Chapter 236: Yan Luo’s Magic Image

    Chapter 236: Yan Luo's Magic Image

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    Not far from the square-shaped battle formation... Yan Luo stood near a deep puddle that was a-thousand-or-more-feet in size. It held a bone spear in its right hand. It seemed to be occupied in an intense battle with a ten-feet-tall zombie.

    The shriveled body of that zombie had turned yellow. And, its entire body was covered with a layer of green hair. It had sharp and few-inches-long fingernails. And, all of its nails were green in color. In addition, its spiteful face was filled with a circle of fine magic characters that were silvery-grey in color. Moreover, a pair of purple soul flames could be seen burning magnificently in its eyes.

    The zombie also held a two-foot-long bone-stick in its right hand. That bone-stick looked almost similar to an entire arm. Moreover, the hollow of its palm was emitting a silvery-gray electric current. And, this current was throbbing in a constant manner.

    The magic stick seemed to be dancing in the green-haired zombie's hand. It had blocked the monster-like attacks that had been attempted by Yan Luo on several occasions. This stick emitted a gigantic tsunami-like force along with a loud whistling sound each time the zombie wielded it. And, such a mountainous force was sufficient to restrict Yan Luo from making any reckless moves. Also, Yan Luo hadn't dared to choose a hand-to-hand combat.

    Yan Luo had attempted several unsuccessful attacks in a row. So, its stature eventually flashed a few times as it drew back at a very fast speed.

    However, the green-haired zombie wielded its bone-stick in midair, and a burst of magic waves welled up and permeated the air.

    After that, a long bone-spear and dozens of densely-packed silvery-gray electric currents emerged out of nowhere; the electric currents were coiling around the spear. Then, the spear darted towards Yan Luo at an astonishing speed - as if an arrow had been shot from a bow-string.

    A black light flashed on Yan Luo's body, and its stature turned fuzzy.

    "Chi Chi" an ear-piercing sound rang out in the air!

    That vast-stretched bone spear passed through Yan Luo's body - like an arrow. Then, it fiercely nailed it to a massive black mountain-rock behind.

    "Bang" a series of rumbling sounds was heard. The silvery-gray electric currents flashed in a violent manner, and the black rock shattered into pieces.

    However, Yan Luo's body was also routed and dispersed. But, the fact was that Yan Luo's body had only been a remnant shadow at the time of this attack.

    Suddenly, a mass of black smoke flashed behind that green-haired zombie. This was followed by the appearance of Yan Luo's silhouette. Bursts of black light spurted out on the surface of the bone-spear it held. Then, Yan Luo thrust its spear towards the green-haired zombie's neck - like a bolt of black lightning.

    "Whoosh" a gentle sound echoed.

    The bone-spear fell on the zombie's body. But, it seemed like it had stabbed at a layer of a sturdy shell. The spear stagnated for a moment. Then, it punctured into the zombie's body at an incomparably fast speed.

    The green-haired zombie tried to adjust itself for a moment. Then, it twisted its body to protect its vital parts.

    "Puff" a sound was heard!

    A fist-sized wound was dug out in its shoulder as soon as the spear pierced its shoulder. However, no watery substance seeped out of that wound.

    Instead, the wound was curled-up by a plume of black smoke. Then, the black smoke began to spread around.

    The soul flame in the green-haired zombie's eyes revealed a fit of fluctuation... it seemed as if it had slightly dimmed.

    Yan Luo tried to retract its bone-spear, but it felt that its feet had suddenly frozen. The fact was that two gray-colored bone-hands had extended from the ground, and had grabbed Yan Luo's ankle in a silent manner.

    The green-haired zombie abruptly turned around. And, the silvery-grey magic characters on its face lit-up brightly as this happened. Then, a grey-colored smoke billowed behind its body, and took the form of a virtual human-shaped image. It was a ten-feet-tall sturdy man that had a beard across its whole face. It wore a silvery-grey magic robe that was covered with some abstruse magic characters. It held a snake-shaped wand in its hand.

    The snake-shaped wand flashed in its hand the next moment. Then, several-dozen-feet-long silvery-grey lightning streaked across the void and dashed towards Yan Luo to hack it down. In fact, it had appeared on top of Yan Luo's head in a flash.

    Yan Luo crossed its hands over its head to resist the blow in desperation. And, the silvery-gray bolt of lightning hacked at its arms like an incisive sword.

    "Bang" a loud sound rang out!

    A mass of silvery-gray colored light exploded. Then, a large number of silver lights burst out in all directions. They were accompanied by a boundless and massive force that proliferated around.

    The grey rays of light quickly dissipated. But, Yan Luo's left arm had also vanished into thin air. Moreover, Yan Luo seemed to have received terrible injuries since its body had nearly shattered into pieces. However, its right arm was still as smooth and intact as before... so much so that a layer of fluorescent luminescence could be faintly seen flowing on its surface.

    The purple soul flame in the green-haired zombie's eyes congealed as it lifted its magic wand; the zombie was seemingly about to launch its next move. A layer of white flame suddenly spurted on Yan Luo's ankles even though they were bound to one place by the two bone-hands.

    Those two gray-colored bone-hands were set on fire as soon as they came in contact with the white flame. And, they shattered into pieces and collapsed as a result.

    However, the soul flame in Yan Luo's eyes had also dimmed to some extent. After that, Yan Luo turned around and disappeared in the mass of black smoke.

    Yan Luo had lost over fifty-percent of its skeleton army by this time. Only the ones who had been positioned in the inner circle of the square-shaped battle formation were left alive at this point. In addition, only two skeleton cavalrymen had survived out of the initial three.

    Suddenly, a mass of black smoke appeared amid the battling group out of thin air. It was followed by Yan Luo's silhouette that flashed and emerged amid the black smoke.

    Then, Yan Luo brandished its bone-spear and streaked across a half moon-shaped spear-light in midair. The spear-light then hacked at the gray zombie.

    The zombie bombarded its fists in response. Two watermelon-sized grey fist-shadows appeared and received the spear-light head-on.

    "Chi Chi" two dull thumping sounds were heard.

    The two gray fist-shadows were chopped by the spear-light. In fact, they had appeared like a piece of paper. After that, the spear-light flashed and hacked at the grey zombie's body.

    "Puff" a light sound was heard!

    The body of the gray zombie was severed into two halves from the middle as the spear-light fell on it.

    After that, Yan Luo opened its mouth, and issued a suction force. A ball of blue soul flame was pulled out by some kind of suction force as a result. Then, it flew straight into Yan Luo's mouth. Consequently, the soul flame in Yan Luo's eyes brightened-up to some extent.

    Suddenly, an ear-piercing sound rang out in the air. It was actually that green-haired zombie... it had started to chase after Yan Luo. It was running at a high speed. In fact, it seemed as if it was flying!

    The zombie hadn't even arrived yet. But, the human-shaped magic image on top of its head had already wielded its snake-shaped magic wand high up in the air. Consequently, an intense magic power wave burst out. It was followed by a dark ray of light that appeared in the air over the battlefield.

    Then, a hundred or more bone-spears emerged in mid-air out of nowhere. And, they were again curled up in silvery-gray electric currents. Then, they plummeted down and covered a large area in an instant. In fact, it was as if they were an uncontrollable storm.


    A string of earth-shaking sounds rang out in the air - like a shower of explosions. Layers of dust flew upwards in the air by the impact. The silvery-gray electric currents continued to flicker amid the windblown dust.

    The dust eventually settled. But, a number of bones and skeletons could be seen scattered all over the battlefield. At least dozens of zombies and skeletons had turned into fragments.

    Suddenly, a mass of black smoke emerged behind the green-haired zombie. Then, a black bone-spear appeared and turned into a black stream of light. It then punctured towards that zombie's back.

    The green hairy zombie had a thick layer of green hair to resist the blow. Hence, it seized this opportunity and flashed aside. But, it couldn't evade the attack in its entirety. The black bone spear fell, and left a long scar in its arm.

    Yan Luo retracted its spear. Then, its silhouette turned fuzzy. The gray-colored bone-hands - that had emerged from the ground before - had concealed its body. But, it had appeared again somewhere in the square-shaped battle formation.

    Those hundred or so bone-spears continued to display their wrath along with twisting silvery-gray electric currents. They blotted out the whole sky as they plummeted down towards the ground like a torrential rain. The silvery-gray electric currents had seemingly changed into an ocean of thunders and lightning. They exterminated many zombies, and skeletons that fell within their scope.

    The battling groups nearly collapsed after having suffered such widespread destruction a number of times!

    Some time passed. But, the green-haired zombie still stood in the same place. There were seven or eight wounds over its body. The soul flame was throbbing in its eyes at this moment. It seemed as if it was blazing with anger. However, the brightness of its soul flame had dimmed very significantly.

    The human-shaped magic image behind its body flashed in a crazy manner. It then collapsed and dispersed with a loud rumbling sound.

    Then, the black smoke flashed beside that hairy zombie's body. And, it was again followed by Yan Luo's silhouette...

    Half an hour later...

    The left arm of the green-haired zombie had fractured. And, its body had been smeared with dozens of crisscross scars that had seemingly been made by a spear. Moreover, a plume of black smoke was coiling around its whole body. The zombie's movement had also grown increasingly sluggish. Even the soul flame in its eyes had become gloomy.

    Yan Luo again appeared behind that hairy zombie with a flash of black light. A small cluster of white flames flickered on its spear. Then, the spear's tip arrived behind that hairy zombie's head in a flash.

    The green-haired zombie was finally trapped in a life and death situation. But, it had barely protected half of its head when the bone-spear covered in white flame flashed and thrust into its ears.

    "Ping" a stuffy sound was heard.

    The hairy zombie's head suddenly flashed and exploded amid the white flame. Then, a mass of purple light flew out from inside and dashed towards Yan Luo at an extremely fast speed; Yan Luo stood afar at this moment. However, the purple light covered a hundred-feet or more distance in an instant.

    A black ray of light flashed on Yan Luo's body. And, Yan Luo appeared in front of the purple light the next moment. Yan Luo didn't wait for the opposite party to react. It opened its mouth and issued a suction force. And, the mass of purple light submerged into its mouth.

    The soul flame in Yan Luo's eyes revealed a fit of tremor. Then, it turned half-purple and half-blue in color. In addition, the aura around its body also rose by leaps and bounds.

    Yan Luo turned around and dashed towards the place where the green-haired zombie had collapsed.

    Yan Luo soon arrived next to the green-haired zombie's body. It then bent down, grasped the bone-stick, and pulled it out of that zombie's hand. Then, it placed it close to its own empty left shoulder.

    A streak of white light flashed at the connecting point, and an intact left arm appeared again like before. Then, the fluorescent light flowed, and made its left arm exactly like its right arm.

    After that, a massive amount of white light gushed out from Yan Luo's body and wrapped around its left hand.

    The white light began to contract at a very high speed after an unknown passage of time had elapsed... so much so that it could be seen by the naked eye. It soon changed into a white luminous ball. Then, the ball flashed and submerged into Yan Luo's head.


    A burst of loud whistling sound rang out in its head - like a sudden burst of tsunami. Then, it spread out in all directions while taking Yan Luo's head as the center. After that, numerous white luminous dots emerged in midair out of nowhere.

    Yan Luo extended its right hand forward, and those white luminous dots converged and gathered on top of its head as a result. Then, they condensed into a cocoon-shaped mass of light; it was almost as tall as Yan Luo.

    The soul flame in Yan Luo's eyes turned even brighter. But, the cocoon-shaped light ball suddenly revealed a fit of violent fluctuation. Then, it began to twist and take various shapes.

    The middle part of the cocoon-shaped light ball gradually became clearer. Simultaneously, a human-shaped white silhouette began to appear amid the light ball.

    Yan Luo opened its mouth, and a ball of half-blue and half-purple light flew out. It then flashed and seeped into that human-shaped silhouette's head.

    The cocoon-shaped light ball exuded magnificent rays of light. Then, it turned into numerous white luminous dots, and submerged into that human-shaped silhouette's body in abundance. Consequently, the image of that silhouette forthwith became clear.

    The shadow that had appeared on top of Yan Luo's head was that of a young girl. She had an exquisite figure. She was clad in white-colored royal clothing. Her long and wide sleeves were draped over her shoulders. Also, her sleeves were floating in the air in a gentle manner. Her wide skirt was meandering - like the snow-white moonlight. Her beautiful long hair was fluttering around her waist.

    Her whole body was enveloped in a layer of sparkling white light. This image seemed to be revealing the inexpressible unearthly beauty of a girl.

    Her appearance couldn't be seen clearly. But, the first impression this shadow left on a person was that of her incomparable beauty.

    Yan Luo raised its right hand, and the young girl on top of its head changed into a fist-sized white light ball. Then, the light ball flashed and submerged into Yan Luo's head. The soul flame in its eyes turned light purple in color as a result. Then, it flickered a few times. Also, it looked relatively nimble this time.

    A mountain-like enormous force gushed out from Yan Luo's body the next moment. Then, a white chill wind proliferated in all directions while taking Yan Luo as the center.

    The wind gradually dispersed. Afterwards, Yan Luo's silhouette appeared in a suit of white armor. In fact, its whole body was covered with a suit of new armor. In addition, a circle of white magic characters had also appeared on the surface of its bone spear.

    Yan Luo then walked to the side of the deep puddle, and looked at its own reflection on the water's surface. Then, it opened its mouth and issued an invisible suction force. And, the surface of the puddle showed a fluctuation in response.

    Then, a plume of red mist ascended from the water, and changed into a stream of red air. Then, it started to submerge into Yan Luo's mouth.

    The red airstream finally disappeared into its mouth after an unknown period of time. However, the dark water of this thousand-feet-size puddle had also changed. In fact, it had lost its color and become transparent at this time.

    However, Yan Luo's soul flame had deepened to some extent.
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