Chapter 310: Red-ringed Demon Python

    Chapter 310: Red-ringed Demon Python

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    Shi Mu's strike went well as he had expected. He then took advantage of the swordsman whose half body had sunk into the ground. Shi Mu's body flashed, and he pounded his leg on the swordsman's chest with full force... like a long whip.


    The swordsman was kicked, and sent flying in the air. He flew a few feet backwards before he crashed to the ground.

    His subordinates hadn't thought that their leader would be defeated in a single blow. These people had been planning to pounce upon Shi Mu just a moment ago. But, their bodies turned stiff when they witnessed this scene. They gazed into Shi Mu's eyes with a petrified look on their face.

    Shi Mu stood up while fiddling with a black beast soul bag. He had seized the chance, and grabbed this beast soul bag from the swordsman right before the swordsman was kicked to fly in the air.

    He then poured his spirit sense into the bag, and his face beamed with a hint of delighted look.

    The swordsman crawled up to his feet with difficulty. And, a wisp of blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. The fact was that two bones of his ribs had been broken by Shi Mu's kick. A hint of fear was clearly visible in his eyes at the moment.

    Shi Mu shot a glance at the swordsman. Then, his gaze turned to see the other people around him. Those people hurried back to the side, and made way for him to pass.

    Shi Mu turned around, and walked away.

    "Suo Suo..." but, he had barely taken a few steps when a light sound spread from afar.

    "Shi Tou, watch out. There's something ahead!" Cai exclaimed. He had been standing on Shi Mu's shoulder this entire time.

    Shi Mu was startled to see a little fluctuation in the mist ahead. Then, an enormous shadow emerged from within the mist, and rushed towards him at a very fast speed.

    The massive head of a snake extended from the dense mist. It was almost as big as a house. The snake's pupils were emitting a strange red radiance... like a pair of lanterns. In addition, there were two bulges on either side of the snake's head... as if a pair of horns was about to grow out.

    The snake's massive body came into appearance; it was twenty-or-thirty feet in length. Its entire body was covered with a layer of bright-red ring-like patterns.

    "Hiss Hiss..." a hissing sound was heard as the huge black python flicked its red tongue out. The python then stared at the people below on the ground, and its huge eyeballs radiated ice-like cold radiance.

    It shot a wide-expanse shadow over the surrounding people's heads. And, the wisp of an indescribable spine-chilling spiritual aura made its frightening appearance, and plummeted down on the people. It pervaded the air over the gloomy swamp, and made it gloomier than ever. It was so oppressive that the people didn't dare to take a long breath.

    Shi Mu's complexion turned slightly pale. The spiritual pressure that the black python had just emitted was very close to that of Lord Xue Kui's. The black python was apparently at the peak of the Earth-rank primary stage.

    But, Shi Mu didn't make any moves. He instead gazed straight into the python's eyes with calmness.

    Shi Mu was still able to steady himself, but the others weren't.

    "The Red-ringed Demon Python!" someone in the group took the lead, and shouted aloud. Then, he broke into a run, and fled into the distance.

    The others also fled into the distance when they saw that one of their companions had taken the lead.

    A cold look gleamed in the Red-ringed demon python's eyes as it saw this scene. "Hu" a sound like that of a gust of wind was heard. And, the python crossed over a hundred feet of distance in an instant to catch up with a person. Then, it stretched open its big mouth, and bit the upper half of that person's body.

    A blood-curdling screech spread from the python's mouth. But, that screech resounded only for a fleeting moment. The python had raised its head, and swallowed down that person in this fleeting moment.

    The other people issued screams of horror when they witnessed this scene. Then, they accelerated their speed, and ran speedily. They seemed to be regretting the fact that they were born with only two legs.

    They were indeed very fast, but there was no chance of them surpassing the insane speed of the Red-ringed Demon Python. Barely a dozen of breaths had passed when another one of them was devoured by the python; he was the fastest one in his group, and had covered two-or-three hundred feet distance.

    However, Shi Mu stood still in the same place in a silent manner. He didn't take advantage of the situation to escape. Instead, a faint golden light flowed in his eyes, and he started to observe the slaughtering style of the Red-ringed Demon Python in a calm manner. In addition, the Real Qi in his lower abdomen had long been circulating in his body at an incredible speed.

    The fact was that Shi Mu had just tried to summon Yan Luo, but he didn't receive the slightest response from it. So, he knew that he couldn't count on Yan Luo's timely help.

    Shi Mu couldn't even think of running away from here. It was because he knew that he wouldn't be able to run a thousand feet from this monstrous python even if he stimulated the movement of his blue jade shuttle. Therefore, he thought that he'd better confront it with his full strength. Then, he might find a slim chance of survival in due course.

    The only person that remained in that group was that swordsman. But, he was also killed, and swallowed up by the python regardless of how hard he tried and struggled. After that, the python slowly turned its head toward Shi Mu.

    "Do you also belong to the Fierce Snake Tribe? I can sense the aura of the demon python's beast soul which is sealed in your body," a muffled voice spread from the Red-ringed Demon Python's mouth.

    "If you feel so... then that's exactly the case," Shi Mu replied.

    "You're not like those people who broke into a run as soon as they saw me. In fact, you're rather courageous. But, you're bound to meet your death since you're also one of the Fierce Snake Tribesmen!" the monstrous python issued a sneer-like neighing sound while sticking its tongue out of its mouth a few times.

    The python's voice had barely faded when it made an abrupt jump. Its enormous body galloped toward Shi Mu along with the whistling sound of the wind. It was apparently not in the mood to drag a pointless conversation with Shi Mu.

    A black shadow flashed, and the bulky snake tail was whipped toward him with great force. The tail set off a gust of wind as it swept toward him.

    A black light flickered on Shi Mu's chest at the same time, and closely-packed snake scales sprouted all over his body. Shi Mu had completed the totem body transformation in an instant. After that, circles of black light-beams started to burst forth from his body. Simultaneously, his whole body released a wisp of enormous spiritual aura.

    The whistling tail of the python was about to fall on Shi Mu's body, but he didn't budge. He instead issued a low shout, and the Real Qi of his entire body gushed into his right arm. Then, he pounded his fist forward, and a black light burst out of his fist like a small black sun.

    Boom! A loud explosive sound burst into the air!

    The python's tail received a powerful jolt, and was thrown away as if it had knocked against a huge wall.

    However, Shi Mu had also been affected by the vicious attack of the python's massive tail. He was sent flying by the overwhelming effect of the tremendous force. In fact, he felt as if his body had been struck by a cannonball. He crashed to the ground almost hundred feet away from his original place with full force. This set off layers of splashes of muddy water in the vicinity.

    However, Shi Mu saw that the python was swaying its tail. It was apparently in great pain since several scales on its tail had shattered.

    "I hadn't expected that a young boy with average cultivation could command such remarkable strength. However, this is where the buck stops for you!" The python issued an infuriated hissing roar. And, its huge body swooped down toward Shi Mu. Simultaneously, the bright-red ring-shaped patterns on its body gleamed magnificently, and its momentum increased to a certain extent.

    The python flew over to the place where Shi Mu had just crashed in a split second. However, it didn't see anyone around. Shi Mu had disappeared from there without a trace.

    The python was dumbstruck.

    But then, a green light glinted behind its body. And, a silhouette drilled out of the ground; it was Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu's complexion looked deathly pale, and a wisp of blood was flowing from the corners of his mouth. He was evidently not in a good condition after having sustained such a terrifying blow. However, an exquisite light flickered in his eyes, and his black blade exuded a blade-light which shot up to the sky. Then, the black blade-light appeared over the python's head, and swept toward it with a force that was as powerful as a thunderbolt.

    But, the python quickly swept its tail backwards.

    A "Peng" sound was heard as the black light and the red light intertwined, and sent forth flickering light beams.

    The demon python's monster-like eyes congealed to see that the miraculous protective glow on the surface of its body had been shattered by the impact of the immense force. Moreover, the scales on its tail had broken, and a blood light had appeared there. Also, a wound had been cut open on the tail, and blood was splashing out of it.

    The Red-ringed Demon Python issued a scream in anguish.

    A whistling sound was heard almost at the same time, and a small golden sword flew out of Shi Mu's mouth. Then, the sword inflated against the wind until it reached the size of a door. It then changed into a dozen or more sword-shadows, and hacked towards the python.

    This golden sword wasn't a low-ranked weapon. Shi Mu had been nurturing it in a warm temperature over this period of time. So, the greater part of its spiritual property had been restored by now. Moreover, its power had also substantially increased.


    The python felt a huge spiritual pressure cascading down on its body. And, the miraculous protective glow on its body collapsed once again. Then, the golden sword-shadow thrust into its body, and cut-open a huge wound therein. Fresh blood splattered in all directions as a result.


    The python sent out a thunderous roar, and its huge head appeared in front of Shi Mu the next moment. Then, its big and ferocious mouth parted wide-open, and spurted out a green liquid substance straight toward Shi Mu.

    The green substance hadn't arrived yet, but a whiff of an unpleasant odor hit Shi Mu head-on.

    "That's very poisonous!" Shi Mu was alarmed. He slammed his foot on the ground, and shot back at lightning speed.

    Shi Mu dodged the attack, but his arm still got stained with it a bit. Consequently, his clothes eroded due to the corrosive potency of the liquid. His black scales also issued a 'Chi Chi' sound as the python's venom dropped on them.

    Fortunately, these black scales were the three-headed ominous python's scales. So, they had a very high resistance to such venom.

    Shi Mu's fingers moved a bit in order to stimulate a magic spell. And, several shadows of the golden sword started to hover around in midair. Then, they turned into a door-sized large sword, and hacked toward the python once again.

    The trace of an alarmed look finally surfaced in the python's eyes. Apparently, it hadn't anticipated that the power of Shi Mu's spirit tool could be so overwhelming.

    Its huge body coiled into a multi-layered cake-like structure. Then, the two bulges on the top of its head flickered, and an arrow-like red light burst out of them. The red light dashed, and collided with the golden sword head-on.

    The golden flying sword was struck, and sent flying with a loud "Bang" sound the next moment.

    The tensed expression in the python's eyes loosened a bit as it noticed that its primary magic power was capable-enough to withstand this fierce flying sword. It felt a great relief in its heart as this thought crossed its mind.

    Suddenly, a whistling sound spread again, but from another side this time.

    The python turned its head only to see a jade blue shuttle floating under Shi Mu's feet. Moreover, Shi Mu had already pounced over in front of it while holding two weapons in his hands - a blade and a stick.

    The black blade and the stick flashed simultaneously, and a blade-light and a stick-shadow came into appearance. Then, they fell on the python's body like layers of mighty surging waves.

    The degree of sharpness and hardness of the present black blade had far surpassed the previous black blade even though it had been stripped off its magic formula.

    The python felt a wisp of a massive and seemingly irresistible force. It had spread from the blade-light and stick-shadow which were about to touch its body. And, several long and deep scars were inflicted on its body by the black blade the next moment. Simultaneously, many of the scales on the surface of its body were crushed to fragments by the stick-shadow.

    "How dare you injure me?! I'll skin you, and swallow you alive. Otherwise, I will never be able to shake off the hatred that has emerged in my heart!"

    The python issued a loud roar filled with resentment. Then, a spurt of red light burst out of its body, and condensed into a massive virtual python shadow. The virtual shadow then shrouded its entire body.

    The python spun round like a spinning top next moment. And, its tail swayed up-and-down, and formed an enormous red crisscrossed shadow in the sky. Then, its tail swept towards Shi Mu to thrash him.

    "That's not good!"

    Shi Mu was alarmed by this. The long blue shuttle under his feet shone brightly, and flew backwards.

    However, it was already too late. He had barely moved a few feet back when he was caught, and thrashed by the red shadow which had spread everywhere in the sky.


    A mouthful of blood gushed out of Shi Mu's mouth. Then, he sustained several directs hit by the python tail in a short moment. His Real Qi as well as his scales collapsed and dissipated one after another. His body was eventually struck, and sent flying in the air once again.

    A gleam of joy flashed through the python's eyes. It then stretched its tail, and caught up with Shi Mu almost instantly. Then, its tail grabbed Shi Mu, and rolled his body back to it.

    Then, the python opened its huge and ferocious mouth as if it wanted to bite Shi Mu, and split him in two parts.

    All Shi Mu felt at this moment was the immense force that had fallen upon him. However, he clenched his teeth, and tried to move on of his hands in order to stimulate at the last moment.

    The golden sword in the air suddenly brightened up. Then, it thrust toward one of the python's eyes with a shrill and ear-piercing sound. Shi Mu wanted to embrace the plan of bilateral loss and injury at this juncture.

    The fear of the golden sword still had a strong clutch on the Red-ringed Demon Python's heart. Therefore, it immediately gave up the thought of tearing at Shi Mu. The two bulges on the top of its head radiated bright red light, and condensed into a long and arrow-shaped red light. Then, this red light struck toward the golden flying sword.

    Meanwhile, the python's huge body twisted, and drew back. It obviously wanted to crush Shi Mu to death with its full strength.

    Then, a wisp of inexplicable force suddenly pressed down on Shi Mu, and made his complexion turn red. Shi Mu felt as if he was on the brink of suffocation due to this irresistible pressure.

    His whole body should've been crushed to death by now, but it hadn't happened. This was because his body had gone through many painstaking body-tempering sessions during the practice of the six layers of the Art of Breeding Strong Evil Ape. In addition, he had already resorted to the totem body transformation while fighting with this demon python.

    However, it seemed that he wouldn't be able to endure this overwhelming force for long.
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