Chapter 253: Nurturing a Spirit Tool

    Chapter 253: Nurturing a Spirit Tool

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    "Shi Tou, maybe we should go back to the Black Demon Sect!" Cai said.

    "I won't go back," Shi Mu looked towards the boundless horizon as he said.

    Shi Mu could've returned to the Black Demon Sect. But, the Black Demon Sect was one of the branches of the Heavenly Demon Sect at the end of the day. So, there was the possibility that rumors might have flown to his Sect by now. It would perhaps become more troublesome to him if he returned there.

    Moreover, he had experienced the hustle and bustle of the Heavenly Yu City... as well as the invincible powerhouses of the Lu Shan Kingdom. So, he had profoundly realized that the practicing environment and resources had a great influence on the cultivation. But, the resources available in the Eastern Peninsula were very deficient.

    It could be said that Shi Mu's initial goal was to become a Xian Tian warrior ever since he stepped out his house and visited Master Li Cang Hai. But, his goal had changed when he had joined the Black Demon Sect. And, his new goal had become to advance to the realm of the Earth-rank.

    However, Shi Mu's goal had again undergone an earth-shaking change when he had witnessed those two unapproachable and aloof Taoist Immortals at the Welcome Ceremony for the Immortals in the Heavenly Yu City.

    It was just like Ximen Xue had said, "Don't tell me that you have no intention to move farther to the Earth-rank? Could it be that you are only waiting for your life to drain away?"

    Of course not!

    Shi Mu couldn't stay inside the Lu Shan Kingdom or the Great Qin Kingdom anymore due to various reasons. But, he would never resign himself to return to the Black Demon Sect.

    In addition, he had also promised to his mother that he would become the most formidable martial warrior in the world. Therefore, he could never think of flinching back even if the road ahead would be full of difficulties and misfortunes.

    The Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult and the Heavenly Demon Sect had misunderstood him, and they had jointly issued an arrest order for him. Shi Mu found himself powerless against them in this situation. After all, he knew that he would certainly be killed by them for his guilt in their eyes... even if he wasn't the genuine culprit. But, Shi Mu also knew they would never dare to lay their hands on him once he had become strong enough... In fact, there wasn't the slightest chance of it!

    Moreover, he might get the chance to see that silhouette again... the one he had been yearning for day and night. And, this could happen only if he were to become very formidable. But, this hope seemed somewhat unattainable at the moment...

    A string of thoughts tumbled in Shi Mu's heart in an instant. This rendered a sense of melancholy that immediately took possession of his heart. Then, Shi Mu retracted his gaze and said, "Let me properly think about a suitable place we should head to. But, we should take a proper rest before that."

    Cai nodded since he was already exhausted.

    Shi Mu swept his gaze towards the surrounding, and his eyes brightened. Then, his stature flashed a few times as he appeared at the foot of a hill nearby.

    There was a cave in front of him. But, it seemed that it could accommodate only one person.

    The cave wasn't very deep, but it looked quite clean from inside.

    Shi Mu moved a few boulders from the vicinity and covered the mouth of the cave. After that, he used a magic charm to set-up a simple detection magic array in the vicinity. Then, he sat down inside.

    However, Cai couldn't stay put in the cave. He wanted to go outside. So, Shi Mu warned him a couple of things. Cai complied with his words and went outside. After all, Cai could also keep a close watch on the surrounding.

    After that, Shi Mu sat down with his legs crossed. But, he didn't choose to take a rest immediately-after. Instead, he took the golden ring off his hand.

    Shi Mu had obtained this ring from that Earth-ranked obese man of the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult.

    He had been forging ahead with his journey in a persistent manner over these days. So, he had only taken a glimpse of the stuff stored in the ring so far. In fact, he hadn't even gotten enough time to sort them out in a careful manner.

    He poured his spirit sense into the ring to explore it, and his eyebrows creased the next moment. A trace of delighted look appeared across his face, and it began to grow even stronger with each passing second.

    Shi Mu opened his eyes and took a long breath after a quarter of an hour.

    Most of the things in the ring were various kinds of ores that weren't so valuable. In addition, there were some materials from the bodies of various beasts as well.

    However, the thing that piqued Shi Mu's excitement the most was a huge pile of spirit stones. Shi Mu's complexion changed as he noticed that most of them were low-grade spirit stones. However, a large quantity of middle-grade spirit stones could also be seen mixed with them. It looked like there were at least ten thousand or more low-grade spirit stones in the ring.

    This made his heart flutter with a fit of exhilaration.

    The plump Taoist man had actually carried such a huge quantity of spirit stones along with him! However, everything had gone in vain for him since he had lost his life.

    A magician practitioner in the Black Demon Sect could receive only three low-grade spirit stones each year. Even a Star-ranked magician could get only ten spirit stones. So, it was practically impossible for them to accumulate so many spirit stones.

    Shi Mu might be able to accumulate so many spirit stones in a span of a few years if he relied on his current charm-making skills. But then, he wouldn't be able to make any progress in his practice as a trade-off.

    There were several ordinary blade and sword-like magic-tools apart from the spirit stones. Some commonly used pills and magic charms were also stored in the ring.

    Shi Mu shifted all these spirit stones, magic tools, pills, and other things into his Vast Earth Ring. There were still miscellaneous materials in that golden ring, but Shi Mu didn't transfer them to his own ring.

    He completed these tasks. After that, he waved his hand and a golden light flashed in his palm. Then, a golden scroll and a small golden sword appeared in his hand. It was the "Transcending Heaven Imperial Spirit Determination" and the sword that was made of copper coins - a spirit tool

    Shi Mu had already glanced through this scroll on the way, and had found that this scroll belonged to the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult. It contained the methods of refining spirit tool. It documented the methods of offering sacrifice to imprint on a spirit tool. And, this scroll also contained the technique of placing spirit tool in the body and nurturing it in warm temperature. There was also a section of splitting spirit sense, and techniques to exercise control over the spirit tool.

    Shi Mu then held the golden sword in his hand, and started to flip through the Transcending Heaven Imperial Spirit Determination. In this meantime, he would often hold the golden sword before his eyes and examine it in a careful manner... it seemed as if he was trying to find the difference. In addition, he also instilled his spirit sense into the sword for proper examination.

    Shi Mu finally put down the golden scroll after one hour, and his eyes flashed with a trace of clear understanding.

    According to this scroll... the obese man's spirit tool had turned into an ownerless thing when the obese man was killed by Yan Luo that day. Therefore, a greater part of its inherent spirit power had also dissipated at that time.

    Therefore, Shi Mu must pour a drop of his blood to make it recognize its owner first. After that, he could use his spirit sense to imprint and get control over this sword.

    Shi Mu would have to embed this sword within his body and nurture it in a warm temperature if he wanted to restore its original power.

    Shi Mu acted according to this scroll after a momentary hesitation. He poured a drop of his blood into the small golden sword so that it could recognize its owner. Then, he released a wisp of his spirit sense, and directed it into the golden sword. After that, he started to imprint on it.

    This process continued for full two hours. Eventually, Shi Mu enabled his spirit sense to synchronize with this sword.

    Shi Mu gazed at the golden sword in his hand. Then, he stimulated his spirit sense and the magic characters on the surface of the sword emanated bright radiance. "Buzz" then, a droning sound was heard as the sword flew from his hand and got suspended in front of him.

    An idea suddenly flashed across his mind. He pinched his fingers to cast a sword art, and the golden sword changed into a golden sword-shadow the next moment. After that, it shot out in a swift manner as Shi Mu pointed his finger in the air.

    After that, Shi Mu retracted his finger, and the golden sword-shadow flew back and started to circle around him in the air.

    The trace of a satisfied look emerged in Shi Mu's eyes as he saw this.

    Shi Mu then opened his mouth and said "Come," in a light manner. The small golden sword flashed and flew into his mouth.

    It was mentioned in the book that the sword would gradually reinstate its spirit quality as long as it was kept in the body, and was nurtured in the warmth therein. Later, Shi Mu could stimulate its movement just before the confrontation with the enemy.

    Shi Mu had recently been in a fierce battle with the sinister-faced middle-aged man of the Heavenly Demon Sect. This incident had made his understanding of the spirit tool even more profound. He now had the confidence that he could entrap the opposite party in a deathtrap in a short period of time if he possessed a spirit tool which was fully under his control. Also, he could achieve this feat by coordinating his own martial arts and magic arts with his spirit tool. Then, he wouldn't need to panic and run away in desperation.

    Shi Mu sucked in a deep breath to pacify his mind. Then, he closed his eyes and sat in meditation to take a rest.

    His meditation session continued for one whole day and night.

    The next day... the sky hadn't gained its brightness yet when Shi Mu left the cave. He forged ahead towards the highest nearby mountain peak at a very high speed... In fact, it seemed as if he was flying.

    After some time... on the summit of the mountain peak.

    The eastern horizon was suffused with a pale-white radiance. A smear of pale-red glory of the rising sun seemingly permeated the eastern sky. It rather constituted a conspicuous landscape to behold.

    Shi Mu soon found the highest point. After that, his four limbs touched the ground as he displayed the Sun-Swallowing Art's posture.

    His brows creased as he looked at the bright radiance of the rising sun in the eastern horizon.

    The Sun-Swallowing Art and the Moon-Swallowing Art weren't alike. Shi Mu had been diligently practicing the Sun-Swallowing Art in a relentless manner. And, he had been doing so ever since this Art had assisted him in the coagulation of the Qi embryo in his body. But, the effect had been always unsatisfactory. Also, this Art never seemed to have played a substantial role in enhancing his Real Qi tremendously like he had expected.

    Shi Mu was rather puzzled deep in his heart, but he still insisted on practicing it every day.

    The beautiful luster of the rising sun grew even brighter in the eastern sky. Then, a fiery-red sun began to rise in a slow manner.

    Shi Mu slipped into his dreamland at this moment. He felt as if his body and mind had suddenly become dull. And then, he was incarnated into the white ape the next moment.

    Shi Mu's heart thumped as he swept his gaze all around.

    The white ape seemed a little different than before. It was on top of a lofty mountain peak at the moment. The glaring sun hung in the horizon, and looked like a huge disc.

    The white ape's muscular arms lay prostrate on the ground. Then, it raised its head upward, slightly opened its mouth, and sucked in a big mouthful.

    The golden luminous dots began to emerge in midair as a result. Then, they began to converge along with the white ape's breathing. But, they didn't integrate into the white ape's body. Instead, they gradually converged in front of him, and took the form of a golden sun-shadow.

    The white ape was overwhelmed with exultation. It opened its mouth, and issued a suction force. The golden sun-shadow flew into its mouth as a result.

    However, a painful expression appeared on the white ape's face as it swallowed the golden sun-shadow. The fact was that the golden sun-shadow was extremely hot. The white ape felt as if it had swallowed a ball of fire. Hence, it spat it out at once.

    The golden sun-shadow twinkled and emitted bursts of pure waves of energy. It looked exceptionally attractive.

    The white ape scratched its ears and cheeks in frustration. It also issued a squeaky sound a few times. Then, it reluctantly looked at the golden sun-shadow that was still floating in front its body.

    It again opened its mouth, issued a suction force, and swallowed the golden sun-shadow after a momentary hesitation.

    However, the white ape's face again revealed an agonizing expression when the sun-shadow entered its mouth. Consequently, he again spouted it out of its mouth.

    However, it had managed to endure the heat for a few breaths this time. It seemed that its mouth had adapted to the sun-shadows high temperature to some extent.

    The white ape exhaled a few breaths from his mouth. Then, it opened his mouth, and issued a suction force once again. And, the golden sun-shadow was sucked into its mouth.

    The ape had persisted for a long time before it spat out the shadow this time.

    The white ape repeated this process plenty of times. And, it eventually sucked the golden sun-shadow into its mouth, and swallowed it down in one breath.

    The golden sun-shadow immediately changed into a wisp of extremely fervent stream as it entered its body. Then, it rushed forth in his limbs and bones through his veins and arteries. And, it started to circulate in his entire body in a crazy manner.

    The white ape felt that the meridians in its body had begun to bulge due to extreme heat... it seemed as if its whole body was roasting in raging fire. The ape was going through such an unbearable suffering that it couldn't even be explained in words. It couldn't help but hold its head with its hands at first. Then, it started to roll-about in pain. An excruciating expression had also crawled across its face.

    This feeling gradually dissipated after some time.

    But, the white ape was gasping for breath, and there was an expression of exhaustion across its face at the moment.

    Suddenly, a golden light flashed in its mind. Then, several golden luminous dots emerged in its mind. Then, they condensed and took the form of a round and golden crystal grain after a few breaths.

    Shi Mu's body quivered and he opened his eyes; he was on top of the mountain peak at the moment.

    The sun had risen high up in the eastern sky by this time. The sparkling sunlight seemed to have shrouded the surrounding area in a layer of golden radiance.

    Shi Mu's brows slightly creased as he realized that he had taken a relatively longer time today than usual for practicing the Sun-Swallowing Art in his dream. In addition, this was the first time he had made an action to devour the sun-shadow.

    He shook his head and tried to recall his dream. Then, he used his spirit to explore inside, and his heart brimmed with happiness the next moment.

    He sensed that a golden crystal grain had also emerged in his mind.
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