Chapter 261: Executing the Bandits

    Chapter 261: Executing the Bandits

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    The other bandits didn't look alarmed or scared when they saw this scene. It was because they were accustomed to seeing such desperados that could even lick the blood off the blade. Moreover, it wasn't rare to see Dead Spirit creatures like zombies and human skeletons in the Xixia ancient country's territory. Therefore, the bandits rushed towards the two zombies while brandishing their weapons.

    Ping Ping!

    The strength of these bandits couldn't be considered low. Each one of them was equivalent to the strength of a martial warrior who was at the seventh or eighth stage of the Art of Body Tempering. The two white-haired zombies had copper-like skin, and iron-like solid bones. But, their movements were very sluggish. So, they quickly got entangled in the place.

    "Leave them to me!" Black Diamond waved his big hand. Therefore, most of the bandits bypassed those two white-haired zombies, and gushed into the town.


    Suddenly, the ground to the front quivered with a series of explosions. Layers of dust and gravels proliferated in all directions as a result. Then, several zombies and skeletons broke out through the ground in quick succession. In fact, twenty-or-thirty Dead Spirit creatures had emerged and stood in front of the town to block the way. However, they hadn't jumped into the action at once.

    The bandits were shocked to see this scene. They stopped and turned towards Black Diamond.

    Black Diamond's brows snapped into a frown. After all, there were many Dead Spirit creatures in front of them. So, the bandits were bound to suffer a huge loss if they forged ahead with an intention to eliminate them. Black Diamond couldn't help but cast a look at the black-robed silhouette beside him.

    "Leave these Dead Spirit creatures and that magician to me. You take care of the other people of the town. However, we'll have to leave before the crack of dawn in order to avoid any trouble," the black-robed silhouette spoke-up in a droning voice. His voice made it seem that he was a young man.

    "In that case... please, Mr. Tang!" Black Diamond's face beamed with gladness as he heard his words.

    The black-robed man turned his hand and took out a black magic wand. Then, he read an incantation, and a wide-expanse of black smoke billowed-out to the ground in front. After that, several Dead Spirit creatures started to emerge in quick succession.

    These Dead Spirit creatures were primarily goblin corpses. However, over twenty of them had appeared in the blink of an eye.

    Roar Roar!

    Then, these goblin corpses galloped towards the zombies and skeletons which stood on the opposite side as soon as they emerged.

    However, it was only natural that these zombies and skeletons wouldn't resign themselves to extinction. So, they started to brandish their bone-blades and sharp claws to meet the approaching attack.

    A fierce battle broke out between the two sides. But, it was difficult to decide which side was relatively superior at this time.

    Black Diamond was delighted to see this scene. He was about to wave his hand to make the other bandits bypass the battlefield and storm into the town.

    However, a burst of rapid and noisy footsteps spread from the town at this moment. Black Diamond's complexion changed, and his hand stopped as soon as this clamorous sound fell into his ears.

    The fact was that a hundred-or-more men had arrived at the town's entrance. And, each of them held weapons in their hands.

    A few of these ordinary peasants were martial warriors and magician apprentices. But, the majority of them were humble and honest ordinary people. So, they began to tremble with fear despite the fact that they held deadly weapons when their eyes fell on these vicious bandits. The dozens of Dead Spirit creatures who were fighting also added to their fright.

    Hou Sai Lei walked to the forefront while holding a magic stick. He had resumed the swarthy 'old man image' of the Town Chief by now. Shi Mu had also followed after him. However, he had restrained the formidable aura of his body... So, it seemed as if he was no better than an ordinary peasant.

    Shi Mu's gaze swept over these bandits in a swift manner. However, it stayed on Black Diamond for a moment. Then, his gaze shifted to the black-robed silhouette, and a hint of astonishment floated in his eyes.

    The fluctuation of the black-robed silhouette's movements and strength was very intense. He had also reached the Star-ranked magician's realm.

    Hou Sai Lie and others stopped a hundred or more feet away from Black Diamond and his gang of bandits.

    "Gentlemen, may I ask the reason behind your sudden arrival this late at night?" Hou Sai Lei asked in a sinking voice.

    "Stop talking nonsense. Be obedient and hand over the belongings and women of this town if you want to live. Then, I will spare your life tonight!" Black Diamond swept his vision over the people behind Hou Sai Lei, and noticed that only Hou Sai Lei was a Spirit-ranked magician. In addition, only a handful of people were martial warriors. Hence, he set his mind and shouted aloud.

    The gang of bandits behind him issued a burst of laughter upon hearing this. Their laughter was also accompanied by a few whistles. They clashed their swords and made a clanging sound in order to give off a threatening aura.

    The hint of apprehension on townspeople's faces grew even more profound; so much so that some people couldn't bear but drew a step back in desperation.

    "If I don't want to do so as you demand?" Hou Sai Lei threw a glance at Shi Mu. And, the corners of his mouth drew back as he said.

    "Then, you are courting death! Everyone, kill them for me!" Black Diamond plunged into a rage, and waved his hand as he said.

    The bandits also turned furious. So, they galloped towards the townspeople while howling. They bypassed the battling Dead Spirit creatures, and stormed towards Hou Sai Lei and others.

    But, Hou Sai Lei didn't reveal the slightest trace of panic when he saw this unfavorable scene. Instead, he waved his arm.

    Whiz Whiz Whiz!

    A few dozens of the townspeople behind Hou Sai Lei took out longbows and crossbows from their backs. Then, they bent their bows, knocked the arrows, pulled the strings, and released the arrows towards the bandits.

    Black Diamond laughed grimly since if he wasn't anxious about this attack.

    He knew that these arrows didn't have the slightest chance of injuring these bandits since they had been massacring people for a long time.

    Most of these arrows were brushed off by the bandits' weapons... just as he had expected. Hardly two-or-three unlucky bandits sustained injuries, but their wounds weren't severe either. On the contrary, this attack had sparked the anger of these vicious bandits.

    The townspeople became even more frightened as they saw this scene. Perhaps, they would've fled if Hou Sai Lei hadn't been there.

    "Town Chief, what should we do now?" one of the townspeople asked in a quivering voice.

    Hou Sai Lei glanced at Shi Mu, and noticed that the latter didn't have the slightest intention of lending a hand. Consequently, he flew into a panic. But, he still didn't dare to urge Shi Mu for the help.

    He gritted his teeth when he saw that the bandits had almost rushed over. Then, he turned his hand and a blood-red token appeared in his palm.

    A mass of black smoke appeared in front of Hou Sai Lei. Then, a gigantic skeleton emerged with a flash of light.

    The skeleton was almost twenty-feet tall. Its whole body was covered with a suit of bone-armor. It held a large hatchet that was shrouded in a mass of blazing black flame.

    A blue soul flame was throbbing in that skeleton's eyes; this skeleton was a Xian Tian warrior!


    The gigantic skeleton stamped his foot on the ground. This action issued a loud sound, and left the ground shaking for a moment.

    The townspeople were initially dumbfounded to see this skeleton. However, loud cheers erupted the next moment.

    Black Diamond's complexion turned pale when he saw this scene.

    Hou Sai Lei's complexion had also turned deathly pale. In fact, a weary look had appeared on his face since he had summoned a Xian Tian-ranked human skeleton.

    However, he still mumbled something and waved his hand. A streak of grey light departed from his hand and submerged in the skeleton's body.

    The blue soul flame in the skeleton's eyes suddenly brightened... It seemed as if a flame had throbbed. After that, the skeleton darted toward the bandits.

    Most of these bandits were ordinary martial warriors, and hadn't even reached the Hou Tian realm. So, there was no chance they would dare to contend against such a gigantic skeleton head-on. Consequently, they started to flee. But, where they could have escaped...

    The monstrous skeleton thundered as it brandished its black hatchet.

    A black light flashed, and four or five bandits were chopped into two halves from the waist by the huge hatchet's shadows. Even their dead bodies were sent flying far into the distance.

    The remaining bandits were terror-stricken by this scene. So, they started to run even faster.

    Suddenly, a black blade-light whistled out like a meteor. It was carrying a Xian Tian's imposing aura as it proceeded to hack at the Xian Tian skeleton.

    The monstrous Xian Tian skeleton wasn't very intelligent, but its fighting instinct was no inferior to any ordinary Xian Tian martial warrior. It bellowed as its huge black hatchet shot toward the black blade-light like a black shadow, and collided with it in a fierce manner.

    A loud explosive sound rang out!

    The gigantic skeleton's body received a power jolt, and it was forced a few steps back by this impact. Then, he stabilized its body and stood firm.

    The blade-light also dissipated, and Black diamond's silhouette was exposed. He held a strange black blade that was almost the size of a human. The tip of the blade had a few snake-tooth-like barbs. And, these barbs were emanating a mild but cold luminescence.

    Black Diamond also treaded a few steps back before he stabilized his body. His complexion had turned pale.

    The black-robe silhouette wasn't far from him. He looked at the gigantic skeleton, and his eyebrows plunged into a frown.

    He then mumbled something, and a ray of black light flashed on the surface of the magic wand.

    After that, a black light gleamed on the ground. It then condensed into a black magic circle.

    Then, a human skeleton emerged. It was riding its skeleton warhorse.

    There was a pair of blue soul flames in the skeleton cavalryman's eyes. It held a long bone-spear in his hand. The powerful aura its spear was exuding didn't seem inferior to that of the gigantic skeleton's aura in any respect. Then, the skeleton cavalryman and Black Diamond surrounded the gigantic skeleton from both sides.

    The gigantic skeleton seemed a little restless. It grasped the bone-hatchet with its hands as a layer of black radiance bubbled-up on the surface of its body.

    "Senior Mu!" Hou Sai Lei's complexion paled. He looked at Shi Mu, but hesitated when it came to asking for the help.

    The gigantic skeleton was his most ferocious Dead Spirit Summon. He couldn't clearly say how much painstaking effort he had spent to obtain it. His strength would certainly plummet if this skeleton was exterminated.

    Shi Mu's brows slightly creased. He extended his hand toward his back, and pulled out the black blade.

    Black Diamond noticed Shi Mu's action, and his complexion slightly changed. Then, his mouth slightly opened... it seemed as if he was about to say something.

    But then, Shi Mu's silhouette suddenly flashed and disappeared from the spot.

    A person's silhouette flashed behind that skeleton cavalryman the next moment; it was Shi Mu. Then, the black blade flared up as he wielded it!

    That skeleton cavalryman's reaction-time was also considerably fast. It crouched on the horseback and jumped to the side at a lightning speed in an attempt to dodge the attack. Simultaneously, it hastily turned its spearhead and swept the spear toward Shi Mu.

    But, how could its speed stand any chance against Shi Mu's?


    The black blade cut off the skeleton cavalryman's arm very easily. It was followed by a flash of black light as the short stick dashed forward while trailing a series of green afterimages. And then, it struck the cavalryman's head.

    "Bang" a loud sound was heard as the skeleton cavalryman's head was smashed into pieces. Even its soul flame was exterminated by the short stick.

    Black Diamond's jaw dropped as he blankly stared at this scene in stupefaction.

    Shi Mu waved his hand and killed the Xian Tian-ranked skeleton cavalryman. After that, his vision shifted towards Black Diamond.

    Black Diamond's body was shaken-up when he realized this. His complexion had also changed very drastically. He then turned around and fled into the distance.

    Shi Mu snorted coldly. He pointed his hand, and a streak of white light darted out of his hand; it caught up with Black Diamond in a split second.

    The white light flashed and transformed into a white chain. Then, the white shadow tied-up Black Diamond's feet.

    Black Diamond didn't get enough time to control his momentum. Consequently, his stature tumbled forward to the ground with a "Thud" sound.

    Meanwhile, another white chain followed after and bound his arms.

    Black Diamond issued a loud shout, and a splendid black radiance bubbled-up on his body. Then, the muscles of his entire body swelled up as he struggled to break the chains.

    The white chain began to open bit-by-bit. Black Diamond's face beamed with happiness as he saw this. He now felt that he could break these shackles in the next few breaths.

    However, a burst of sharp whistling sound was heard before he could avail this chance to unshackle himself. Then, the shadow of a golden sword - that was made-up of a string of copper coins - dashed over and appeared on the top of Black Diamond's head.

    The golden sword flashed as it rose to the size of a door's shutter. Then, it hacked down.

    "Please have mercy on me!"

    The black-robed silhouette's complexion changed as he saw this scene. So, he promptly waved his hand.

    A black light shot out to strike off the golden sword and rescue Black Diamond!

    Shi Mu let out a cold snort. The golden sword was able to display almost fifty percent of its might since it had been nurtured very well. So, Shi Mu knew that it was almost impossible to block this sword.

    Shi Mu pointed his hand, and the golden sword deviated from its track to hack at the black light.

    The black light was cut off with a loud and crisp sound. Consequently, a black bone-nail was exposed.

    The golden sword cut off the bone nail, but its momentum didn't decline a bit. Hence, it again hacked down like a bolt of golden lightning.

    A 'Chi' sound echoed!

    Black Diamond's body was cleft into two halves from the middle. And, a mass of blood splashed everywhere. In fact, he didn't get enough time to issue a pitiful scream.
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