Chapter 311: The Big Vicious Barbarian City

    Chapter 311: The Big Vicious Barbarian City

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    Shi Mu was in a desperate situation. So, he clenched his teeth to endure the pain. Simultaneously, he stimulated the movement of the golden sword in order to attack the python. He wanted to do so in order to create an opportunity to escape from its grip. He then actuated the operation of his Real Qi and the magic power in his body with all his strength. And, a layer of body-protecting Real Qi emerged on his body once again. Then, he began to activate the Qi Spirit Shield for his protection.

    "Don't waste your strength!"

    The Red-ringed Demon Python had apparently felt Shi Mu's resistance. Therefore, it twisted its body to impose more force. Consequently, the pressure on Shi Mu's body increased to twice its previous intensity. The layer of Real Qi-condensed shield on Shi Mu's body couldn't withstand this increased pressure, and crumbled with a "Bang" sound. Consequently, Shi Mu didn't even get enough time to display the Qi Spirit shield.

    The Qi and blood in Shi Mu's body started to tumble in a crazy manner. Also, a "Ge Ge" sound began to spread from the bones of his entire body. It seemed as if this enormous pressure could crush his entire body at any moment. His Real Qi and magic power were stirred-up so much so that they started to flow in his body in a chaotic manner.

    But then, two wisps - one of Real Qi and one of magic power - rushed forth into his mind.

    Then, two "Peng" sounds were heard.

    The golden crystal grain and the silver crystal grain in his mind shattered into pieces as soon as they came in contact with the wisp of Real Qi and the wisp of magic power respectively. They shattered, and turned into two virtual shadows. One of them was a golden sun-shadow, while the other was a silvery-white moon-shadow.

    Then, the two shadows flashed and transformed into a golden air current and a silver air current. The two air currents then merged together in his mind, and took the shape of a golden and silver vortex. This vortex then started to rotate slowly.

    Then, a fervent flow rushed out of the bi-colored vortex with a loud "Boom" sound, and started to flow throughout Shi Mu's body.

    Shi Mu felt as if his blood had been set on fire for a while. In fact, he experienced a surge of a dry and fervent feeling from head to toe. This feeling seemed too difficult to endure.

    Shi Mu's body then emanated a magnificent white radiance. Simultaneously, an incomparably huge virtual shadow of a gigantic white ape emerged behind his body. It was so huge that it seemed as if it was connecting the earth to the sky. The white ape's shadow shot a fierce and angry glance at the Red-ringed Demon Python. Simultaneously, its eyes gleamed with a bright golden light.

    The white ape's shadow had merely shot a glance at the python, but it was dangerous enough to flare up a strong sense of fear in its heart.

    It felt as if it had run into a huge and irresistible monster that was its natural enemy; the python's massive body couldn't help but tremble. It immediately lay prostrate on the ground before the white ape shadow.

    The python also loosened its grip on Shi Mu's body.

    Shi Mu was surprised to see these things. He couldn't understand why the python had bent its head on the ground all of a sudden.

    However, Shi Mu had experienced countless battles over the years. So, his vast experience naturally allowed him to think that he shouldn't let this golden opportunity slip by. Therefore, his fingers immediately moved to cast a spell.

    The golden sword in midair shone with magnificently bright radiance as Shi Mu's fingers moved. Then, it inflated and became seventy-or-eighty feet in size in a flash. The splendid brilliance of the golden sword dazzled like a golden sun.

    The massive golden sword flashed across the sky, and hacked toward the python's neck with a loud crashing sound.

    A buzzing sound was heard in the surrounding along with the whistling sound of wind. And, it seemed as if the space and time had frozen for an instant.

    The python's body got stiffened. And, a circle of blood appeared around its sturdy neck.

    The fact was that the house-sized huge head of the python had been cut off its body just a moment ago. It tumbled down with a loud "Peng" sound like a huge rock carrying a few decrepit. The greater part of the head sank into the swamp.

    The python was dead, but it continued to make a few twitches for some time. Simultaneously, an endless stream of deep-red blood gushed out of its body like a waterfall, and dyed the nearby ground and swamp red.

    The white ape's shadow behind Shi Mu's body had long disappeared without a trace. It had appeared only for a fleeting second.

    Shi Mu fell to the ground, but there was still a blank expression on his face.

    He flung his head a couple of times, and regained his sobriety. But then, he saw something that made his face beam with a blissful look.

    He saw that a cluster of red light had flown from the severed head of the python, and was trying to flee into the distance.

    "You want to run away?!"

    Shi Mu thundered, and a dazzling black radiance gleamed on his body. Then, a huge shadow of a four-headed python appeared behind him.

    The python's shadow flashed to chase after the cluster of red light. Then, one of the snake heads opened it mouth, and bit that cluster of light.

    "Don't kill me! Otherwise, you will be subjected to a definite death..."

    There was a miniature red snake amid that cluster of light. It was desperately struggling, but was unable to break free from the clutch.

    The other three snake heads also pounced over, and tore at the cluster of red light. They tore the red mass of light to pieces, and then swallowed it.

    Shi Mu felt a burst of dry and fervent feeling surging in his chest when they swallowed the red light. Also, the totem pattern on his chest emitted a dazzling red light which shrouded his entire body.

    The four-headed ominous python's virtual shadow behind his body suddenly released bright rays of light. And, a fifth snake head began to grow beside them.

    Shi Mu's face radiated with exultation as he witnessed this scene. Then, something crossed his mind, and he grabbed the beast soul bag that hung on his waist. He then pulled the string of the bag with one hand, and a bunch of beast souls began to fly out of it in quick succession. They then started to submerge into the four-headed python's virtual shadow one after another.

    The ominous python's totem on Shi Mu's chest suddenly emitted dazzling luminescence. Then, the python's virtual shadow behind his body flashed, and the fifth snake head grew up at an astounding speed. Simultaneously, a wisp of immense force reverberated in the totem within Shi Mu's body.

    Shi Mu's face sparkled with an indescribable ecstasy as he felt that the strength of his totem had become exceptionally immense now. He had apparently broken through a certain threshold, and ascended to an altogether new realm.

    Shi Mu closed his eyes, and felt the surging strength of the totem in his body.

    He opened his eyes after some time. Then, a ray of light flashed on his chest-totem as soon as he stimulated its strength.

    The black scales sprouted on his body once again, and covered his entire body. In addition, his body grew by half-a-foot. He had completed the totem body-transformation in a split second.

    However, the snake scales that had sprouted on his body this time gave him a completely different kind of feeling.

    The fact was that there was a layer of sparkling and translucent radiance on the black scales this time... as if the scales were covered with a thin film.

    Then, an explosion took place before Shi Mu's eyes, and his sensing ability jumped to a new realm. The fact was that his five senses had undergone an earth-shaking change after this explosion. Also, the speed of the vortex of Real Qi in his body had increased to a great extent. Moreover, it had turned into a liquid form. Shi Mu's body had begun to exude a wisp of incredibly mighty spiritual aura after these changes.

    Then, the black light condensed behind him, and took the form of a faint shadow of a five-headed ominous python's magic image.

    "Earth-rank!" Shi Mu muttered to himself.

    He noticed that his totem had finally made a breakthrough to the fifth python head. So, he could to enhance his strength to the Earth-rank at one fell swoop if he stimulated the beast transformation to change his body.

    All Shi Mu could feel at this moment was a surge of inexplicably formidable strength running throughout his body. This new strength had surpassed his previous strength by far.

    He estimated that there was now a seventy percent certainty that he would triumph over that Red-ringed Demon Python if he were to face it again with his present strength.

    "Shi Tou! How did you..."

    Cai swooped down from the sky at this moment. But, a fearful look spread across his face as he felt Shi Mu's escalated strength. In fact, he didn't dare to approach him.

    Shi Mu's eyebrows twitched into a frown as he heard his voice. He relieved the totem body-transformation, and the black scales on his body immediately disappeared. Simultaneously, the liquid vortex of Real Qi in his lower abdomen which was rotating at an incredible speed reverted to the gaseous state. In addition, the formidable spiritual aura that he was exuding restored to its original state.

    Cai felt relieved, and landed on his shoulder.

    "Shi Tou, you looked awfully dreadful when you were in that transformed state. Don't tell me you have already broken through the Earth Realm?" Cai asked.

    Shi Mu nodded.

    "That's wonderful. You possess tremendous strength now. Can we go straight to the Rising to Heavens Mountain Peak now?" Cai asked in an excited manner.

    "Don't get too excited. It's true that I'm able to achieve the strength equivalent to the Earth-rank, but I can do so only after undergoing the beastly transformation. And, this kind of strength can't be considered as extraordinary in the Western continent. Anyway, we have to get out of this Swamp of Snakes first. Then, we will head to Peaceful Sun City in order to pull out some necessary information related to the Rising to Heavens Mountain Peak. We will draft our further plans thereafter," Shi Mu considered for a long time. Then, he shook his head and said.


    A few days later... it was almost dusk when Shi Mu finally stepped out of the Swamp of Snakes.

    There was a big dusky city not far from the swamp. It had stood majestically through the course of time. The city walls looked magnificent and towering. They stretched to either side in such a manner that it seemed as if there was no end to them.

    This city was called the Peaceful Sun City. It was the largest barbarian city in the eastern region of the Western Continent.

    Lookout posts stood upright on either side of the hundred-feet-wide black city gates.

    A dozen or more barbarian soldiers stood at the city gates. They were in the uniform of the Fierce Snake Tribe, and were inspecting the people who wanted to enter the city.

    According to the regulations... a person could enter the city free of charge if they belonged to the Fierce Snake Tribe. The only thing that they needed to do in order to enter the city was to get their name registered. However, the people of the other tribes had to pay ten spirit stones as the entrance fees.

    Ten spirit stones was undoubtedly a huge sum of money for an ordinary person in the Eastern Continent. After all, they were equivalent to three or four-hundred-thousand silver coins. However, they didn't seem anything big in the Western Continent... And, that was perhaps due to the abundance of natural resources in this place.

    There was a big queue of barbarians of the other tribes in front of Shi Mu, and all of them were quickly paying the entrance fees. Therefore, Shi Mu felt that he had to do the same.

    The corners of Shi Mu's mouth curved into a grin, and he cursed a few words inwardly. However, he didn't speak anything. He just threw out ten spirit stones, and walked straight into the city.

    Shi Mu's eyes widened the moment he entered the city.

    The thoroughfare that led to the front was large enough to accommodate ten vehicles side-by-side. In addition, nearly all the buildings on either side of this road had been built with huge rocks; the appearance of these buildings looked majestic and extremely sturdy.

    There were rows of stores along the streets. The street was buzzing with the hustles and bustles of people at the moment. Most of the people on the street were barbarians of different tribes judging from their appearance. However, there were also some grey-robed humans in this crowd.

    Shi Mu wasn't unfamiliar with this kind of clothing. He knew that these grey-robed people were the disciples of the Western Dark Moon Cult.

    The present situation allowed Shi Mu to conclude that the Dark Moon Cult and the Barbarians race had maintained a very harmonious relationship with each other here.

    A veiled barbarian woman walked past Shi Mu at this moment. She had a very slim and graceful figure. She had attracted Cai's attention.

    The woman wore a close-fitting long skirt that was silver, blue, and gold in color. It was gracing the curves of her body in a magnificent manner. A small portion of her arms were exposed from her shirt. And, they looked exceptionally smooth and white. Her face was veiled, but her large and glistening eyes looked conspicuous on her veiled faced.

    Cai immediately started to drool. Then, he became clamorous, "Shi Tou, Shi Tou, look at that girl! Quickly!"

    The barbarian woman also heard Cai's screeching. She turned her head, and threw a surprised look at Shi Mu. But then, the expression in her eyes became very fervent.

    Shi Mu was tall and strong. His distinct features like his big eyes and thick eyebrows were considered striking in the Human race. Moreover, Shi Mu had passed through years of hardships, experience, and slaughtering. Therefore, the wild and untamed aura around his body had become even stronger than that of any fierce barbarian man. On top of that, his jumping and swaying black torrent-like hair gave off a sense of bridle pride that was also a unique trait.

    This kind of disposition naturally had the greatest appeal to barbarian women.

    "Shi Tou, that girl is staring at you," Cai shouted loudly.

    Shi Mu stole a glance at the barbarian woman. Then, he flicked at Cai's head in anger, and shouted at him, "Shut up!"

    "Well, this barbarian woman is much hotter than any human woman. Shi Tou, you're not interested in her?"

    "We've barely set foot in this city. So, you'd better keep a low-profile for now. Be careful that you don't get caught. Otherwise, your hair will be plucked off, and you'll be eaten alive. I've heard that the barbarians love eating raw meat!" Shi Mu said.

    Cai's body shook up, and he looked at the people around. He saw that no one had noticed him yet. This made him heave a sigh of relief.

    But then, a whiff of exotic fragrance drifted into Cai's nose. He sucked in a long breath, and looked at Shi Mu. He then said in a pitiful manner, "Shi Tou, Cai is hungry. We've been on the road for a long time. So, there was nothing delicious to eat. I look much thinner now."

    Shi Mu's lips curled into a grin and he said, "You didn't get anything to eat...? Vomit out those spirit stones, and give them back to me."

    "You can't say that. Your bag is bulging nowadays. So, such a small number of spirit stones can be considered very insignificant in your eyes. The delicious food here is so rare to come by... Shi Tou..." Cai grumbled with some dissatisfaction.

    "Wait until the meal time. Then, you can speak about this matter again!" Shi Mu said in a manner that made it seem as if he was in foul mood. After that, he went straight ahead.
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