Chapter 266: Cai Falls Asleep

    Chapter 266: Cai Falls Asleep

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    The brocade-robed man crashed into a pile of broken woods the next moment. A mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth. Then, a look of disbelief appeared on his face as he gazed at Jin Xiao Chai. Other people in the restaurant also looked at her in stupefaction.

    "Get lost! I don't want to kill anyone today," Jin Xiao Chai spoke-up in a cold manner as her body emitted a faint murderous aura.

    The surrounding people's complexion changed drastically. After all, the murderous aura that she exuded was ten times more bone-chilling than the howling wind and snow outside.

    The companions of the brocade-robed man jumped to their feet. However, they didn't have anything to say. So, they supported the brocade-robed man, pushed open the back door, and ran outside.

    There were other people in the restaurant as well. But, even their facial expression didn't look good. In fact, they were looking at Jin Xiao Chai with a terrified look on their faces. The timid among them paid their bills, and quickly walked away from the back door.

    Jin Xiao Chai laughed grimly. Then, she closed her eyes to regain her composure.

    The fact was that she had rushed here from the Heavenly Demon Sect to inquire about Shi Mu's whereabouts. However, she hadn't obtained any useful information so far. Therefore, she was in a very agitated mood, and was currently sketching out her next plan.

    "The young lady seems to be very angry. I don't know who would dare to marry her in the future," a man's voice suddenly resounded in Jin Xiao Chai's ears. But, it seemed as if the speaker was in front of her.

    Her complexion changed, and she opened her eyes very wide. The fact was that she couldn't sense that someone had arrived this close to her.

    She hadn't even noticed when that scholar-like black-robed middle-aged man had come and taken a seat opposite to her. He had one strand of mustache flung to either side. And, he had simple but elegant facial features. Also, there was a smile gleaming across his face.

    "You... Greetings... Prior!" Jin Xiao Chai was startled. She then bowed with deep veneration to greet him.

    This black-robed man was none other than the Head of the Heavenly Demon Sect - Prior Hao.

    "Well, Xiao Chai, you don't have to be over-courteous. Sit down," Prior Hao's facial expression looked gentle as he said.

    It seemed as if the two people were very familiar with each other.

    Jin Xiao Chai looked at Prior Hao once. Then, she took her seat.

    "Is Jin Zi okay now?" Prior Hao remained silent for a moment. Then, he asked.

    "Yes, Grandfather is very good. In fact, he had entrusted me to give you his regards before I had left for this place," Jin Xiao Chai replied.

    "The situation was special in those days. Your grandfather was my youngest disciple. But, I had dispatched him to the Eastern peninsula to preside over the affairs of the Black Demon Sect. Hundreds of years have passed since then. But, I still feel very guilty deep in my heart," Prior Hao remained silent for a moment. Then, he opened his mouth to say.

    "Grandfather has never harbored a grudge against you because of your original arrangement," Jin Xiao Chai comforted.

    Prior Hao shook his head, and revealed the trace of a wry smile.

    "Everyone's life has changed. So, discussing these things is just a waste of time. Anyway, I had been occupied with the ceremony. So, I couldn't take care of you. I had wanted to summon you after the ceremony. But, who knew that you would leave so quickly. The weather is bitterly cold here. So, it would be better if you return to the Heavenly Demon Sect with me," Prior Hao said.

    Jin Xiao Chai's complexion changed as she heard these words.

    "You couldn't get selected in the Demon Yang Ceremony this time. So, you also failed to obtain the Demon Yang Pill. However, I have other means to help you promote your cultivation so that you can ascend to the Earth-rank as soon as possible," Prior Hao said.

    "Sect Head, you are very kindhearted. Xiao Chai is deeply grateful to you. But, I'd still like to progress at my own pace. Moreover, I have an important matter that needs to be taken care of. So, it's not possible for me to return to the Heavenly Demon Sect along with you," Jin Xiao Chai was silent for a moment. Then, she raised her head, and her eyes revealed a resolute look as she said.

    "What's more important than practice?" Prior Hao knitted his brows.

    "A friend of mine has entrusted me to look for a person," she replied after a momentary hesitation.

    "Looking for a person? Who...?" Prior Hao asked.

    Jin Xiao Chai remained silent. She knew that the Heavenly Demon Sect had also issued an arrest order for Shi Mu. Therefore, she was unable to give a proper explanation to Prior Hao.

    "But, that person had also departed from the Black Demon Sect along with you. He is called Shi Mu, isn't he?" Prior Hao suddenly asked.

    Jin Xiao Chai was left stunned after she had heard these words. So, she looked at Prior Hao with a startled look in her eyes.

    "You don't have to wander aimlessly to find him. He has nowhere to go now. So, he must have taken the route to the ancient Xixia country. Come back with me to the Heavenly Demon Sect. I assure you that I'll dig him out for you in no time... as long as he is still alive," Prior Hao assured.

    "What do you mean to say?" Jin Xiao Chai was surprised to hear his words. Even her elegant brows slightly wrinkled.

    Prior Hao's lips moved as he said a few words to her.

    Jin Xiao Chai's complexion changed profoundly after she had heard these words.

    "Well, come back with me. But, before that... it would be better to make your cultivation move a step further," Prior Hao said.

    Her facial expression changed a couple of times. Then, she finally gave him a nod.

    Prior Hao waved his hand, and a huge mass of black radiance emerged and enveloped the two.

    Then, the black radiance flickered and condensed into a magic circle. The magic circle emitted a burst of splendid radiance. And, the two silhouettes vanished into thin air.


    Two people were moving forward on a seemingly endless and ancient-looking road. They were riding their horses. One of the two men had a black parrot on his shoulder. And, the other person looked to be a 27-or-28-year-old man.

    These two people were Shi Mu and Hou Sai Lei. They had infiltrated deep into the ancient Xixia country a month ago.

    The area of the Xixia country was much smaller than the Lu Shan Kingdom. In fact, it wasn't even as big as the Great Qin Kingdom. But, it was still vast in scope.

    The two people had arrived at the central hinterland of the Xixia country after a journey of one month.

    Shi Mu sat on his horse, and was constantly looking toward either side of this ancient road.

    He had already penetrated deep into the Xixia country. However, the surrounding environment still didn't seem to have changed much.

    This ancient road was also considered as the main connecting road. But, Shi Mu noticed that a few of the neighboring villages, towns, and cities were shrouded in bleak emptiness. Also, a few Dead Spirit creatures could be seen loitering by the roadside from time to time.

    Shi Mu let out a sigh in his heart. The Dark Moon Cult and the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult wouldn't have thought that such a heart-rending scene would be the aftermath of their decisive battle. Even a prosperous country like Xixia had turned into such a desolate and miserable place...

    He turned his gaze and shot a glance at Cai on his shoulder.

    He saw that Cai's head was tilting to one side, and its eyes were half-closed. It looked like he didn't have any spirit left in him at the moment.

    Cai had become sluggish ever since he had devoured a good amount of spirit stones in the past. In fact, he was no longer the same lively and boisterous parrot he once was.

    However, Shi Mu had also felt that the life force in Cai's body hadn't dispirited. Instead, it had grown even stronger. Therefore, Shi Mu didn't feel the need to be anxious about him.

    The sun had ascended high up in the sky. And, the surrounding air had gradually become stifling hot. This place seemed to be extremely humid. Such hot weather was difficult to bear, and could make anyone feel very uncomfortable.

    "Senior Mu, we have been rushing along the road since morning. It would be better if we were to take a break," Hou Sai Lei said.

    Shi Mu's brows gathered together in a frown since he didn't feel uncomfortable. But, the horse below him was already gasping for breath.

    The fact was that Hou Sai Lei had spent a lot of silver to obtain these horses. These were the unique and exotic horses of the ancient Xixia country. They were specialized in carrying heavy load, and could carry far more load than an average horse. In fact, it would have been impossible for an ordinary horse to carry Shi Mu along with his extremely heavy meteoric iron blade and stick.

    "Okay," Shi Mu nodded.

    The two people arrived at a shady place by the roadside, and dismounted their horses. Subsequently, they saw a small stream not far from them. The water of the stream was fairly clear. So, Hou Sai Lei took the two horses to the stream so that they could drink water.

    Shi Mu sat down under the tree, and took the black blade off his back.

    He had been frequently using spirit stones to feed the black stick these days. This had led to an increase in the black blade's weight with each passing day. However, he was only doing so to explore the mystery of the meteoric iron.

    His eyes moved, and he waved his hand to take out two fire-attribute spirit stones. Then, he stuck it on the black blade.

    A ray of light flashed on the black blade's surface. And, the faint-red radiance of the fire-attribute spirit stone started to recede at lightning speed. Wisps of red light continuously flowed out from the spirit stone, and seeped into the black blade.

    The red luminescence of the spirit stones faded away after a few breaths. After that, they snapped into pieces with a cracking sound.

    Shi Mu then brandished his black blade twice and nodded. He felt that the blade could still absorb another spirit stone.

    "Shi Tou," Cai's eyes had been tightly shut the entire way. But, it opened its eyes this time as it said.

    "You woke up?" Shi Mu turned his head to look at Cai.

    Cai's eyes were stuck on a spirit stone in Shi Mu's hand.

    "You want to eat?" Shi Mu raised that spirit stone as he asked.

    Cai nodded in reply.

    Shi Mu smiled for a moment. Then, he raised his hand, and tossed the spirit stone towards it. Cai opened its mouth, raised its neck, and swallowed it down very conveniently.

    "Shi Tou, another one!" A spurt of red radiance gleamed on the surface of Cai's body. Simultaneously, its eyes narrowed, and its mind became even more dispirited. So, it turned its head and looked at Shi Mu.

    "Your body doesn't seem to be affected by the spirit stones. But, aren't these spirit stones very difficult to digest?" Shi Mu creased his brows.

    "It doesn't matter. Come on!" Cai urged in a resolute manner. But, his voice sounded somewhat husky.

    "Fine," Shi Mu turned his hand, and took out a low-grade fire-attribute spirit stone.

    "I don't want a low-grade spirit stone this time. Give me a middle-grade spirit stone," Cai said.

    "Middle-grade?!" Shi Mu's heart fluttered with a fit of terror.

    The amount of spirit power contained in a middle-grade spirit stone was a hundred times higher than that of a low-grade spirit stone. So, swallowing a middle-grade spirit stone was no different than eating a fireball.

    Shi Mu gazed into Cai's eyes, and noticed a trace of firmness therein. In addition, there was also a faint-red light glistening in the depth of its pupils.

    "Look at your appearance... it seems like you are being carried away by a whim," Shi Mu let out a sigh. Then, he turned his hand, and drew out a fire-attribute middle-grade spirit stone.

    "Don't forget that the middle-grade spirit stones are very expensive. All the spirit stones will be eaten-up by you if you continue to gobble up like this..."

    "Last time... this is the last time," Cai replied with a little difficulty. Then, he opened his mouth to eat the middle-grade fire-attribute spirit stone. He raised his head and swallowed it down. Then, he issued a satisfied burp.

    "Boom!" a mass of intense red radiance burst forth on the surface of Cai's body... In fact, it seemed as if a blazing flame had erupted. The red luminescence which was being exuded by the feather on top of its head seemed considerably strong in particular...

    Cai closed its eyes tightly, and issued a painful groan. Then, its body tumbled from Shi Mu's shoulder.

    Shi Mu quickly extended his hands, and grabbed Cai midair. Then, he held him in his bosom.

    Cai's body twitched a couple of times... it seemed as if it was going through an excruciating pain.

    Shi Mu patted it with his hand in a gentle manner. This seemed to comfort Cai as its body started to calm down.

    Cai's twitching stopped after some time. But, its eyes were still closed. It seemed as if it had fallen into a deep slumber.

    Shi Mu was taken aback. He promptly examined its body, and found that there was no other abnormality except that his body was slightly hot. In fact, his vitality was also very stable. This made him heave a sigh of relief.

    However, Cai's condition didn't make it seem as if he would wake up in a short while.

    Shi Mu deliberated for a moment. Then, he placed Cai in his bosom.

    Hou Sai Lei returned along with the two horses.

    He glanced at Cai in Shi Mu's bosom. However, he acted tactfully and didn't ask anything.

    Hou Sai Lei had been following Shi Mu for some time now. So, he had realized that Shi Mu had been hiding plenty of secrets from him all along. But, he also understood that trying to dig those secrets out wouldn't benefit him in any way.

    They rested for a while. And, they forged ahead with their journey after that.

    "Senior Mu, we can reach a city called - Pi City if we continue to move in this direction for almost one month. A branch of the Dark Moon Cult is also situated in that city," Hou Sai Lei said.

    "Pi City..." Shi Mu drew out a jade slip; this was a map of the ancient Xixia country. He then instilled his spirit sense into it, and located this place in no time.

    "Are you familiar with this place?" Shi Mu looked at Hou Sai Lei.

    "I've been there a few times. I have some friends there as well," Hou Sai Lei replied.

    "Well, then let's go. We'll replenish our supplies there. Also, we'll try to scoop out some information," Shi Mu stood up and got on his horse.

    After that, the two dashed in the direction of Pi City. The layers of dust and smoke they raised in their wake were curling like a furious dragon...
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