Chapter 278: Xu Lu

    Chapter 278: Xu Lu

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    "Brother Mu, this is your dwelling place. You can go out anywhere of your own accord. However, you must always pay attention to the notice board that is placed outside. The latest information pertaining to the selection matches will be displayed there," the grey-robed disciple of the Dark Moon Cult opened a room and said.

    Shi Mu walked into the room. Then, he swept his gaze around, and found out that the room was only a few feet in size. It was a small-sized room with simple furnishing. There were no other amenities in the room apart from a chair, a desk, and a stool. In fact, it was similar to the rooms of any ordinary inn.

    However, a few faintly visible spirit patterns could be seen in the corner of the room. Apparently, those patterns were some kind of restriction spell to isolate the spirit sense from the outside world.

    This was a towering black building. The accommodation for the Dark Moon Cult disciples who had been selected in the preliminary selection competition had been arranged in this building.

    Shi Mu's room was situated on the first floor. There was a large notice board not far from the door of his room.

    "Well, thank you." Shi Mu didn't care about the size of the room. So, he walked in.

    The grey-robed disciple left since he had to arrange dwelling places for other people as well.

    Shi Mu took a round in the room. Then, he sat down.

    A shadow flew in from outside at an extremely fast speed at this moment, and landed on Shi Mu's shoulder. It was Cai.

    "Shi Tou, Hou Sai Lei has safely left the sub-altar. I conveyed your message, and asked him to find a place to reside in the vicinity of this building for the time being."

    "That's good. You keep a close watch on him for a while. I think that he probably won't betray me since his Spirit Capturing Bead is still in my possession. However, this place is the Dark Moon Cult's den after all. So, it can't be asserted that he isn't plotting something," Shi Mu nodded and said after a momentary consideration.

    "It's not a big issue. You can monitor the movement of that monkey even from here with the help of my enhanced eyesight." Cai said.


    Shi Mu glanced at Cai in a dumbfounded manner. Then, he stood up and walked outside the room.

    He saw that a lot of people had gathered near the notice board at the moment... So, it seemed as if some important information had been displayed on the board.

    "Brother Mu, you are also here." Yu Yi also stood near the board. He shouted to greet Shi Mu when he saw him walking over.

    "Why have so many people gathered here? Has any important information been displayed on the notice-board?" Shi Mu asked.

    "Oh, the date for the next round of competition has been declared. It's only a month from today," Yu Yi replied.

    "Just one month? So fast?!" Shi Mu was surprised to hear this news.

    The information that he had previously obtained had suggested that the next round of competition should've been at least two months away.

    "It is said that the high-ranking people of the Cult want to speed up the pace of this selection process so that the disciples can be sent to the sea as soon as possible. It seems that the selected disciples from all thirteen cities across the country haven't yet arrived here. Otherwise, the next round of competition might have been scheduled at an earlier date. I have also heard that approximately ten-thousand disciples have been selected through the preliminary selection matches this time. However, the Cult will select only two-hundred people in the end. So, this competition is going to be very intense!" Yu Yi lowered his voice as he said.

    "So, that's the case," Shi Mu was awestruck by the number of people participating in the competition. It seemed that the base of the Dark Moon Cult wasn't that small even though it had declined. But, these disciples were scattered in various places. So, things were twisted into a rope.

    "Brother Yu, you had told me that you are familiar with the Quyang City. I wonder if there is a good refinery shop in this city?" Shi Mu thought for a moment. Then, he asked.

    "A weapon refinery shop? Do you want to buy a magic tool?" Yu Yi was dumbfounded. He cast a glance at the blade and the stick that hung on Shi Mu's back.

    "I don't intend to buy anything. I only wish to refine my existing weapons. After all, it's always better to upgrade the level of your weapons than to buy new ones," Shi Mu replied.

    "So, this is the case. Oh, by the way... is Brother Mu looking for a good expert that can refine tools? In that case, we can go to a place where you can surely find the best master in the city... as long as you can afford him." Yu Yi thought for a moment. Then, he said in a somewhat excited manner.

    "Brother Yu, please give me direction," Shi Mu said in an inquisitive manner as he heard these words.

    "There's a West Kuang Street in the eastern district of the city. The Heavenly Wu Shop is situated on that street. That shop is considered the largest refinery store in the entire Quyang City. It can forge top-grade magic tools. Moreover, they can even make a spirit tool with ease as long as the raw materials are available," Yu Yi said.

    "Even a spirit tool can be made there? The Heavenly Wu shop... can it be true?" Shi Mu asked.

    "That's right. This Heavenly Wu shop is a branch of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce that is well-established in the Quyang City. You can find expert refiners in that shop all year round. The Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce is outstanding. It is said that it does business throughout the eastern continent," Yu Yi nodded and replied with excitement.

    Yu Yi's words left Shi Mu dumbstruck for a moment. He knew that the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce was the number-one chamber of commerce of the Lu Shan Kingdom. However, he had never expected that the influence of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce was spread so wide. In fact, it didn't seem to be an exaggeration if it was said that the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce was the best Chamber of Commerce in the entire eastern continent.

    "Moreover, this shop doesn't only deal in weapons. It also sells other things... like pills, magic charms, and various kinds of information."

    "I'm now very interested to go and take a look at this shop after listening to Brother Yu's words," Shi Mu said.

    Shi Mu looked towards the sky, and noticed that the sky had already darkened.

    The two people's conversation continued for a while. Then, they returned to their respective rooms.

    Shi Mu set out for the shop at the crack of dawn the next day. He proceeded in a particular direction according to the address mentioned by Yu Y, and soon arrived at West Kuang Street in the eastern district. It didn't take him long to find the Heavenly Wu Arms Shop.

    The Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce had a great reputation throughout the continent. Therefore, the Heavenly Wu shop was naturally the best shop of its kind in the West Kuang Street.

    The shop was enormous. It had four or five large alcoves. In addition, it was decorated in a magnificent and luxurious style. A number of people could be seen in the shop even though it was early morning. So, it was evident that its business was flourishing.

    Shi Mu slowly walked into the shop. The shop looked lively with a lot of people. Shi Mu noticed that there were numerous shelves in the shop. And, they all were piled-up with a myriad of weapons. In fact, a few strange weapons such as meteor hammers, razor blades, and so on could also be seen on those shelves.

    The products on those shelves had a strange and cold shine. Anyone could notice at a glance that these were premium-quality products.

    "Senior, what kind of weapon are you looking for?" An amiable round-faced man welcomed him in a very kind manner.

    This person was also a martial warrior. However, he was barely at the Hou Tian primary stage.

    "I know that these weapons are of first-class quality. However, they're ordinary weapons. What about the magic tools? Why can't I see them around?" Shi Mu looked around the shop as he said.

    "Can it be possible that Senior has come to our store for the first time? The magic tools are displayed in the inside room. Please come with me if you want to see them," the round-faced man said as he made a gesture of invitation.

    Shi Mu followed the round-faced man, and walked into the inside room.

    This room was a lot smaller than the outer room. Only a few shelves could be seen here. An assortment of four or five hilted magic weapons was placed on each of these shelves. And, the surface of each of these weapons was densely covered with magic patterns. Moreover, those magic patterns were emitting faint multi-colored rays of light.

    Each shelf was shrouded in a white light-screen. Apparently, it was some kind of Protection spell.

    Shi Mu's eyes streaked across the magic weapons in a quick manner. He noticed that these magic tools varied in appearance.

    He then started to look over the shelves one by one. He finally stood in front of the last shelf after a while.

    Only three magic tools had been placed on this shelf. A short stick that was fiery-red in color, a sea-blue warrior's blade, and a black steel whip.

    These three magic tools exuded a magnificent brilliance which seemed far more powerful than that of the other magic tools. Shi Mu stood at a distance from the light-screen. However, he could still vaguely sense the strong magic power waves that these tools were emanating.

    "High-ranked magic tools..." Shi Mu said in a low voice.

    "Senior has good eyesight. These three magic tools stemmed from the hands of our Store Master Xu Lu. And, he has recently refined these top-grade tools," the round-faced man said in a tone dripping with arrogance.

    Shi Mu recalled that Yu Yi had mentioned a name yesterday. He had said that Xu Lu was this shop's master, and was in-charge of refining tools.

    Judging from these three tools... it could be said that this man's refining method was indeed exquisite.

    "Respected Master Xu Lu has performed a splendid job. Honestly speaking... I haven't come here to buy a weapon. I have come here to get my weapons refined in order to upgrade them." Shi Mu said.

    "This shop also provides this service. But, this task is in-charge of the manager of this store. Senior, please follow me," the round-faced man cast a glance at the blade and the stick on Shi Mu's back as he said.

    They arrived at the reception hall of another inside room that was deeper into the shop.

    This room looked very elegant. In fact, it looked like a place to receive noble guests.

    The round-faced man served Shi Mu tea and snacks. After that, he took his leave and departed through the side door.

    Shi Mu didn't touch these snacks. Instead, he closed his eyes for a moment to regain his composure.

    He didn't want to attract people's attention. Therefore, he hadn't brought Cai here along with him. Instead, he had let it move freely in the city so that he could monitor Hou Sai Lei without much effort.

    A blue-robed middle-aged man walked in not long after.

    The complexion of this man was needlessly white, and his appearance was rather scholarly and cultured. His body was indistinctly emitting magic power waves. He was probably at the peak of Spirit-ranked magicians' realm.

    "I didn't know that such a noble guest had graced us with his presence. Please accept my apologies for not coming out before to welcome you in a proper way. I am this store's Manager, and my surname is Tian. It seems that my noble friend is rather new to this place. I guess it should be the first time he has visited this store. May I ask my dear friend's name?" the blue-robe middle-aged man chuckled in a gentle manner. He sat down opposite Shi Mu, and said.

    "Mu Shi," Shi Mu replied.

    "So, my noble friend is called Mu. I was informed by one of my men that you want to give your weapons for further refinement." The Manager didn't waste too much time on formalities, and jumped straight to the point.

    "Yes, here are those two weapons." Shi Mu took off the blade and the stick from his back, and placed it on the table.

    The table was made of fine-quality mahogany. So, it was capable of bearing the heavy weight. However, it produced a buzzing sound as soon as the blade and the stick were placed on it... as if it was unable to withstand the overwhelming weight of the two weapons.

    A trace of astonishment glinted on Manager Tian's face as he saw this. After that, his casual expression receded, and a dignified look appeared on his face. He then sized up the two magic weapons in a careful manner.

    He observed them for some time with furrowed brows. Then, he stretched out his hand, and tried to pick up the short stick.

    His arms gathered the strength to lift the stick. But then, his complexion abruptly changed as he saw that the short stick hadn't budged. Evidently, this stick was insanely heavy... like a boulder.

    Then, he exerted his full strength to lift the short stick. Veins protruded from his hands and his face also somewhat flushed as a result. The stick slowly left the table.

    However, Manager Tian's body suddenly wobbled when the short stick was a foot away from the table. And, the short stick fell from his hand. It was about to pound on the floor when an arm suddenly extended, and grabbed the black stick in the air.

    Shi Mu placed the short stick back on the table, and gave a smile to Manager Tian; Manager Tian was obviously feeling a bit embarrassed.

    "Noble friend possesses extraordinary strength. He can use such a heavy weapon so conveniently," Manager Tian also smiled back in a somewhat embarrassed manner. But, he soon regained his composure and said.

    "I have examined it, and found that Your Excellency's magic tool is very special. After all, it has such an astonishing weight even though it is very short. Please forgive this inexperienced man. I haven't seen such a material before," Manager Tian said.

    Shi Mu wasn't surprised on hearing his words. It seemed that this kind of meteoric iron had appeared only in the vicinity of the Eastern Sea. So, it wasn't strange to hear that Manager Tian had never come across such material.

    "Then, what about my request?" Shi Mu said.

    "Respected friend, you don't have to be impatient. I'll go down and ask for Master Xu's guidance. He is an experienced man with extensive knowledge. He will certainly be able to recognize the material of my respected friend's weapons. As for refining and upgrading these weapons... I don't think it will be a problem for him," Manager Tian stood up and said.

    "Well, then I would trouble Manager Tian," Shi Mu said.

    Manager Tian then took his leave and walked down.

    The sound of the footsteps was heard again after a while. Then, the silhouette of a grey-haired old man who was clad in a green robe appeared. He walked into the hall accompanied by Manager Tian.

    This person's body didn't look strong and sturdy. However, his hands and feet were bulky, and gave off a kind of courageous and formidable aura.

    Shi Mu used his spirit sense to sense this person's aura, and was left a little surprised...

    This person turned out to be an Earth-ranked powerhouse.
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