Chapter 169: Earth-Shaking

    Chapter 169: Earth-Shaking

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    'Bang!' an intense earth-shaking sound resounded.

    Shi Mu's heart quivered and he woke-up.

    He was startled.

    The surrounding area wasn't the same luxuriant forest. Instead, it was the depth of the dark-blue seawater surrounded by vaguely visible thick sea grasses, huge rocks, and seabed peaks. They all were moving up and down under the impact of the the sea waves. Moreover, air bubbles were ascending from the seawater in a frequent manner.

    A huge nine-headed Golden Flood Dragon could be seen in the sea almost hundreds of feet away. It was staring at Shi Mu in a fierce manner. Its snake-tail was stirring the sea and setting-off huge ripples in a constant manner. Rumbling sound of waves could be heard every now and then.

    Each of the dragon's head was as large as a loft. But, there was no horn on top of its heads. All of its nine heads were covered with a layer of golden scales. Each head had a pair of cold eyes; they looked as if they were sticking out of its heads. They were as huge as a city-gate. Its pupils were gold in color. But, they looked cold, and emotionless.

    It had a nearly-thousand-feet-long body. Its body was covered with numerous golden scales; each of the scales was as big as a door. However, the scales at a few places were shattered; blood was dripping from them. They seemed to have been shattered by a sharp weapon.

    The nine huge heads of the dragon were producing loud roars from time to time. Moreover, its huge body was twisting in the sea in a continuous manner. Few-feet-long golden talons were visible under its belly.

    Shi Mu was astounded. Was he no more in the barbarians' forbidden land?

    Suddenly, he realized something. He was startled as he searched through his consciousness. He remembered that he had been transformed into a huge ape. It had a gigantic body that was silvery-white in color. Moreover, a huge white ape also stood in this sea.

    But, the ape's facial features had changed greatly. Its greyish-black face appeared unusually ferocious. Its four sharp buckteeth were sticking out of its mouth in a grim manner. Its huge muscular body looked as sturdy and dreadful as a mountain.

    Its fingers were a few feet long; its palms resembled a fan made-up of palm-leaves. Those fingers had long silver nails that were a few feet long; they looked as sharp as machetes. Bloodstained meat could be faintly seen in the gaps of those nails.

    Shi Mu was dumbfounded as he realized that he had entered the dreamland.

    'Roar!' a loud dragon-roar resounded.

    Suddenly, the flood dragon turned fuzzy, and appeared in front of the ape. Its nine heads waved, and its eighteen big eyes shone fiercely. Then, its huge and bloody mouth stretched open, and started to bite the ape all over its body.

    The ape raised its head and bellowed. Then, it waved its hands without any trace of fear.

    Its giant hands fired like electricity, and grabbed the two middle necks of the dragon. After that, it exerted extreme force, and punctured its sharp nails into the dragon's necks. A tooth-souring friction sound was issued as its nails penetrated into the dragon's golden scales.

    'Puff! Puff!' shrill sounds of a sharp blade piercing the flesh had started to ring in a continuous manner.

    The ape's sharp nails broke the dragon's golden scales, and jabbed into its body. The dragon's blood gushed out into the sea, and colored the sea's surface red.

    However, the ape's nails hadn't been able to penetrate deep into the dragon's skin owing to the golden scales.

    Meanwhile, the remaining seven heads of the dragon continued to bite the shoulders, arms, back, and other places of the ape's body. This made the ape's body look as if it had bathed in blood.

    But, there was a faint layer of a silver light on the surface of the ape's body. It continued to heal its wounds. So, the ape managed to recover rapidly every time it was wounded.

    The dragon failed to cause any fatal injury to the ape as a result.

    Suddenly, an ominous light flashed across the dragon's eyes. Its body twisted and revolved around the ape - like a snake's body. It then wound itself around the ape in a firm manner.

    After that, its body began to tighten-up. It exerted an enormous force on the ape's body at the same time. The ape's face turned purplish-red due to the overwhelming force.

    'Roar!' the ape raised its head and roared loudly.

    The silver radiance that had been glowing on the ape's body was suddenly released in abundance. The ape's body bulged and started to push the dragon.

    The dragon exposed a trace of fear on its face while encountering the mountain-like giant ape.

    The ape's hands exerted a mighty pressure, and pulled at the dragon's heads before it could respond. A huge strength rushed forth through his hands, and fell on the dragon's heads.

    'Kacha!' a dull sound was heard.

    The middle two heads of the dragon were pulled by the ape; this caused huge wounds to the dragon. A massive amount of blood started to gush out of the dragon's wounds, and tainted the seawater.

    The other seven heads of the dragon issued a blood-curdling screech due to the intense pain. The dragon loosened its body from around the ape's body. It then started to twist and turn its body frantically. But, it continued to whip the ape's body in this process.

    That nearly hundred-feet-long rope-like sturdy body of the dragon bumped against the surrounding huge rocks in a continuous manner. This led to several landslides and fissures. The chaotic seawater gradually turned into a giant whirlpool.

    'Rumble!' a loud rumbling sound was heard.

    The mountain peaks that were located inside the sea crashed down. The whirlpool grew even bigger. Everything within a radius of a hundred feet gradually collapsed. It formed a profound and big whirlpool.


    The ape bellowed as it exerted a great force to rip-apart the two heads of the dragon. Both of the heads were eventually pulled out.

    A spurt of blood gushed out into the sea like a fountain, and painted the seawater red.

    The remaining seven heads of the dragon bellowed in pain. Suddenly, the dragon's huge body twisted, turned around, and transformed into a golden light. It then fled towards a distant place with startling speed.

    The ape opened its gigantic mouth and pushed one of the two severed heads inside it. Then, it started to chew it. After that, it swallowed it down.

    It then grabbed the other head, pounded it in its mouth, and swallowed it down as well. After that, it transformed into a silver light, and started to rush forward. The silver light of the ape was much faster than the dragon's golden light.

    The dragon had reached several thousand feet away from the ape by this time. But, it was overtaken by the ape soon after. Another couple of heads of the dragon were grasped by the ape's iron- pincers-like claws after ten rounds of battle.

    The dragon's eyes revealed a frantic color. Its entire body radiated a magnificent golden light. Then, its seven heads started to recite a strange incantation. The sound of the incantation reverberated in all directions - like a muffled thunder.

    A trace of contemptuous look flashed across the ape's eyes. The silver radiance brightened-up as it bellowed. Then, a faint layer of an unusually bright light emerged on its body.

    The ape exerted a huge force to rip apart the dragon's heads. But, it failed as the dragon's body was covered with a golden-light shield.

    Numerous golden charms started to emerge before the ape's eyes. Then, these charms transformed into several golden beads. They were emitting an intermittent burst of formidable waves. These waves were made of magical power.

    But, the seven heads slumped down as soon as the incantation ended. Even the golden light around its body became dimmer.

    'Bang!' a thunder explosion resounded.

    Suddenly, a number of densely-packed thunder beads rumbled. It seemed as if the entire seabed was covered with several glaring golden lights along with thunder and lightning.

    The seawater within a radius of nearly a thousand feet flared-up.

    Moreover, dozens of feet high monstrous waves started to howl in the sky. In addition, several hurricanes and tornadoes appeared. They spread an unpleasant murkiness in all directions.

    There was a huge island within the radius of hundreds of feet of the extended sea area. It was only a few dozen feet long. It was also raided by the billowing waves and raging tornadoes. The entire island shattered into fragments with a violent explosion as a result. In fact, it had been engulfed by the dreadful and monstrous waves within a short span of time.

    The golden light and thunder gradually dissipated from the seabed. But, the ape's silver light had also turned bleak by then. Moreover, several ghastly wounds had appeared over its body; fresh blood was spurting out of them.

    The ape flared with rage. Then, its hands exerted a huge force. The two heads of the dragon were pulled out with snapping sounds, and were then swallowed down by the ape.

    Now, the nine-headed Flood Dragon was left with only five heads. Fresh blood was gushing out from its body. It was severely injured. Could it still stand against the giant ape? Its remaining five heads were gradually ripped-off as well, and were then swallowed down by the ape.

    The ape grabbed its headless corpse. It then looked upwards, and issued a wild roar.

    After that, it opened its mouth and dug its teeth into the dragon's corpse. It then started to suck its blood. It tore apart its body and devoured its meat. The boundless flow of the dragon's blood dyed the seawater red.

    Shi Mu was left dumbfounded as he saw the earth-shaking battle between the two beasts. He could now clearly sense the white ape; he felt complacent in his heart.

    The dragon was soon devoured. Then, the ape patted its bulging belly, and issued a burping sound. After that, its body dazzled with a layer of silvery-white radiance.

    The wounds on its body were engulfed by the silver radiance. Then, a layer of new flesh sprouted all over its body. The ape's body got restored to a better state in the fraction of a second. Even its white hair grew relatively longer.

    The outward appearance of the ape had been completely restored; as if it had never been injured.

    The ape hammered its chest out of satisfaction. It then raised its head and roared loudly. Suddenly, its hands seemingly tore something apart. A formidable supernatural power gushed out, and split-apart the vast sea from the middle. The entire sea turned into two thousand-feet-high water walls as a result.

    A myriad of marine creatures were swimming on both sides of the water walls. Moreover, a ten feet wide waterway appeared in the middle; it led to the sea surface.

    The ape strode swiftly and came to the surface of the sea along the waterway. Then, it raised its hand... as if it was about to pluck the floating clouds.

    Suddenly, a loud and thunderous sound was heard from the sky.

    The sky cast a lofty ray of light as multi-colored cloud emerged. Then, the cloud descended from the sky.

    An elderly man sat cross-legged on the cloud. He had long eyebrows, and an expressionless face.

    The ferocious look of the ape's face faded away as it saw the man. A hint of excitement crawled across its face. Then, its huge body crashed down - like a huge jade pillar. It sat in the seawater in order to pay respect to the elderly man. After that, it stuck out its ear in order to listen.

    However, the elderly man's face was filled with regret. He remained silent for a while. Then, he slowly opened his mouth and uttered a few words. After that, he raised his big sleeves. A streak of golden light flew out of his sleeves, and started to whirl in the air. It then transformed into a big golden ancient book, and floated in front of the ape.

    Then, the elderly man closed his eyes without waiting for the ape to respond. Then, he turned into a multi-colored rainbow along with the multi-colored magical cloud, and soared back to the sky. Then, they disappeared.

    The ape's eyes looked lifeless. It looked reluctant to get up even though the ancient golden book was floating in front of its eyes.

    It stood-up after a long time, and started to beat its chest. It then raised its head, and issued a long roar. Its bellows burst out like a thunderbolt. A large tract of clouds gathered together, and scudded across the sky while exuding black Qi.

    Shi Mu could feel the intense sorrow of the ape. But, he couldn't understand anything.

    However, Shi Mu was quite curious about the ancient golden book. Therefore, his gaze shifted towards the book. He saw a few rows of silver text on the cover of the book. Suddenly, a few words appeared in his mind - 'Nine Revolutions Mysterious Art'.

    Shi Mu was pleasantly surprised. He wanted to take a look at the book.

    But, he started to feel dizzy before he could do anything. Then, his eyes rolled back, and he became unconscious.
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