Chapter 192: Search

    Chapter 192: Search

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    A large number of palaces were located somewhere in the bottom of the East China Sea. These palaces were fully embedded with various kinds of corals and crystals.

    They extended to a vast area in the dark seabed. Bursts of gorgeous and dazzling lights could be seen inside them. The dazzling lights and vibrant colors made this area a beautiful landscape to behold.

    A clamorous sound was heard somewhere in a huge and magnificent palace; as if an intense dispute was going on.

    An old man was seated on the seat-of-honor. There was a dignified expression on his face. He was attired in magnificent clothing. He had a pair of golden horns on his head.

    A shining light flickered in the old man's eyes whenever he opened and closed them. There wasn't the slightest trace of an imposing aura around his body; it seemed to have been completely concealed. He wasn't even emitting a wisp of his majestic Qi.

    He was listening to the arguments of the people seated below him with an expressionless face. He hadn't uttered a single word this entire time.

    The clamoring crowd seemed to be divided into two sides. The faint air of a confrontation could be sensed between them. The group on the left-hand side was being led by a blue-robed beautiful woman who wore a gaudy royal dress. The other party was headed by an old man with droopy- eyebrows. He carried a turtle shell on his back.

    The clam girl - Xiang Zhu stood beside the beautiful lady with her head lowered. It seemed as if she was looking at the tip of her toe. She seemed to be immersed in a deep contemplation. It was hard to say what she was thinking about.

    "... How did the human and the barbarian races form an alliance? The human race has captured and killed so many people of our race in the past. Their brutality has terribly increased in these past few years; they're very arrogant. We must make them pay for their sins by shedding their blood," a tall and robust man beside the turtle-shelled old man said with a furious expression on his face.

    "We've received the feedback from the patrolling sea team. According to them, both the human and barbarian races have already dispatched most of their elite forces at various places. They've also dispatched heavy forces to every coastal town for an all-round defense. I'm afraid that we'll suffer a heavy loss if we launch our attack recklessly," a green-faced sea-dweller woman retorted from the side of the royal-dressed lady.

    The complexion of the sea-dweller sank; his body was covered with a layer of scales. He was about to say something. But, the voice of the royal-dressed lady resounded, "This humble woman believes that the Saintess has obtained the ancient secret technique of the barbarian race... and, we can immediately put it into practice. Why would we worry about the destruction of the human race once we become successful?"

    "According to what this old minister sees... the ancient barbarian people were proficient in controlling souls. But, this technique demands a huge consumption of energy and time. It doesn't matter if you succeed. But, what if you fail..." the turtle-shelled old man narrowed his eyes and said in a tone that seemed to carry a hidden meaning inside it.

    "So, the Senior minister wants to say that this humble woman should undertake this responsibility? You must know that this matter involves the revitalization of our East China Sea... which is a matter of paramount importance. Moreover, the chances of failure can even be said as an extremely rare thing this time. Things may change very drastically if we delay this matter. Would the Senior Minister willing to shoulder the responsibility if that happens?" the royal-dressed lady said in a cold tone.

    "Madam has spoken discreetly... This old minister couldn't grasp the meaning behind these words..." the turtle-shelled middle-aged man said while shaking his head.

    Both the sides became engaged in a fierce argument. Suddenly, a low and dignified voice burst out from the direction of the seat-of-honor.

    "Well, both of you don't have to wrangle about this matter. The plan of invasion on the human race has been pulled ahead of its time. Each division is ordered to pull back their armed forces and maintain the battlefront. Madam Lan, you take care of the Saintess... and help her comprehend the Witch Spell as quickly as possible. Senior Minister Wu, you begin to arrange the materials that would be needed for this spell," the old man with the pair of golden horns on his head said. After that, he stood-up and strode towards the door without waiting for anyone to respond. Then, he disappeared from the sight.

    *** ***

    Shi Mu left the Wan Long Mountains the next afternoon.

    The mist spurted all over the mountain, and the entire foot of the mountain seemed to have become a sea of clouds. Moreover, multiple layers of clouds had veiled the entire sky. In fact, it seemed as if they were surging-over in an unceasing manner.

    The world looked pellucid and vast between the two layers of the sea of clouds. There was a gigantic green peak. But, it was hard to see its head or tail. It gave off an ambience of a tall ladder that connected both the seas of clouds; as if a mighty tower had joined the Heaven and the earth.

    There was a luxuriant forest at the summit of the mountain. There was a large limpid lake at the center of the forest. It extended several hundred miles into the forest.

    The color of the lake-water was as deep-green as a piece of jade. But, the thing that looked the most delightful to the eye was an antique octagonal pavilion that stood at the center of the lake. Nine long and winding corridors meandered from the shore as connecting routes.

    A young girl stood while holding the pavilion's handrail. She was exceptionally gorgeous; she looked as if a fairy had descended from the Heaven. She wore a snow-white dress. Her bare feet looked like a pair of jade. She was gazing into the distance towards the green lake. Her eyes looked like a wisp of smoke.

    A woman with plentiful stature stood near her. She was clad in a golden robe. Her disposition was exceptionally charming. A pair of lustrous eyes gazed at the fairy-like maiden, and a gleam of infatuated look trailed across her eyes.

    "What's the matter? Why did you ask me to come here at this time?" The fairy-like maiden's eyes gradually regained their calmness. She then said in a light tone.

    "Dear Xue, you've decided, haven't you?" The eyes of the golden-robed woman looked clear, and her facial expression was solemn.

    "Right." The fairy-like maiden remained silent for a moment. She then replied.

    "Do you really wish to become stronger? What would you do if you were successful and became invincible?" the golden-robed woman's complexion darkened as she said.

    "This opportunity knocks only once in thirty years. My Master is regretting for not getting selected back then. I want to carry out her cherished desire," the fairy-like maiden replied in a resolute tone.

    "Could it be that you and your Master wish to obtain the benefits of the Sect? Humph! Then, how is this different from betraying people?!" the elegant eyebrows of the golden-robed woman twitched as she said; there was a contemptuous look on her face.

    "Don't talk rubbish. This matter is good for me as well as the Sect. You don't have to worry about it," the fairy-like maiden's delicate brows creased as she reprimanded her in an unpleasant tone.

    "Huo Wu can't be considered lesser than you. But, why doesn't she want to go?" The golden-robed woman remained silent for a while. She then said.

    "Huo Wu can't break the wall of the Xian Tian realm in such a short period of time. Moreover, the current monarch of the Da Qi Kingdom doesn't have a child. Therefore, Huo Wu would have to inherit the throne in the future," the fairy-like maiden shook her head, and replied with a sigh.

    "That Shi Mu... you don't care about him as well? This kid's potential has far surpassed the expectations of all the elders. He seems to conform to your standards very well. Won't you consider it?" the golden-robed woman moved her eyes and asked.

    "I... I don't have any relationship with him." The fairy-like maiden was left stunned for a moment. Then, her eyes flickered as she replied.

    "He really doesn't matter to you? Isn't there an agreement between the two of you?" a hint of a crafty smile flashed across the golden-robed woman's eyes as she said.

    The fairy-like maiden was rendered silent for a moment. Suddenly, a white shadow flashed, and moved a few feet away. Then, it flickered a few times before it vanished into thin air.

    "My decision won't change!" the fairy-like maiden's voice resounded from afar.

    The golden-robed woman gazed at the receding white silhouette, and clenched her fists. Her elegant eyes flickered; it seemed as if she was thinking something.

    *** ***

    In the Dead Spirit World...

    A sky-soaring mountain peak stood erect on the ground.

    The surface of the surrounding peaks was pitch-black in color. There was a cold and gloomy aura around them.

    The ground beneath the mountain was a piece of land covered with barren sand. Its gravel was also black in color. A gust of wind was howling between the mountain peaks in a continuous manner. The wind seemed to have a black string-like feel to it; it was the cold Yin Qi.

    But, what looked most awe-inspiring was the sight that numerous skeletons were scattered all over the sand.

    Skulls, bone-arms, human-skeletons, beast-skeletons and various other kinds of bones could be seen lying on the ground. Some of the skeletons were half-buried in the sand.

    It seemed that this place had experienced countless wars. Numerous bodies of dead spirit creatures could be seen lying everywhere.

    A group of the human-skeletons lined-up in a long queue were advancing forward against the howling cold wind.

    Yan Luo was leading that group of the skeletons. The soul-flames in its eyes flickered, and revealed a faint trace of impatience. It advanced forward with huge strides.

    The mighty force of the wind was obstructing the skeletons from moving ahead. But, Yan Luo wasn't paying any attention to it.

    There was a group of human-skeletons behind it. All of them were striving hard to take a step forward. They were barely able to keep pace with Yan Luo.

    They continued to enter into the depths of the black mountain-peak. But, the might of the wind also continued to grow stronger; so much so that it began to roll-up the sand and dust from the ground. It gradually took the form of a black sandstorm, and started to blow against the faces of the skeletons.

    The sandstorm didn't cause any harm to Yan Luo. However, a few small and feeble skeletons behind it rolled-up by the mighty force of the wind, and were thrown into the air. Then, they fell down and shattered into pieces. Their soul-flames gradually dissipated.

    Yan Luo seemed to be unaware of the situation behind it. It continued to move forward at the same pace.

    Yan Luo arrived at a canyon in the middle of two gigantic peaks after an unknown period of time. Then, its footsteps finally stopped.

    A burst of intermittent footsteps caught-up with it after some time.

    Over a hundred human-skeletons had started to walk after Yan Luo. But now, only thirty or forty skeletons could be seen behind it. All of them seemed to be the strongest skeletons in the group.

    The blue soul-flames in Yan Luo's eyes flickered; it seemed as if it had induced something.

    Suddenly, its body trembled, and it ran ahead. It reached a low-lying ground within a couple of breaths' time. This place was a few hundred feet away from the place it had previous stood at.


    Yan Luo stretched open its mouth, and issued an invisible brainwave. The group of human-skeletons immediately dashed over, and started to dig-up the ground with their hands.

    Even Yan Luo began to scoop the black sand out of the ground.

    A large number of bones began to emerge from inside the sand. They seemed to have been decaying under the sand for an unknown number of years.

    The dozens of skeletons dug out a several feet deep hole in an instant. But, the texture of the soil grew harder as they progressed deeper. It became very difficult for ordinary skeleton-soldiers to dig the ground any further. Only Yan Luo's palms were still as sharp as before. It was piercing its hands into the ground as if it was piercing a tofu.

    Yan Luo's soul-flames started to flicker as the movement of its hands grew faster. Then, they started to become brighter.

    Yan Luo pushed a piece of black sand aside with a muffled sound. Then, an ash-grey skeleton appeared before its eyes. The ash-grey skeleton hadn't decayed a bit even though it was deeply buried into the ground. In fact, it was emitting a faint luminescence.

    The soul-flames in Yan Luo's eyes brightened-up. It started to dig-up the surrounding soil with an increased pace. More of the grey skeleton's body soon came into the view. It turned out to be a piece of bone that was connected with the toe of the leg. It seemed to be its right foot.

    Yan Luo's body quivered as it held the piece of the leg bone; it seemed as if it was fired-up.

    It then stood-up while holding the leg-bone in its hand. It then grabbed its bone-spear, and hacked it at the right leg with a lightning speed. The right leg was broken into pieces.

    Yan Luo placed the segment of the leg-bone close to its body. Then, the piece of grey leg-bone got connected to its body with a flash of white light.

    After that, a layer of white light emerged on the surface of Yan Luo's body. Then, it enveloped its entire body.

    The white light receded after a few minutes, and transformed into a group of white light balls. Then, they got integrated into its head.

    A silent wave of explosion burst out.

    A burst of formidable brainwaves gushed out from Yan Luo's head, and proliferated towards the surrounding area. After that, the color of soul-flames in Yan Luo's eyes changed from light-blue to blue.

    Then, Yan Luo emitted a formidable aura; it was way stronger than its previous aura.

    The surrounding skeletons knelt down on the ground as they felt that Yan Luo's strength had increased tremendously.

    The soul-flames in Yan Luo's eyes slowly stabilized. But, the radiance in its eyes seemed much brighter and sharper than before.

    Yan Luo turned around, and looked towards the surrounding skeletons. Then, the surrounding skeletons stood-up as it issued an invisible brainwave.

    After that, Yan Luo waved its hands. A beam of white light fled from its hands, and submerged into the body of all the surrounding skeletons.

    The skeletons' bodies quivered, and the soul-flames in their eyes became more exuberant than before.

    Yan Luo retrieved its hand. Then, it waved its bone-spear, and signaled the skeletons to move forward.
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