Chapter 305: A Chance Encounter in the Waterfall

    Chapter 305: A Chance Encounter in the Waterfall

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    Shi Mu had felt somewhat dejected when he had left the Giant Tree Tribe. In fact, anyone would've felt the same way if they had been in Shi Mu's place.

    His pace continued to become faster as he walked farther away. Consequently, he had moved a few miles away from the tribe in a very short span of time. Finally, he stopped on a small mountain.

    The seed of gloominess that had sprouted in his heart had almost vanished by the time he arrived here.

    After all, Shi Mu had always been a man of calm mind and unaffected disposition. The rejection that he had faced in this instance was nothing but an insignificant matter for him. Besides, he had never planned to obtain any rewards from them. However, he had recently landed in a strange place. And, he had finally found a person who could have provided him some necessary information. But, he hadn't expected that the opposite party could be this intolerant towards an outsider. The tribe chief hadn't even asked the questions that were jiggling in his heart.

    But, Shi Mu could still try to find other people here since this continent was the dwelling place of many barbarian tribes.

    A black shadow flew over, and landed on Shi Mu's shoulder at this time; it was Cai.

    "Ha ha, Shi Tou is depressed since he was driven away by those people..." Cai said with a smile. He seemed to be rejoicing in Shi Mu's misfortune.

    "You're so talkative," Shi Mu flicked his finger, and a gust of wind pounded on Cai's body.

    "Ouch!" Cai exclaimed. The gust of wind staggered his body, and nearly made him fall off Shi Mu's shoulder. But, the other ridiculing words that were about to flow out of Cai's mouth slammed back into his stomach as a result.

    Shi Mu turned his head, and glanced in the direction of the Giant Tree Tribe. Then, he let out a soft sigh.

    Young Lady Lu Tang was in the middle, while those two middle-aged barbarians were on either side of her when he was on the way to their tribe along with them. Therefore, he hadn't gotten a chance to ask her about the way out of this hilly forest area.

    However, things had already gotten to this point, and Shi Mu had no other means to meet his goal. So, he was left with no other choice but to stick to his former method, and continue to advance in the western direction with his full strength.

    "Let's go," Shi Mu said. Then, he turned around, and walked into the distance.

    The sky had almost approached darkness at this moment. So, it wouldn't be long before the curtain of the night would finally fall.

    Shi Mu's plan was to get to the summit of a thousand-or-more-feet high mountain peak before the sky got shrouded in darkness.

    There was a sky-soaring mountain peak not far from him. A huge waterfall cascaded down this mountain peak; it was several hundred feet wide. It was flowing down at a very fast speed. Simultaneously, it was splashing water in all directions. "Hua Hua" the gurgling sound of water was reverberating through the ravine.

    A dozen or more protrusions were scattered along the descent of the waterfall. Black megaliths of different sizes divided the dripping water curtain into myriads of chains of glistening silver torrents. In addition, gusts of wind were constantly howling through the remote valley of the mountain peak. And, a mass of mist was also floating in this wind. It looked from afar as if a dense layer of mist had pervaded the air. The waterfall carried a magnificent and imposing aura.

    Shi Mu had never seen such a boundless waterfall in the Eastern Continent. So, he couldn't help but gaze at the waterfall for some time. After that, he found a dry place, and sized up the surrounding area for a while. He cast a simple barrier spell in the vicinity once he saw that there was nothing unusual around. And then, he sat down with his legs crossed.

    The darkness of the night gradually grew strong. A round bright moon had also slowly ascended to the sky.

    Shi Mu closed his eyes, and exhibited the posture of the Moon-Swallowing Art. He then entered his dreamland in a matter of moments.


    A vast mountain forest was towering aloft from the ground... There were numerous ancient trees on it. In fact, they seemed like numerous green umbrellas.

    The entire mountain forest was permeated with white mist. And, this mist was surprisingly permeated with rich heavenly spiritual energy... so much so that all kinds of heavenly materials, treasures, spirit grass, and spirit flowers could be seen everywhere as far as the eye could see.

    But, these exceedingly precious spiritual-attribute flowers and plants were like weeds at this place since no one seemed to have shown any interest in them.

    These ancient trees, clouds and mist, luxuriant flowers, and other precious things constituted an aesthetic landscape to behold. Unfortunately, there was no one to appreciate their beauty.

    An ape was climbing up the trunk of an old tree at this moment; its whole body was snow-white in color. It continued to move forward in a persistent manner.

    The white ape was only one-foot in height. So, it seemed to be very young. However, its golden eyes made it appear smart and quick-witted. It was repeatedly looking around. And, he was also plucking off fresh fruits to eat along the way.

    The little white ape walked out of the woods after some time. Suddenly, a loud water-splashing sound burst forth, and attracted the ape's attention. The ape's eyes drew towards a massive waterfall nearby. This thousand feet wide waterfall was pouring down in torrents. In addition, a layer of mist had spread across the entire cliff. It constituted the magnificent ambience of a wonderland.

    The water of this waterfall was faint-blue in color. It wasn't ordinary water; it was suffused with heavenly and spiritual energy.

    The little white ape's face brightened with a blissful expression as its eyes fell on this waterfall. It sprang up, and plunged into the pool under the waterfall. Then, it started to gulp mouthfuls of water. After that, it started to play in the water. It even splashed the water for some time.

    The white ape had been in the pool for a while. Therefore, the hair on its body had started to appear even more pure and refined. Also, the ape had started to give off splendid white radiance.

    The little white ape was deeply absorbed in its amusement. It was kidding around excitedly when a streak of white light suddenly descended from the sky and landed near the pool. Some pure-white flowers were fluttering and whirling in that white light.

    The white radiance gradually receded, and revealed the silhouette of a woman. She was clad in royal clothes.

    This woman's skin was as fair as a white-jade. Her slender jade-like neck and exceptionally beautiful facial features could entrance any person. In fact, her peerless beauty could leave a person incapable of looking straight at her. She was clad in a long white royal dress. Her luxuriant black hair hung down her back in a graceful manner. Her elegant figure exuded a kind of inviolable unworldly feeling... as if she was a Goddess from the Ninth Heaven.

    But, there seemed to be a hint of anxiousness on the woman's face since her smoke-black eyebrows were slightly knitted at the moment.

    Even so, she looked bright and stunning. Such beauty couldn't be seen everywhere.

    The woman swept her gaze around, and her eyes drew toward the enormous waterfall and the surrounding beautiful scenery. Her beautiful eyes brightened up, and her knitted eyebrows loosened a bit.

    The young white ape stood in the pool. It was gazing at the royally-dressed lady in amazement. Apparently, the woman's unparalleled appearance had shaken up the little white ape's mind.

    A gust of mountain wind swept over, and blew a wisp of the waterfall at this moment. The blown water happened to fall on the little ape's head, and shook him out if its trance. So, it brandished its hands and feet in a confused manner, and exuded a few squeaking sounds.

    The woman in the white royal-robe heard these sounds, and turned her head to look in the direction of the ape. She saw the little white ape's stupid appearance, and her beautiful eyes couldn't help but light-up in response.

    She waved her hand, and the white ape's body was suddenly held up by an invisible force. Then, the white ape flew out of the pool, and found itself suspended in front of the royally-dressed woman.

    "Zi Zi..." The white ape was clearly very clever. It's big, black, and sparkling eyes were gazing at the woman in front of it. It was neither afraid of her, nor hiding from her.

    The woman looked at the cute and adorable little monkey, and the corners of her mouth curved into a faint arc.

    This exceptional beauty looked like a thousand flowers in full bloom as this smile glittered across her face. In fact, her one smile seemed as if it could melt the ice and fill brightness to everything around her.

    The woman's lily-white hand gently rubbed the white ape's hairy head. Then, she turned her hand, and a red fruit appeared in her hand out of nowhere. She then held it before the white ape's body.

    The little white ape stretched out its hands, and received it. Then, it opened its mouth, and took a bite of it. An expression of pleasant surprise bloomed on its tiny face the next moment. It then swallowed down the whole fruit in two-or-three bites. After that, it gave a loud and satisfied belch since it had devoured the whole fruit very quickly. The royally-dressed woman covered her mouth, and burst into a giggle upon seeing the funny appearance of the little ape.

    However, the little white ape smacked its lips a couple of times; it seemed as if it wasn't completely satisfied. It raised its head, and gazed at the woman in a somewhat impatient manner.

    The royally-dressed woman smiled at him. Then, she took out another red fruit, and passed it to the white ape. She then waved her hand, and made the ape descend to the ground in a gentle manner.

    After that, she let out a soft sigh, and started to wander around the pool.

    The little white ape again gobbled-up the red fruit in no time. And, the hair on its body exuded even brighter silver radiance as a result. Then, the ape started to hop beside the royally-dressed woman's body; it seemed as if it didn't want to part with her so soon.

    The woman wandered around for a while, and then stopped. A layer of white radiance gleamed on her body, and she flew upward in the air.

    "Zi Zi..." the little ape shouted. Simultaneously, it stretched out its hand, and grabbed the corner of the royally-dressed woman's fluttering skirt.

    The royally-dressed woman was surprised by this. She turned back to look at the ape. She looked into the little white ape's eyes. She saw that those eyes were brimming with hope and expectation. She smiled gently, and waved her hand.

    An invisible force propped up the ape once again, and she held it in her bosom.

    The white ape's face gleamed with a delighted look, and it issued a few squeaking screams. Then, it began to act like a spoiled brat before the royally-dressed woman.

    The woman hesitated for a moment. Then, her red-lips gently opened, and she said two words to the ape. She had apparently given a name to the little ape.

    The little ape heard the words, and started to dance. It stamped its feet with happiness as if it had gained the most precious treasure. Simultaneously, it nodded again and again.

    The royal-dressed woman waved her sleeves, and a white light lifted her body. Then, she soared into the sky, and became a streak of white light.


    Shi Mu's body trembled, and he woke up from his dream.

    A group of stars was floating behind his head. Three of these stars were sparkling brightly, while one looked dim at the moment. It seemed as if that one star would take a long time to brighten up like the others had.

    The sky had regained its brightness by now. The bright red sun could be seen in the east. This was the appropriate time to begin the practice of the Sun-Swallowing Art. However, Shi Mu didn't seem to have any such intention at the moment. He simply gazed at the enormous waterfall nearby with his dazed eyes.

    The situation in the dream was still vivid in his mind. That Goddess-like outstanding beauty had made her graceful appearance only in his dream, but she had still managed to engrave a profound impression in Shi Mu's heart.

    She was like a dream-like woman to him. Her heavenly beauty was beyond comparison. In fact, she had far surpassed all the women that he had met so far.

    Ximen Xue, Zhong Xiu, and Jin Xiao Chai were exceptional beauties of this human world. But, the three women were still a little inferior to that woman in his dream. And, this stood true in terms of appearance as well as temperament.

    Shi Mu couldn't shake off a kind of indescribable familiar feeling which the royally-dressed woman had left in his heart. In fact, he felt as if he had met her somewhere before.

    He made the greatest possible effort to recall that, but he ended up empty-handed.

    He was certain that he would've had an impression of this heavenly beauty in his mind if he had seen her before.

    Finally, Shi Mu shook his head, and stood up.

    A burst of wings-flapping sound was heard, and Cai flew over from below.

    "Shi Tou, Shi Tou!" Cai shouted from afar.

    "What happened, why are you so flustered?" Shi Mu's eyebrows slightly creased.

    "Come with me quickly. Some people are fighting over there. That Young Lady of the Giant Tree Tribe from yesterday is also one of them," Cai flew over, and landed on Shi Mu's shoulder. Then, he pointed his wings in a certain direction below.

    "Oh." Shi Mu wasn't in the mood to meddle in other people's business again.

    "Her opponents are again the people of the Dark Moon Cult. And, Young Lady is dealing with all of them by herself," Cai added.

    Shi Mu thought for a moment, and then said, "Let's go and take a look at the situation." After that, he jumped off the peak. A blue light held up his body, and he flew towards the place Cai had just pointed.

    "Oh, Shi Tou, wait for me..." Cai shouted while flying behind him.

    Shi Mu landed on the ground after a few breaths. However, he was shocked to see the scene.

    The battle seemed to have ended. Lu Tang, the Young Lady of the Giant Tree Tribe appeared to be in a bad condition. Half of her body was drenched in blood. And, a huge wound had been split-open in her shoulder. She was in an unconscious state at the moment.

    Two disciples of the Dark Moon Cult also lay upside-down on the ground not far ahead; both of them had already met their death.

    Shi Mu quickly arrived in front of the green-robed girl. He then turned his hand, and took out a green magic charm. He stuck that magic charm on her wound. Then, a layer of green light pervaded the air, and enveloped the girl.

    Blood was gushing out of the wound on her shoulder. But, it immediately stopped under the effect of this magic charm. Then, Shi Mu gave her a healing pill, and stimulated his Real Qi to help it release its effect.
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