Chapter 264: Black Stick’s Illustrious Might

    Chapter 264: Black Stick's Illustrious Might

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    The two-headed carrion dragon had barely landed on the ground when its body started to emanate a splendid brilliance. Then, the two-headed dragon's magic image emerged behind it. One of its heads was red, and the other one was green. It was making threatening gestures that appeared very vivid and lifelike.

    Suddenly, a mass of black smoke appeared in the void behind the dragon. It was followed by Yan Luo's silhouette. It had reappeared with a brand-new bone-spear in its hand. The spear's whole body was curled-up in a scathing white flame.

    Yan Luo flicked its right hand, and a magnificent pattern of spears darted out. It shrouded the two-headed dragon-shaped magic image completely.

    The red dragon-head of the two-headed dragon-shaped magic image turned backwards. Then, it opened its mouth, and spouted a purple flame. The purple flame seemingly changed into a purple and fiery snake against the wind. It was almost ten-feet in size. It then forged ahead towards the spear-pattern like a bolt of lightning.

    But, a ray of light flashed on the purple-colored fiery snake, and it exploded to pieces as soon as it made contact with the spear-pattern. However, the fiery snake then turned into a huge mass of purple and luminous flames, and enveloped Yan Luo's bone-spear.

    Intermittent bursts of "Chi Chi" sound spread from the bone-spear. And, the white flame on the spear's body started to dim at a quick speed. Simultaneously, the bone-spear began to corrode and melt... starting from its head.

    Yan Luo promptly loosened its grip, and released the bone-spear. Then, a white light flashed behind its body. And, the magic image of a maiden dressed in a white royal robe appeared behind it.

    The clothes of the royally-dressed maiden started to flutter in the air in a graceful manner - like a billowing cloud. Her silk robe seemed like a long rainbow with gorgeous rosy clouds as they floated upward in an elegant manner.

    Then, a melodious singing voice pervaded the surrounding void. It was similar to the wonderful sounds of nature.

    After that, innumerable white petals began to fall on top of the two-headed carrion dragon's heads. In addition, a few invisible ripples infiltrated the dragon's mind along with the melodious singing sound.

    Consequently, the soul flame in the carrion dragon's eyes stagnated. Then, its body came to a stop.

    Then, a streak of white light emerged in Yan Luo's hand out of nowhere. It started to twist, and soon changed into a bone-spear. Then, the spear got curled-up in a white flame. After that, it seemingly transformed into a stream of white light as it darted towards the red dragon-head of the two-headed carrion dragon.

    The white flame was in midway when the green fog bubbled-up again, and enveloped the two-headed carrion dragon from all sides.

    Then, a burst of "Zi Zi" sound spread out from the red dragon-head - it was like a 'metal friction' sound.

    The fact was that Yan Luo's bone-spear was cutting at the surface of the huge red scales on its head. But, it could only leave a faint white mark on them.

    However, the bone-spear soon started to issue a "Chi Chi" sound under the green fog that was curling around the dragon. Then, the miraculous glow on the surface of the spear started to dim very quickly. And, numerous scratches and holes appeared on the spear's body.

    Meanwhile, the soul flame in the carrion dragon's eyes had brightened. It raised its head, and uttered a silent shout. The dragon-shaped magic image's tail flashed, and pounded in a fierce manner.

    Yan Luo quickly withdrew a few steps. It was almost out of spears well.

    It held half of the bone-spear that was wrapped-up in a layer of the white flame. Suddenly, the spear became a streak of white light as it lashed towards the dragon's tail in a terrifying manner.

    "Bang!" a loud explosive sound was heard!

    However, the wisp of a frightening gigantic force rushed forth violently. And, the half bone-spear in Yan Luo's hand was struck, and sent flying. In fact, the force was so powerful that even Yan Luo was sent flying backwards by this impact.

    The massive tail of the dragon-shaped magic image was similar to a gigantic whip. It swept towards Yan Luo with such speed that it appeared as if a shadow was accompanying it.

    Yan Luo twisted its body as it saw this. Simultaneously, the mass of black smoke wrapped up its body, and Yan Luo disappeared the next moment. The massive tail swept through the void, and struck empty space as a result.

    The green head of the dragon-shaped magic image opened its mouth at this time, and spouted a large mass of green clouds. And, the two-headed carrion dragon's gigantic stature disappeared in the billowing green clouds the next moment.

    Half an hour later...

    At a height of a thousand feet or more... a small hilltop could be seen. It was dozens of miles away from the black rock-forest.

    A loud roar rang out in the air at this place!

    Yan Luo's silhouette made it seem as if it was flying at this moment. It was also brandishing its bone-spear in a crazy manner. Its spear exuded a flower-like spear-pattern. Then, the flowery spear-pattern bombarded on a boulder on the hilltop. Numerous fragments of rocks splattered in all directions as a result. And, layers of dust rose upwards.

    Yan Luo stopped wielding its spear after a long while. But then, the soul flame in its eyes throbbed... it seemed as if it was pondering something.


    At midnight...

    Shi Mu sat on the ground with his legs crossed inside a certain cave. His eyes were closed, and he seemed to be in meditation. His blade and stick were leant against the wall behind him.

    They had left the White Feng Town three days ago. After that, they had started to forge ahead toward the nearest city under Hou Sai Lei's guidance.

    Coincidentally, they had come across thousands-of-feet-tall Mountain before nightfall. And, they had found a nest of natural caves to take a rest.

    There were several small caves inside this natural cave. And, each small cave was similar to an independent stone room.

    Shi Mu had occupied the largest one among them, while Hou Sai Lei had willfully chosen that cave which was closest to Shi Mu's. He had done so to show that he wanted to stand guard for Shi Mu's safety.

    Hou Sai Lei had tried to prove his loyalty and devotion towards Shi Mu in the past few days. In fact, he had done so whenever he had found the opportunity. But, he had also suffered Cai's criticism and scolding words at the same time.

    Hou Sai Lei had been somewhat scared of Cai in the beginning. But then, he had said a couple of things against Cai, and had noticed that Shi Mu didn't care about it. Therefore, he had become a little courageous, and had started to argue with Cai.

    Cai was sleeping outside to keep an eye. In addition, Hou Sai Lei had also dispatched two white-haired zombies outside the cave to patrol. Therefore, Shi Mu felt fairly relieved during his night practice.

    Suddenly, a puff of black smoke appeared in the cave out of thin air. Then, Yan Luo's silhouette emerged amid the black smoke. Its whole body was covered with a suit of white armor.

    The sudden appearance of Yan Luo had left Shi Mu stunned for a moment. The fact was that Shi Mu had attempted to summon Yan Luo a number of times. But, Yan Luo had never responded to his summons. So, Shi Mu had never thought that Yan Luo would show up before him of its own volition.

    "Lend me your stick," Yan Luo's sweet voice rang in his head before he could say anything.

    Shi Mu was dumbfounded for a moment. However, he then looked at his black stick which was made of meteoric iron.

    "Lend me. I'll return it to you after I finish my work," Yan Luo's voice resounded once again.

    "Yan Luo, can you give me another green flower?" an idea crossed Shi Mu's mind and he asked.

    Yan Luo didn't give him a reply for some time. But, the soul flame in its eyes flickered.

    "Ok," Yan Luo's voice again resounded in his mind after a while.

    Shi Mu was exhilarated. He then picked up the meteoric iron black stick from behind, and tossed it towards Yan Luo in a convenient manner.

    "Spirit stone," Yan Luo caught the black stick and said.

    "What do you want to do with the spirit stone?"

    Shi Mu was surprised to hear these words. But, he considered for a moment, and took out a bag full of spirit stones from the Vast Earth Ring. Then, he fished out a spirit stone from the bag. He was going to toss it towards Yan Luo.

    However, the soul flame in Yan Luo's eyes flashed as it saw this. Then, its stature turned fuzzy, and it appeared beside Shi Mu the next moment.

    It grasped Shi Mu's spirit stone bag, flashed again, and returned to its original place.

    Everything happened so quickly that Shi Mu couldn't even react to it properly. And, his hand was left empty as a result.

    He had barely opened his mouth to speak something when Yan Luo's action had left him flabbergasted.

    He looked-on as Yan Luo opened the bag, and inserted the black stick in it.

    Yan Luo then flung the bag aside. Its whole body got curled-up in a black smoke, and it disappeared from sight.

    Shi Mu got up, walked a few steps, and arrived beside the spirit stone bag. Then, he bent forward to collect the scattered spirit stones.

    Several spirit stones had scattered over the ground. But unfortunately, only two-or-three low-grade spirit stones still contained ample amount of spirit power. The rest had become grey in color. In fact, they had turned into scrap stones.

    Shi Mu stood rooted to the spot for some time after he saw this.


    There was a red puddle in the center of the black rock-forest. It was two-or-three thousand feet in size. The enormous body of a two-headed carrion dragon was inside this puddle.

    Half of its body was submerged in the water. Only two ferocious and ugly dragon-heads could be seen sticking outside the water's surface. Also, both of its mouths were opened. A red mist was ascending from the surface of the puddle, and was going into its mouths in a constant manner.

    An army of Dead Spirit creatures could also be seen there. This army was comprised of over three hundred skeletons and zombies. They were wandering around the puddle in an aimless manner.

    Suddenly, a puff of black smoke appeared over the puddle. Then, Yan Luo's silhouette emerged from the black smoke. It was holding a three-foot-long black meteoric iron stick in its hand.

    The carrion dragon stopped the absorption process, and the soul flame in its eyes glinted brightly. Then, it raised its head towards Yan Luo, and issued a silent roar.

    The army of the three-hundred Dead Spirit creatures was behind it. They turned around in quick succession, and pointed their weapons at Yan Luo.

    Their mouths opened and then closed... it seemed as if they had also issued a silent roar like the carrion dragon.

    Then, a sound of water splash was heard!

    The two-headed carrion dragon rose from inside the red puddle. Then, a bright radiance flashed on the surface of its body, and a two-headed-dragon-shaped magic image condensed behind his body.

    The two red and green dragon heads of the magic image simultaneously opened and closed their mouth; it seemed as if they had read some kind of an incantation. After that, the entire body of the magic image got wrapped up in red and green lights.

    The dragon-shaped magic image started to swell, and soon became twice its original size. Moreover, innumerable red and green magic characters appeared on its scales. After that, its body moved and it pounced towards Yan Luo while making threatening gestures... like showing its bare fangs and brandishing its claws. There was an imposing aura around it that made it seem like it wanted to exterminate Yan Luo in one fell swoop!

    The two-headed carrion dragon was prepared to unleash its attack. So, Yan Luo grasped the black stick with both of its hands. Then, its body radiated a magnificent grey radiance.

    After that, a wisp of an extremely tyrannical spiritual aura rushed forth from the black stick, and changed into a mass of water-like white light in an instant. Then, it enveloped the black stick completely.

    Then, the white radiance started to recede extremely quickly, and revealed the body of the black stick in the process. However, the appearance of the black stick had changed tremendously by this time.

    The stick's entire body looked shiny. Moreover, there was a hazy halo that was lingering around the stick's body.

    Yan Luo tightened its grip on the black stick, and suddenly wielded it towards the approaching dragon-shaped magic image.

    Suddenly, the sky within the range of thousands of feet around the dragon-shaped magic image darkened.

    Then, an intense magic power wave shot up to the sky, and the void started to twist and distort. After that, an almost-hundred-feet-long black stick-shadow emerged in the air. It was nearly the size of a small hill!

    Then, a light started to glow on the surface of the black stick. Simultaneously, countless multi-colored magic characters started to circle around the long stick in an endless manner.

    A burst of a skyrocketing spiritual pressure erupted from the stick shadow. And, it proliferated in all directions like a massive sea wave. Then, the void within a radius of a thousand feet tightened-up. And, all human skeletons and zombies found themselves unable to budge as a result.

    The dragon-shaped magic image was still in midair when its movement abruptly became sluggish. Then, it turned around and flew towards the two-headed carrion dragon.

    The soul flame in the carrion dragon's eyes revealed a fit of violent fluctuation as this happened. Then, it opened its mouth and spouted a massive amount of green thick fog. The green fog condensed into a green cloud at an incredible speed; the cloud was a dozen or more feet in size. Then, the cloud slowly rose from the ground and fled far into the distance.

    However, the black stick-shadow hacked in the air like a bolt of multi-colored lightning. And, the void twisted and distorted wherever the stick-shadow went.

    An enormous fluctuation of energy welled up - as if a mountain had plummeted from a great height. In addition, the black stick-shadow had instantaneously appeared barely a hundred feet away from the two-headed carrion dragon.

    The dragon-shaped magic image was behind the two-headed carrion dragon. Each of its heads opened their mouth, and spurted a ball of fire - one fireball was red, while the other was green.

    The red fireball was like a small sun. In fact, it was so bright that it could dazzle anyone. In addition, it also carried raging flames within it.

    The green fireball was cold and gloomy. And, a tiny wisp of energy was flowing inside it in a constant manner.

    The multi-colored magic characters that were circling around the black stick suddenly flashed. And, the red and green fireballs abruptly stopped... as if they had frozen.

    "Boom! Boom!" two consecutive loud rumbling sounds rang out.

    A ray of light flashed on both fireballs, and they exploded.

    Then, the black stick shadow struck the dragon's magic image in a violent manner.

    "Bang!" a loud sound was heard. The two-headed dragon's magic image issued a loud wailing sound, and dispersed.

    The green cloud also vanished under a kind of invisible spiritual pressure - as if ice had melted away. This green cloud was the entity which had enveloped and protected the two-headed carrion dragon till now...

    "Bang!" a loud exploding sound was heard again!

    The black stick-shadow lashed the carrion dragon's body in a ruthless manner.

    A wisp of an invisible gigantic force gushed through the long stick shadow, and plummeted on the dragon's body in a terrifying manner!

    A large number of scales that had covered the carrion dragon's body ruptured at once. After that, the over two-hundred-feet-long two-headed carrion dragon was crushed into a mass of meat and mud under the overwhelming invisible pressure. Then, it crashed to the ground.
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