughed mischievously. Huo Wu got frightened in her heart. But, the two of them didn't say anything at this point.

    "We indeed have come to the Central Region with other purposes. I don't know if you've heard the name of the 'Green Frost Fruit'," Mo Lang continued to speak.

    "Green Frost Fruit...?" Shi Mu revealed a thoughtful expression on his face.

    "Is the Green Frost Fruit found here?" Princess Huo Wu's complexion changed.

    "The Princess is very experienced and knowledgeable. Yes. This immortal fruit is indeed found in the Central Region. It's in the area where we're going towards," Mo Lang revealed fiery expressions in his bright eyes and said.

    Princess Huo Wu exhaled a deep breath, and her face exposed colors of desire.

    "I wonder what the Green Frost Fruit is." Shi Mu wrinkled his brows.

    "The Green Frost Fruit grows in extremely cold and dark places. This spiritual fruit is grown and nurtured over hundred years, and is extremely precious. It's effective in 'Blood and Marrow Cleansing' process; so much so that one can even break through the bottleneck of Xian Tian level with it," Princess Huo Wu quickly explained. The colors of desire in her eyes brightened-up even further as she did.

    Shi Mu felt greatly surprised in his heart. The value of a fruit that could help him break through the Xian Tian bottleneck was beyond measure.

    "A snowy peak will appear after we've covered a distance of about fifteen kilometers in this direction. A dark-green spiritual tree grows inside a secret ice-cave beneath that snowy peak. That tree bears a dark-green fruit in abundance. There would be enough for the four of us to distribute among ourselves." Mo Lang looked at the changed expressions on the faces of Shi Mu and Princess Huo Wu. He then narrowed his eyes and said.

    Princess Huo Wu's complexion got brightened-up.

    "How did the two of you find the ice-cave where this fruit is hidden?" Shi Mu asked in a calm manner.

    "The last time when the Portal of Warriors was opened... the two of us were chasing a witch-beast. We had accidently found that ice-cave at that time," Mo Lang replied with unvaried expressions.

    "There would probably be a spiritual beast guarding over this kind of a Heavenly treasure. Is this why you couldn't pick it the last time?" Shi Mu wrinkled his brows.

    "That's right. The ice-cave has been seized by an ice-crystal scorpion of consummate stage of the Hou Tian level. It can endure the strength of Xian Tian initial level by taking advantage of the landform. Moreover, the two of us had far less strength at that time. So, we had no other choice but to go back," Mo Lang forced a smile and elaborated.

    "We've carefully researched about it... and we've prepared a special way to deal with the ice-crystal scorpion. But, it would need the four of us to act together. So, we can behead the ice-crystal scorpion as long as the two of you promise to help us... And then... we'll divide the Green Frost Fruit evenly," Mo Lang made a vow and said.

    "Why does it require four people?" Princess Huo Wu asked.

    "The method that we've prepared is mainly a collection of witch-craft trapping spells. It would need the capability of three people to activate it... and the fourth person would be in-charge of luring the scorpion into the trap. This trap would be able to hold the ice-crystal scorpion for a long period of time. Then, we'll pick the fruit and run away," Jin Huang explained.

    Princess Huo Wu's complexion cleared-up as she heard this.

    Mo Lang and his companion rejoiced after they saw the changed expression on Princess Huo Wu's face.

    However, Shi Mu had wrinkled his brows. But, he didn't say anything.

    He had never heard about this ice-crystal scorpion. But, it would certainly not be an ordinary beast if it was the guardian of the Green Frost Fruit.

    Shi Mu's purpose was to kill a Xian Tian level multi-headed python, and collect its beast soul. This Green Frost Fruit was indeed precious, but it didn't attract him much.

    After all, it was more important for him to preserve his life than to upgrade or cultivate it.
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