Chapter 331: Cloud Wing City

    Chapter 331: Cloud Wing City

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    Time rolled on, and it seemed as if over half-a-month had passed in an instant.

    The caravan hadn't bumped into any severely perilous situation over this period of time. In fact, these people hadn't experienced any massive attack even though the eastern area was occupied by the flying-class demon beasts.

    The caravan had been in the peripheral zone of the eastern area these days. And, they were now only a few days away from their destination - the Rising Sun City. Therefore, the atmosphere in the entire caravan had gradually become relaxed.

    It was noontime when the caravan arrived in the vicinity of a majestic mountain range.

    The mountain range was undulating, and the shape of most of the peaks was dangerously steep... like towering bamboo shoots stretched out of the ground. Myriads of luxuriant trees could be seen on these towering peaks as far as the eye could see. They constituted a beautiful landscape of a mighty mountain.

    Waves of strange sounds would ring in the mountains whenever a gust of mountain wind passed through. These sounds were very sharp and clear... like the whining sounds of cranes.

    The sounds weren't very loud, but they were many in number. In fact, it seemed as if there were thousands of white cranes in the mountains, and all of them were screaming in chorus with their necks outstretched.

    It could be said that the majority of people in this team were seeing this place for the first time. Therefore, they looked toward the mountain ranges in a curious manner when they heard this sound. Some of them were even looking in all directions in order to look for the cranes that were making these sounds.

    "The renowned Crying Crane Mountain Range is in the front. However, the sounds that you hear aren't the cries of cranes. The fact is that a special kind of vegetation grows in abundance in these mountains. And, this sound is produced by them whenever a gust of wind blows over them. They are called the Crying Crane Grass," Leng Yue Tong was in the second last Floating Cloud Carriage. She looked toward the mountains in the front and said.

    "Crying Crane Mountain Range..." Shi Mu mumbled to himself in a thoughtful manner, and a look of surprise flashed across his eyes.

    He had done a thorough research of this caravan's itinerary during this journey. So, he knew that this Crying Crane Mountain Range fell in the influence scope of the Crane Wing Tribe which was a Vicious Barbarian tribe.

    The Crying Crane Mountain Range stretched far and wide. In fact, it spread in the radius of more than ten-thousand miles. In addition, it was located in the key transportation routes of three major regions. Its terrain was precipitous, and therefore difficult to pass through. But, there was only one road in the middle of the mountain ranges; it had been carved out to pass through or make a detour.

    However, the terrain of the Crying Crane Mountain Range was rather extensive in area. So, making a detour through it took several times longer than usual. However, many travelling merchants were fully aware of the fact that they were prone to plenty of risks if they passed through the Wing Crane Tribe's territory. So, they had no other option but to make a detour on their journey by using this road.

    "Everybody listen up!" A person's silhouette suddenly appeared in midair with a flash of green light; it was Ling Chu.

    The people in the team below raised their heads in succession as they heard his words. They all looked in high spirits at the moment.

    "I don't think you need me to explain about the Crying Crane Mountain Range and its internal situation. You people must be aware of it. So, I want everyone to keep your spirit high until we cross this mountain range. The Rising Sun City is just around the corner!" Ling Chu shouted.

    "Yes!" the people replied in unison.

    Ling Chu nodded with satisfaction, and swept a glance toward the rear of the fleet. He then arrived in front of the fleet, and continued to lead the team forward.

    The team arrived at a medium-sized city at the foot of the mountain at nightfall; this city was called Cloud Wing City.

    The guards of the town allowed them to pass through the city gate after a brief questioning.

    Everyone got down from their Floating Cloud Carriages, and set foot in the city. Then, these people started to walk at a slow pace, while all eight vehicles were crowded around them.

    The team of sixty-or-seventy people was walking on the road. Some of them were humans, while some were barbarians. In addition, they all varied from each other in terms of attires and manner of dressing. Therefore, they were drawing the attention of the surrounding people toward them.

    Most of the inhabitants in this Cloud Wing City had thin facial features, and they all belonged to the Crane Wing Tribe. They were looking at the majestic caravan of the people. But, there wasn't a trace of friendliness or cordial feelings in their eyes. In fact, some of them were staring at the caravan with utmost attention. They were often sweeping their avaricious gazes over the middle part of the eight vehicles.

    However, Ling Chu would also strike his fierce gazes at these people from time to time. Consequently, they would turn their heads one after another, and wouldn't dare to stare at them afterwards. Even the facial expressions of most of these surrounding people had changed as a result.

    Ling Chu felt very contented to see this scene.

    On the other side, Shi Mu and the others didn't loosen their vigilance. Instead, they continued to observe the surrounding situation from time to time.

    Everyone in this team was fortunately Xian Tian-ranked or even higher ranked expert. And, Ling Chu and Zhong Xiu were even higher level veterans. Ling Chu was an Earth-ranked powerhouse, while Zhong Xiu was a formidable Moon-ranked magician. So, there was an even stronger cause to prevent the surrounding people from stepping forward and bring contempt upon themselves.

    It could be said at a glance that the construction style was rather distinctive here with pinnacles as principle. Also, crane-shaped decorative patterns could be seen every now and then. It was Shi Mu's first visit to this place. So, the embossment and decorative patterns of these buildings had left him tongue-tied for a moment. In fact, this place could be regarded as an eye-opener that had broadened his range of experience. On the contrary, Leng Yue Tong didn't look amazed to see this town. It seemed as if she was very familiar with this place.

    The town was bustling and noisy at night. A main road passed through the middle of the town, and extended into the mountains. In fact, it was the predecessor of that ancient road in the mountains. Various styles of shops, restaurants, and inns of each family could be seen on either side of this road.

    "It's evening already. This Cloud Crane city is the last stop before the Crying Crane Mountain Ranges. Everyone must be exhausted due to this long and tiring journey. Besides, it would be relatively dangerous to continue our journey through the Crying Crane Mountain Ranges in the middle of the night. So, let's take a rest here," Zhong Xiu came to the front of the team, and discussed something with Ling Chu.

    "Miss Zhong's idea is meticulous. You've indeed thought through this matter very well. I was also thinking the same. Let's restore our energy tonight. We'll set out early in the morning," Ling Chu nodded repeatedly.

    "Then, let's stay at this inn." Zhong Xiu wasn't affected by Ling Chu's flattery. She instead looked at a medium-sized inn not far from the roadside and said.

    "This inn appears to be in a very poor condition. This Ling has been here before. I remember that there was a large inn not far from here towards the front. That inn is in excellent condition. Moreover, you can also get several special local dishes in that inn. They are truly very savory. And, I believe that Miss Zhong will surely like them," Ling Chu suggested.

    "Officer Ling, we aren't here for sightseeing. Won't it be too conspicuous to stay in that kind of place?" Zhong Xiu frowned as she replied.

    "Hehe, Miss Zhong's words don't seem right in this context. It's impossible to remain unnoticed from people's attention here no matter where we choose to stay. So, it's pointless to act overly careful here." Ling Chu said with a smile.

    Zhong Xiu's brows twitched into a frown. After all, Ling Chu's argument had been very reasonable this time around. So, she couldn't bring herself to refute him.

    "We both are here. In addition, we also have the signboard of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce. Those ignorant thieves would think plenty of times before laying their hands on us. So, Miss Zhong doesn't have to be worried about this," Ling Chu's voice was filled with confidence as he said.

    "Well, all right." Zhong Xiu nodded.

    Ling Chu's face revealed a trace of excitement in response. Zhong Xiu had given him the cold shoulder the entire way. And, this was the first time that she had acknowledged his opinion.

    "Let's go. We have to go to the front inn to take a rest there," Ling Chu turned around, and said to the people. Meanwhile, Zhong Xiu turned around, and walked toward the last vehicle without waiting for Ling Chu to turn back toward her.

    A hint of resentment could be seen on her face at the moment, and it had seemingly compelled her to walk forward alone.

    "Hehe, this Ling Chu is about to have his plans sabotaged again," Leng Yue Tong whispered with a soft smile.

    A faint smile also appeared on Shi Mu's face in response. He swept his gaze over Ling Chu from behind, and a wisp of cold gleam flashed through his eyes.

    This person had been pestering Zhong Xiu the entire way. Shi Mu had once released his spirit sense on the way, and seen Ling Chu talking about Zhong Xiu with her personal attendants in secret. He had found Ling Chu's words very unbearable. It had triggered Shi Mu's anger greatly. In fact, Shi Mu might not have let him off lightly if he hadn't thought of guarding against the Dark Moon Cult's conspiracy.

    "This town appears to be very amusing. Would Brother Mu like to accompany me on a stroll around the town?" Leng Yue Tong said.

    "I'm sorry. I'm still occupied with some important matters. I might fail to squeeze out enough time to accompany you." Shi Mu's eyes moved, and he shook his head to refuse her invitation.

    "You... Humph! I'm truly unable to differentiate good from bad!" Leng Yue Tong apparently hadn't expected to receive such a blunt refusal from Shi Mu. So, she replied with a snort of rage. Then, she quickened her pace, and walked ahead while leaving Shi Mu behind.

    "Shi Tou, Miss Leng is very hot-tempered. But, she is undoubtedly a gorgeous woman. Are you truly not interested in her? I like her very much, you know. It's a pity that she isn't a parrot." Cai's voice resounded in Shi Mu's mind at this moment.

    "Shut up! Keep a keen watch on everything. Don't miss out anything!" Shi Mu replied to Cai through his mind in an exasperated manner.

    The group of people soon arrived in front of an inn situated in the centre of the city. This inn was very luxurious. A six-story garret stood erect in the front. And, there was an exquisite courtyard right behind it. Moreover, the surrounding floor had been paved with bluestones, and looked very clean. Even the ambience felt very pleasing and splendid.

    The owner of the inn didn't belong to the Crane Wing Tribe. But, he had hired many barbarian men from that tribe for his protection. Moreover, he knew the ways to do his work efficiently. Therefore, he had passionately arranged several large courtyards for the people.

    Zhong Xiu arranged all the Floating Cloud Carriages together in a comparatively large courtyard. Then, she made an arrangement that everyone would take a rest and keep a close watch on the vehicles in batches.

    "Miss Zhong, we can let these people take care of things here. It's safe since we are in the city now. Let's go and try some delicacies first!" Ling Chu said.

    "I'm sorry... I'm not interested in food right now. After all, we have to take care of everything properly. So, I'll stay here to guard the team. Officer Ling can go by himself if he wants to eat anything," Zhong Xiu replied in a faint voice. After that, she turned around, and walked into a room. Then, the door was closed with a "bang" sound.

    Zhong Xiu's two attendants looked a bit embarrassed about Zhong Xiu's behavior. So, they gave Ling Chu an apologetic smile once. Then, they walked toward the room.

    Ling Chu's complexion turned ghastly pale. Then, a 'Cluck Cluck' sound was heard as he clenched his fists tightly.

    The people in the courtyard looked at each other in blank dismay, but none of them dared to utter a word.


    Someone in the group accidentally bumped into something, and made a little noise. However, it seemed unusually loud and clear in the courtyard at the moment.

    Ling Chu abruptly turned around, and swept his knife-like cold and piercing gaze over everyone in the courtyard.

    The people turned their heads in quick succession, and got busy with their own matters.

    However, Shi Mu remained standing in a relaxed manner in a certain corner of the courtyard. He shot a contemptuous look at Ling Chu once. Then, he turned his head as well.

    Ling Chu snorted in response. Then, he turned his head, and cast a glance at the front door of Zhong Xiu's room. He then walked outside with big steps.

    The people in the courtyard heaved a sigh of relief, and looked at each other with a wry smile as soon as Ling Chu walked out of the courtyard.

    It had been decided that everyone had to rest and take turns to watch the Floating Cloud Carriages in batches.

    Shi Mu had been arranged to guard the vehicles in the third round. So, he still had at least two hours before his duty. This indicated that he had ample time on his hands at the moment.

    He then took a step, and walked outside the courtyard with a thoughtful look on his face.

    Shi Mu moved a certain distance away from the courtyard. After that, a silhouette swooped down from the air, and landed on his shoulder; it was Cai.

    "Shi Tou, do you want to go out for a stroll? Let's go to have some palatable food!" Cai asked.

    "The Eastern Dark Moon Cult has joined hands with the Crane Wing Tribe. I have no idea when they would unleash their plan, and launch an attack on us. So, how can I have that kind of leisurely mood?" Shi Mu's brows creased as he said.

    Cai let out a disappointed sigh.

    "Well, you shouldn't goof off. We should instead act separately, and see if we can find some clues in the city. Just wait until this matter gets settled. I promise you that I'll take you to a delicious feast afterwards," Shi Mu said, and flung a water-attribute spirit stone at him.

    Cai caught the spirit stone, and swallowed it down. He then gave Shi Mu a nod. After that, he once again flapped his wings, and silently flew into the air.

    Shi Mu gazed at Cai's silhouette as it disappeared into the curtain of darkness. Then, he continued to walk forward along the street.
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