Chapter 323: City Lord’s Entrustment

    Chapter 323: City Lord's Entrustment

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    Shi Mu reached his house after some time. Then, he walked straight toward one of the rooms of this house. That room was the place where he had been drawing magic charms since the beginning.

    "Shi Tou, we've spent more than a year in this city. And, I have to say that it's too boring to stay in this place all day long. Don't you have the confidence that you can escape in case we bump into Ao Kui with your current level of strength?" Cai grumbled.

    "It's not possible. I might be able to cope with an ordinary Earth-ranked middle stage powerhouse with my current strength. But, a confrontation with an Earth-ranked advanced-stage powerhouse is out of question. Moreover, Ao Kui is said to be the Chief of his tribe. And, he ought to have a trump card at his disposal. So, I'm not sure if I can run away from him," Shi Mu replied.

    "But, it would be possible if Boss Yan Luo agreed to offer a helping hand to you," Cai said.

    "Don't over-think it. Keep a close watch on the surrounding area instead, and let me know if you find anything strange," Shi Mu said as he walked towards the charms room.

    "So how long are we going to stay here?" Cai looked dejected as he said.

    "The City's lord should've already notified the higher authorities of the Barbarian race about the situation outside the Peaceful Sun City. Or, he would've come up with some strategies by now. The barbarians certainly won't allow such situation to prolong. After all, other demon beasts will start to follow suit if this news proliferated. And then, the situation might become even more detrimental to the barbarians," Shi Mu replied.

    "I'll go if this is the case," Cai said. Then, he flapped his wings, and flew in the air.

    Shi Mu opened the door of the charms room, and walked in.

    Yan Luo's demand for spirit stones was getting more and more frequent these days. And, it was estimated that Yan Luo would show up to collect spirit stones once again in the coming few days. Therefore, Shi Mu needed to be prepared in advance.

    However, he'd also be able to collect a lot of that strange green flower in his storage ring if this process continued.

    Two days passed. Shi Mu left the residence at noon, and walked straight toward the shop of that dense-browed shopkeeper - Ai La Mu.

    He watched the surrounding crowd as he walked on the street, and his brows creased.

    He noticed that many people had strange expressions on their faces. Also, they all seemed to be rushing toward public places like restaurants and so on. This hustle and bustle allowed him to assume that something must've happened.

    "Shi Tou, don't you think these people look somewhat strange today?" Cai had also noticed the strangeness in people's behavior.

    "Something indeed seems a bit strange today," Shi Mu moved his head in a nod. Meanwhile, he had arrived in front of Ai La Mu's shop which was built with a huge black boulder.

    "I'm going to sell these magic charms first. Meanwhile, you go and probe around. Try to find about this strange situation here," Shi Mu thought for a moment. Then, he said in a commanding tone.

    "Leave this matter to me," Cai complied. Then, he flapped his wings, and flew away.

    After that, Shi Mu walked into the shop. Ai La Mu stood behind the sales-counter at this time. Also, there were a few customers in the shop. They were moving around, and browsing through the stuff.

    "Dear Friend, welcome to my shop. So, how may I help you?" Shi Mu had barely set foot in the shop when Ai La Mu's eyes fell on him, and a glimmer of gladness flashed across his eyes. However, his attitude seemed half-hearted when he said.

    "I have to buy a batch of demon beasts' materials. I wonder if I'd get any special discount in the price since I need a large number of them," Shi Mu replied.

    "No problem. Dear Friend, please come to the side hall for a detailed discussion," Ai La Mu nodded, and asked the shop-assistant to look after the business here. And, he himself walked into the hall with Shi Mu.

    The two men entered the side hall. Ai La Mu then waved his sleeves, and a dazzling white light shone on all four walls of the hall. Then, a white barrier spread out in response.

    "Dear Friend Mu, please sit down," Ai La Mu's facial expression had undergone a drastic change by now.

    The words that these two men had just exchanged were code words between them. This was to prevent others from sensing Shi Mu's identity.

    "You don't have to be so courteous. These are the share of this time," Shi Mu took out a stack of magic charms, and passed it to the opposite party.

    Ai La Mu's face revealed a trace of happiness. He received the magic charms, and took a quick look at them. And, his face beamed with an even stronger sense of happiness.

    He saw that high-ranked magic charms were larger in number than the previous time.

    The price of a high-ranked magic charm was far higher than that of a middle-ranked magic charm. Consequently, even a small number of high-ranked magic charms could fetch a considerably huge profit. So, Shi Mu had switched to the high-ranked magic charms in order to earn plenty of spirit stones.

    "It seems that Friend Mu has indeed worked very hard since I can see a large number of high-ranked magic charms this time. The price of all these magic charms should be 21,000 spirit stones as per our agreed rate," Ai La Mu said.

    Shi Mu gave him a nod since he had already made a calculation in this regard.

    "Dear Friend Mu, please wait a moment." Ai La Mu said, and walked out of the hall. He soon returned with a small cloth bag in his hand, and handed it over to Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu swept his spirit sense over the cloth bag. He found a small pile of middle-ranked spirit stones in it, and the quantity was just right.

    He received the cloth bag. Then, he bid Ai La Mu goodbye, and walked toward the door.

    "Oh, by the way... the atmosphere in the city seems a bit odd today. Everyone seems to be in a hurry. Does the Master of the Shop know the reason behind this strange situation?" Shi Mu's feet abruptly stopped as he asked.

    "Oh, can it be that Dear Friend Mu hasn't heard anything about it?" Ai La Mu revealed a surprised look when he heard his question.

    "What did you hear? I've been working round the clock behind closed doors the past few days. In fact, I didn't step out of my house during this period," Shi Mu replied.

    "It's not surprising to hear this. As a matter of fact... there was a rumor floating in the city today. Ao Kui had been lurking around outside the city for over a year. However, it is being said that he had suddenly disappeared without a trace a few days ago," Ai La Mu explained.

    "Is it true?" Shi Mu was left stunned for a moment.

    "I don't dare to make a presumptuous judgment under specific circumstances. However, it is reported that the City's lord, You Can had sent someone to explore outside the city. And, it seems that the said-individual didn't find Ao Kui's trace anywhere," Ai La Mu replied.

    "That's good news," Shi Mu couldn't help revealing the trace of a delighted look as he heard this news.

    "Does Friend Mu also intend to go out of the city?" Ai La Mu asked since he had noticed the change in Shi Mu's facial expression.

    "Yes, I've stayed in this city for too long. I should leave now," Shi Mu nodded.

    "Then, Dear Friend, take proper care of yourself. Also, don't forget to drop by your old friend if you get a chance to pass by Peaceful Sun City sometime again!" Ai La Mu's voice was filled with regret when he said these words.

    The fact was that Shi Mu had made a decision to stay here due to Ao Kui's besiege. Otherwise, he might not have been able to stay in this small city for so long if he couldn't make accomplishments with the help of his charm-making skill. And, Ai La Mu knew that he couldn't continue this business once Shi Mu left the city.

    However, Ai La Mu had made a good wealth during this period of time. He had been able to grasp a footing in this city, and had made his business flourish with each passing day. And, this was only because he was a contented person.

    "Oh, I'll definitely come to see my old friend if I ever get a chance to visit this city again. After all, we still have an opportunity to work together," Shi Mu smiled as he said.

    The two men exchanged a few words for some time. Then, Shi Mu hurried out of the shop.

    "Shi Tou, I've found out great news. Try to guess it!" Shi Mu had hardly left the shop when Cai flew over, and landed on his shoulder. Cai then exclaimed.

    "I've already heard this news. It's related to Ao Kui's disappearance, right?" Shi Mu said.

    "That's right! In addition, a large number of people who were confined in the city like us are forming groups. This is because they want to go out of this city together. We might as well seize this opportunity to leave this place. After all, I'm suffocated after staying here for so long," Cai appeared very excited when he said.

    Shi Mu heard Cai's words, and his face got smeared with an irresolute look. He then said after a little consideration, "I'm still circumspect about this information. It can't be said with full guarantee that Ao Kui has left. Let's investigate this matter before further discussion."

    Shi Mu said, and advanced in the direction of the Heavenly Wu Gems Pavilion.

    Heavenly Wu Gems Pavilion was regarded as a well-informed entity in this city. So, it might have received a clearer picture of this situation.

    ... ...

    Shi Mu reached the Heavenly Wu Gems Pavilion after having a conversation with Ai La Mu. However, the Heavenly Wu Gems Pavilion had also welcomed two other special visitors in their store at the same time.

    A few people were seated in a side hall along with the two respected visitors at the moment; this hall was located in the middle of the store.

    One of them was tall. He had a pair of white eyebrows that stood erect; he was an old man who was clad in a green-gown. He was seated upright on the seat-of-honor, and Manager Shi stood behind him with a respectful expression on his face; he was the same person who had entertained Shi Mu during his previous visit.

    The spiritual aura that this green-robed old man was exuding was grand and steady. He was undoubtedly an Earth-ranked powerhouse.

    Two other people were seated on the left-hand side of the seat-of-honor. One of them was a majestic middle-aged man who wore a purplish-golden crown on his head; he was none other than You Can, the Lord of the Peaceful Sun City.

    And, the other person was a gorgeous young woman. She was dressed in a grey skirt, and was seated next to You Can. She was obviously the Dark Moon Cult's Pang Yu. She had been dispatched by the Cult to Peaceful Sun City's sub-altar to serve as the Altar Lord.

    "Hehe, City Lord You and Altar Lord Pang have graced our store with their presence at the same time. This has left this Old Man to feel deeply honored," the green-robed old man said.

    "Elder Wu is so kind to us. Both of us have come here to have a long talk with you. First of all... we'd like to express our gratitude to Elder Wu. Ao Kui was lingering outside the city for so long, but he has finally left. It should be the skilful move of your respected Chamber of Commerce, right?" You Can's eyes glimmered as he said with a smiling face.

    "City Lord You Can is over praising us. My Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce is just an ordinary chamber of commerce of the Western Continent. The only thing we do here is carry out business transactions in an efficient manner. There is no way that we could have such great abilities," the green-robed old man replied without batting an eyelid.

    You Can smiled, and didn't continue to intertwine this matter. He then continued with a solemn look on his face, "As for the other matter... it can be said that we had thought about it over and over, and eventually arrived at a conclusion. The fact is that we have no other choice but to request the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce for a favor."

    "City Lord You, please tell me," the green-robed old man exchanged a glance with Manager Shi before he responded.

    "I want to entrust the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce to deliver a batch of things to the City Lord of the Rising Sun City," You Can said.

    "Rising Sun City...? Isn't it a big city of the barbarians which is about 20,000 miles westward?" the green-robed old man asked.

    "Yes, it is," You Can nodded.

    "Let's presume that Ao Kui has left. However, he must've assigned another Earth-ranked powerhouse of his tribe to control the demon beasts that are still positioned outside the city. So, we are still unable to ensure complete safety outside the city," the green-robed old man said after a momentary hesitation.

    "Elder Wu is very modest. You only need to show a business card with the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce's name on it. There's hardly anyone in the entire Western Continent who would dare to disrespect your Chamber of Commerce. It doesn't matter how the situation is outside the city... Ao Kui isn't necessarily going to offend the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce for this matter," You Can said.

    The green-robed old man didn't speak. He simply gazed at You Can in a cold and calm manner.

    "Elder Wu can feel relieved when it comes to the compensation for this task.... We will surely satisfy you," You Can continued.

    "May I dare to ask City Lord something? What do you wish to send to the Rising Sun City?" The Green-robed old man thought of something for a moment. Then, he asked.

    "This is the list of goods. Elder Wu, please take a look at it," a blue light flashed in You Can's hand while he spoke. Then, a jade slip appeared in the hand, and he handed it over to the Elder Wu.

    Elder Wu received it, and poured a wisp of his spirit sense into it in order to explore it. Then, his white eyebrows slightly creased as if he was emotionally moved by something.

    "All right, this matter will be taken care by the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce," The green-robed old man gave him a nod after a little consideration.

    "Well, I'm leaving this in your care, Elder Wu. Oh, by the way... Dear Friend Pang Yu also has some stuff that she wants to send. I'd like to request the Chamber of Commerce to undertake this task as well," You Can's gaze shifted to Pang Yu while he said this.

    "That's right. This humble woman has just a few things that she wants to entrust to the Chamber of Commerce with. I want these things to be delivered to a small town in the vicinity of the Rising Sun City. This is the list of items and escort rewards. Please take a look at it, Elder Wu." Pang Yu also took out a jade slip, and passed it to the green-robed old man.
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