Chapter 330: Flaming Ice Crystal

    Chapter 330: Flaming Ice Crystal

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    "General Ling, it can't be said whether these demon beasts have set-up follow-up ambushes ahead or not. I suggest that the two of us should keep watch on the surrounding area - one in the front and one in the rear," Zhong Xiu said a few words to Ling Chu. Then, she flew to the end of the fleet like a flash of light.

    Ling Chu's face revealed an indifferent look as if he didn't take her advice seriously. However, he still stimulated the green-winged flying carriage, and flew to the foremost part of the fleet. After that, he released his spirit sense in all directions.

    The fleet continued to move forward in an uninterrupted manner, and drifted almost twenty-or-thirty miles further. The sun had ascended high up in the sky at this moment. So, the mist in the surrounding air had started to dissipate under the direct sunlight. Consequently, the field of vision had gradually become wide and open for these people.

    The fleet had left the scope of the Peaceful Sun City by this time. And, this had left everyone in the team to feel very relieved.

    Shi Mu also heaved a sigh of relief. His stiffed body also slowly loosened a bit.

    "Brother Mu, you appeared to be a bit nervous just now," Leng Yue Tong looked at Shi Mu, and her beautiful eyes flickered as she said.

    "It obviously wouldn't have been an easy thing to wage a life and death battle against those demon beasts. So, being nervous in such a situation is just a natural thing," Shi Mu replied in a casual manner.

    "Oh, is it truly the case?" She clearly didn't believe him.

    "Of course it is. What other reason could it be?" Shi Mu said with a soft chuckle.

    "Let it be. I shouldn't have asked. By the way, I had noticed that Brother Mu had discovered the presence of those demon beasts even before Ling Chu. This had indeed come as a great surprise to this young girl," Leng Yue Tong looked at Shi Mu with glittering eyes.

    "Hehe, this Mu was born with extraordinary eyesight. So, I can see through the mist. That's all. This was the reason why I found some clues ahead of time," Shi Mu replied.

    "Humph! The words you just said seem only partly true. You don't seem frank to me with your words," Leng Yue Tong groaned.

    Shi Mu chuckled loudly in response, but a non-committal look peeped through his face.

    "However, I like this feature of yours," the corners of Leng Yue Tong's mouth curled upwards as she said.

    Shi Mu was rendered speechless by her words. But then, he turned his head to other side, and sat down in meditation with his legs crossed.

    ... ...

    The afterglow of the setting sun seemed to have smeared the horizon with a golden color.

    Zhong Xiu and her team had flown thousands of miles away from the Peaceful Sun City by now.

    Half-a-month had passed by this time. The scenery along the sides of the road was continuously changing. Simultaneously, the field of vision in the front was gradually broadening.

    The originally determined itinerary made it seem that there was still a month or so of journey left to reach the Rising Sun City.

    Meanwhile, flocks of demon beasts would often show up in the course of the journey. And, they would obviously cast their covetous eyes on the goods that these people were escorting. But, most of those beasts were merely Xian Tian-ranked demon beasts.

    It was not a big problem for the Xian Tian warriors and Star-ranked magicians to cope with these demon beasts as long as they weren't challenged by Earth-ranked or even higher ranked demon beasts. In fact, these people didn't need the support of Ling Chu and Zhong Xiu to deal with the low-ranked demon beasts. They would rush forward whilst outdoing one-another, and would slaughter the demon beasts that would try to obstruct their way. And, Ling Chu's announcement was the reason why a competitive feeling had been stirred-up among these people. After all, he had declared that whoever would kill a demon beast would be allowed to keep its materials.

    However, these people had encountered an ambush of a group of pangolin demon beasts when they had been passing through a valley. The leader of that group was an Earth-ranked primary stage pangolin. That beast had kept Ling Chu and Zhong Xiu engaged for a while since it had the advantage of the terrain. However, the two had still succeeded in driving away the opposite party in the end.

    However, three Xian Tian Totem warriors had been inadvertently pierced by those swift pangolins during the confrontation. And then, they had died on the scene.

    Therefore, everyone's idle mind had tightened again after the experience of this battle.

    Zhong Xiu would usually spend her time in the last Floating Cloud Carriage apart from confronting the enemy every now-and-then. She would sit there with her legs crossed in meditation. And, this would stabilize the formation of the entire fleet.

    As for Ling Chu... he had been controlling the green-winged flying carriage this entire time. He had constantly been at the foremost part of the fleet.

    He had noticed that Zhong Xiu had never taken a step out of the two doors the entire route. This meant that he-himself had been busy in protecting and leading the escorting team. Consequently, he had become a little impatient for a while since he knew that he would hardly get any opportunity to cross her path if this continued.

    Ling Chu still remembered that he had been left stunned by Zhong Xiu's heavenly beauty when he had seen her for the first time. So, he was rather proud of himself that he had gotten the chance to share the path with Zhong Xiu.

    He had been trying to find an opportunity to get into a conversation with her throughout this journey. But, Zhong Xiu's consistent cold and indifferent attitude toward him had left him totally helpless.

    However, Ling Chu was reluctant to resign himself to this situation. He had been all calm and quiet on the way during the past few days. However, mighty waves of thoughts had been constantly surging in his heart.

    A green light slowly flew from the forefront of the team, and stopped beside the last Floating Cloud Carriage at this moment. Then, that green light receded, and revealed a flying carriage.

    Everyone in the caravan was well-aware of Ling Chu's intentions. However, no one could dare to say anything to him due to his powerful status even though most of them would secretly laugh at him.

    However, Shi Mu's brows slightly creased as he saw this scene; he was in the second last Floating Cloud Carriage at the moment.

    "Brother Mu, it seems that the General Ling is going to unfurl a kind of offensive move against Elder Zhong in his persuasion. Ha ha!" Leng Yue Tong glanced at the green-winged flying carriage from behind, and said with laughter.

    However, Shi Mu didn't respond to her... In fact, it seemed as if he hadn't heard anything.

    "Miss Zhong, this rocky area is a well-known relaxation spot in the eastern region of the Western Continent. Verdant greenery and strange craggy rocks can be seen all over the place here. The conspicuous beauty of this place is beyond comparison under the brilliance of the setting sun. We've been forging ahead with our journey without a break these days. Even Miss Zhong hasn't taken a proper rest for so long. So, we might as well take a short break here. We'll continue our journey afterwards without much delay," Ling Chu said.

    "Zhong Xiu appreciates your good intentions, General Ling. However, the sky is gradually getting darker. And, we are still a little distance away from the next city. So, it's essential to continue with our journey. Otherwise, we'll be left with no choice but to sleep in the desolate mountain ranges outside the city," Zhong Xiu replied in a dull voice.

    "But, we still have ample time to take a short break. They say that more preparation may quicken the speed of doing a work. This will pump-up our spirit, and that will be good to get on the road again," Ling Chu urged again.

    Zhong Xiu's elegant brows slightly creased, but she didn't pay any attention to him.

    "Oh, by the way... I've been following the map these days. And, I've noticed that there are several places which fall in the territory of the demon beasts. And, those dangerous places will begin to pop up on our way after we pass through the Soaring Thunder City. So, I thought that this matter needs to be discussed with Miss Zhong for the sake of the caravan's safety. I was wondering if Miss would like to move to my flying carriage in light of this," Ling Chu changed the thread of conversation, and put forth his proposal with an expression of embarrassment on his face.

    "I think it isn't necessary. I've already done investigations of the frontal situation. Those tribes of demon beasts are already in a business relationship with my Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce. So, there is nothing to be anxious about. We'll continue to move forward according to our established route," Zhong Xiu said without raising her head.

    Ling Chu had already lowered his attitude, but he hadn't expected to be treated like this still. Therefore, he felt a surge of unpleasant feeling in his heart. However, he still suppressed his temper, and said with a smile, "This... I can see that Miss Zhong is very tired due to the constant movement of the carriage for so long. This carriage is very small and shabby. It would be better if Miss Zhong takes a rest in my carriage. My flying carriage..."

    "It's not needed. The caravan still needs General Ling in the front to lead the way ahead. So, I request you to return," Ling Chu hadn't even finished his words when Zhong Xiu jumped in, and turned down his offer.

    Blue veins suddenly protruded from Ling Chu's forehead when he heard her words. He clenched his fists, and sucked in a deep breath in secret.

    "General Ling, you perhaps don't know that the customs of our Human race are different from that of your Barbarian race. You've invited Lady Zhong to move in your flying carriage. But, shouldn't there be a thin line of respect and dignity between men and women?" a green-dressed pretty woman stood beside Zhong Xiu. She finally opened her mouth and said.

    "Xiao Wei wants to say that Lady Zhong can't go to anyone's flying carriage in such a casual manner," a blue-dressed girl chimed in; she had a baby-like face.

    These two women had been specially assigned by the Chamber of Commerce as Zhong Xiu's attendants. They could be also regarded as Zhong Xiu's personal confidants.

    Ling Chu had received a reprimand from Zhong Xiu's female attendants. But, he was still reluctant to give up. However, he didn't dare to argue further due to Zhong Xiu's status as a Moon-ranked magician and a member of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce.

    He knew that this journey had a long way to go. And, he had plenty of time to think of a way again. So, he couldn't help but flash a complacent smile in response.

    Ling Chu then returned to the foremost part of the fleet. Everyone noticed that he had a defeated look on his face once again. Some of them laughed at him inwardly, while some admired Zhong Xiu in secret. However, there was one thing in common - all of these people were gloating over Lin Chu's misfortune.

    Shi Mu felt relieved when he saw that Zhong Xiu had finally gotten rid of this crisis. But then, Leng Yue Tong's jealous voice spread from the side, "Brother Mu is very concerned about Elder Zhong. Why don't you step forward, and meet her?"

    "Why would Miss Leng say such a thing?" Shi Mu asked in response to her question.

    "You know in your heart that you two are acquainted with each other. Don't worry. I won't reveal your identity," she said in a teasing manner.

    Shi Mu heard her reply, but didn't pay attention to her anymore. Instead, he stood in a certain corner of the carriage, and gazed straight ahead. He couldn't help but let out a sigh of regret in his heart.

    Zhong Xiu wouldn't have renounced the path to Immortality if it weren't for him. In fact, she had perhaps travelled the long distance from the Lu Shan Kingdom to the Ancient Xixia Country in the Eastern Continent only because of him. However, Shi Mu had no idea why she had chosen to join the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce... Or come to this sinister Western Continent. He couldn't even imagine the degree of hardships she would've suffered on the way.

    He would make the utmost use of his ability in order to protect her since he had finally gotten to see her here.

    Shi Mu had a feeling that a fierce battle was imminent. And, that was because he knew the enemy's ulterior motives. Therefore, he felt that it would be much easier to save her if he continued to stay in the dark.

    "What happened? Did Brother Mu find the enemy's situation again?" Leng Yue Tong had noticed that Shi Mu was ignoring her. Still, she followed his line of sight, and asked again.

    "Soaring Thunder City is not far from here. So, there's a possibility that we might encounter some enemies. Can it be that Miss Leng gets nervous and panics very easily?" Shi Mu said.

    "It's not like that. I'm just curious about Brother Mu's astonishing eyesight. I wonder what cultivation art Brother Mu practices that he has attained such divine powers. This Little Sister has been very interested in all kinds of strange cultivation arts since childhood," Leng Yue Tong's beautiful eyes gave him a coquettish look as she said.

    "This Mu practices only a few insignificant arts. They can't be considered special in any respect," Shi Mu replied.

    "You are indeed too modest. You call such a mysterious technique insignificant. I truly have no idea how many such outstanding skills and abilities are Brother Mu's forte. Well, Brother Mu, where is your spirit pet... that parrot? I haven't seen him around in a long time," Leng Yue Tong asked with a broad smile. Then, she started to look left-and-right in a curious manner. And, it seemed as if she was searching for something.

    "He has got long wings on his body. How would I know where he is?" Shi Mu gave her a quick reply. After that, he withdrew his attention from her, and sat down cross-legged. He then began to adjust his breathing.

    Leng Yue Tong twitched her mouth since she had felt that she was being purposely ignored. Shi Mu's behavior left her no other choice but to step aside and stop talking to him.

    Ten days passed like this. These people would continue to forge ahead all day long, and would lie low at nights. They passed through several smaller cities on the way. But, they didn't come across any further incidents.

    Meanwhile, a seed of jealousy had sprouted in the hearts of some barbarian men on seeing that Shi Mu had been sharing the carriage with Leng Yue Tong this entire time. Shi Mu obviously felt helpless when he noticed this situation. But, he was lucky that he had always kept a low-profile, and hadn't revealed his identity so far.

    Ten days later... they were in a mountain forest one particular night.

    This place fell in the territory of the Wolverine race. The wolverine demon beasts were the nocturnal type. They were accustomed to hiding in the daytime, and coming out at night. Therefore, the caravan didn't continue their journey at night in order to avoid unnecessary trouble. They set their camp here. And, it was decided that a group of ten people would take turns on the night duty. And, this roster would change every hour.

    Shi Mu saw Leng Yue Tong sneaking out of the Floating Cloud Carriage like a ghost at this moment. She then walked toward the nearby woods. She left the camp in such a manner that her movement didn't attract the attention of the people on night duty.

    Shi Mu immediately got in touch with Cai, and made him follow her as soon as he saw her leaving.

    After all, he had always been curious to find about this woman's true identity.

    Cai's shared field of vision enabled him to see that this woman was attentive, and was moving ahead in a very secretive way. She soon entered a small stone cavern in the depths of the woods. Then, she took out a white jade crystal stone, and said a few words in a low voice. The surface of the crystal stone emanated a streak of white light in response. Then, this white light started to gather before her body, and condensed into a persons' silhouette.

    That person's silhouette immediately bent its head, and got down on its knees in a reverent manner as its eyes fell on Leng Yue Tong. Then, the silhouette said, "Seventh Young Lady, please accept this subordinate's warmest regards."

    "Get up. You were in a hurry to see me. What's the matter?" Leng Yue Tong asked in a sinking voice. She seemed to have changed a lot from her previous self.

    "Cult Head is blazing with fury since the Seventh Miss has run away like this. This subordinate has been given a time limit to find the Seventh Young Lady. So, this subordinate was compelled to do so... The Cult's leader believes that... there... there's no need for Seventh Young Lady to come and look for the Flaming Ice Crystal on her own. It would be better... it would be better if Young Lady..."

    "Who would think about what this Young Lady wants to do? How dare you butt in? Get the hell out of here right now. I won't be able to return if I can't find it," Leng Yue Tong said. After that, she waved her delicate hands, and the white light immediately dissipated. She then sneaked back into the carriage in a silent manner.

    "Cult Head? Flaming Ice Crystal?" Shi Mu's brows creased as he murmured to himself.
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