Chapter 292: Fierce Battle at Sea

    Chapter 292: Fierce Battle at Sea

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    "The golden sword!"

    The young Taoist priest had recognized the spirit tool that had been used to pull a sneak attack on him. This spirit tool had belonged to one of his fellow apprentices.

    However, he didn't get sufficient time to look for the person who had stimulated the movement of this golden sword. He suddenly heard two shrill ear-piercing "Whoosh" sounds as two black arrows darted toward him while piercing through the air.

    A shiver ran down his spine when he saw this. The long shuttle under his feet radiated brightly, and flashed backwards to evade the imminent attack. However, his movement was slightly disordered.

    The young Taoist priest succeeded in evading the arrows since he had prepared well. However, the golden sword on the other side turned into a streak of golden light, and swooped toward him once again. The Taoist priest was panic-stricken. He felt a spark of overwhelming fear in his heart.

    "This isn't good!"

    The very first thought that streaked across his mind was that the opposite party had a dab hand at their disposal. And, that person was hidden somewhere in this huge ship.

    The young Taoist priest waved his hand in a certain direction as soon as this thought sprouted in his mind. And, a ray of light flashed on the long silver whip... as if it wanted to fly back to him.

    But then, the thin red silk which had been suppressed by the silver whip suddenly exuded splendid radiance. Then, the red silk flashed and transformed into layers of fine red silk. After that, it wound around the silver whip, and tied it up in a firm manner.

    The young Taoist priest turned his head, and looked at the grey-skirted woman who wasn't far from him. The latter looked back at him, and flashed a sneer.


    The Young Taoist priest felt a surge of unbearable hatred in his heart.

    He retreated quickly to dodge the sword. But, his speed was far inferior to the incredible speed of the flying sword. So, he got caught up by the sword in a couple of breaths, and the sword-shadow plummeted toward him like a meteor.

    The young Taoist priest thundered, and infused his Real Qi into his spear. The spear quivered, and transformed into a spear-shadow. Then, he thrust that spear forward, and it collided with the golden sword with a loud "Bang" sound.

    However, a person's silhouette suddenly flashed behind the young Taoist priest. It was the silhouette of a young man who was dressed in a grey gown. A layer of faint-green radiance was gleaming on the surface of his body. This man was Shi Mu!

    Shi Mu's hand moved, and a black blade appeared in it with a spurt of light. After that, he hacked it toward the young Taoist priest.

    The young Taoist priest was startled by this. He whirled around like a flash of lightning, and held his silver spear before the blade light in a horizontal position.

    "Clang" a loud metal-clanging sound was heard!

    The young Taoist priest had poured his spirit power and Real Qi into his silver spear in order to resist the attack. However, he felt that a large amount of it had suddenly gotten pulled out of it. And, this had happened in the instant when the silver spear had come in contact with the blade-light. Consequently, the strength of his spear had reduced by a great extent all at once.

    However, the Taoist priest was a strong Earth-ranked warrior at the end of the day. So, his response timing wasn't that slow. He quickly moved a few steps back with the help of this enormous strength. Simultaneously, he stimulated the Real Qi in his body in a wild manner. And, a solid layer of Real-Qi-condensed protective shield burst forth on his body. He flicked his hand at the same time; it seemed as if he wanted to call his magic image back. His magic image was still in a tangle with the golden human skeleton far from him.

    However, Shi Mu didn't let him seize this opportunity, and followed him closely in a persistent manner. He had also drawn support from a high-ranked magic charm - the Wind Shadow Magic Charm - to pursue him. Simultaneously, a layer of red luminescence emerged and shrouded his fists which were already covered with black scales. Then, his fists became slightly fuzzy, and turned into a dozen red fist-shadows. Those fist shadows cascaded down on the Taoist priests like a thunderstorm.

    Shi Mu's strength had escalated, and had gotten close to that of an Earth-ranked powerhouse after he had activated the beast mode. Moreover, the addition of six layers of Art of Breeding Strong Evil Ape had enabled his present strength to increase to an astonishing level. His fist shadows seemed very simple and unpretentious in this close-ranged combat. However, each blow contained an overwhelming might that wasn't inferior to any high-ranked magic tool!

    A series of "Ping Ping" sounds rang out in an uninterrupted manner!

    The white radiance on the Young Taoist priest's body continued to flicker for some time. In the meantime, a wisp of a dreadful gigantic force struck him suddenly. This rendered a powerful jolt to his body... so much so that even the long shuttle under his feet got knocked down from midair, and he broke into the sea with a "Plop" sound.

    The battle between the golden human skeleton and the magic image's virtual shadow was still in full swing in the distance. Suddenly, the magic image shattered and dispersed in the air with a loud rumble due to the sudden loss of Real Qi to control it.

    Shi Mu followed after the young Taoist priest, and jumped into the sea.


    The sea's surface revealed a fit of fluctuation as a result. After that, layers of waves were set off one after another... It seemed as if two dragons had started to tumble under the water. In fact, a huge whirlpool had emerged on the sea's surface. In addition, a loud rumbling sound spread from the bottom of the sea... like a muffled thunder. However, nobody could tell what had happened inside.

    The grey-skirted woman landed on the ship. She then took out a pill and swallowed it. Then, she tried to refine the efficacy of the pill with all of her strength. And, her magic power got restored to some extent at an extremely fast speed.

    However, she didn't dare to recklessly dive into the sea when she saw the situation on the sea's surface.

    The young Taoist priest was an Earth-ranked human warrior, and was proficient in some special water-attribute cultivation arts. However, he had been subjected to tremendous restriction under the water. So, he couldn't exhibit much power in the water.

    The grey-skirted woman turned her head, and gazed at the corner of the ship number 22. She had clearly seen that a grey-robed young person had flown out from that spot moments before.

    However, she had no recollection of that person's appearance.

    "Could it be that Palace Lord Liu has deliberately arranged for that person to be here?" the grey-skirted woman made a conjecture.

    On another ship...

    Hou Sai Lei, Yu Yi, and others had a look of disbelief on their faces at the moment.

    "Just a moment ago... that man... was Brother Mu?" Yu Yi tried to restrain the astounded look on his face. He then murmured to himself as if he couldn't believe his own eyes.

    He then turned his head, and looked at Hou Sai Lei beside him.

    "Why are you looking at me? I had gotten in touch with him just a little earlier than you. In fact, I don't even know about his real identity," Hou Sai Lei replied with a wry smile.

    Hou Sai Lei's statement had seemed very sincere. The fact was that he indeed knew very little about Shi Mu although he had been following him for a while now.

    Cai stood on top of the biggest mast of the ship at the moment. A white gleam was flickering in his eyes, and he was looking toward the sea.

    Then, a hint of exhilaration flashed through his eyes.

    The whirlpool on the sea's surface suddenly shook. And, a loud "Boom" was heard as a thick stream of water leapt from the sea, and exploded on the sea's surface.

    The silver whip was still entangled with the thin red silk in the air nearby... However, the radiance on the surface of that whip suddenly dissipated, and the whip shrank back to its original size. After that, the whip fell into the sea with a "Plop" sound.

    The grey-skirted woman was surprised when she witnessed this scene. She then waved her hand, and recalled her spirit tool - the red silk. After that, she directed her gaze toward the sea's surface once again.

    The surging waves had started to become smaller. And then, they slowly returned to their normal state.

    "Boom" a loud sound rang out!

    The sea's surface burst open with a loud sound. And, a person's silhouette flew out from inside and landed on the ship. It was Shi Mu.

    His clothes were tattered and torn, and a long wound could be seen on his left arm. He looked exhausted, but there was a glimmer of excitement in his eyes.

    Shi Mu had the support of Cai's unique eyesight. And, Cai's eyesight had been able to penetrate the sea's surface. Therefore, he had felt as if he was walking on a flat ground even though he had been underwater. This was the reason why he had been able to display his techniques under the water without any restriction. The conceited young Taoist priest did possess a considerable amount of strength. But, Shi Mu had left him no choice but to admit defeat.

    The people on the three ships were in a profound shock as they saw this situation. In fact, they had started to take a step backwards one after another. They didn't dare to go near Shi Mu. They felt as if a monster had appeared in front of them.

    Hou Sai Lei, Yu Yi, and others gazed into Shi Mu's eyes which were smeared with an inconceivable look!

    "I'm Pang Yu of the Dark Moon Cult. May I venture to ask friend..." The grey-skirted woman walked over, and stood in front of Shi Mu. Then, she said in a somewhat confused manner.

    "It's not important who I am. You only need to know that I'm not hostile to you in any way. For now, the most crucial thing is to escape from the clutches of the Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult," Shi Mu replied.

    The grey-skirted woman turned her head, and looked in the direction of the coast when she heard these words. Loud sounds of an intense battle were still spreading from there every now and then.

    A trace of anxiousness surfaced on her face. She couldn't see the coastal situation clearly since they were too far from the coast.

    "Old Man Wu Chen and his men have been tied down by Liu An and Palace Lord Luo. However, the situation still looks far from good. I'm afraid they won't be able to resist the enemy for too long," Shi Mu said.

    The situation on the coast appeared crystal-clear in Shi Mu eyes with the help of Cai's shared vision.

    The scar-faced man and the Earth-ranked Dead spirit creature he had summoned had been successful in holding up the two Earth-ranked powerhouses of Transcending Heaven Immortal Cult so far. However, they seemed to be in an exhausted state.

    Old Man Wu Chen was in the air at this moment, and was sending out myriad streaks of white light like an Immortal.

    The miraculous glow on the surface of the pale-golden ghost's head that Liu An had stimulated had dimmed by a lot. In fact, it seemed that it was on the verge of exhaustion.

    The grey-skirted woman's complexion sank as she heard these words.

    "We will die if we don't seize this opportunity to escape a little farther. We will be Wu Chen's next target." Shi Mu looked at the grey-skirted woman, and said.

    Her facial expression underwent a change once again, and she gritted her teeth.

    "Set out toward the deep sea with full strength!" she turned around, and shouted aloud.

    The disciples that were at the helm of controlling these ships moved into action when they heard her words.

    The Protection Barrier spell on these three ships was activated once again. And, the ships sped away toward the deep sea.

    But then, Shi Mu's body shook, and he looked in the direction of the coast.

    An incomparably thick white light shot up to the sky near the coast. Shi Mu and the others could clearly see that light even though it was far from their ships.

    Near the seacoast... in the air...

    Old Man Wu Chen withdrew his gaze from the distant sea surface, and a trace of anger flashed through his eyes. But, it remained just for a fleeting moment!

    Suddenly, his whole body got curled-up in hundreds of feet thick white light beam. Also, a white seal suspended over his head, and started to rotate in a slow manner. It was also sending forth bright rays of light that seemed to be soaring to the sky.

    Liu An stood not far in front of him. His complexion looked pale. He was bleeding from the corners of his mouth as well as many other places on his body... so much so that almost half his body had been dyed red.

    However, he didn't seem to be paying attention to his injuries. He waved his hands, and read an incantation in a loud manner.

    The pale-golden ghost's head emanated magnificent blood-red radiance as a result. Then, it opened its mouth, and spouted nine masses of blood-red fog back-to-back. The red fog took the form of a dense blood cloud.

    The miraculous radiance that the pale-golden ghost's head had just emanated dimmed once again after this attack!

    Howling sounds of a ghost started to ring in the blood-red cloud. Then, numerous fierce ghost-shadows appeared in the blood cloud, and started making threatening gestures... as if they were choosing the people they wanted to devour.

    Old Man Wu Chen sneered, and chanted a spell. Then, he clasped his hands in front of his body, and gave them a flick.

    The white seal integrated into the thick light beam. Then, the thick white light beam flashed and changed into an enormous light-blade that nearly reached the sky. After that, it was hacked toward Liu An.

    The light-blade seemed to have sucked the air that it had passed through. At the same time, it made the surrounding air twist and distort.

    Liu An took a deep breath, and shouted at top of his voice. The blood-red cloud that was billowing in front of him condensed into a blood-red human skeleton; it was hundreds of feet in size. The bucktooth in its mouth looked ferocious, and the surface of its body was covered in blood-red blazing flames. There was an inexhaustible ominous aura around its body.


    Liu An waved his hand, and the gigantic blood-red skeleton complied with his order. It then punched straight toward the white light blade.


    An earth-shaking rumble was heard!

    And, it seemed as if the void had been torn apart in a moment. In addition, several huge cracks had appeared in the surrounding, and layers of mighty waves had started to surge on the sea's surface by the impact of this collision.

    The two large boats weren't far from the battlefield. The crowd of Dark Moon Cult's disciples who were on these ships suddenly felt as if a mighty thunderbolt had exploded near their ears. The impact had almost torn apart their eardrums. Moreover, their faces and other sensory organs had also been left to bleed by this impact. There were some people among them who weren't as strong as others. Those people had received a severe jolt from the intense magic power waves, and had died on the spot.

    The massive blood-red human skeleton was in the air when it fell prey to this terrorizing collision, and got smashed to pieces. Then, it changed into the billowing blood-red clouds once again.

    Even Liu An couldn't remain unaffected. He also received a powerful jolt to his body. Blood streamed out of the seven openings of his face... so much so that he even puffed out a mouthful of blood. His body was sent flying far from the battlefield... as if he was a kite with a broken string. The pale-golden human skeleton issued a pitiful shriek, and turned back into a pole with a small banner. After that, it spun and shot backwards. The blood-red radiance on its surface had dimmed due to the loss of spiritual energy.

    Liu An had been sent flying hundreds of feet backwards in one fell swoop. He was barely able to stabilize his body and stand firm at the moment.

    Old Man Wu Chen's eyes revealed a look of disbelief when he noticed that Liu An was still alive. He waved his hand once again, and the green ancient sword emerged out of nowhere. The sword gave off a sky-soaring sword light. Its acute sword Qi seemed to have the ability to make a hole in the horizon.

    Liu An sucked in a deep breath. His eyes slightly narrowed, and a trace of a strange gleam flashed through the depth of his eyes. He then waved his hand, and many black magic charms appeared in his hand. Then, a mass of black Qi bubbled-up on the surface of these magic charms, and covered them completely.

    Then a "Pop" sound was heard as the magic charms were pinched and crushed by him.

    A mass of black light emerged, and it enveloped Liu An completely. The next moment, it seemed as if his body had turned into a black meteor as he fled in the direction of the deep sea. His speed was so terrifying that it seemed as if he had flashed a couple of times whilst disappearing from the field of vision.
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