Chapter 256: Renouncing the Selection to Immortality

    Chapter 256: Renouncing the Selection to Immortality

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    In the Heavenly Yu city... at Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult's seclusion branch...

    It was evening. The widespread glory of the setting sun seemed to be rolling in the sky like gorgeous red clouds. A few wisps of light often fell from this red cloud-like afterglow on a small hill. This small hill was a thousand or more feet in height. In addition, the surrounding buildings appeared to be shrouded in a layer of pale-golden afterglow.

    A large white jade public square could be seen somewhere in the centre of the crowd of surrounding buildings.

    The faint-white fog was floating on the ground of the public square... it seemed as if the square was standing on the clouds.

    There was a gigantic white jade platform in the centre of the public square. It looked resplendent in the golden and bluish-green brilliance. The surface of the platform was engraved with three big characters - "Ascension to Immortality Platform". These characters were emanating intermittent bursts of white rays of light.

    Six people stood on this white jade platform at this time - three men and three women.

    These six people weren't very old. And, each had a graceful bearing that was adding charm to their splendor.

    The girl who stood in the middle was clad in snow-white clothes. She had an exquisite figure, and was blessed with a beauty so heavenly... that it was beyond comparison. However, there was a dull and indifferent expression across her face. These aspects of her appearance made her look like an ice-fairy.

    The other girl was attired in light-green clothes. She had a graceful figure and picturesque facial features. Her hair-ribbon was fluttering in the air. It could be said that her graceful appearance wasn't inferior to that white-dressed beautiful maiden's in any aspect.

    These two women were Ximen Xue and Zhong Xiu.

    The last girl was dressed in a purple robe, and had a tall figure. She wasn't as beautiful as Ximen Xue and Zhong Xiu. However, her body was emanating a vigorous and heroic aura. In fact, she had a kind of implicit charm to her personality.

    The three men were also tall and handsome. The young man in the middle was dressed in a blue Taoist robe. He carried a long blue sword on his back. His stature was straight like a javelin. He had a majestic and profound aura around him... as if he was standing motionlessly before the collapsing mountain.

    A red-haired young man stood beside him. Red scale-shaped patterns could be indistinctly seen on his face... it seemed as if he had a kind of unusual bloodline.

    The third one was a purple-robed young man. He was also quite handsome. A group of red clouds was embroidered on his cuff.

    The people who were familiar with all major sects of the Lu Shan Kingdom knew this red cloud logo. This was the symbol of the Mo Yun Sect of the Lu Shan Kingdom. One of the Immortal envoys who had recently descended to this world belonged to this sect!

    These three men were looking in front in a focused manner. However, the corner of their eyes often tried to steal a glimpse of the three intriguing beauties who stood nearby.

    Unfortunately, Ximen Xue and other two girls hadn't cast a single glance at those three men.

    The high platform was surrounded by countless spectators at the moment. They were watching these people on the platform, and were discussing in an excited manner.

    The Ascension to Immortality Auction had been convened by the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce a few months ago. But, the Dark Moon Cult had summoned the Dead Spirit creatures at that auction. That had sparked a catastrophic situation in the entire Heavenly Yu City. The youngsters who had arrived to participate in that auction were extremely talented disciples of their respective sects. But, they had been slaughtered on that unfortunate day. In fact, almost fifty percent of the people who had converged to this city to participate in the Ascension to Immortality Ceremony had been killed.

    The prestige of the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult had been subjected to an unprecedented amount of speculation because of this reason. Many Sects and influential families had put forward a denunciation, and had demanded a proper explanation from the Immortal Cult. After all, those sects and influential families had placed high hopes for those geniuses. But, those geniuses had fallen to the waves of disaster, and had lost their lives. Therefore, no one was ready to resign to the fate.

    Then, the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult had revealed its profound heritage as the largest Sect of the Lu Shan Kingdom. And, it had carried out a major elimination process. In fact, it had exposed several hundred people of the Dark Moon Cult who had been hiding in the Lu Shan Kingdom. And, they had achieved this result in a month's time. These people were spread in all cities and towns of the Lu Shan Kingdom's 32 provinces and 108 prefectures. The Immortal Cult had also exposed their evil deeds in the public, and had executed them on the spot. This bold step had suppressed the public's resentment and indignation towards the Immortal Cult.

    Furthermore, the Immortal Cult had also promised that they would provide compensation to the Sects and influential families of the deceased disciples once their identity was confirmed. These talented disciples were the participants of the Ascension to Immortality Ceremony. But, they had been massacred at the auction. Therefore, this compensation was either in the form of practice resources... or quota for the next grand ceremony. And, the Sects and influential families hadn't dared to come up with any kind of objection after that.

    This matter had stemmed from the Dark Moon Cult. But, the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult had established this peaceful situation very quickly. Moreover, their attainment could easily be considered as 'extreme benevolence and fair justice'.

    It hadn't been long since such a disastrous situation had occurred. Therefore, the people in the city hadn't caught their breath yet. However, the Ascension to Immortality Ceremony was still held as scheduled. And, this grand ceremony had managed to heal the injured hearts of many people.

    The ascension to Immortality gathering eventually selected six exceptionally talented young people after several rounds of competition.

    There were a few relatively shorter jade platforms on the other side of the plaza. Many high-ranked dignitaries of the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult were seated on those altars along with some of the invited dignitaries and well-known people of the Lu Shan Kingdom.

    Princess Yue Ni was also amongst them. Her eyes were filled with a reluctant look as she looked at the six people on the high platform.

    The fact was that she had lagged behind Zhong Xiu by a little disparity in the competition. Therefore, she had fallen to the fourth rank amongst the females, and had missed this rare opportunity.

    "Dear Ni, Elder Taoist Wu Chen has promised me that he would receive you as a disciple even though you weren't selected. So, you still have a chance to see the World of Immortals as long as you practice diligently." A middle-aged man was seated beside Princess Yue Ni. He was attired in a yellow royal robe. He was the current Emperor of the Lu Shan Kingdom.

    Princess Yue Ni nodded. It seemed like she felt a lot better when she heard his words.

    "Senior Sister Ximen, have you heard that the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult has joined hands with various sects and issued a proclamation to chase-down Shi Mu?" Zhong Xiu glanced at Ximen Xue and asked in a soft manner.

    Ximen Xue heard her words, and the trace of a complicated look flashed across her cold eyes.

    She nodded in a gentle manner.

    "Sister Ximen, what are your thoughts on this matter?" Zhong Xiu asked.

    "I wasn't present at the scene when the Dark Moon Evil Cult had summoned those strange Dead Spirit creatures and executed that widespread massacre at the auction. So, I don't know why he has been involved in this matter. However, it may be assumed that there must be something fishy since the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult has personally issued this written order," Ximen Xue replied.

    "All of us hail from the seven great Sects of the three kingdoms. Do you genuinely believe that Brother Shi can have some association with that cult?" Zhong Xiu's tone gradually became cold.

    Ximen Xiu's elegant eyebrows creased as she looked at Zhong Xiu. Zhong Xiu also looked back at her.

    Zhong Xiu's elegant eyes were smeared with the trace of a resentful look at the moment.

    "I have already said that I wasn't present at the scene that day. So, the fact is that I'm in no position to pass a judgment. Besides, I would like to offer you a piece of advice. You and I have been selected. So, don't let these disturbing thoughts distract you. You also won't like delays in your Immortal practice," Ximen Xue's eyes flashed as she turned her head towards Zhong Xiu and said.

    "Thank you for your advice," Zhong Xiu also recovered her gaze as she saw this.

    A blue Taoist-robed silhouette slowly flew over from afar at this moment. He floated and landed in front of these six people... it seemed as if he had a boneless body. This silhouette had white hair, and a child-like face. He held a snow-white horsetail whisk in his hands. This man was the Head of the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult - Elder Taoist Wu Chen.

    The surrounding people's discussion came to an abrupt end when they saw this. Everyone's gaze simultaneously shifted towards Elder Taoist Wu Chen. Their eyes were filled with the hint of a reverent expression.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ascension to Immortality Ceremony will come to an end today. These six people are exceptionally talented. They will forge ahead on the path of obtaining Immortality. They truly deserve a gratifying congratulations," the Elder Taoist Wu Chen glanced at the six people who stood behind him as he said.

    His voice had barely faded when a cheering sound erupted in the vicinity of the platform.

    "That calamity had caused widespread damages to thousands of people in the Heavenly Yu City six months ago. Something like that can't be tolerated. This old man hereby pledges to spare no effort to pursue and exterminate those remaining savages of the Dark Moon Evil Cult. I will also make sure to wipe out all the disciples of that Evil Cult, and bring a peaceful and quiet situation in the world!" Elder Taoist Wu Chen's complexion looked solemn as he said; his sonorous and powerful words resounded in the square.

    The surrounding people were the residents of the Heavenly Yu City. And, these people were still in the grip of lingering fear from that catastrophe. So, they burst into applause as they heard these consoling words. Consequently, the atmosphere of the public square was pushed to the pinnacle.

    "You people will proceed with this old man towards the Immortal Cult's Main altar after some time. You will take a bath there to worship our three venerated Gods. After that, you will be granted Transcending Immortal Technique, and sent to the Immortal Palace of Seclusion for seclusion practice. Then, you people would ascend to the Immortal World in time, and bless our Lu Shan Kingdom's people with happiness." Elder Taoist Wu Chen turned around towards Ximen Xue and the other people as he said.

    "Yes," Ximen Xue and others brimmed with excitement, and replied in unison.

    "Elder Taoist Wu Chen, please wait a moment!" Suddenly, a not-so-harmonious voice resounded. This was Zhong Xiu's voice.

    Elder Taoist Wu Chen was startled. He shifted his gaze to see Zhong Xiu.

    "Fellow Zhong Xiu, it seems that you have something to ask. Feel free to ask anything," Elder Taoist Wu Chen said in a gentle manner.

    "Respected Elder Taoist Wu Chen, this little girl could get selected because of pure luck. Princess Yue Ni is obviously far better than me in terms of intelligence and qualifications," Zhong Xiu said.

    "Fellow Zhong Xiu, what do you want to say?" Elder Taoist Wu Chen's white eyebrows moved as he asked.

    "I have thought about it over and over, but I still feel ashamed. Therefore, I have decided to renounce my rank for the Ascension to Immortality," Zhong Xiu announced.

    Her words had barely faded when an uproar sparked in the plaza... it seemed as if a frying pan had been opened.

    "I didn't hear wrong, did I?"

    "She said that she wants to renounce her rank for Ascension to Immortality!

    "This... this... I have never heard of such a situation..."

    The selection for Ascension to Immortality Ceremony was considered very precious. The talented disciples of various Sects and factions had never hesitated to go through bruises and bleeding every time the Grand ceremony was held. They would rather exert their full strength to obtain this qualification. After all, they might ascend to the Immortal Rank if they obtained this merit. Then, they could obtain the God-like longevity, and a splendor that could match the sun and the moon. This would be a kind of special glory!

    Therefore, a person would never think of renouncing this privilege if they had received it!

    Even Elder Taoist Wu Chen was surprised to hear Zhong Xiu's such words. So, he remained silent for a moment.

    Such a situation had never arisen in the long history of the Ascension to Immortality Ceremony.

    The other five people who stood along with Zhong Xiu also wore an unbelievable expression on their faces. They looked at Zhong Xiu in a manner that made it seem as if they were looking at a fool.

    Ximen Xue's beautiful eyes also glimmered with the hint of a strange expression.

    Princess Yue Ni was on the other high platform. She covered her mouth with her hand as she looked at Zhong Xiu with inexplicable amazement.

    "Fellow Zhong Xiu, have you considered this matter carefully? Don't be impulsive. The Path to Immortality is very difficult to seek. It's not a trifling matter," Elder Taoist Wu Chen looked at Zhong Xiu and asked in a slow manner.

    "I have already considered this matter in a very careful manner before I decided to renounce it. So, I request Elder Taoist Wu Chen to bestow this qualification upon Princess Yue Ni," Zhong Xiu replied in a resolute tone.

    The surrounding people's discussion began to intensify in the public square. And, it gradually took the form of a tumultuous situation.

    "Silence!" Elder Taoist Wu Chen's brows plunged into a frown. He waved his hand and said in a sinking sound.

    His body emanated an invisible wave that proliferated to every corner of the square, and the clamorous voices of the people immediately stopped.

    Elder Taoist Wu Chen turned his head to look at Zhong Xiu.

    "The decision to follow the path to Immorality can't be forced on anyone. So, I would act according to Fellow Zhong Xiu's wish since she wants to renounce this qualification," he announced.

    Zhong Xiu greeted Elder Taoist Wu Chen with deep veneration. Then, her stature flashed and flew down the Immortal Platform. Then, she walked towards a distant place.

    The people in the square had automatically made way for her. Zhong Xiu's sleeves fluttered in the wind as she walked away. And, her silhouette soon disappeared into the distance.

    "Zhong Xiu has renounced her rank for the Ascension to Immortality. So, according to the rank... this position will be filled by the fourth rank holder, Princess Yue Ni," Elder Taoist Wu Chen declared.

    Princess Yue Ni beamed with ecstasy as she heard these words. She was currently seated on the other side of the high platform. She was so excited that she stood up. But then, her complexion changed as if something had crossed her mind. She then turned her gaze towards the royal-robed middle-aged man who sat beside her.

    "Father, is this your arrangement?" Princess Yue Ni softy asked.

    The royally-dressed middle-aged man shook his head.

    "It's strange... why did she suddenly give up her eligibility? Father, this Zhong Xiu has given up the opportunity. So, I have to get the rank no matter what happens. However, you must help me prepare a gift for Zhong Xiu," Princess Yue Ni stated.

    "Well, you don't have to say that. I will personally take care of this matter," The royally-dressed middle-aged man nodded.

    Princess Yue Ni groaned. Then, she pointed her foot on the ground, and intermittent waves of yellow luminescence burst forth on her body. Then, her body flew in the direction of the Immortal Platform.
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