Chapter 186: Bloody Slaughter

    Chapter 186: Bloody Slaughter

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    Suddenly, a white light flashed before Shi Mu's eyes. Then, ten or more shining blade-lights came rushing towards him in a crisscross pattern.

    Wu Liang's figure rapidly arrived near him - like a powerful old horse. He wielded a shiny blade in his hand.

    The blade hadn't yet arrived, but its violent force was already pressing. It was ready to attack.

    Shi Mu sneered. He then shook the meteoric hammer in his left hand. Several black kung fu balls were issued out of it in a circular manner - like vicious dragons. It then collided against Wu Liang's blade-light like a forceful gale.

    'Bang!' A loud metal-clanging sound echoed.

    The blade-shadows dissipated. Then, the sword in Wu Liang's hand shook to fragments. An earth-shattering force was transmitted out from half of the blade. It then pierced into Wu Liang's body.

    A mouthful of blood puffed out of Wu Liang's mouth. The blade that he was holding in his right hand broke down in a flash. Then, his body went out flying with great speed, and fell heavily on the ground. A mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth once again as his complexion turned pale - like a golden paper.

    The complexion of everyone present at the scene changed. Wu Liang - the Hou Tian consummate-level Warrior - had been beckoned by Shi Mu and defeated on the spot.

    Wu Feng had rushed from the other side to converge an attack along with Wu Liang against Shi Mu. However, he didn't rush further, and stayed foolishly in his place.

    Shi Mu hit his foot on the ground. His figure revolved and went flying towards Wu Feng. He arrived in front of him in a flash. He then opened up the fingers of one of his hands, and grabbed Wu Feng's face.

    His fingers aroused a strong wind - as if five steel awls had been shot out. It then pierced Wu Feng's face in a painful manner.

    Wu Feng was shocked. However, he wasn't weak. He moved his body backwards, and shook the blade in his hand.

    The soft blade became straight, and went chopping towards Shi Mu's palm.

    Shi Mu sneered in his heart. Then, fine black scales appeared on his palm. After that, he caught the blade from its edge.

    Wu Feng felt as if he was trying to chop a huge rock with his blade. Then, Wu Feng got stuck, and was left unable to move a single jot.

    Shi Mu sneered, and pulled his palm back.

    Wu Feng's hand shook as Shi Mu pulled the soft blade away from his hand.

    Shi Mu then wielded it. Then, the hilt of the soft blade knocked against Wu Feng's chest.

    A 'ka...ka' sound echoed in Wu Feng's chest as an unknown number of bones broke down in his body. A mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth as he went flying upside down several feet away. Then, he heavily fell on the ground. It seemed as if he was about to die.

    Shi Mu's attacks against Wu Liang and Wu Feng had taken place within in a few breaths' time. Both the Big Masters of the Wu family had been severely injured. They seemed as fragile as eggs.

    The courtyard became quiet for a while; not even a single person said anything. There was a pin-drop silence.

    The face of the tall and sturdy man - the head of the Golden Dragon Gang - turned ashen-grey. He then opened his mouth as he wanted to say something. But, he didn't know what to say.

    Shi Mu waved his hand, and threw away the soft blade. His fist had been covered with black scales a moment ago. But, it restored in its original state in a flash, and changed into a slender white palm.

    Shi Mu looked up in the sky, and let out a sigh. It seemed that Wu family's many years of resentment had finally been dealt with.

    In fact, he had intended to convince the Wu family to let out the feelings of revenge from their minds. But, Wu Liang's words had made him extremely angry. After that, he had been set into movement with the intention of murdering Wu Liang.

    The necklace in Shi Mu's neck had got polluted with Wu Feng's blood.

    Surprisingly, the blood had been absorbed by the necklace. Then, a little red light shone on the surface of the necklace.


    A brutal and frenzied aura transmitted out of the necklace, and invaded into Shi Mu's mind. It then penetrated through his mind - like lightning.

    Shi Mu's body shook. Then, a scene appeared in his mind.

    He saw that the earth had been stained red with blood. He could see multiple layers of dead bodies and countless skeletal remains. There was also a mountain of corpses beside the blood-sea. A long whistle of a gigantic grey ape rose in the sky. It was beating its chest with its arms, and letting-out loud roars into the sky.


    Suddenly, a red blood-light appeared in Shi Mu's eyes. Moreover, his body was emitting a frightful and menacing Qi.

    This Qi reached to a substantive amount. It then took the shape of a blood-red fog, and wrapped itself around Shi Mu's body. Shi Mu seemed like a blood-thirsty demon at the moment.

    A frantic and vicious Qi-field shrouded the entire manor; the bodies of all the men inside the manor started to shiver. Then, someone shouted out, and the men scattered like birds and beasts towards distant places in order to escape from there.

    Shi Mu issued a low roar. A bloodthirsty urge appeared in his heart. But, he was forced to stop by his remaining intellect.

    Suddenly, a strange and demonic red light shone on the necklace; it seemed as if blood was flowing on the surface of the necklace. An angry roar could be heard coming out of it.

    Then, a powerful and evil aura pervaded into Shi Mu's mind - like lightning. It smashed his remaining intellect in a flash.

    Shi Mu slowly raised his head. His eyes had already changed into blood-red color. He had a murderous aura across his face; his facial features were also distorted.

    He roared as his figure became as strong as wind. He then rushed to the courtyard - towards the people fleeing in panic.

    He waved the meteoric hammer in his left hand. He then rushed into the crowd with his bare fangs and brandishing claws - like a black dragon.

    'Bang! Bang! Bang!'

    Several men were swept by the black dragon; their bodies exploded and split open. They all died on the spot. They didn't even get the time to scream or shout.

    Blood sprinkled down on Shi Mu's body - like raindrops.

    His face exposed a look of satisfaction. He breathed deeply, and a terrible smile appeared on his face.

    He looked at the other people in the courtyard with his blood-red eyes, and laughed in a nasty manner. He then quickly rushed past them.

    'Hu! Hu!'

    He shot out the meteoric hammer in his hand in all directions. Then, black after-images were issued out of it with a 'boo... hoo' sound.

    Everything within the range of the black after-images was split open - whether it was a man, a tree, a rock or a house. No one and nothing could escape...

    The people in the courtyard started to issue wails of despair. Some men even knelt and begged for mercy, but nothing proved to be useful. Shi Mu had transformed into a bloodthirsty murderer. So, he was incapable of showing any mercy.

    'Bang!' A loud sound was heard. The leader of the Golden Dragon Gang was swept away by a shadow; his head was split open. The red and white-colored insides of his brain were spread on the ground.

    Another man of the Wu family was chopped down horizontally by the black blade in Shi Mu's right hand; his internal organs flowed out on the ground.

    Wu Liang's right arm had been broken. He never feared death. But now, his body was shivering. He crawled-up while resisting the pain. However, he didn't go towards dying Wu Feng. Instead, he fled towards the depth of the manor.

    He had only taken a couple of steps when a humming sound was heard. Then, a black ball came out whistling from behind, and hit his body.

    'Bang!' A loud sound echoed. A huge force hit Wu Liang's body, and split it up into pieces. Then, blood started to spurt out of the pieces of his body.

    The meteoric hammer flew upside down as Shi Mu shook the iron chains.

    He looked at Wu Liang's crushed body, and his eyes brimmed with a blooded-light. He then turned around, and pounced towards the other men.

    Blood was splashed; destroyed limbs and broken arms flew out randomly; the rumbling sounds of buildings collapsing were heard from inside the manor from time-to-time...

    The previously 'grand' courtyard had nearly been leveled to the ground within less than a quarter-of-an-hour. More than a hundred crushed corpses lay on the ground.

    There was blood everywhere. The ground had almost been dyed red, and a pungent smell of blood was arising from every direction.

    Shi Mu stood in the center of the hill of corpses and sea of blood. He then closed his eyes, and regained his senses. Now, he was no longer a malevolent murderer.

    His face was full of sweat and blood. His was panting heavily.

    He was still carrying the meteoric hammer in his left hand. It was covered in blood and flesh. Moreover, blood was dripping from the black blade in his right hand.

    Shi Mu took rest for a while. He then slowly opened his eyes; his eyes still had traces of red. But, he had regained his consciousness; he looked extremely tired.

    Shi Mu looked at the necklace that was pressed against his chest. Suddenly, he pulled it and threw it away into the distance.

    The necklace fell on the ground and rolled for a while.

    Shi Mu looked at the necklace with a little fear. This thing had turned out to be extremely demonic; it was even capable of controlling his mind. He would never dare to wear this thing around his neck again.

    Shi Mu thought for a moment. He then went over, and picked-up the necklace. He wrapped it up in a torn piece of cloth, and put it into his chest pocket.

    He looked around and saw the dead bodies lying around; his complexion became pale.

    Shi Mu had slaughtered many people in his life. But, this kind of a bloodbath had never taken place before.

    The presence of bloody Qi in the air was exceptionally pungent. It was irritating to his nose. I fact, Shi Mu had a greasy feeling as he inhaled it.

    Shi Mu felt a little nausea as a result. So, he turned around and walked outside the manor. He had only taken a few steps when he wrinkled his brows.

    A person's grey shadow jumped from the roof of the manor, and rushed towards Shi Mu from a distant place. It came close to him within a few breaths' time.

    It was a teenager with a sword on his back. His complexion changed as he looked at the condition of the manor. He then held the hilt of the sword, and looked towards Shi Mu.

    "Feng Li... " Shi Mu was flabbergasted.

    The grey-robed youngster was none other than Feng Li.

    Feng Li was startled. He then realized that the man standing in front of him with a blood-soaked body was Shi Mu.

    "Brother Shi Mu!" Feng Li withdrew his hand from the hilt of his sword and exclaimed.

    "Brother Feng, long time no see." Shi Mu nodded towards Feng Li.

    "Long time no see. Who would've thought that we'd meet here? Brother Shi, did you do this to this place?" Feng Li looked around and asked.

    Shi Mu hesitated. Then, he nodded in response.

    "Brother Shi has great skills. It seems that your strength has advanced a lot." Feng Li didn't seem to care about the slaughter Shi Mu had carried out. Instead, colors of excitement flashed across his eyes.

    Shi Mu was flabbergasted. Feng Li's tone seemed to be a little different than before.

    "Oh! By the way, why are you here?" Suddenly, a thought flashed in Shi Mu's mind. He then turned around and asked.

    "Today is my mother's death anniversary. I've come here to offer sacrifices to her. I've come to Feng City to take care of one more thing," Feng Li replied. He then came near a body of a big man.

    This man was the tall and sturdy leader of the Golden Dragon Gang. His dead body seemed more 'intact' than the other bodies in the surrounding area. However, there was a big hole in its chest.

    Feng Li then pulled out his long sword. A sword-light flashed, and fell on the tall man's head. Feng Li severed the head from its body, and wrapped it up in a cloth.

    "Brother Feng, was this man your enemy?" Shi Mu was flabbergasted. He then asked.

    Feng Li remained silent for a moment. He then sighed and replied, "The Black Fox Gang had been wiped out by the Golden Dragon Gang back in those days. Gao Yuan was also killed by this man... I had come back to revenge the death of Brother Gao Yuan and the other brothers of the Black Fox Gang. I was waiting for the right opportunity to sweep away the Golden Dragon Gang. Unfortunately, the enemy was alert. This man was hiding behind Wu family this entire time. So, I didn't find any opportunity. Brother Shi has unknowingly helped me in settling this matter." Feng Li cupped his hands towards Shi Mu in greeting.

    "Brother Feng, there's no need to be so courteous," Shi Mu replied.
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