Chapter 272: Interrogation

    Chapter 272: Interrogation

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    A couple of minutes later... in the inside room of the garret.

    "I have already shared everything that I knew. I still beg for your mercy. Please spare this nasty person's life. I can pledge that I will never tell about this matter to anyone!" The grey-dressed middle-aged man's whole body was shrouded in a layer of grey light at this moment. His face looked distorted, and it seemed that he was experiencing inexplicable pain. He was constantly begging Hou Sai Lei for forgiveness.

    Then, the grey-dressed man glanced at the ground beside him.

    Deacon Quan's aura had become very faint. His eyes looked spiritless. His hands and feet had been nailed to the ground, and blood was gushing out.

    The Dark Moon Cult owned a set of torturing methods to torment people's minds and bodies. And, these methods could leave a person incapable of seeking survival or death. Hou Sai Lei wasn't unfamiliar with these methods even though he didn't hold a high position in the Cult.

    The grey-dressed middle-aged man had also used such a method on many people to extort either a confession or evidence. But, he had never expected that he would be treated the same way someday.

    He was deeply regretting in his heart. He was only regarded as a small group leader in the Main Altar of the Dark Moon Cult. However, he had obtained the position of the special envoy of the preliminary selection with the support of the Green Wolf Palace's Lord. His plan had been to seize this opportunity to make a good fortune. But, he had never thought that he would bump into these two evil people.

    "This nasty person wishes to follow Mr. Shi from now on. You can use 'Spirit Imprisoning Bead' to control a part of my primordial spirit in case you don't feel reassured. Then, you won't have to fear that I could betray you," the grey-dressed man's gaze abruptly moved toward the door as he shouted.

    "Senior Mu! The necessary questions have been asked," Hou Sai Lei was taken aback. He turned around and saw Shi Mu there. He hadn't noticed when Shi Mu had walked in through the door.

    "Mr. Shi, this person on your side is merely at the peak of the Spirit-Rank. But, I am a practitioner of both martial and magic arts. So, I'll certainly be more useful to you!" the grey-dressed envoy said in one breath.

    Hou Sai Lei's heart blazed with a fit of fury as he heard these words. He wished he could grab a knife and stab this envoy to death right now. However, he didn't dare to express his thoughts since Shi Mu stood beside him. Instead, he turned around and looked at Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu waved his hand to indicate Hou Sai Lei to step down.

    Hou Sai Lei was shocked. He retracted his hand, and threw the grey-dressed man heavily on the ground. Then, he drew back to the side.

    "Thank you so much for sparing my life, Mr Shi. This trivial person will certainly payback in the future..." The grey-dressed middle-aged man felt that his body had been loosened. So, he struggled to sit up. Then, he slipped his left hand into his waist, and took out a magic charm in a silent manner.

    But then, a streak of golden light flashed before their eyes, and pierced the throat of the grey-dressed man.


    A big hole had been split open in his throat, and blood gushed out from that wound.

    The grey-dressed middle-aged man's eyes bulged out. He desperately tried to cover his throat in order prevent his life force from depleting.

    However, the expressions in the middle-aged man's eyes disappeared after a few breaths. His body then fell to the ground, and his breathing stopped.

    The golden light had flashed and slit the throat of Deacon Quan as well as the grey-dressed middle-aged man.

    Hou Sai Lei watched everything in blank dismay, but he didn't speak anything.

    Shi Mu waved his hand, and recalled the golden sword with an expressionless face. After that, he fished out a black scepter, two or three pill bottles, a black jade board, a dozen spirit stones, and a Dark Moon Order.

    The magic scepter was pitch-black and smooth in texture... In fact, it seemed as if it was a bamboo stick. The scepter's tip was decorated with a black crystal. And, black-ish electric currents could be seen flickering inside it. It could be said at a glance that it wasn't an ordinary thing.

    One of the corners of the black jade board was engraved with a dark-red moon mark. Also, the quality of its material was very special. However, Shi Mu had no idea about its usage.

    The stuff apart from the magic scepter and the black jade board was ordinary.

    A few small bottles were among that stuff. And, they contained either detoxifying pills or healing pills. But, those pills looked very ordinary. In addition, a dozen or more spirit stones were also there. But, the majority of them were mere low-ranked spirit stones. There was only one middle-ranked fire-attribute spirit stone among them.

    "These are only a few ordinary things..." Shi Mu was disappointed. He picked up the black jade board and started to fiddle with it.

    "They had mentioned that this black jade board is a magic tool which is used to record the preliminary selection list," Hou Sai Lei said.

    Shi Mu nodded. Then, he picked up the black magic scepter, and flung both of the items toward Hou Sai Lei.

    "These things are useless for me. So, you can have them," Shi Mu said.

    "Thank you so much, Senior Mu," Hou Sai Lei was overwhelmed with exultation. He caught them, and held them in his hand in a careful manner. Then, he replied.

    The quality of this scepter was higher than his wand by more than one chip. Moreover, the black crystal on top of the scepter contained the purest form of Yin-attribute spirit power.

    Shi Mu then took off the long gown of the grey-robed man. After that, he wielded his foot, and kicked the two bodies toward Hou Sai Lei's side.

    "These two corpses must be considered pretty good sacrificial offerings for a Dark Moon Cult's disciple. So, you can sacrifice them. They should be able to enhance your strength a bit," Shi Mu said.

    "Thank you so much for such a generous gift, Senior Mu!" Hou Sai Lei was stunned for a moment. Then, he expressed his sincere gratitude to him in a respectful manner.

    The cultivation of these two men couldn't be considered weak. So, Hou Sai Lei's strength would definitely increase by leaps and bounds if he used them as sacrificial offerings.

    Shi Mu waved his hand, and went to the side.

    Hou Sai Lei took out a few things. Then, he started to set up a magic array for the sacrificial offering in the room in an excited manner.

    The magic formula seemed very diverse and complicated. In fact, it took him almost half-an-hour to complete the arrangement.

    After that, Hou Sai Lei dragged the two corpses into the magic circle. Then, he read an incantation, and the magic circle started to exude black rays of light.

    Shi Mu waved his sleeves while standing to the side. A few magic charms flew out, and fell in every corner of the room. Then, Hou Sai Lei activated a boundary-sealing spell. This was the same spell he had cast in the beginning of this venture. Hou Sai Lei's spell had completely blocked the magic power waves that he was releasing in the room.

    Shi Mu had witnessed the process of sacrificial offering once before. However, the distance had been very big at that time. So, he hadn't been able to see the process in a clear manner. But, he could do that now.

    The Dark Moon Order in Hou Sai Lei's hand radiated even brighter blood-red radiance as Hou Sai Lei mumbled something. Then, blood-red flames flared up in the magic array, and enveloped the two corpses. The two corpses disappeared in the flames the next moment.

    Then, a large mass of grey light flew out of the magic circle, and got absorbed into Hou Sai lei's body in abundance.

    The grey radiance on Hou Sai Lei's body started billowing... as if a mighty wave was surging in the sea. It was also emitting formidable magic power waves...

    Huo Sai Lei's expression looked dignified. He then sat down in the same place with his legs crossed, and eyes closed.

    The billowing grey radiance converged on top of his head, and started to swirl in a slow manner. Then, it turned into a grey whirlpool that was almost the size of a person's head.

    It couldn't be said how much time had passed when the whirlpool gradually ceased to spin, and turned into a fuzzy dark cloud. Then, a bright star gradually emerged amidst that cloud.

    Shi Mu had been watching this in a silent manner. But, he hadn't revealed an astonished look.

    Hou Sai Lei was originally at the peak of the realm of Spirit-ranked magicians. So, he had only needed one good opportunity to advance to the realm of the Star-ranked magician. The two corpses that he had sacrificed just now couldn't be considered as weak sacrificial offerings. So, it was a reasonable assumption that he would make the breakthrough.

    Hou Sai Lei opened his eyes after a quarter of an hour. The grey radiance on his body had subsided by now.

    He looked at his hands, and his face brightened-up with an ecstatic look.

    "Senior Mu, many thanks for helping me in accomplishing my goal," Hou Sai Lei again expressed his gratitude to Shi Mu with deep veneration.

    Shi Mu smiled back in reply. Then, he waved his hand, and tossed the grey-robed middle-aged man's gown and Dark Moon Order toward Hou Sai Lei.

    "Senior Mu, I'm not a timid man. But, the Disguising Technique is considered an ordinary technique in my sect. It's very easy to deceive people who have a weak cultivation. However, I'm afraid I'd be seen through easily if I were to encounter a sharp-eyed and observant person. And, that would certainly ruin Senior's highly important plan," Hou Sai Lei explained.

    "It's not an issue. No one in this city recognizes this envoy so far. Moreover, you only need to disguise yourself as him till I pass the preliminary round and get my name registered on this jade board," Shi Mu stated while passing him the black jade board.

    Hou Sai Lei hesitated for a moment when he looked at the black jade board. But then, he nodded.

    Hou Sai Lei then entered the inside room.

    A grey-robed middle-aged man walked out almost half an hour later. However, his expression looked slightly nervous and disturbed.

    Shi Mu's brows plunged upward, and a trace of amazement emerged in his eyes. He looked at Hou Sai Lei up and down a couple of times. Then, he nodded and said, "Good. Your Disguising Technique is genuinely very deceptive. I'm sure that even a close acquaintance of the grey-robed man might fail to find any flaw. Rest assured, I will solve any problem for you in case something goes wrong."

    "Yes." Hou Sai Lei heaved a sigh of relief as he heard these words.

    "You stay here tonight, and I'll leave," Shi Mu nodded to him. He then waved his hand to make him remove all magic charms that he had arranged in the room.

    Afterwards, Shi Mu left the place and returned to his dwelling place. He then sat down on the bed with his legs crossed.

    Shi Mu had confidence in Hou Sai Lei's Disguising Technique. Moreover, he only needed to pass the preliminary competition. And, things would be much easier to handle at a later stage.

    Anyway, why did the Dark Moon Cult suddenly become desirous of sending disciples to the Western Continent?

    Shi Mu was swaying in the tide of such thoughts. But, he shook his head and decided to cast aside such thoughts after some time. Then, he closed his eyes.

    A day later...

    There were ten simple rings in a public square outside the guest house building. Thousands of people had gathered here at this time.

    The preliminary selection competition had been scheduled to begin today.

    Shi Mu got mixed in the crowd, and started to look for a spot where he wouldn't get noticed.

    A commotion was heard from the guest house at this moment.

    Shi Mu raised his eyes to look in that direction, and saw a thin grey-robed middle-aged man. The grey-robed man was accompanied by several Deacons of the Dark Moon Cult's various sub-altars. They walked out of the guest house together. A few disciples of the Dark Moon Cult saw them, and started to crowd around them.

    This grey-robed middle-aged man was none other than Hou Sai Lei in disguise.

    Shi Mu's brows slightly creased. He had noticed that Hou Sai Lei was still a bit nervous. Moreover, his footsteps seemed slightly stiff as well.

    Hou Sai Lei's swept over the crowd around him.

    He noticed that there were a large number of Star-ranked magicians and Xian Tian warriors in the crowd. So, the consequences could be disastrous if his trick was discovered by any one of them...

    Hou Sai Lei's heart fluttered and his body started to quiver after this thought crossed his mind.

    "Mr Special Envoy, what's the matter?" A short and stout Deacon of the sub-altar stood beside him. He seemed to have noticed Hou Sai Lei's strangeness.

    "Oh, it's nothing," Hou Sai Lei's heart skipped a beat out of fear as he replied.

    A trace of doubt flashed through the short and stout man's eyes. But, he didn't ask anything further. And, Hou Sai Lei heaved a sigh of relief.

    "Oh, by the way... how come Deacon Quan isn't around?" another sub-altar's Deacon asked.

    "Indeed, I haven't seen him since this morning."

    "Mr Special Envoy, Deacon Quan had said that he had requested to pay you a visit last night. Do you know where he is?" the short and stout man asked.

    "Oh... he did visit me last night. But, he left very soon. And, I don't know where he went afterwards," Hou Sai Lei replied. But, his voice seemed a little flustered.

    "Idiot! Why are you getting so nervous?!" a cold voice suddenly fell in Hou Sai Lei's ear; it was Shi Mu's voice.
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