Chapter 249: Give Me Back My Flower!

    Chapter 249: Give Me Back My Flower!

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    The plump Taoist man raised his hand, and a copper-colored sword appeared in his hand.

    Then, a few magic characters began to flow on the surface of the sword, and the sword underwent a sharp rise. It grew to the size of a door's shutter in an instant. After that, the sword's surface radiated a dazzling golden light. In addition, blazing flames also spurted out on the surface of the sword. It seemed that the huge copper-colored sword could even split-open the sky. The sword then hacked towards Yan Luo's head while carrying the overwhelming might of thunder.

    But, Yan Luo quickly pulled back its bone-spear. Then, the black smoke coiled around its body, and its figure disappeared from the sight.

    Yan Luo reappeared beside the plump man the next moment.

    But, the copper-colored sword didn't wait for Yan Luo to make its move. It flashed over and hacked towards Yan Luo again. It had seemed as if the sword was a shadow that was following its body.

    The soul flame in Yan Luo's eyes flickered, and it vanished into thin air with a flash of black light. Consequently, the sword ended up empty-handed since it had hacked in the air once again.

    "A Spirit Tool!"

    Shi Mu was in the air when he saw the sword, and was left surprised by it.

    Shi Mu had gathered a string of information pertaining to the spirit tools when he was in the Heavenly Yu City.

    Spirit tools were regarded as special magic tools that were made from some kind of spirit materials. The only difference between the spirit tools and the magic tools was that the spirit tools could be placed within the body to slowly enhance one's inner strength as well as spirit power.

    Moreover, spirit tools could also stimulate the power of the spirit sense to a great extent. It would also help the user to send the spirit sense out of his body at the time of confrontation with an enemy. In fact, the user could display all kinds of offensive methods very conveniently as per his wish. In other words, the spirit tool was equivalent to a helping hand.

    However, the spirit materials that were used to make spirit tools were very scarce in the outside world. So, there was the possibility that they might cease to exist someday. Therefore, the tool-refining experts tried to explore some other alternative methods. They researched, and soon developed a new method for refining spirit tools.

    An enormous consumption of spirit stones was required to refine the material in this new process of refining. This method would enable the material to absorb a great amount of spirit power. However, the spirit tools that passed through this process of refining were considered inferior to the former spirit tools. However, their strength was still considered far beyond the might of a magic tool.

    The fact was that most of the spirit tools that existed in this world nowadays belonged to the latter process. They were called spirit tools, but they fell into the category of artificial spirit tools in reality.

    Even so, it was considered a symbol of status if someone would possess an artificial spirit device. After all, the spirit tool played a crucial role in enhancing the user's strength.

    However, the cost of refining these spirit tools was considerably high. So, only the Earth-grade powerhouses and a few Star-ranked magicians could afford to refine one for their personal use.

    These thoughts flashed across Shi Mu's mind for a moment. However, he then noticed that the blue-robed Taoist people around him were about to launch a converging attack on him any moment.

    The first wave of attack consisted of three misty-white Sword Qi and three green-colored blade-lights. They were projected towards Shi Mu from three different directions. Moreover, they carried an astonishing and imposing aura that had sealed-off his escape routes.

    These attacks were mounted by six Xian Tian Taoist priests of the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult!

    After that, the remaining ten or more Hou Tian Taoist priests encircled Shi Mu more closely. Some of them had grasped blades, and some had swords in their hands. Some people among them also held strange weapons in their hands.

    Their weapons were either curled-up in a dense cold aura, or blazing flame, or strong wind blade-light. They then bombarded towards Shi Mu from all around.

    However, a pale-white protective shield suddenly appeared on Shi Mu's body with a flash of white light. Shi Mu didn't pay the least attention to this imminent attack that had blotted out the whole sky as they approached him. Instead, he turned around and dashed in the direction of a misty-white Sword Qi.

    He flashed past this Sword Qi in a split second. Simultaneously, he stretched out his left hand and a cloud of white Qi darted out. It took the shape of a White Qi Chain in midair as it rushed forward. Then, it bundled a thin and tall Taoist swordsman who had just shot this white Sword Qi.

    The trace of a petrified look flashed across the thin and tall Taoist priest's eyes. Then, green-colored Real Qi started to seep and bulge out of his whole body... as if he wanted to shake the White Qi Chain off his body.

    But then, a fiery-red blade-light flashed and hacked at this Taoist swordsman in a horizontal manner. It chopped him by the waist, and into two halves. A stream of blood gushed out, and spread everywhere along with his internal organs.

    The attacks that were made from different directions bombarded on Shi Mu's body in this meantime.

    A loud explosive sound rang out!

    The group of blade-lights exploded as they fell on Shi Mu's body. This explosion prompted various kinds of rays of lights that scattered in all directions. It was also accompanied by a strong gust of wind that whistled towards the surrounding.

    Consequently, the pale-white protective shield on Shi Mu's body began to dim at a very high speed... so much so that it could be seen with the naked eye. Then, it eventually collapsed, and the other attacks fell directly on Shi Mu's black scales. A series of rumbling sounds rang out once again along with a billowing mass of smoke.


    Shi Mu jumped out of the smoke. The upper part of his clothing had been destroyed. This had exposed his robust and muscular body that was covered with a layer of solid black scales. He stayed there for a moment. Then, he flashed and appeared in front of another Xian Tian Taoist priest like a ghost. This Taoist priest held a blade in his hand.

    Shi Mu flicked his arm and thirteen blazing blade-shadows dashed out. They galloped towards the Xian Tian Taoist priest along with the other two Hou Tian priests who stood beside him.

    Two blood-curdling screams rang out in the air!

    The two Hou Tian Taoist priests who had surrounded Shi Mu were killed in an instant.

    But, the Xian Tian Taoist priest wielded his blade in a crisscrossed pattern, and dispelled Shi Mu's attacks. Then, he seized the opportunity and shot backwards to escape.

    However, Shi Mu spouted two clouds of White Qi from his mouth in this meantime.

    The cloud of White Qi was spouted from such a short distance and at such a tricky angle that it went straight, and struck the Xian Tian Taoist priest's chest.



    The rain of blood sprayed out everywhere. The blue-robed Taoist priest's Real Qi had been protecting his body. However, it was routed and crushed. The area around his chest was blown up by the Qi waves as a result. In fact, the surrounding air also got permeated with a nasty smell for a moment.

    "Ah!" "Ah!" another two screams were heard.

    Another two Hou Tian Taoist priests appeared in Shi Mu's line of sight as the blue-robed Taoist priest was slaughtered. However, they were beheaded and thrown in a pool of blood the next moment.

    Suddenly, Shi Mu's whole body flashed.

    Three Xian Tian Taoist priests had surrounded Shi Mu at this time. And, they had taken a pincer-like position, and had exhibited a strange attacking style. Then, two long blades that were curled-up in a green radiance, and one long sword that was radiating a flickering blue radiance hacked towards Shi Mu's head.

    Suddenly, a mass of black smoke flashed beside Shi Mu. Then, a white-colored spear-shadow darted from the black smoke and enveloped the three Taoist people.

    "Ah! Ah! Ah!" three short screams resounded again.

    Three Xian Tian Taoist priests' bodies were inflicted with lots of holes and injuries. And, they fell to the ground as their bodies started to twitch.

    Then, the huge copper-colored sword - that was in midair this entire time - chopped down. But, Yan Luo's stature again flashed, and disappeared without a trace. This left the plump man to blaze with a fit of anger.

    Shi Mu seized this opportunity, and his stature charged into another black-skinned Taoist Priest who held a long sword in his hand. He hadn't arrived yet, but a mountain-like stick-shadow had appeared in his left hand. In addition, a cloud of billowing fire mixed with countless red blade-lights had also emerged in his right hand. They then rolled out together and engulfed the opposite party.

    Only a couple of breaths had passed since the beginning of the battle to this very moment. However, six Xian Tian Taoist Priests had already departed from this world in quick succession!

    Suddenly, a wisp of terrifying aura emerged on top of Shi Mu's head. This fervent and fiery wave made Shi Mu unable to breathe conveniently.

    Shi Mu's heart quivered with fear. And, he immediately drew a few steps back. He raised his head and looked up in a fierce manner. But, his pupil couldn't help but shrink the next moment.

    This was the huge copper-colored sword that had been chasing Yan Luo!

    A 'Chi Chi' sound rang out!

    The huge copper-colored sword plummeted down from the air like a lightning. The sword's body was wrapped up in a layer of blazing golden flame. And, it hacked towards Shi Mu at an astonishing speed.

    Shi Mu realized that it was impossible to evade this attack. His eyes went wide open and he roared. He connected the short stick with the blade, and a magnificent red and green light gleamed on the surface of the extended blade.

    Shi Mu was at the point of receiving the huge copper-colored sword in a resolute manner when a black luminescence suddenly flashed behind him. It was followed by Yan Luo's silhouette that emerged out of thin air.

    Shi Mu saw that a pale-purple-colored soul flame throbbed in its eye sockets. Then, a mass of white flame flared up on the surface of its bone spear. After that, it seemingly changed into a white stream of light as it dashed to welcome the copper-colored sword.

    The two weapons were about to collide with each other when the copper-colored sword suddenly deviated from the path and twisted around the bone-spear like a bolt of lightning.

    The blazing white flame on the bone-spear's surface was curbed as it came in contact with the golden flame. And, several fine cracks also appeared on the surface of the spear as this happened.

    The bone-spear crumbled into pieces, and turned into a grey-colored smoke. It was then set afire by the golden flame. And, it gradually vanished into thin air.

    The soul flame in Yan Luo's eyes throbbed. However, it didn't get enough time to plan its next move since the copper-colored sword had arrived in front of it, and had hacked towards its head.

    "Ha ha, evil creature! Where do you come from, and where would you go!" the plump man burst into a loud laughter. The golden-armored magic-image behind him looked a lot dimmed than how it was before.

    However, that blissful smile of his' froze the next moment.

    He saw that Yan Luo's right hand turned fuzzy and grabbed his sword's edge. This meant that he couldn't move it again.

    But then, the golden flame quickly gathered on the golden sword's surface, and enveloped Yan Luo's right hand. But, Yan Luo's hand was still safe and uninjured even though it was covered in the golden flame.

    Yan Luo turned his head, slightly opened its mouth, and issued a soundless shout towards the plump man.

    The plump Taoist man's complexion profoundly changed. He turned his right hand and fished out two glittering magic charms.

    However, the plump man couldn't make any action as he felt that several pointed knives were suddenly thrust into his mind. A fit of acute pain and dizziness befell him. His hand trembled, and the magic charm fell down.

    Then, Yan Luo appeared behind him along with the black smoke. It held the golden sword in its right hand. Then, its left hand got curled-up in the grey-colored smoke with an extremely fast speed. And then, another bone-spear condensed out in its hand.

    A white light flashed!

    The bone-spear had been thrust into the golden-armored magic-image that was behind the plump old man.

    The golden-armored magic-image exuded a great amount of magnificent golden light. Then, a few magic characters began to flow on the surface of the bone-spear, and a white electric arc emerged.

    "Bang!" a rumbling sound was heard.

    The golden-armored magic-image eventually collapsed and dissipated after receiving several severe injuries over and over.

    The plump man's body shook, and his face turned pale. The trace of a petrified look also flashed through his eyes. However, he only felt a slight chill in his chest as the bone-spear was thrust into his heart the next moment.

    A look of disbelief floated in his eyes as he looked at his chest. His feet made a few futile twitches at first. Then, he ceased to breathe.

    Then, Yan Luo pounded its palm and the plump man's head burst into pieces like a watermelon. Then, a mass of white light fled from his crushed head.

    Yan Luo opened its mouth and issued a suction force. The white light submerged in its mouth. The faint-purple soul flame slightly throbbed. Then, the color of its soul flame deepened a bit.

    Suddenly, a string of pitiful screams rang out in the air!

    All Xian Tian Taoist priests had been exterminated by now. So, there was no way the remaining Hou Tian Taoist priests could've stood any chance against Shi Mu. Thus, they were killed by Shi Mu's mountain-like stick-shadow and blade-shadow within a dozen or more breaths.

    "That strange dog has run away!"

    Suddenly, the parrot Cai 'wah' 'wah' sound rang out from the sky.

    Shi Mu gazed into the distance, and saw that the dog with six ears had already fled a thousand feet away. In fact, it was fleeing at an extremely high speed, and it seemed as if it was almost flying.

    Shi Mu tossed the black blade and short stick off his hand. Then, a splendid radiance flashed in his hands as the Sky-Splitting Bow and an arrow appeared in his hand.

    He knocked the arrow with his left hand, and pulled the string. The bow bent into the shape of a crescent-moon.

    "Whiz!" an arrow whistled out.

    The black arrow-shadow flashed and covered over a thousand feet distance in an instant. And, it pierced into that strange dog's head from behind, and nailed it firmly to the ground.

    Shi Mu had barely heaved a sigh of relief when he felt that an ice-cold aura had shrouded his body.

    He was dumbfounded by this at first. Then, he saw that Yan Luo stood not far on his left side. Its entire body was covered with a suit of white armor.

    Yan Luo's feet left the ground, and it floated in the air. It threw the copper-colored sword on the ground; the sword had already returned to its original shape by now. Then, the two groups of faint-purple soul flames in its eyes throbbed, and the white flame flared-up on the surface of the bone-spear that it held in its left hand. After that, Yan Luo pointed the spear's tip towards Shi Mu from afar.

    "Give me back my flowers!" a delightful and melodious voice of a seemingly thirteen-or-fourteen-year-old girl resounded in Shi Mu's mind.

    Shi Mu was struck dumb for a moment.

    There were meeting only after a short period of time, but Yan Luo had already progressed a lot in this duration. In fact, it had advanced to the Earth-grade. Even its wisdom had noticeably improved.

    However, Shi Mu hadn't expected that he would be asked such a question by his own summoned creature. This matter was entirely different from the information he had received from Young Master Ju back then.

    Shi Mu was confronted by Yan Luo's interrogation, but he had nothing to say in reply for a while.

    After all, he was obviously at fault when he had proposed the idea of exchanging flowers at that time!

    The parrot Cai was about to descend from the sky when he saw this hostile and tense situation. So, he shook his wings, and flew even higher in the sky without demur.
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