Chapter 280: Entrusted

    Chapter 280: Entrusted

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    "Princess Yue Ni of the Lu Shan Kingdom wasn't selected at first. Instead, a woman named Zhong Xiu had been selected in her place. However, that woman then renounced the Ascension to Immortality's qualifications at the last minute," Xu Lu explained.

    "The Ascension to Immortality Ceremony had laid down very harsh conditions for the selection of candidates this time. Moreover, only six people were to be selected out of the ten-thousand candidates. So, the completion was very tough. It is said that there is a chance to become a legendary Immortal once a person gets selected. This girl was on the list of top six finalists. However, she renounced this opportunity of her own accord. This incident had sparked off a very big commotion in the entire Heavenly Yu City as well as the Lu Shan Kingdom when it came to light," Manager Tian added.

    Shi Mu's complexion changed as he heard this news. He gazed straight ahead in a dazed manner, and his heart got overwhelmed by a lot of mixed feelings.

    Other people might not have any idea about the reason behind Zhong Xiu's decision. But, Shi Mu's heart could faintly guess seven or eight points in this regard.

    The two great powers - Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult and Heavenly Demon Sect had joined forces, and released a warrant to seize and kill Shi Mu. So, Zhong Xiu must have heard this news. And, her temperament wouldn't have allowed her to sit back and do nothing...

    Shi Mu's heart couldn't help but feel a surge of indescribable emotion after he thought this. His mood had also changed unconsciously.

    "Miss Xue, how can you be so silly..." Shi Mu murmured to himself.

    "Is it be possible that Dear Friend Mu is familiar with this woman, Zhong Xiu?" Xu Lu asked. He had observed the abrupt change in Shi Mu's facial expression.

    Manager Tian stood to the side. But, he also directed his gaze at Shi Mu when he heard this.

    "That's right." Shi Mu didn't deny it.

    "He he, I hadn't thought that this girl who had made such a startling move could turn out to be a friend of Dear Friend Mu," Xu Lu smiled in a gentle manner as he said.

    "Master Xu, I wonder whether your Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce can help me in finding out Zhong Xiu's whereabouts." Shi Mu looked up and asked.

    "Oh, you only want us to investigate her whereabouts?" Xu Lu asked.

    "I only want you to find out her trail for the time being. However, I may approach you to help me out with some other matters later," Shi Mu pondered over this matter for a moment. Then, he said.

    "Okay. But, Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce usually charges at least one-thousand spirit stones for the task of tracking down a person. However, I will make an exception for you today. You only have to pay five-hundred spirit stones, Dear Friend Mu," Xu Lu said.

    Shi Mu heard his words, and waved his hand without a bit of hesitation. And, five middle-ranked spirit stones appeared on the table the next moment.

    "Well, we will give you a reply as quickly as possible," Xu Lu said while giving a hand signal to hint Manager Tian to receive those spirit stones.

    "Then, I will look forward to hearing some good news from you soon," Shi Mu stood up.

    "Dear Friend Mu, you haven't seen the result of the Demon Yang Ceremony." Xu Lu pointed his finger at another jade charm.

    "Oh, I had almost forgotten about that." Shi Mu flashed a faint smile. Then, he held the jade charm and infused a wisp of his magic power into it like Xu Lu had done a while back.

    The jade charm radiated a white luminescence. This radiance then condensed into a picture. Then, six persons' images appeared on top of it - four men and two women.

    Shi Mu's eyebrows twitched into a frown as he swept his gaze over it.

    He noticed that Jin Xiao Chai wasn't among the six selected candidates. He hadn't expected this.


    But then, his eyes went wide-open as his gaze surfaced on a grey-robed man on the rightmost side of the picture. That man looked very young. He was probably seventeen or eighteen years old.

    "Feng Li!" Shi Mu was left stunned.

    The two people had never met each other again after Shi Mu had left Feng City back in the day. Shi Mu hadn't expected that Feng Li would pave his way to the Heavenly Demon Sect, and even take part in the Demon Yang Ceremony.

    Then, Shi Mu's eyes moved and fell on the name that was mentioned beside Feng Li's image.

    Feng Mao...

    It seemed that Feng Li had resorted to some unknown means that had enabled him to use a false name to participate in the Demon Yang Ceremony. There ought to be a good story behind this. He would like to ask Feng Li about it if he got the chance to meet him someday.

    "Dear Friend Mu, can it be possible that you know this person, Feng Mao too?" Xu Lu's eyes flickered as he asked.

    "What makes Master Xu ask this question?" Shi Mu asked.

    "This old man is willing to pay one-thousand spirit stones if friend Mu knows the details of this person, and is willing to share them with me." Xu Lu said.

    "I'm sorry. I had thought that this person was a friend whom I used to know. But, I found out that I had misidentified this person when I took a closer look at him," Shi Mu laughed and said.

    "So, that's how it is." Xu Lu cast a profound look at Shi Mu and said.

    "Then, I'll take my leave," Shi Mu turned a blind eye to Xu Lu's piercing gaze. He nodded to the two men, and walked toward the exit.

    Manager Tian walked over in a hurried manner, and saw Shi Mu off in person.

    Xu Lu stood near the window, and gazed at the receding silhouette of Shi Mu. He then turned his hand, and drew out a white jade slip. He was left stunned the next moment when he saw the warrant that contained the seize-and-kill order. It had been issued by the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult.

    Shi Mu's image had also appeared on the jade slip along with his name and surname.

    "Shi Mu, he is indeed the kind of person who somewhat stands out in a crowd."

    Xu Lu muttered to himself. Then, he chuckled while shaking his head. After that, he turned his hand, and received the jade slip.

    The reception hall's door got pushed open after some time, and Manager Tian walked in.

    "Master Xu, Liu An has arrived, and he wants to see you."

    "Well, you lead him to the second reception hall. I will come over there later." Xu Lu's eyes moved as he said.

    Manager Tian complied, but there was a touch of resentment in his tone.

    "You still care about that incident at the Sparkling Gem Pavilion in Heavenly Yu City, don't you?" Xu Lu asked.

    But, Manager Tian didn't utter a word... It seemed as if he had given tacit consent in reply.

    "The Dark Moon Cult has already made the compensation for the losses and destruction caused that day. In addition, it has also received the understanding of the high-level officials of the Chamber of Commerce that this matter should be regarded as uncovered. We must not forget our Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce's maxim - we shouldn't participate in worldly disputes. We should keep our interest above everything else. Don't let some prejudices affect your judgment," Xu Lu's manner of speaking was calm, but his words contained an implicit warning that gave a jolt to Manager Tian's heart.

    "Yes, thank you so much for your admonition, Master," Manager Tian said in a respectful manner and drew back to go.

    Xu Lu picked up the two magic tools that Shi Mu had left behind, and walked out of the hall.

    A handsome young man was seated in another reception room. He lowered his head, and took a sip of his tea. He was attired in a pale-white robe and blood-red shawl.

    The sound of footsteps was heard outside the door at this moment. Then, Xu Lu pushed-open the door and walked in.

    "Palace Lord Liu, I'm sorry that I kept you waiting for so long. However, there was something important that needed to be dealt with first."

    "Master Xu, you don't have to be formal," Liu An replied with a smile.

    "May I ask the reason behind Palace Lord Liu's sudden arrival?" Xu Lu took a seat opposite Liu An. Then, he jumped straight to the point and asked.

    "It's naturally because of that thing." Liu Yan received his smiling facial expression as he said.

    Xu Lu neither was surprised nor did he speak anything when he heard his reply. It seemed as if he expected this reply.

    "I had come to Your Excellency to ask about those twenty-five ships that I had booked in advance a few years ago. I wonder if you have prepared them by now." Liu An asked.

    "I have almost completed the preparation as per Your Excellency's request. It will take six months to deliver your order as per plan," Xu Lu replied.

    Liu Yan listened to him in a silent manner, but his brows slightly wrinkled.

    "What's the matter? Do you have a problem with this arrangement?" Xu Lu asked.

    "I have come this time precisely to put forth a request to your honorable Chamber of Commerce. I want them to deliver the goods after half-a-month." Liu An said.

    "It's impossible! The Gigantic Vast Sea Boat is a spirit tool. So, it's very difficult to find the required materials to make it. Moreover, the numerous complicated processes to refine them also take a lot of time. We have already made our best efforts in order to make them fast. So, it's impossible to shift to an earlier date," Xu Lu said while shaking his head.

    "I can understand that this request is somewhat difficult to entertain. But, the situation has changed now. We may need to use these boats ahead of time. As for the quantity... you have to deliver us only 20 ships now. I will pay you 30% more on the total cost incurred by you if you can deliver these ships in half-a-month. I request Elder Xu to undertake this task," Liu An said.

    "Well, there is no problem if it's the matter of only twenty ships," Xu Lu said.

    "Then, please Master Xu." Liu Yan stood up, and performed a good ritual to express his gratitude.

    "Palace Lord doesn't need to be so courteous. This is the duty of this old man," Xu Lu replied.

    "This Liu will pay you a visit once again after half-a-month in that case," Liu An didn't stay there any longer. He bid his farewells, and departed.

    "Master Xu, what was the reason behind Liu An's arrival? And, why did he leave so quickly?" Manager Tian pushed-open the door and came in.

    "This matter is related to the batch of Gigantic Vast Sea Boats. He wants us to deliver those ships ahead of time," Xu Lu gave a brief description of Liu An's request along with his conditions.

    Manager Tian nodded after he had heard the story. The headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce might have completed the construction of twenty-one or twenty-two ships so far.

    "This Liu An is not a simple character. It seems that he has calculated everything in advance. No wonder he is the disciple of Dong Fang Xian Tian. Perhaps, he has the ability to turn the tide." Xu Lu's eyes flashed as he mumbled.

    ... ...

    At nightfall...

    The silver moon looked as if it was hooked to the sky. And, the entire sky was densely covered with stars.

    A solitary horse-rider galloped out of the Quyang City's east gate, and fled to the east while setting-off layers of dust in his wake.

    This person was Shi Mu. He was riding on his war horse. Cai was also with him. It was squatting on his shoulder. The meteoric iron black blade and stick couldn't be seen hanging on Shi Mu's back at this moment. This was the reason why the horse was galloping at an unusually brisk pace. They disappeared into the vast darkness of night within a few breaths.

    "Cai, it's entirely up to you. Do you think you can hunt down a gryphon?" Shi Mu said.

    "Don't worry. Leave it to me!" Cai replied.

    Shi Mu gazed straight ahead. He knew that the Heavenly Demon Sect had dispatched black-winged gryphons to monitor the key transportation roads of the Xixia Country. However, Quyang City was the Capital of Xixia. So, they didn't dare to presumptuously send those gryphons here.

    Shi Mu had observed something on the way to Quyang City a few days ago. He had noticed that not even a single gryphon could be seen in the sky after they were almost three or four days of travelling-distance apart from Quyang City.

    Shi Mu had then realized that he should be able to bump into the army of gryphons as long as he galloped along this road towards the east for some distance. He knew that he needed luck to be on his side to execute his plan. However, he also had Cai to rely on.

    "Shi Mu, killing a gryphon of the Heavenly Demon Sect isn't equivalent to confronting the enemy head-on?" Cai said.

    "How can it be? The Heavenly Demon Sect has already issued an order to arrest me for no reason whatsoever. Don't you remember that some people had ambushed me when I was in the Auspicious River Mountain Pass? I will follow the same path of evil like them this time," Shi Mu said.

    Two days later...

    There was a desolate mountain range. Shi Mu was climbing up the mountain peak at a very high speed at this moment. His speed was almost two times faster than before since he didn't have to carry those two heavy weapons. Therefore, he leapt forward in the mountains at a very high speed... like a shadow!

    A few black spots were hovering over the mountains. They were none other than the black-winged gryphons of the Heavenly Demon Sect.

    Shi Mu approached those gryphons from the ground in a very cautious manner.

    He had done a lot of investigation about the gryphons before coming here.

    There were basically two reasons that made the gryphons of the Heavenly Demon Sect extremely difficult to capture or kill. Firstly, the flying speed of these birds was extremely fast. Secondly, they had strong endurance. So, they could stay in the sky for a long time.

    Moreover, these gryphons were blessed with very sharp eyes. So, even the slightest changes on the ground below couldn't escape their eyes.

    He climbed up the largest deserted mountain nearby, and hid behind a large rock for some time. After that, he looked at the gryphons that were hovering midair.

    Cai had been beside him. However, Shi Mu couldn't tell when he had lost sight of it.
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