Chapter 246: Power of the Magic Weapons

    Chapter 246: Power of the Magic Weapons

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    A loud rumbling sound was heard. In fact, it was so loud that it could almost perforate a person's eardrums.

    In addition, a howling gust of wind also burst out along with this loud explosive sound. The wind was permeated with two colored rays of light - black and white.

    Such huge impact also rendered a powerful jolt to the masked woman and the other three people. Many ruins of the Sparkling Gem Pavilion were also blown out to fly.

    These four people were startled. They immediately looked in the direction of the loud explosion.

    They saw that a large area over the ruins was permeated with a mass of grey fog. In addition, the Demon King Luo Tian's huge body could be seen engaged in an intense fight with a white-haired old man.

    This old man was the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult's head - Elder Taoist Wu Chen.

    Elder Taoist Wu Chen's face looked dignified at the moment. A washbasin-sized Ancient White Seal had been fluttering in the air beside him. However, it underwent a small change. On the other side, the huge axe in the Demon King Luo Tian's hand started to shake in a violent manner. It then began to issue bursts of thunderous rumbling sound.

    Each collision of their weapons set-off a massive wave of vitality along with strange lights that shot up to the sky.

    The surrounding space seemed to be flooded with bursts of water-like ripples. And, those ripples were intertwined with grey-colored fog. This made the two silhouettes appear a bit fuzzy.

    Shi Mu stood on the roof of a five-storey garret that was located far from these two silhouettes. The golden gleam was flickering in his eyes, and his shinning eyes were constantly gazing in the direction of the Sparkling Gem Pavilion's ruins. He had found a panoramic view of everything in the vicinity of the Sparkling Gem Pavilion from this height.

    His eyes were stuck on the battle between Elder Taoist Wu Chen and Demon King Luo Tian.

    The Heaven-rank was considered the top existence of the entire continent. So, it was obviously a fortuitous opportunity to come across a legendary battle between two Heaven-ranked powerhouses.

    "Shi Tou... I... let's go, what so good about this battle..." Cai stuck out his hairy head from Shi Mu's jacket and muttered.

    "Shut up!" Shi Mu stretched out his hand and interrupted Cai's words.

    Cai glanced at Shi Mu in a somewhat complaining manner. But then, a huge magic-power shockwave suddenly transmitted from the Sparkling Gem pavilion's direction.

    Cai was frightened by this, and he immediately retracted his head inside Shi Mu's clothing with a 'Whiz' sound.

    The battle between Elder Taoist Wu Chen and the Demon King grew even more intense near the Sparkling Gem pavilion.

    Wu Chen's Ancient White Seal hadn't fallen into a disadvantageous position even once. Instead, it had gradually gained the upper hand in this battle. It would often shoot a sparkling white light that would force the Demon King Luo Tian to retreat. This had been infuriating the Demon King, and had left him to issue roars again and again.

    It was evident that Elder Taoist Wu Chen had eventually grabbed the upper hand in this battle. However, it didn't seem that he could overshadow the Demon King any time soon.

    Another group was also tangled in a fierce battle not far from these two.

    A burst of light flashed and collided in a fierce manner - like a meteor streaking across the sky. It also issued a shrill and ear-piercing whistling sound. Then, the light scattered toward the surrounding area.

    A few people's silhouettes could be vaguely seen moving speedily amidst these rays of light. They were almost flickering like a ghost.

    The aftermath of this fierce battle fell on the ground, and blew up a big pit in the nearby ground. Layers of dust and smoke rose upwards and fluttered in the air as a result.

    The scope of this battle was a lot smaller than the Demon King and Elder Taoist Wu Chen's fighting range. However, the degree of this battle's intensity was only a little inferior to theirs.

    "Bang" a loud sound rang out!

    The fierce battle between the two sides abruptly stopped with a loud collision. Then, both parties bounced back and steadied themselves. This sudden halt finally revealed the appearances of the four silhouettes that were confronting each other in the distance.

    One battling party was Liu An. And, the other party consisted of three people. These three people had an equally breathtaking aura around them.

    One of these people wore the sky-blue Taoist-robe of the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult. And, the other two people were dressed in a bright-yellow robe. The national emblem of the Lu Shan Kingdom could be seen inscribed on their robes. The fact was that these two were the Earth-ranked consecrates of the Lu Shan Kingdom.

    Each of these three people released their respective martial arts magic-images at this moment. And, their magic-images emitted a bright radiance.

    Liu An's body also emitted a splendid grey radiance. Then, a shining full moon shadow emerged behind his head and started to emit luminous brilliance.

    Liu An held a grey-colored sword in his hand, but plenty of gaps could be seen on the surface of his blade. It seemed like it was quite old and simple. However, the sword's sharp edge was emanating a misty-grey Sword Qi in a constant manner.

    However, the complexion of these four people looked pale, and they were gasping for breath at the moment.

    Liu An had been single-handedly fighting against these three Earth-grade powerhouses. Even so, he didn't seem to be in an unfavorable situation.

    Suddenly, a loud rumbling sound was heard from the side. It was followed by an infuriated and painful roar of the Demon King Luo Tian.

    Liu An's complexion slightly changed. He turned around to look in that direction.

    The Demon King Luo Tian's massive body drew a few steps back in quick succession. Then, his stature staggered since a huge wound was split-open in his chest. The wound was so deep that even his bone could be seen clearly. However, he wasn't bleeding.

    His eyes blazed with an infuriated look as he glowered at Elder Taoist Wu Chen who stood not far from him. The fact was that a small half of his huge bone-axe had been pared-off by Wu Chen's attack. Consequently, the grey light his axe was emitting had dimmed very significantly.

    An ancient wooden sword suddenly appeared in Elder Taoist Wu Chen's hand. The sword's edge seemed to be exuding heavenly green radiance. A few green-colored magic characters could be seen flickering amid the green light from time to time. These characters looked very mysterious.

    "Another magic weapon!" The corner of Liu An's eyes twitched slightly.

    Spirit tools were considered more formidable than magic tools. And, the legendary magic weapons were regarded more formidable than the spirit tools. In fact, the indescribable might of the magic weapons was far beyond the spirit tools'. However, the magic weapons were extremely scarce.

    The Demon King Luo Tian's huge bone-axe obviously commanded enormous might. But, it was only equivalent to a top-grade spirit tool.

    Elder Taoist Wu Chen either relied on the White Ancient Seal or the old wooden sword to confront the Demon King. But, both of his weapons were surprisingly magic weapons.

    An idea cropped up in Liu An's mind, and he began to think of retreating.

    He had already achieved the goal of his trip. He hadn't only massacred many talented disciples who had converged here to attend the Ascension to Immortality Auction. But, he had also pushed the entire Heavenly Yu City into an extremely tumultuous situation. In fact, countless ruins of buildings and walls could be seen across the city.

    However, the true powerhouses of the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult would soon rush over if they didn't retreat at this very moment. Besides, he also knew that not a single person of the Dark Moon Cult would be able to leave this place once those experts had arrived.

    Elder Taoist Wu Chen swept his vision towards the Sparkling Gem Pavilion.

    A steady stream of Dead Spirit creature was still gushing out of the space-passage. In addition, the three Earth-grade Elders seemed to be tied-down by the three Earth-grade Dead Spirit creatures. These Elders didn't seem capable of scoring a victory any time soon. Therefore, it was needless to mention the prospect of them destroying the space-passage.

    Wu Chen's face revealed an anxious look. He snorted in a cold manner, and started to count on his fingers.

    The Ancient White Seal - that was fluttering in the air beside him - exuded dazzling rays of light. Then, it spun around and became as big as the size of a house; this had happened in a flash. Then, it dashed towards the Demon King Luo Tian like a meteor.

    The ancient wooden sword in Wu Chen's hand emanated bright green radiance as this happened. Then, he wielded his sword high in the sky, and a huge crescent-moon-shaped light-blade whistled out. The light-blade darted forward while trailing a fluctuation in the space behind. Then, it hacked towards the Demon King's chest at an incomparably fast speed.

    The trace of a petrified look flashed through the Demon King's eyes as he saw this. He bellowed loudly and held the huge axe with his both hands. Then, a thick layer of grey fog bubbled-up and shrouded his whole body. It was so thick that it seemed as if it was made-up of a substance. It had been congealed to ward-off the attack.

    Then, Wu Chen gently flicked the white horsetail whisk he had just brought out. A white light emerged on the horsetail whisk, and it changed into a heap of white silk. The white silks blotted out the sky as it caught up with the crescent-moon-shaped light-blade. Then, it wound around the massive body of the Demon King Luo Tian before the arrival of the White Seal.

    "Another magic weapon!"

    Liu An's complexion changed once again, and his hesitations vanished. The full moon's shadow behind his head shone with dazzling rays of light. Then, the widespread five-colored rays of light emerged in front of his body and darted towards the three Earth-grade powerhouses who stood in front of him.

    Every beam of light was one of the five mighty elements of magic arts. They gathered together and rushed towards the three people. It seemed as if the mighty sea was rushing towards them.

    The three Earth-grade people were alarmed by this. And, they hurriedly shot their magic-image to resist the attack.

    Liu An turned around after he had launched his attack. He then took the form of a red fleeing light as he fled in the direction of the collapsed Sparkling Gem Pavilion.

    The Demon King Luo Tian bellowed as he struggled to unshackle himself.

    However, the white silks that had wrapped around his body tightened its grip even further. These white silks were very tenacious... so much so that even the enormous strength of the Demon King couldn't shake them off him.

    The Demon King's complexion changed. A jet-black magic character emerged on the surface of his body. Then, a burst of 'Ka Ka' sound spread from within his body, and his gigantic body suddenly shrunk. His body turned several times smaller than its original height. In fact, he was now barely two-or-three-feet in height.


    The Ancient White Seal rubbed past his body and smashed on the ground. And, a huge and dark pit was blasted-open in the ground with a loud explosive sound as a result. This pit was at least twenty-or-thirty-feet deep.

    The Demon King Luo Tian had luckily evaded the White Seal. However, he couldn't evade the following attack properly - it was the sword-light. Consequently, one of his arms was chopped down by the sword-light.

    The Demon King issued a miserable groan in pain. Suddenly, his body exuded a black radiance, and he took advantage of the opportunity since the grip of white silk was still loosened. His stature flashed and appeared in the vicinity.

    The Demon King was extremely sturdy and valiant. But, he didn't dare to continue to confront Wu Chen and his endless waves of magic weapons anymore.

    A mass of black smoke bubbled-up on the Demon King's body and enveloped his whole body. Now, his only intention was to quickly integrate into the void and return to the Dead Spirit World.

    "Evil monster, where would you escape to!" Elder Taoist Wu Chen's thunderous voice resounded, and his stature chased after him the next moment.

    Meanwhile, his White Seal suddenly shot up into the sky. Wu Chen's plan was to pursue and catch up with the Demon King first.


    The White Seal shone magnificently and exuded circles of white ripples. After that, these white ripples enveloped the Demon King Luo Tian completely.

    The Demon King was profoundly shocked. The surrounding air immediately became thick and heavy. In addition, the surrounding space seemed to have frozen since he was unable to return to the other world.

    A huge mass of misty-grey smoke started to gush out of his body in a crazy manner in this moment of desperation. Then, the smoke wrapped his whole body, and desperately tried to resist the white ripples in the surrounding void.

    The solidification of the space wasn't exceptionally firm. In fact, it could be broken with ease by the Demon King if he exerted his strength for some time.

    However, the Demon King's movement was strangled at this point of time.

    Elder Taoist Wu Chen arrived closed to him very quickly, but his face revealed an exhausted look. The ancient wooden sword in his hand released a magnificent green light, and his sword turned into a huge green-colored wooden sword the next moment. In fact, it was almost a hundred or more feet in size now. Then, the sword hacked towards the Demon King in a relentless manner while carrying an inexhaustible imposing aura.

    The Demon King Luo Tian's eyes seemed as if they wanted to pop out of his eye sockets. He couldn't make the slightest crack in the frozen void. So, his body exuded a huge mass of black light instead. Then, the light condensed into a garret-like gigantic ox-shadow, and made a shield in front his body.

    However, the shadow was easily ripped-apart by the green wooden-sword-shadow.


    The Demon King Luo Tian's body was conveniently slashed into two halves. And, the two gigantic sections of his body topped over with a loud thud.

    But then, a mass of black smoke suddenly flew out from the remnant body of the Demon King. A very small silhouette could be vaguely seen amid that smoke. It then shot a glaring look at Wu Chen in a resentful manner.

    Then, the black smoke flashed and integrated into the void. And subsequently, it disappeared without a trace.

    "Unfortunately, I couldn't exterminate this fierce monster..."

    Elder Taoist Wu Chen muttered. Then, he turned his hand and shot a beam of green light. Then, the huge green-colored wooden sword flashed and shrunk back to its original size at a lightning speed. After that, it flew back to his hands.

    Wu Chen's complexion looked deathly white with exhaustion. He had deployed a plethora of magic weapons back-to-back during this battle. So, it would've obviously consumed an enormous amount of his strength.

    However, he sucked-in a deep breath. Then, his stature flashed and turned into a white light as he shot towards the Sparkling Gem Pavilion's ruins like an electric current.

    Meanwhile, the blood-red fleeing light flew into the ruins of Sparkling Gem Pavilion. Then, the blood-light converged, and Liu An's silhouette came into appearance.

    "Get ready to withdraw!"

    He ordered the masked woman and the other people in a loud voice. Then, he waved his hand and a streak of black light submerged into the space-passage that was under the blood moon's shadow.

    After that, the space-passage trembled and started to close in a slow manner.

    Liu An waved his hand, and a brick-sized black-colored magic charm appeared in his hand. Then, he pinched it and broke it into pieces.

    Innumerable and massive black magic characters began to appear out of thin air in the open space beside him as a result. They whirled and danced in the air for a moment. Then, they took the form of a black magic array; this array was hexagonal in shape. Then, a circle of abstruse spirit pattern flickered on the surface of the array. And, it started to emit a strong space fluctuation.
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