Chapter 298: Massive Black Thing

    Chapter 298: Massive Black Thing

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    "Cai is very laborious. Our voyage has been smooth so far, and it's all thanks to him," Liu An said with a mild smile.

    His words had emerged from the bottom of his heart. Cai's gaze could penetrate through the water and see the depths of the sea. In fact, his vision was far more effective than the magic tools that they had originally prepared for exploring the surrounding area.

    "Bother Liu is very modest. Oh, by the way, I just heard Cai say that the number of nearby marine beasts has significantly reduced over the past few days. Could it be possible that we are very close to Western Continent?" Shi Mu asked.

    "It should be the case. Our cult had some records related to the Western Continent. And, those records suggest that we should be close to the coastal area of Western Continent at this time," Liu An seemed to be recalling something while he was speaking.

    "We will reach soon." Shi Mu's eyes brightened-up as he heard Liu An's words.

    "Brother Shi, what's your plan after reaching the Western Continent?" Liu An asked.

    "I haven't planned anything yet. I'll make the plans once I reach there," Shi Mu replied.

    The two exchanged a few more words. After that, Shi Mu found an excuse to return to his room.

    Liu An's words soon came true. A black line had appeared in the front horizon after the fleet had sailed for three days.

    All the people on board burst into cheers and acclamation. After all, people who were familiar with the sea area knew that it was a coastline.

    Shi Mu stood at the prow of the ship. His eyes were smeared with a faint golden gleam. He gazed straight ahead, and a hint of excitement flashed across his eyes.

    A brand-new world was slowly unfurling its veil of mystery to him!

    The seventeen Gigantic Vast Sea Boats were stimulated to rush to the front with full speed.

    Everyone was able to see a faint trace of green color on the coastline as the fleet continued to approach it in a gradual manner.

    "Transmit an order to everyone that they must not lower their guard before they have reached the shore!" Liu An shouted in a sinking voice at this time.

    The cheering and shouting sound of the people on board suddenly died down. Liu An's current status as the leader of this fleet had already obtained everyone's approval.

    "Well, what is that?" a Dark Moon Cult's disciple who stood beside Shi Mu pointed his finger at something in front, and shouted.

    The surrounding people also looked in that direction. They saw a black bulge on the surface of the sea. That thing was in front of them. But, it was very far from the fleet.

    "Is that an island?" someone made a guess.

    The bulge grew bigger as the fleet moved closer to it. It indeed looked like an island, but there were no trees on its surface.

    "Wrong! That's not an island. That's a marine beast!" a golden gleam flashed in Shi Mu's eyes, and he shouted at top of his voice.

    The people on board were thunderstruck as soon as these words surfaced in their ears. Liu An was present in the vicinity. However, Shi Mu's words had stolen away the color from his face!


    The black bulge didn't wait for the rest of the people to respond, and suddenly moved. This stirred-up the sea's surface, and the area within the radius of thousands of feet from the bulge surged up in a violent manner. Then, numerous whirlpools emerged on the sea's surface. The sea water seethed with excitement.

    The fleet fell in the range of this chaos. And, it was thrown into total disorder!

    "Transmit an order to turn the ships to the right as sharply as possible! Quick!" Liu An shouted aloud.

    The more than a dozen ships exerted their full strength to steady their hulls. Simultaneously, they tried to turn their helms to the right side.

    Bang! The surface of the sea suddenly burst open with a loud exploding sound!

    A monumental tentacle which was as thick as a building stretched out of the sea surface, and pounced toward Ship No. 2 which was nearby.

    The vast-stretched shadow almost blotted out the sky as it moved. The people on that ship saw this, and their complexion profoundly changed. This horrifying sight threw them into panic, and they burst out screaming and shouting.

    But, some people possessed a rather firm resolve. So, they immediately moved into action. They unleashed their sword Qi and various other magic techniques on the massive tentacle in an attempt to block it.

    However, these attacks weren't able to resist it even for a moment. They collapsed and dispersed as soon as they fell on the massive tentacle. In fact, they couldn't even leave the slightest trace on that tentacle.

    The gigantic tentacle was about to slam down onto the ship. But then, a layer of white light dazzled on the ship's surface, and condensed into a light-curtain to resist the tentacle. However, it could resist the tentacle only for an instant before it shattered into pieces. And, the tentacle fiercely pounded on the ship as a result.


    The Gigantic Vast Sea Boat was supposed to be incomparably sturdy. But, it crumbled like an egg, and turned into countless pieces the next moment.

    The disciples on-board didn't even get enough time to issue screams before they got swallowed up by the mighty wave that approached them.

    This large ship vanished from the field of vision of the surrounding people in a fleeting moment.

    The bulky tentacle had just crushed a Gigantic Vast Sea Boat. After that, loud "bang" sounds continued to be heard as it continued to pound on the surface of the sea. In fact, this issued thunderous sounds that were even louder than the sounds of thunderbolts.

    Consequently, a mountain peak appeared on the surface of the sea, and set off a mighty tidal wave.

    The ship that Shi Mu was on-board was beside that mighty tidal wave. But, it looked no better than duckweed before the enormous wave. Suddenly, the ship got rolled up by a huge wall of water, and pushed to another side. And, the hull of the ship was sent flying in the air by the impact.

    The people on that ship were also sent flying by this impact. Then, they fell heavily back on the ship. There were many people who had been standing at the edge of the boat. Those unfortunate people were thrown off the ship, and into the sea.

    Shi Mu grasped onto the ship's railing with one hand, and held on to it like a magnet. He had held onto the ship in such a firm manner that he hadn't gotten thrown off the ship even though the hull had been rising and falling in a crazy manner.

    "What is this monster?"

    There was an appalled look in Shi Mu's eyes at the moment. He had seen many gigantic sea beasts during this voyage. However, he hadn't seen such an unimaginably huge one.


    The surface of the sea burst open again, and another bulky tentacle stretched out. It darted toward ship No. 1 where Shi Mu was located.

    Shi Mu's facial expression changed. He was about to take an action...

    But then, a long and loud shriek spread from beside him. And, Liu An shot up to the sky. Then, a huge blood-red bolt of silk flew out of his body, and hacked at that bulky tentacle.


    A huge wound got split open in that tentacle, and blood puffed out. However, Liu An's body had also received a powerful jolt, and had been sent flying back toward the rear.

    A roar which was permeated with anguish spread from the surface of the sea. After that, the wounded tentacle withdrew, and returned to the sea with a "Whiz" sound.

    Then, a loud rumbling sound was heard, and the surface of the sea tumbled in a violent manner. After that, a massive silhouette emerged from the sea surface in a slow manner. The size of this beast was beyond imagination. Also, this gigantic marine beast had a strong resemblance to an octopus.

    The massive body of this beast looked like a gigantic mountain peak. Innumerable whirlpools emerged on the sea surface whenever it brandished its ten thick tentacles. Its mighty spiritual pressure was similar to the oppression of a mountain.

    Shi Mu was profoundly shocked. His eyes went wide open.


    A series of silhouettes flickered in the air one after another the next moment. A total of seven silhouettes had appeared in midair in a short period of time. And, Liu An was among them. These seven people were the remaining seven Palace Lords of the Dark Moon Cult.

    Apparently, the octopus sea beast had sensed the powerful spiritual pressure that was being released by these seven people in the air. Hence, its dancing tentacles had stopped their movement with a low roar from its mouth.

    The complexion of the seven Palace Lords looked pale at the moment. Their group comprised of seven people, but the size of the monster in front of them was insanely large. Therefore, there was no certainty that these seven people would be able to get hold of this beast even if they joined forces against it.

    "We will have to act together to pin down this gigantic black beast so that the fleet can escape!" Liu An shouted in a loud manner. Then, his Heavenly Ghost Banner released a splendid blood-red light as he wielded it toward the octopus beast.

    The other six Palace Lords also moved into action. Some of them released their spirit tools, and some summoned their spirit pets from the Dead Spirit World. Then, they pounced toward the octopus in unison.

    As for the remaining sixteen Vast Sea Gigantic Boats... could they dare to stop here even for a second? They immediately fled toward the coastline in front. A disciple on Shi Mu's ship turned his hand, and took out a green magic charm. He then mumbled something, and flung that magic charm high up in the air.

    A "Puff" sound was heard.

    The green magic charm ruptured, and generated a gust of wind. The wind inflated the huge sail of the ship, and accelerated the sailing speed of the ship by two times. After that, the ship dashed toward the coast.

    The people on other ships also exhibited a similar action, and the sixteen ships sailed away at a lightning speed.

    Shi Mu heaved a sigh of relief. He then looked toward the rear.

    Waves of loud sounds were constantly spreading like a muffled sound of thunder. Also, the water on the sea's surface seemed to be flaring up and raising mighty waves every now and then.

    The octopus had been tied up in a battle by Liu An and his team. However, it brandished its ten thick tentacles, and set off bursts of hurricanes and strong winds at this moment. The winds were so powerful that they suddenly blew away all the Palace Lords even though all of them were either an Earth-ranked or a Moon-ranked powerhouse.

    Only Liu An and Huo Qing were able to resist its blow. The other five Palace Lords didn't even dare to touch the tentacles. They could only take advantage of their small stature to move swiftly, and dodge the attacks. In addition, they would launch attacks from time to time to hold down the octopus as much as possible.

    Liu An's whole body was enveloped in a layer of blood-red light at the moment. The spiritual power of the Heavenly Ghost Banner had suffered a severe damage in his battle with Old Man Wu Chen. However, its power seemed to have recovered after it had been nurtured in warmth for a period of time. Suddenly, it transformed into a large blood-red horse-whip, and started to hit the tentacles of the octopus in a continuous manner.

    Consequently, several huge wounds appeared on the tentacles of the octopus, and it started to bleed from those wounds.

    These wounds were fairly large, but they still couldn't stop the octopus. These ordinary wounds were good enough to render acute pain to the octopus. However, this rather infuriated the octopus even more, and it issued bursts of furious roars. Then, its tentacles started to flutter in the air at even faster speed in an attempt to kill these despicable people.

    These seven people were either Earth-ranked or Moon-ranked powerhouses. Each of them had their own means for self-protection. Consequently, the octopus couldn't hit even a single person even though it continued to thrash at them in a frenzied manner.

    But then, two clusters of dim lights suddenly appeared in the depth of the octopus's tentacles... as if two eyes of the sea beast. These lights were several feet in size.

    "Be careful, it might be planning an attack." Liu An shouted.

    His voice had barely faded when a hole split open under the octopus's eyes. After that, a big ball of pitch-black liquid was shot out from there. It sent forth a pungent odor that felt very unpleasant to the nose. The black liquid then spread out in all directions, and shrouded the surrounding area in the range of hundreds of feet.

    Liu An and the others were startled since this attack couldn't be evaded. But then, various kinds of rays of light lit up on the surface of their bodies, and condensed into a Body Protecting Halo.

    However, this black liquid's corrosion quality was extremely powerful. So, it easily contaminated the Body Protecting Halo of these people. A "Chi Chi" sound was issued as the Halo started to weaken at an alarming speed.

    The octopus issued a hissing roar, and waved its tentacles. Its tentacles blotted out the sky as they whipped towards the people.

    Liu An and the others jumped out of the way at once. However, the movement of a black-faced Palace Lord among them was a little slower than the others. Consequently, he was struck and sent flying by one of the tentacles. And, a large amount of blood gushed out of his mouth as a result.

    The tentacle stretched out again, and clung to the black-faced man.

    "Palace Lord Lu!" it seemed as if Liu An's eye sockets were about to burst when he bellowed.

    The black-faced man was still alive since he had received only a few serious injuries till now. He had an alarmed expression on his face since he was desperately struggling to break free from the octopus's clutch. However, there was no way he could shake off the clutch.

    The tentacle returned to the octopus while rolling the black-faced man toward it. Then, the tentacle slipped him into the octopus's mouth.

    The octopus opened its big mouth, and swallowed the black-faced man. The painful screams of the black-faced man gradually subsided... and then disappeared.

    Liu An and the other people flew into a fit of anger. But, they neither had the courage nor the strength to take revenge from this vigorous and terrifying octopus beast.

    The octopus had just devoured one person. And, it was apparently thinking of spouting a mouthful of foul odor once again. It seemed to be in a state of elation as it waved its tentacles in the air.

    But then, its vision congealed, and swept across these six people to see the dozens of ships behind them in the distance.

    It had been in a tangle with Liu An and the others for a long time. And, the ships had sailed far away during this time.

    The octopus bellowed, and its gigantic tentacles started to dance in a wild manner. Then, it pounced in the direction of the fleet. And, its massive body seemingly turned into an enormous shadow as it pierced through surging waves.
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