Chapter 314: A Bet of Three Strikes

    Chapter 314: A Bet of Three Strikes

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    "Hey, Shi Tou, that dragon General Zhao Kui just mentioned... He isn't talking about that Red-ringed Demon Python that you had killed?" Cai asked in a soft voice.

    "I'm afraid he is," Shi Mu replied in a casual manner.

    "This..." Cai felt somewhat uneasy when he heard the reply.

    "Are you afraid of something? There is no living witness to that incident. So, put off this discussion until a later time, and focus on the present situation," Shi Mu replied.

    The conversation between the three powerhouses continued in midair outside the city.

    "I don't want to make things difficult for you today. Hand over the murderer who has killed the fellow younger brother of my race. And, I assure you that I will make them withdraw. Otherwise, this person vows that he will raze this Peaceful Sun City to the ground," the cloaked man's cold voice resounded.

    "Your Excellency's words have unfurled a suspicion in my heart. I had received a message a few days back that there was an Earth-ranked python demon beast in the Swamp of Snakes. And, it was slaughtering both humans and barbarians that would pass through there. Presumably, that python was the same fellow younger brother of Your Excellency?" the golden-crowned middle-aged man, You Can's eyebrows creased as he said.

    "That's right. So what?" Ao Kui said in a cold voice.

    "Humph! That fellow brother of your race has killed more than a hundred people of both Human and Barbarian races so far. So, how should we settle this account?" You Can said with a cold snort.

    "It's ridiculous! Swamp of Snakes falls into the territory of our Demon Race. However, the people of both Human and Barbarian races have been visiting it arbitrarily over the last couple of years. Moreover, they have preyed on a number of my fellow tribesmen during this time. So, this is nothing but a self-inflicted disaster, that's all." Ao Kui said.

    "In that case... Your Excellency similarly has no right to complain about the murder of your fellow younger brother. Your fellow brother mustn't have been as good as his opponent. So, this is also a matter of self-inflicted disaster," You Can sneered as he replied.

    Ao Kui blazed in a fit of fury, and his body exuded a tremendous amount of black light. Simultaneously, an overwhelming and terrifying force burst forth from his body, and proliferated in all directions.

    In the city... Shi Mu felt a slight chill in his heart.

    Ao Kui's strength was evidently far beyond the astonishing strength of that Red-ringed Demon Python. He was probably at the advanced stage of the Earth realm.

    "Noble Friend Ao Kui, I request that you not rush into a fight. Please allow this humble woman to share her views," Pang Yu finally opened her mouth and said; she had been standing beside You Can this entire time with her mouth shut. Her voice was similar to that of an oriole leaving the valley. The people's heart skipped a beat when they heard her melodious voice.

    Ao Kui's brows snapped into a frown, but he couldn't refrain from looking at Pang Yu a couple of times. The black radiance on the surface of his body somewhat subsided.

    "Noble Friend Ao Kui, this humble woman has also heard about the strength of the fellow brother of Your Excellency's race. He was regarded as an expert in your race. Let's assume for a moment that City Lord You Can had personally undertaken the task to dispose of your fellow brother. However, it would've been impossible for him to kill your fellow brother with ease... regardless of how confident he would've been about his victory. In addition, we only have a handful of Earth-ranked warriors, and all of them are inside the city these days. They haven't stepped outside the city. So, it's highly unlikely that anyone of them would've entered the Swamp of Snakes. Our noble friend can personally investigate whether this humble woman's statement is true or not if he doesn't believe it. Also, the Demon Race already has many spies outside the city. So, Your Excellency must know whether anyone of us had left the city or not," Pang Yu said.

    "Both Barbarian and Human races are very deceitful. It appears that you want to cover it up. So, how could those people detect it? Besides, I don't care about those people. I shall forthwith issue an order to besiege the city if you don't hand over the murderer," Ao Kui's eyebrows twitched upward, and he said with a sneer.

    "Your Excellency is indeed very conceited. Can it be that you don't have even a little respect for us?" You Can's brows creased as he said.

    "He he, you're right about this. This Ao has never cared about both Barbarian and Human races. So, cut the crap. Hand over the murderer now, or be prepared to die!" The black radiance on Ao Kui's body brightened once again.

    "Enough of this wild and boastful talk!" You Can was enraged; so much so that blue veins burst out on his forehead. It seemed that he was about to move into action.

    "Wait a minute," Pang Yu appeared in front of You Can like a flash of lightning, and blocked his path.

    "Dear Friend Ao Kui, I don't know what the outcome of this war will be. But, one thing is certain... both sides will suffer huge losses if you choose to initiate the war. As far as I know... there are plenty of people that are targeting the throne of the Tribe's Chief in your Python Demon tribe. You might be able to make us suffer a crushing defeat today. However, your strength will be severely affected as well. And, I'm afraid that you might not be able to retain the seat of the Tribe's Chief afterwards," Pang Yu said.

    Ao Kui's eyebrows creased, and his face revealed a hint of hesitation.

    "This humble woman has a proposal to put forth. How about we make a bet?" Pang Yu said.

    "A bet?" Ao Kui knitted his brows.

    "Yes, this humble woman and City Lord You Can will receive three of Your Excellency's strokes. Your Excellency will be allowed to enter the city and look for that murderer... if he succeeds in hitting any one of us. We won't raise any objection in this regard after that. However, I request Your Excellency to command your tribesmen to retreat in case the two of us turn out lucky enough to evade all three of your attacks. How about it?" Pang Yu said.

    You Can's eyes flashed, and he stole a glance at Pang Yu. But, he didn't say anything to stop her.

    Ao Kui saw the facial expression of the two people, and knitted his brows in thoughtful concentration. He didn't speak anything for a moment.

    "What's wrong? Are you afraid of this bet, Ao Kui?" You Can sneered as he spoke-up in a sarcastic tone.

    "Fine, I accept this provoking plan today. It's a deal," Ao Kui was enraged as he heard You Can's sarcasm. So, he shouted back in reply.

    "In that case... Your Excellency, please make your moves," Pang Yu waved her sleeves, and her body fluttered a few feet back.

    A faint-green radiance also bubbled-up on You Can's body; he stood not far from Pang Yu.

    The demons outside the city, and the humans and barbarians in the city became silent. They were looking towards the showdown in an anxious manner.

    Shi Mu was still standing on that high-rise building in the city. He folded his hands across his chest, and waited to watch the bet between these three people. His face was smeared with a hint of great interest at the moment.

    After all, this highly intense confrontation was a once in a lifetime opportunity to observe and emulate. This experience would certainly play a significant role in his future practices. In fact, it would also impart various styles of fighting to him for his future battles. So, it was worth watching.

    "Shi Tou, they are going to fight, and all this happened because of you. But, it seems as if you're waiting to watch a play here like a bystander," Cai mumbled when he saw Shi Mu like this.

    "The City Lord is present on the scene. He will naturally carry out his duty to guard the city at all costs. And, it seems that Pang Yu mustn't have come to this city only recently. Otherwise, how could her relationship with the City Lord be so cordial?" Shi Mu replied without a trace of concern.

    "By the way... do you think that the City Lord You Can and Pang Yu can evade three moves from Ao Kui?" Cai asked.

    "It seems that Pang Yu has had a fortuitous encounter. Her strength has increased substantially. She has perhaps advanced to the peak of the Half-Moon rank. As for City Lord You Can... he is also at the middle stage of the Earth Realm. So, there shouldn't be any issue if these two people work together," Shi Mu replied.

    "But, we have to think of a countermeasure in case these two lose this bet. After all, it would be terrible if that Dragon General Kui has some means to find you," Cai looked worried as he said.

    "Obviously," Shi Mu nodded.

    In midair... a black radiance gleamed on Ao Kui's body. Then, a light flashed on his legs, and they turned into a long snake's tail. After that, the spiritual aura he was exuding rose by a big margin once again.

    He grasped with one hand, and a stream of black light rushed forth into his hands. It condensed into a pitch-black spear that was over a hundred feet long. Then, electric arcs began to throb on the surface of that spear. Also, a "Zi Zi" sound started to spread from it which seemed very terrifying.

    Pang Yu and You Can's complexion slightly changed, and their bodies simultaneously radiated green and grey radiance respectively.

    "The first move, receive it now!"

    Ao Kui shouted, and then waved his hand with full force. A large number of electric lights burst forth on the surface of the black electric spear in his hand the next moment. Then, the spear appeared in front of Pang Yu with a loud thunderous sound, and thrust toward her chest.

    "Puff" the black electric spear pierced through Pang Yu's chest, and left a huge wound therein.

    There was a stunned look on Pang Yu's face... as if she hadn't even reacted yet.

    The surrounding people's facial expression also greatly changed. A golden light glinted in Shi Mu's eyes, and his face revealed a dubious look.

    Even Ao Kui's face couldn't refrain from exposing a startled look. He apparently hadn't expected that he would be able to finish his opponent in just one blow.

    A smile bloomed on Ao Kui's face. However, he was about to speak something when his smile abruptly froze.

    Pang Yu's body suddenly turned into wisps of grey smoke, and got dissipated by a gust of wind.

    Then, Pang Yu's silhouette emerged almost hundred feet away from her original place.

    "Thank you for letting me evade the first move," Pang Yu stated with a smile.

    Ao Kui's complexion darkened like the bottom of a pot. It looked so unsightly that it couldn't be explained in words.

    You Can glanced at Pang Yu, and a hint of appreciation flashed through his eyes. Everyone on the city walls issued bursts of cheering sounds in excitement.

    "Excellent illusion technique!" Shi Mu muttered to himself.

    "There is nothing special about it. I had already seen through it," Cai whimpered.

    "Really? Your eyesight possesses this kind of ability as well?" Shi Mu gave an awestruck look to Cai.

    "Obviously. After all, I'm the most gifted genius of my Gossiping Parrot Race," Cai boasted.

    Shi Mu didn't know whether Cai's words were true or not. So, he simply ignored them, and looked toward the battle.

    "The second move!"

    Ao Kui gave a loud shout. He then grasped with one hand, and a black sickle emerged in his hand the next moment. It radiated intense black light. Also, innumerable tiny black magic characters emerged on the surface of the sickle; these characters looked very strange.

    Ao Kui's eyes emitted blazing red radiance. At the same time, the sickle in his hand again exuded intense black light. Then, it took Ao Kui's body as the centre, and started to spin around him at lightning speed. Simultaneously, it formed the remnant shadows of the sickle.

    Consequently, waves of ripples started to emerge in the surrounding void like an undulating surface of the water. And, a dense spiritual aura pervaded the air, and proliferated in all directions.

    Shi Mu was in the city, but he could also clearly feel this dreadful pressure.

    His eyes finally revealed a trace of shock. He knew that he might not be capable of resisting such an attack.

    "Go to hell!"

    The black sickle suddenly stopped as Ao Kui thundered. Then, it inflated and became several dozen times larger than before with a loud droning sound.

    The massive black sickle streaked across several hundred feet distance in an instant, and appeared over Pang Yu's head once again. Then, the nine identical illusory images of the massive sickle appeared with a flash of black light. And, they hacked straight toward Pang Yu while drawing a wonderful trajectory in the air.

    The nine illusory images of the sickle darted toward her in a manner that sealed up all of her escape routes. In fact, they didn't leave any scope for escape.

    Pang Yu's facial expression finally changed. But then, innumerable rays of light flashed across her eyes in an instant. Then, the magic wand in her hand ruptured with a "Bang" sound.

    After that, a ray of light flashed in the void over her head. And, a greyish-black coffin appeared, and covered her entire body.


    The nine illusory images of the sickle dispersed into the air as soon as they slammed into the coffin. Only the real sickle fell on the coffin, and thrust into it with a loud "Ka" sound. However, the sickle stopped into the wood.

    But then, a plume of grey Qi appeared on the surface of the coffin, and wound around the sickle.

    The sickle had been emitting black light all along. But, that light started to dissipate at lightning speed when it came in contact with the grey Qi. The brilliance on the sickle's surface also dimmed a lot as a result.

    Ao Kui's facial expression changed as he saw this scene. He hurriedly moved his hand, and recovered the sickle. Then, he poured his magic power into it, and the black sickle slowly returned to its original state. This allowed him to heave a sigh of relief.

    The fact was that this sickle was a spirit tool. Therefore, it was a precious treasure for him... So much so that he would've preferred to lose this match instead of allowing his sickle any damage.

    Bright rays of light flashed on the coffin, and it returned to the other world the next moment. Simultaneously, Pang Yu's silhouette came into appearance. However, her complexion looked pale at the moment... It seemed as if a large amount of her magic power had gotten consumed in this magic spell.

    A startled look flashed through Shi Mu's face.

    The aura that that coffin had been emitting rendered him a kind of spine-chilling sensation. He had felt this kind of aura before. He had felt it around the Demon King Luo Tian!

    "Dear Friend Pang, are you okay?" You Can appeared in front of Pang Yu in a flash and asked.

    "I'm all right... Watch out!" Pang Yu forced a smile to reply. But then, an alarmed look appeared on her face, and she shouted aloud.

    You Can's facial expression changed, and he quickly whirled around. The huge head of a black python was darting toward him like a small hill.

    The fact was that Ao Kui's torso had also transformed into a snake's body by this time. He had taken the form of a massive black python which was thousands of feet long. It seemed as if his gigantic form was connecting the earth to the sky. In fact, his massive body had triggered huge fluctuations in the air when he had moved... like a hurricane.
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