Chapter 244: The Arrival of Demon King’s Era

    Chapter 244: The Arrival of Demon King's Era

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    The distinguished guests in the private room had also noticed that the present situation was far from good; the room was on the second floor of the venue. Hence, they started to rush out of the private room one-after-another. Princess Yue Ni was stunned to see Liu An's body suspended in midair; his blood-red hair was hanging over his shoulders. It seemed like she couldn't understand the intensity of the present situation.

    "I had a feeling that there is something unusual about this person's identity. But, I had never thought that he would turn out to be a person of the Dark Moon Evil Cult. In addition, he seems to have attained the peak of the Moon-grade. In fact, he has ascended to the Full-Moon Magician's realm! I'm afraid that there is something fishy about that Shi Mu's identity as well." That dark-skinned experienced man stopped in front of Princess Yue Ni. Then, he said while sweeping his eyes around.

    His voice had barely fallen when the blood-moon's shadow in midair flashed. Then, a beam of red light darted from within, and enveloped the brocade box of the Star Stone; the box was kept on the high-platform in the hall.

    Then, the small brocade box automatically opened-up with a "pop" sound. And, the Star Stone floated in the air under the blood-light.

    Ouyang Lun's complexion changed as this happened. He shot his hand in the void, and the purple light around his palm stretched towards the Star Stone with a buzzing sound.

    "Ping" a stuffy sound echoed!

    Ouyang Lun's body received a severe jolt in response... so much so that his palm was shaken to fly by this impact.

    The beam of red light looked weak at a glance. But, it was indestructible in reality. Even Ouyang Lun's Earth-grade strength was unable to break through it.


    The Star Stone rose very fast under the effect of the red light. It then went inside the virtual shadow of the blood-moon.

    It seemed as if Liu An hadn't even bothered to throw a glance at Ouyang Lun. He closed his eyes and unfolded his arms. Then, he mumbled something, and the shadow of the Full Moon behind his head exuded bright radiance in response.

    Then, the dark-red line on the surface of the Star Stone started to flicker at an incredibly fast speed. Simultaneously, it started to get dim at equally fast speed. In fact, the speed was so fast that this process was visible to the naked eye. However, the blood-moon's shadow was becoming even more solidified. This triggered a violent vibration in the void, and red-colored ripples started to emerge out of thin air.

    Vibration in the void, a blood red lightning, then the second, the third...

    Numerous densely packed blood-red lightning had covered the space over the auction hall in a split second. Then, the chilling wind began to erupt all-around.

    A mass of grey-colored mist gushed out and blended in the ripples near the blood-moon's shadow. Then, it began to whirl at an extremely fast speed under the effect of an invisible force. Then, it took the shape of a huge grey-colored whirlwind in midair. This whirlwind was nearly hundred feet in size.

    The fluctuation in the void was very intense since the entire space was issuing buzzing sounds. Even blurred and vague signs had started to emerge in many places.

    The grey-colored whirlwind suddenly expanded in all directions. Then, a huge space passage emerged from its middle.

    Many people in the hall were still in their senses. However, their complexion changed very drastically when they vaguely saw a grey sky through that huge space-passage. In addition, eleven round blood moons could also be seen suspended in the sky therein. Ten of them were exceptionally bright, and were emitting blood-red light.

    Moreover, there was also a huge sacrificial altar below the sky. It was made-up of white bones of the dead. A tall and sturdy figure stood on the top of that altar. Its whole body was shrouded in a mass of grey-colored smoke. It took a step and walked towards the door of the space-passage.

    In addition, there was also a large regiment of Dead Spirit creatures behind that tall silhouette. They were huge in number... to an extent that one couldn't count their number.

    "This isn't good! We have to stop him. He's summoning the Dead Spirit World's creatures!"

    Ouyang Lun's complexion changed. He turned his hand and pulled out a strange-looking long blade. The imposing aura around his body underwent a sudden change. Then, a magic image's shadow emerged behind him with a flash of purple light. It was a seventy-or-eighty-feet long huge blade-shadow. Its whole body was wrapped in a layer of purple light.

    Then, he grasped his blade with his hands, and hacked it into the void towards Liu An. The long blade-shadow exuded bright rays of light in his background. Then, it similarly hacked towards Liu An and the space passage.

    Suddenly, a gigantic hundred-feet-long purple blade-light emerged along with incomparably thick smoke. It then hacked down at an incredible speed.

    In this meantime, fifty or more people had already pounced towards Liu An from various places in the hall.

    Most of these people were young, and they looked like they were below the thirty-year mark. They ought to be the talented disciples of their respective Sects who had converged here to attend the Ascension to Immortality Ceremony.

    These people hadn't arrived yet, but a rain of Real Qi-condensed blade-light, sword-shadows, fireballs, and ice spears had been shot towards Liu An from all directions. They carried an astonishing imposing aura.

    Liu An mumbled something while being in the air. Then, the ten of his fingers began to make various pinching gestures at a very fast speed.

    The Full Moon behind his body suddenly exuded glorious light. Then, a green light flashed, and a hundred or more door-sized green wind-blades emerged out of thin air in front of his body. They started to spin around, and covered almost small half of the sky in the process.

    Then, a Chi Chi sound resounded in the hall as Liu An raised his arm. The wind-blades bombarded the next moment, and sent people flying in all directions. Simultaneously, another vast-stretched green wind-blade emerged out his whole body.


    The huge purple blade-light arrived first, and hacked at the dozens of wind-blades in a fierce manner. But, the blade light collapsed and faded away upon the impact.

    It was followed by various blade-lights, sword-shadows and magic techniques. But, they all got dispersed in the vast-stretched green wind-blade in a split second.

    Ouyang Lun thundered loudly, and the long blade magic-image behind his body flashed. It then appeared in front of his body in a horizontal manner.

    "Ping Ping" a series of rumbling sound rang out!

    These green wind-blades bombarded on the long blade magic-image several times in a row. This led to an eruption of green light and purple light masses. And, Ouyang Lun was sent flying dozens of feet backwards by its impact.

    However, Ouyang Lun's magic-image still remained extremely firm. It did reveal a fit of tremor for a while, but it managed to withstand the impact.

    However, the people who had courageously stepped forward ended up being very unfortunate. And why wouldn't they be...? After all, they hadn't seen such a powerful magic art in their entire lives.

    The speed of these green wind-blades was excessively fast; so much so that it was practically impossible to dodge it in such a short time.


    The rain of the green wind-blades merely took a fleeting second to chop down more than twenty people into fragments. In fact, the body protecting Real Qi and all kinds of defensive magic tools had seemed no better than a paper stick in front of the wind-blades.

    A series of pitiful screams was heard!

    Some people had luckily evaded the first wave of attack. However, they received the same fate when they confronted the second wave of a sudden downpour of the wind-blades.

    The widespread nasty wind-and-rain of blood splattered down on the people below.

    Everyone in the hall was already in a thunderstruck state ever since they had seen Liu An's intrepid magic arts. In fact, their eyes were filled with overwhelming fear. They then suddenly felt that blood and meat as it fell on them.

    "Master Fei, you don't need to worry about me. You go and help the others!" Princess Yue Ni sucked in a long breath. However, her complexion barely resumed its normal state. Then, she addressed the dark-skinned experienced man who stood in front of her like a shield.

    A one-foot-long exquisite short stick appeared in her hand the next moment. Then, she read an incantation and a layer of silver light-shield bubbled-up on her body. It covered the people who stood around her as well - the experienced man, her other escorts, and the two young maids.

    "Princess, my duty is to ensure your safety. I can't look after the life and death of other people," the experienced man replied while breaking his silence.

    Princess Yue Ni was about to say something. Suddenly, a change occurred in the space-passage and it started to fluctuate.

    A tall and sturdy silhouette walked out from the space-passage. Its whole body was curled-up in the grey smoke. It was a huge monster which was more than hundred-feet in height.

    This monster was an Ox-Headed person. His body was covered with a layer of short black hair. He had a dark and smooth skin. Moreover, there wasn't a filthy aura around him like that of the Dead Spirit creatures'.

    In addition, there were two crescent-moon-shaped cow-horns on top of this monster's head. His eyes were bloodshot. He held a huge bone-axe in his hand. In fact, the bone-axe was almost as long as his height. The surface of the axe was filled with a circle of abstruse-and-profound spirit pattern and magic characters. It was emanating a very terrorizing aura that could make anyone tremble. In fact, this aura was far more formidable than that Liu An's dreadful aura.

    "Luo... Demon King Luo Tian!" Ouyang Lun stood at the edge of the auction stage. He saw the Ox-Headed monster and was shocked for a moment as a result.

    The experienced man stood beside Princess Yue Ni at the moment. His complexion also changed for the worse as he saw this scene. He couldn't afford to think about the rest of the guards and maidservants at this time. So, he grasped and pulled Princess Yue Ni towards an exit in order to escape.

    "Respected Demon King Luo Tian, the pious Dark Moon's follower welcomes you to grace us with your presence!" Liu An's complexion looked faintly pale at this moment. He bowed and greeted the Ox-Headed Monster with deep veneration.

    "Human boy, how are you related with that mixed-haired old man Dongfang Xian Tian?" Demon King Luo Tian glanced at Liu An and asked; his voice seemed like a rumbling thunder.

    "Dongfang Xian Tian is my master," Liu An replied in a respectful manner.

    "But, he had made a standard contract with me in the past. So, you will have to offer me a sacrifice of thousands of people every time I'll be summoned," Demon King Luo Tian stated.

    "Respected Demon King, this is the Capital City of the Lu Shan Kingdom. So, there are millions of people who can be offered as sacrifice. I am offering them to you. Please enjoy as much as you like!" Liu An said.

    "Great! Millions of people!" Demon King Luo Tian heard his words, and his eyes radiated with a magnificent red light. His huge ox-eyeballs glanced around, and he abruptly exuded a huge mass of grey light.

    Then, he raised his right foot and stomped on the ground in a violent manner.


    A loud ear-piercing rumbling sound was heard!

    The venue's ground suddenly plunged down. A vast-stretched mass of grey light gushed out from Demon King Luo Tian's body. It seemed like the waves of water as it spread toward the surrounding. The hard ground seemingly turned into mud, and formed a circle of waves and ripples.

    These shockwaves seemed like a sea tide. And, they had enveloped the entire auction hall in a flash.

    The entire hall was razed to the ground in an instant. The surrounding people tumbled to the ground as if they were a log of wood.

    There were many people who were below the Xian Tian level. Those people started to bleed profusely from every opening in their body. Then, they died on the spot. Some people were relatively closer to Demon King Luo Tian. Their bodies received such a severe shockwave that they immediately turned into a lump of meat mud.

    People who were at Xian Tian level or higher barely withstood this shockwave. But, such powerful impact still made them spout a mouthful of blood. Then, most of them lost their consciousness.

    The Demon King Luo Tian raised the arm which didn't hold the axe, and the layer of dense grey smoke around his whole body dispersed in all directions. Then, it rolled-up these surrounding corpses.

    Those corpses were swept away by the grey smoke. Then, these corpses began to fly high and exploded one after another. Then, they changed into the blood fog, and converged toward the top of the head of the Demon King. Then, they started to spin at an extremely high speed, and turned into a ball of red fog.

    Demon King Luo Tian opened his mouth wide, and the red fog-ball flew into his mouth.

    "Happy, happy! I haven't tasted such a fresh blood meal for a long time!" Demon King Luo Tian issued a deafening laughter.

    However, his deafening laughter stopped the next moment.

    The fact was that there were still two people in the hall who hadn't lost their ability to act. And, they were currently fleeing in the direction of the two exits.

    One of these two people was the chief guest of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce - Elder Ouyang Lun. And, the other was that experienced escort of Princess Yue Ni's. He was escaping while carrying Princess Yue Ni in his arms since she had also lost her consciousness.

    It seemed that these two men were outstanding Earth-Grade warriors. These two had barely resisted the impact of Demon King Luo Tian's attack. But, their exhausted expression was sufficient to conclude that they were apparently in a very poor condition.

    The Demon King Luo Tian bellowed loudly, and the huge axe in his hand emitted magnificent grey light. He then waved his axe, and two huge grey axe-edge-shadows appeared while carrying an inexhaustible force. Then, they darted in two separate directions, and caught up with those two people in an instant. The speed of these attacks made it seem like they had been teleported to their prey!

    Ouyang Lun's face revealed a desperate look. He bellowed and whirled around. His body radiated a purple light, and it condensed into a huge purple blade magic-image in front of him.

    The long blade in his hand shone brightly, and he hacked it towards the approaching grey axe-edge-shadow head-on.


    The purple light blade magic-image who was guarding his body collapsed and dispersed with a loud rumble. In addition, the long blade in his hand also snapped into two pieces in a very clean manner.

    Ouyang Lun's facial expression froze. Suddenly, a bloodstain emerged on his body from head to crotch. He then split in two halves with splashes of blood.

    Ouyang Lun was severed into two sections by the grey axe-edge. After that, he staggered and collapsed to the ground with a force so huge that it plowed out a long ditch in the ground.

    A hundred or more unconscious people who lay on the ground were also meted the same fate as him. They were erased along with their bones. Shentu Guang and his scoundrel companions - who were seated in the front few rows - were no exception either. And, they were wiped-out in a similar manner.

    It could be said that these people had a terribly bad luck today...
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