Chapter 245: Offering Sacrifices

    Chapter 245: Offering Sacrifices

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    The other grey axe-edge-shadow also caught up with Princess Yue Ni's escort. He had nearly fled to the door by now. This escort was the same experienced man from before.

    The experienced man's complexion changed as he noticed this. He turned his hand and took out a white magic charm. He then pinched it with his fingers and crushed it into pieces.

    A mass of dazzling white luminescence enveloped him and Princess Yue Ni the next moment. But, the grey edge-shadow had also arrived close to them by this time. It then hacked at the white light.

    Blood splattered and a muffled groan spread from the white light.

    The white radiance suddenly brightened, and then dissipated. Meanwhile, an arm fell from midair. But, Princess Yue Ni and her escort had disappeared from the sight by now.

    The space-passage behind the Demon King Luo Tian shook, and a burst of rumbling sound was transmitted. A team of Dead Spirit creatures were outdoing one-another in order to rush out from it first.

    All kinds of monster corpses, zombies, and a large number of human skeletons were present in their ranks. They held various kinds of weapons...

    Hundreds of grotesquely-shaped Dead Spirit creatures burst into the auction hall in an instant. However, they were still followed by the Dead Spirit Army that still wanted to squeeze out through the space-passage.

    Only a handful of Xian Tian warriors were still alive in the hall at the moment. But, most of them were in an unconscious state.

    These Dead Spirit creatures seemed to be quite sensitive to the opposite party's Qi. So, they scattered in all directions as soon as they appeared in the hall. They then began to slaughter those people who didn't have counter-resisting strength at the moment.

    The entire auction hall was reduced to a bloody slaughterhouse for a moment. The pungent smell of blood as if soared into the sky. And, such a nasty smell could make anyone want to vomit.

    Liu An was still under the Blood Moon's shadow. The trace of a frenzied look flashed through his eyes as he watched everything that was happening below.

    He glanced at the Demon King Luo Tian below, and his pale-white big sleeves shook. Then, a mass of blood flame billowed out from the soles of his feet. It then carried his body to the side of an exit.

    The Demon King Luo Tian issued a loud roar in excitement. His huge copper-bell-like eyes swept around once. Then, he took a big step and strode over to the hall's wall. After that, he brandished his huge axe, and the fiery grey axe-edge-shadow flew out at a particular angle.


    The axe-edge arrived and the solid wall collapsed with a loud crashing sound even though it had been further strengthened by a certain spell. In fact, a big hole had been split-open in the wall by this strike.

    The Demon King Luo Tian stepped out of the hall amidst the rolling smoke and dust. In fact, this scenery made it seem as if the creator of the universe had unleashes the Primal Chaos once again.

    There were still many people in the vicinity of the Sparkling Gem Pavilion's street. They hadn't returned yet since they wanted to stay and watch the situation. However, their eyes suddenly fell on the gigantic silhouette of the Demon King Luo Tian at this time. They then felt the vicious and dreadful murderous aura that his body was exuding. Could they still continue to stay here any further? They issued panicked screams, and dispersed in all directions to escape.

    "Tiny insects... consider yourself dead!"

    The Demon King Luo Tian burst into a wild laughter. The circle of magic characters on the surface of his huge bone-axe lit up. Then, they started to flutter, and changed into a fuzzy grey light.

    Then, the grey axe-shadow whistled out from above, and flew out in all directions.

    The space started to turn fuzzy from distortion wherever the axe-shadow visited.

    The surrounding buildings began to crumble to the ground - like a paper stick - as soon as they came in contact with the axe-shadow. Layers of smoke and dust started to spring up in the area.

    Then, the Demon King Luo Tian raised his foot and stomped heavily on the ground.


    Circles of ripples began to spread towards the surroundings... just like it had happened in the auction hall. Everything collapsed and shattered into pieces within a radius of hundreds of feet. The surrounding area had turned into a land of ruins in a fraction of a second! It was hard to determine how many people had been buried underneath since they hadn't got enough time to escape this calamity.

    Then, the mass of grey smoke rolled out again, and then corpses began to explode one-after-another. They once again condensed into a huge mass of blood-red fog-ball. Then, they were swallowed by the Demon King Luo Tian.

    "Happy, happy!" the Demon King issued a loud and long roar out of excitement.

    There was a street quite far from the Sparkling Gem Pavilion where the Demon King stood at present. So, it was still unaffected by this outburst.

    On top of a certain building there... a golden gleam flashed in Shi Mu's eyes. Then, he looked at the Demon King from afar, and his brows slightly creased as a result.

    Cai stood on his shoulder and his whole body was trembling at the moment. He covered his head with his wings, and revealed only one eye to watch-on. The fact was that he was extremely frightened to see the gigantic body of the Demon King Luo Tian.

    "Shi Tou, let's run..."

    Shi Mu's eyes flashed and he retracted his gaze from the Demon King's body. Then, he refocused his gaze in the direction of the Western City District where Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult's Branch Cult was located. It seemed that he wasn't in a hurry to leave.

    Liu An, the masked woman, and other people of their team stood against the wind on the Sparkling Gem Pavilion's roof. A strange and frantic gleam appeared in their eyes when they watched the purgatory-like chaotic scene in the city.

    "Master, thousands of people would be buried in your memory. Please rest in peace!" Liu An's long and red hair was fluttering in the wind. His facial expression looked respectful as he spoke-up while looking up at the heavens.

    The other four also made the same action.

    Several bright lights emerged in the western part of the Heavenly Yu City at this moment. They then started to rush in this direction.

    "Big Brother, they are the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult's people!" the masked woman stood up and said.

    "Elder Taoist Wu Chen can't sit back and watch... I leave this place to you in accordance with our original plan." Liu An nodded. Then, he turned around and addressed his companions. After that, he pointed his foot on the ground, and a spurt of blood flame gushed out. It supported his body, and he flew down to where the Demon King Luo Tian was standing.

    The trace of a complicated look flashed through masked woman's eyes as she watched Liu An fly away.

    "Let's get started." She took a deep breath, and her facial expression returned to normal. Then, she commanded to the other three people.

    The other three people nodded. Then, all four of them jumped down the roof, and went into the auction hall.

    The Dead Spirit creatures were still bursting into the hall through the space-passage in an endless stream.

    There wasn't a single person alive in the venue at the moment. Therefore, these bloodthirsty Dead Spirit creatures had started to swarm towards the four exits. Some of them even started to rush out through the big hole that had been split-open by the Demon King Luo Tian. The masked woman and other three people turned a blind eye to their activities.

    The masked woman and her companions cast a spell to summon a number of human skeletons. Then, these skeletons were ordered to gather the scattered corpses in the corner of the hall.

    Thousands of corpses were soon piled-up in one place of the hall. This led to the formation of a tall mountain of corpses.

    After that, these four people stood in four different corners of the corpse mountain. Then, their facial expression turned solemn and they started to read an incantation.

    Four bright-red tokens appeared in front of these four people with a flash of blood-light.

    After that, these four people exuded a huge mass of grey-colored light that grew increasingly brighter. Then, these lights converged at a point, and formed a huge grey-colored magic circle. The magic circle had covered the corpses inside it.

    The masked woman then waved her hands while reading an incantation. A few grey magic characters fled from her hand and submerged in the red token she held.

    The other three people also did the same action.

    Suddenly, that mountain of corpses flared up with a "Hu hu" sound inside the magic circle.

    It seemed as if these corpses were being cremated in the blood-red flames. They then started to vanish into thin air...

    In the Dead Spirit World... billowing black clouds were floating over the summit of a huge bone-made sacrificial altar. Suddenly, a couple of black lightning vaguely appeared amid the black clouds.

    Eight thick bones of the dead stood upright on the summit of that sacrificial altar. Those bones suddenly radiated a grey luminescence. This light then condensed into a grey magic circle.

    Then, the grey magic circle started to revolve while issuing buzzing sound. Simultaneously, corpses began to appear out of thin air from time to time.

    The surrounding grey smoke would converge in a crazy manner as the corpses would fall on the altar. Then, the smoke would drill into the corpse.

    Consequently, these corpses would start to wither at an alarming speed. Then, they'd change into a skinny frame of bones.

    These corpses' hands and feet would tremble after some time had passed. Then, they would stagger-up.


    In the Sparkling Gem Pavilion... the corpses kept disappearing under the spell of the grey magic circle. Simultaneously, a plume of grey smoke appeared from the blood-red tokens and submerged in the masked woman and other three people's top of the head. They were like long whales who were absorbing water in the form of this grey smoke.

    The grey radiance around these four people started to grow brighter as a result. Also, the imposing aura around their bodies started to become more and more formidable.

    Simultaneously, the grey magic circle became increasingly brighter, and the blazing red flames became more and more exuberant. And, more and more corpses started to disappear from the magic circle as a result.

    Thousands of corpses had disappeared from the magic circle within a few minutes. Afterwards, the grey magic circle dissipated in a slow manner.

    The masked woman and other three people were emitting magnificent grey radiance at the moment. Even the aura around their bodies seemed significantly stronger than before.

    The masked woman was originally at the peak of the Star-grade magician's realm. But, now it seemed that she might make a breakthrough to the Moon-Grade pretty soon.

    The red-faced man looked very excited. It seemed that he was about to speak something.

    Suddenly, a loud earth-shattering explosive sound was heard outside the Sparkling Gem Pavilion. It was accompanied by intermittent bursts of the Demon King's furious roars .

    The masked woman's complexion changed. Then, the Sparkling Gem Pavilion quivered in a violent manner, and a wall collapsed with a loud rumble. This formed a big hole there. Then, three person's silhouettes flashed through the hole.

    The masked woman immediately got up and turned around to see in that direction.

    She saw that three people had flushed in. They were clad in Taoist robes. They were emitting a dazzling white radiance; these people were the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult's Earth-grade Elders.

    The three elders looked towards the centre of the hall and swooped towards the space-passage.

    A bright grey light suddenly shone in the void in front of the space-passage. Then, a massive golden human skeleton appeared. It swept its golden spear and streaked a golden rainbow in midair. Then, the rainbow collided with the three Elders.

    "Bang" a loud explosive sound rang out!

    The huge body of the golden skeleton drew a step back by its impact. But, the three Earth-grade Elders of the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult were struck and sent flying.

    The three elders flew for a short distance before they came to a stop. But, it seemed that they hadn't received any injury. Instead, an even brighter white radiance had appeared on their bodies.

    "The Golden Skeleton King!" a middle-aged man exclaimed in a startled manner.

    His voice had barely faded when a black light flashed in front of the space-passage. Then, two huge Dead Spirit creatures emerged.

    One of them was a gigantic seventy-eighty-feet-tall green-haired zombie. And, the other was a double-headed rotten corpse of a wolf.

    Both of them were exuding a very formidable aura. In fact, their auras were almost equivalent to the Golden Skeleton King's. The fact was that these two were also Earth-grade monsters.

    The masked woman and other three people's stature flashed a few times as they positioned themselves in front of the space-passage to block the way.

    The three Elders' complexion sank. Suddenly, those three Earth-grade Dead Spirit creatures bellowed and pounced towards the three Elders. These monsters didn't even give them enough time to react.

    It seemed that these three Elders had no other choice now. Hence, each exuded a bright white light. Then, each condensed it into a huge magic-image. Then, they jumped into a fierce battle with the three Dead Spirit creatures.

    The battle between these six Earth-grade powerhouses had started. Rays of light would often fall either on the ground or on the wall from midair. And, this would give rise to loud rumbling sounds.

    A thick sword-light bombarded on one of the side walls. The Sparkling Gem Pavilion was already badly-wrecked. So, it received a burst of violent shaking by the impact of this strike. However, it couldn't withstand and crashed with a loud sound as a result.

    The masked woman and her other three companions exuded a large mass of grey light. Then, the light converged and condensed into a huge grey light-shield over the space-passage. The shield was placed there to block the falling rocks. The red-faced man also transformed into the black-haired zombie and started to brandish his sturdy hand. His hand would hit and crush the falling rocks into pieces.

    However, those six Earth-Grade powerhouses didn't the least pay attention to these tumbling rocks. And, they continued-on with their fierce battle. But, many surrounding Dead Spirit creatures were getting buried underneath these falling rocks.

    The eight-storey-high Sparkling Gem Pavilion finally toppled over with a loud crashing sound. The surrounding became bright and spacious. The masked women and her companions could clearly see the outside situation now.

    At least thousands of Dead Spirit creatures had already descended and dispersed throughout the Heavenly Yu City prior to this devastation.

    Moreover, a dozen or more streets near the Sparkling Gem Pavilion had already been slaughtered by these Dead Spirit creatures. But, the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult and the Lu Shan Kingdom forthwith jumped into action. A large number of soldiers and Immortal Cult's disciples had converged from all directions, and had started a hand-to-hand fight with these creatures.

    This incident had thrown the entire city into chaos and endless slaughters.
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