Chapter 291: Pushing People Too Far!

    Chapter 291: Pushing People Too Far!

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    The scar-faced man's hands danced in the air. The bone-white ring expanded, and became several times bigger than before. Then, it arrived in front of the purple flying sword to block it.

    The two spirit tools collided with each other in the air with a loud "Bang" sound!

    After that, the bone-white ring whirled around, and shot backwards. The black radiance on the surface of the ring had dimmed very significantly by the impact of this collision. However, it had been able to ward off the purple flying sword's attack in the end.

    But then, a fiery-red ray of light flashed past the scar-faced man, and bombarded the Gigantic Vast Sea Boat that was behind him.

    The scar-faced man was thunderstruck. He wanted to turn around to stop the fiery-red ray. But, the refined Taoist priest had stimulated the movement of the purple flying sword to mount an attack on him. This left the scar-faced man with no choice but to confront the imminent attack.

    The beautiful Taoist nun behind the refined Taoist priest retracted her palm in a slow manner at this time.


    An earth-shattering sound was heard, and the miraculous glow on the surface of the ship flashed in a crazy manner. The body of the ship revealed a fit of acute tremor by the impact. Then, a mass of raging flames flared up at the end of the ship, and started to spread towards the hull at a great speed.

    The temperature in the ship had escalated exponentially, and the miraculous radiance on the ship's surface had darkened a lot. It looked like the miraculous radiance was on the verge of a collapse.

    Bursts of screaming and crying sounds of the disciples on board started to resonate throughout the ship. An assortment of miraculous rays of light gleamed one after another. After all, there were plenty of disciples who wanted to abandon the boat and flee since they felt that the situation had become very bad.

    An ominous glint flashed across the beautiful Taoist nun's eyes as she flicked her sleeves. Suddenly, numerous densely packed white flying needles darted out of her sleeves and cascaded downwards.

    A series of blood-curdling screeches rang out for some time.

    A few disciples had fled away from the ship in desperation. However, those disciples were struck by the white flying needles since they were no longer protected by the Protective Barrier of the ship. Not a single person among them was lucky enough to escape the attack.

    Those disciples who hadn't gotten enough time to escape from the ship didn't dare to do so now. Their complexion had changed terribly when they witnessed this scene.

    "Boom" a loud rumbling sound echoed!

    Another fiery-red light had been shot. It pounded the other side of the ship, and a mass of bright-red raging flames soared once again.

    The ship received a powerful jolt once again, and was left shaking in a violent manner. The miraculous radiance on the ship's surface finally collapsed and dispersed, and many disciples of the Dark Moon Cult were set on fire by the scorching flames. The hull of the ship couldn't withstand the heavy blow. Consequently, it inclined, and sank into the water.

    Afterwards, the two fiery-red lights flew back from the submerged ship, and stopped in front of the beautiful Taoist nun. These two red lights were actually a pair of tiny scarlet-red hammers. They were exuding strong waves of spiritual energy, and were apparently a pair of spirit tools.

    Meanwhile, the scar-faced man had forced the refined Taoist priest to withdraw for the time being. However, he then saw the sinking ship. It seemed as if his eye sockets would burst. He roared as he ferociously pounced towards the refined Taoist priest.

    Simultaneously, he waved his hand, and an expansive mass of grey smoke emerged before his eyes.

    Quack Quack!

    Then, a hoarse chirping sound resounded, and a black bone-bird flew out of the grey smoke; it was over hundred feet in size. The purple soul flame in its eyes was similar to a pair of lanterns. Its strength seemed to have reached the Earth-rank.

    The mighty bone-bird hovered in the air for a moment. Then, a pair of its incisive bone-claws moved toward the Taoist priest to grasp him. The bone-bird also stretched-open its large mouth, and puffed out a large mass of black fog. The foul stench of the smoke seemed very threatening and highly poisonous.

    The refined Taoist priest issued a loud shout, and a layer of purple radiance bubbled-up on the surface of his body. Then, that purple radiance took the form of a Real Qi condensed protective shield, and warded-off the black fog.

    Simultaneously, the purple flying sword flashed, and hacked at the claws of the bone-bird.

    "Clang" a loud metal-clanging sound was heard!

    The refined Taoist priest received a powerful jolt, and was sent flying a few feet backwards by the impact. However, the bone-bird didn't seem to be in good condition either since one of its bone-claws had been cut off by the flying sword.

    "I'll take care of the ships here. You go and chase after those ships in the distance. We mustn't let the people of this evil cult slip away! I'll come over to assist you once I've settled things here!" the refined Taoist priest said to the young Taoist Priest who had just caught up with them.

    The three ships in the distance had already sailed hundreds of feet away from the shore. Shi Mu had boarded one of these three ships some time ago. It seemed that these ships would disappear into the distant horizon in a couple of moments.

    The young Taoist priest wanted to attack the ship in front of him. But, he nodded in agreement when he heard these words. After that, a bluish-green beam of light burst out under his body; it had emanated from a long shuttle that had appeared under his feet. It carried his body, and flew in the direction of the ships that were far in the distance. The shuttle dashed at an incredibly fast speed.

    In the distance...

    The people on the three Gigantic Vast Sea Boats had seen the strange flashes of light that had seemingly originated from the shore. Some of them had understood what had happened, and their complexion had turned unsightly. These three ships were under the charge of that young woman in the grey skirt.

    "They are the members of the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult!" someone on the ship shouted.

    "How could they have come here?"

    The people aboard had been kept isolated from the battle-related matters as per the order of the Cult. In fact, many of them were completely unaware of the fact that the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult and Heavenly Demon Sect had joined forces to mount an invasion on the ancient Xixia country over these past days.

    Suddenly, a green light rushed over at a lightning speed.

    Shi Mu stood up when he noticed this. He felt a slight chill in his heart. Hence, he immediately grasped the black blade in his hand.

    The charming face of the grey-skirted woman had contorted into a fiendish look. She had just witnessed one of the Gigantic Vast Sea Boats being attacked. The ship had been left to sink in a matter of moments, and two-hundred elite disciples of the Dark Moon Cult had lost their lives as a result. Therefore, the grey-skirted woman was fuming with anger at the moment.

    The bluish-green light moved like an electric current, and arrived close to their ships in a fleeting second.

    The grey-skirted woman saw this light, and issued a low shout while pointing her finger out. A thin fiery-red silk emerged out of her body, and galloped toward the bluish-green light.

    The thin red silk emitted a luminous radiance. It seemed as if a fiery dragon was making threatening gestures.

    The bluish-green light stopped with a flash. Then, the young Taoist priest's silhouette floated into appearance.

    He grinned in a fiendish manner. Then, he started to mumble something, and a streak of white light appeared in his hand; it was a soft whip that was white in color.

    The soft whip started to inflate against the wind. Its body elongated in an instant. Then, it shot towards the thin red silk, and curled-up together with the silk in the air.


    The two spirit tools wrapped around each other like two pythons. Then, they started to bite each other in an attempt to subdue the opposite party. It seemed very difficult to decide which python would win among them.

    "The Dark Moon Cult's evildoers, be prepared to die!" the young priest shouted in a loud voice. Then, his body released a magnificent white radiance, which subsequently condensed into a massive martial warrior's magic image behind him.

    The magic image held a blade in its one hand, and a sword in its other hand. There was an astonishing imposing aura around it.

    The young Taoist priest turned his hand, and a long silver spear appeared in his hand. Then, he swooped straight toward the young woman in the grey skirt.

    He flicked his silver spear midway, and dozens of spears bloomed in a pattern. They then shrouded the grey-skirted woman's body.

    Meanwhile, the magic image that he had summoned wielded its sword and blade towards the nearest ship below him. It seemed as if this magic image wanted to chop the ship into two parts.

    Suddenly, a large mass of grey smoke emerged in front of the grey-skirted woman. Then, a golden human skeleton appeared amid the smoke. It held a pair of short black spears in its hands. Then, those spears started to dance in its hands in a swift manner. They were fluttering in the air like two black dragons. The spear formation that had been shot by the Taoist priest got crushed as it came in contact with these black spears.

    Meanwhile, a half-moon virtual shadow emerged behind the grey-skirted woman's head, and all of her fingers started to make wheel-like gestures. Then, a vast-stretched grey silk emerged out of thin air. Subsequently, the grey silk got interwoven into a massive grey net, and formed a shield on top of the ship.


    The young Taoist priest's magic image bombarded the massive grey net in a forceful manner. And, the miraculous glow on the surface of the grey net revealed a fit of tremor as a result. However, it was able to resist the blow in the end.

    "Crescent Moon-ranked magician!"

    The young Taoist priest's complexion sank. But then, a ray of light flashed on the bluish-green long shuttle under his feet, and the shuttle rushed toward the second ship along with him.

    The grey-skirted woman quickly directed her golden human skeleton to deal with the young Taoist priest's magic image. And, she-herself swooped forward to catch up with the young Taoist priest.

    Whiz Whiz!

    A number of thick beams of white light emerged from the hands of the magic image, and plummeted down on the second ship.

    The grey-skirted woman's hands moved to stimulate a magic spell, and the vast-stretched grey silk once again emerged in the sky over the ship. Then, it condensed into a grey net in front of the beams of white light.


    The white beams of light got blocked by the large grey net.

    However, the young priest had already given up on the second ship, and had rushed toward the third ship instead. A number of beams of white lights emerged once again, and darted toward the third ship.

    Shi Mu was on the ship that was being targeted by the Taoist priest right now. He looked at the young Taoist priest in midair, and his eyes flashed with a hint of exquisite radiance. Then, a white light flashed in his hands. A long white bone-bow appeared in one of his hands, while a long black-feathered arrow appeared in his other.

    Meanwhile, the grey-skirted woman clenched her teeth, and the half-moon virtual shadow behind her head exuded magnificent rays of light.

    Then, the half-moon-shaped virtual shadow suddenly changed into a crescent moon-shaped shadow. After that, numerous and dense grey silk gushed out in the void, and made a gigantic grey net. This net was thousands of feet in size and had an eggshell-like shape. It then completely enveloped all three ships.

    The grey-skirted woman's complexion turned ghastly pale after displaying this technique. In fact, more than half of her magic power had gotten consumed in casting this spell.

    "Haha! You depleted your strength in order to protect this group of low-ranked disciples. You might have been able to contend with me with your full strength. But, you have no chance now. It indeed looks very stupid!" The young Taoist priest sneered, and his body stopped in the air.

    The young woman in the grey skirt was gasping for breath at this moment. She then turned her hand and took out a black iron ruler. She shot a look at the young Taoist priest in midair, and noticed that he didn't have the slightest intention of giving up.

    "Palace Lord Pang, you don't have to take care of us."

    "Yes, we will also help you to slaughter this despicable man!"

    The six hundred disciples on the three ships below thundered in succession when the saw this scene.

    "You sinister people stand in the face of your imminent death. But, you still pretend to be righteous. You people will meet your death without any exception!" the young Taoist priest said.

    "You keep proclaiming over and over that our Dark Moon Cult is evil. Then, what is your Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult? Outsiders claim that your cult adheres to the will of the World of the Immortals. But, your cult has an ulterior motive. They want to get their hands on the spirit mines of our Xixia country. This is the reason why you have been killing us so ruthlessly on the pretext of eradicating the existence of heresies!" the grey-skirted woman retorted.

    "Hehe, we want to eradicate everyone when it comes to your evil cult. As for spirit stones' mines... you are not worthy of having them. So, feel at ease!" The Young Taoist priest sneered, and a few magic characters started to flow on the surface of the silver spear. Then, the spear released a dazzling luminescence. This luminescence then took the shape of a gigantic virtual shadow of a dragon; this virtual dragon was hundreds of feet long. The dragon rushed forth toward the grey light-screen below while making threatening gestures.


    The grey net had been used to cover and protect a large area. Therefore, its defensive ability had reduced. Consequently, it couldn't hold the silver dragon's attack for long, and eventually fell apart with a loud exploding sound.

    The grey-skirted woman's complexion became deathly white, and her body staggered in midair.

    The Young priest had gained the upper hand in this battle. So, he had no intention to give up this task. His stature flashed, and crossed a few feet of distance in an instant. After that, he thrust his silver spear toward the chest of the grey-skirted woman.

    The grey-skirted woman was in midair when she pointed her foot, and pushed her body backwards.

    However, her speed was very slow in comparison with the silver spear even though she was a magician. Consequently, a hint of desperation flashed through her eyes since she had realized that she was about to be pierced.

    Even the disciples of the Dark Moon Cult couldn't help but expose a trace of desperation when they saw this situation. The fact was that there were a large number of Xian Tian-ranked martial warriors and Star-ranked magicians present on the scene. But, there were no better than clay chickens in front of this Earth-ranked powerhouse from the Immortal Cult. Moreover, they were currently at sea. So, it was practically impossible for them to display their full potency.

    "You are pushing us too far now!"

    A loud voice spread from below. The voice had barely faded when a sharp "Whiz" sound was heard in the air. It was followed by a fuzzy black light that flashed through the air at an incredible speed... as if it was a bolt of lightning.

    The delighted smile across the Taoist priest's face abruptly froze, and he had to give up the thought of continuing his attack on the grey-skirted young woman.

    The Taoist priest's silhouette flashed, and he reappeared a few feet away from her. His complexion turned pale when he noticed that his left arm was drenched with blood. A big hole had been pierced-open in his arm.

    "Who's there?" The young Taoist priest's face contorted, and his eyes shone with an ominous glint.

    A golden sword-shadow soared to the sky in response to the young Taoist priest's question. It scuttled through the void as if a flood dragon was sailing into the sea. Then, it transformed into dozens of golden swords-shadows, and pounced toward the Taoist priest.

    It left behind a streak of golden light in the air as it advanced.
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