Chapter 332: First Appearance of Clues

    Chapter 332: First Appearance of Clues

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    The Cloud Wing City wasn't very vast in scope. And, the native people of this place were basically Crane Wing Tribesmen. However, they seemed very different from the barbarians of the Peaceful Sun City in terms of their customs and habits since there weren't many people on the street at night. The barbarian people of some other tribes also resided here in large number.

    However, not a single disciple of the Dark Moon Cult could be seen on the street at this time. It was hard to say that whether it was due to approaching night or due to the fact that a sub-altar of the Dark Moon Cult wasn't established here.

    The shops on the street started to close their door as the dim light of night gradually grew darker. Simultaneously, the number of passers-by began to decline.

    Shi Mu was wandering on the streets, but he hadn't found any useful information so far.

    But then, his brows creased, and he stopped. Then, he turned his head, and looked in the direction of the centre of the city where the office of the City Lord was located.

    He pondered for a moment. Then, he moved, and slowly disappeared into the darkness. He proceeded straight toward the office of the City Lord.

    He came to the periphery of the City Lord's office almost after quarter-of-an-hour.

    The City Lord's office was encompassed by a high fence. And, a patrol team of Crane Wing Tribe's people were walking around the wall with long spears in their hands.

    However, these small and weak soldiers couldn't pose a threat to Shi Mu in any respect.

    Shi Mu's silhouette seemingly changed into a fuzzy shadow, and crossed over the high wall with great ease. Then, he sneaked into the interior part of the office compound.

    A building was constructed in the interior part of the compound. The centre of the building was decorated with plenty of trees and artificially-made small hill. Everything had been beautifully landscaped. It could be said that the City Lord was the kind of a person who knew the meaning of enjoyment.

    Shi Mu swept his gaze over his surroundings as soon as he stepped in. However, he didn't dare to use his spirit sense in a casual manner to probe this place.

    He didn't find any bodyguards patrolling inside the official compound. But, it was obvious that such an important place couldn't have been left completely unguarded.

    Shi Mu then felt that the surrounding place was emitting a kind of faint magic-power wave from time to time. He could feel this sensation in the induction scope of his spirit sense. This clearly indicated that some kind of prohibition magic formula had been laid out here. However, it couldn't be said what the consequences would be if someone touched it inadvertently.

    Shi Mu's eyes flashed, and a wisp of golden gleam emerged in his pupils. He then looked all around.

    His golden pupils had gradually gained a few more abilities along with the promotion of his strength. It was no longer just a faint light that could magnify his eyesight. Instead, it had become all the more sensitive to various magic powers when it was used in coordination with the spirit sense.

    The surrounding area emerged in the scope of his golden pupils in an altogether different look.

    A light screen of assorted-colors could be seen everywhere in the compound. It could be said that it covered almost the entire area.

    Shi Mu's eyes flashed with a hint of shock. But then, a smile bloomed on his face.

    He knew that it wouldn't be difficult to avoid these prohibition lights since he could see them.

    His body flashed and shuttled back-and-forth through each light screen of the magic array like an agile fish. He crossed the light screens in no time, and advanced toward the depths.

    A little time passed. Shi Mu was passing through a crossroad at this time when his complexion slightly changed. He then ducked out of the way, and hid in a shadow on the roadside.

    Then, a sound of footsteps spread from afar. It was followed by the appearance of a young barbarian man of the Crane Wing Tribe; he held something in his arms. He walked past Shi Mu's hiding place, and moved toward a road on the right side.

    Then, Shi Mu crawled out of his hiding place in a slow manner, and looked at that man from behind.

    There was complete silence in the compound at the moment. Also, the lights of the majority of houses had been turned off by now. That barbarian man was the only person Shi Mu had seen here so far even though he had been here for so long.

    Shi Mu considered for a moment whether he should follow this person. However, he shook his head after a moment.

    That barbarian man was merely a Hou Tian-ranked warrior. Moreover, he was far from achieving the Xian Tian realm. So, it could be estimated that he was a low-ranked person in the City Lord's office.

    Shi Mu flashed even deeper in the compound.

    Suddenly, his eyes brightened as he turned at the next crossroads. There was a three-story garret in front of him. And, it was illuminated at the moment.

    His face beamed with delight as he saw this. Then, he immediately hid in the vicinity of the garret.

    He was about to examine the situation inside when a dark shadow swooped down from the sky and landed on his shoulder.

    Shi Mu was left profoundly startled for a moment. But then, he saw that the shadow was none other than Cai, and felt a great relief in his heart as a result.

    "How dare you scare me on purpose?!" Shi Mu struck Cai twice.

    "It's not fair. Ah... I was also afraid of being heard by the people inside. So, I didn't make any noise this time." Cai's eyes revealed an aggrieved look in response.

    "What's the situation inside?" A focused looked peeped through Shi Mu's face as soon as he heard these words.

    "You see it yourself," Cai looked at the garret, and a white light flashed in his pupils.

    Shi Mu immediately triggered the vision-sharing link, and the garret's wall started to become transparent little by little. Two persons' silhouettes soon appeared before his eyes. They seemed to be discussing something at the moment.

    One of them was a black-dressed old man. There was a faint air of dignity around his body. He was apparently someone who had commanded high authority for years on end.

    The other person was a thin and tall young man; his body was covered in a green robe.

    Shi Mu's facial expression changed as he noticed that this thin and tall young man was one of the two Crane Wing Tribe's barbarians whom he had seen before. He had seen this fellow in a secret meeting with the girl surnamed Zhen at the Peaceful Sun City.

    "Shi Tou, it appears that the Crane Wing Tribe's barbarians are going to unleash their plan here. So, what's your next move?" Cai asked in a soft voice.

    Shi Mu's brows furrowed as he focused his gaze at the two people's mouths since he wanted to lip-read.

    But then, the discussion between the two people came to an abrupt end. The thin and tall young man clasped his hands toward the old man with due respect. Then, he turned around, and walked toward the gate.

    Shi Mu and Cai were lurking nearby. They hurried back as they saw that man walking out.

    The thin and tall man left the garret, and started to walk in a certain direction.

    "Shi Tou, what should we do now?" Cai asked.

    "Let's get out of here first." Shi Mu cast a profound look at the garret once. Then, he dashed to leave this place.

    Shi Mu left the City Lord's office almost after a quarter-of-an-hour later. He then looked for the accurate direction, and advanced towards the inn at full speed.

    It wasn't long before he arrived in front of the inn's front door.

    Shi Mu stopped, and a thoughtful look emerged on his face.

    He turned his hand, and took out a blank jade slip. He then recorded the details of the Wing Crane Tribe and the Dark Moon Cult's conspiracy on that slip.

    "Shi Tou, what are you planning to do?" Cai asked.

    "I'm naturally going to tell these things to Zhong Xiu." Shi Mu quickly finished writing everything and said.

    "Don't tell me you are planning to reveal your identity to Zhong Xiu now? Weren't you going to protect her from the sidelines? Have you changed your mind?" Cai asked.

    "I don't intend to meet her right now. All I want to do is to deliver this jade slip to her somehow." Shi Mu laughed. He then walked into the inn, and arrived in the courtyard.

    The second group of people could be seen in the courtyard at this moment. These people were guarding the Floating Cloud Carriage in the courtyard in a very dedicated manner. A few of them nodded to Shi Mu when they saw him walking in. But, they didn't exchange any words with him.

    Shi Mu also started to pace back-and-forth in the courtyard in a slow manner. He was thinking of a way to deliver the jade slip to Zhong Xiu.

    "Brother Mu, you're a part of the third group of guards. So, you can go to take a rest now," a green-robed young man said to Shi Mu. He had been in the same vehicle as Shi Mu throughout this journey.

    "It's nothing. I'm not very tired. Besides, it's always good to have a few more guards on the duty," Shi Mu replied with a smile.

    The door of Zhong Xiu's room creaked open at this moment, and a sweet and delicate woman walked out.

    Shi Mu's eyes flashed as he saw this woman. He recalled that her name was Xiao Wei, and that she was one of Zhong Xiu's personal subordinates.

    Xiao Wei walked straight toward the exit gate after she walked out of the room.

    An idea popped into Shi Mu's mind, and he continued to talk with that green-robed man for a few moments. He then bid him farewell, and stepped out of the yard. He leant against the wall, and waited for her.

    A burst of footsteps spread from afar after some time. Shi Mu raised his eyes, and looked in that direction... only to find that Xiao Wei was going back.

    "Miss Xiao Wei, please wait a moment." Shi Mu suddenly took a step forward, and stood in front of Xiao Wei.

    "You are... one of the escorts, right? Is there... any matter?" Xiao Wei's face revealed a hint of fear. It seemed as if she was afraid of Shi Mu.

    "Miss Xiao Wei, you don't have to be nervous. I have no intention of affronting you. But, there is a matter I want Miss to help me with," Shi Mu put on a smile as he said.

    "What's the matter?" Xiao Wei still somewhat flinched as she looked at Shi Mu.

    "It's this thing... Miss Xiao Wei, would you please deliver it to Miss Zhong Xiu? This slip contains very important news which is directly related to the success or failure of this escorting mission," Shi Mu drew out the jade slip, and held it in front of her.

    Xiao Wei couldn't help but expose a stunned look on her face. She then stared at Shi Mu in blank dismay.

    "I know it's little difficult to make you believe this matter. But, I still request you to give this slip to Miss Zhong Xiu. She will understand it at a glance," Shi Mu said. Simultaneously, he turned his hand, took out a middle-ranked spirit stone. He then passed it to Xiao Wei.

    "This middle-ranked spirit stone can be considered as your reward for delivering this slip," Shi Mu added.

    Xiao Wei hesitated for a moment. But then, her eyes glinted when she looked at the middle-ranked spirit stone.

    "All right, I'll deliver this jade slip to Miss Zhong. But, may I know your name? I'll tell My Lady your name as well," Xiao Wei took the jade slip and the spirit stone, and then asked.

    "It's not necessary to know my name. Everything will be fine if you just take this slip to her," Shi Mu beckoned with his hand.

    Xiao Wei cast a hesitant look at Shi Mu once. After that, she nodded and walked away in the front direction.

    Shi Mu gazed at Xiao Wei from behind until she disappeared. He then walked into the courtyard, and heaved a sigh of relief.

    This was all he could do. He could now rely on Zhong Xiu's discretion. She would certainly take some precautions against the imminent peril once she went through the contents of the slip.

    Shi Mu moved and hid in the shadow of the inn in an instant.

    Xiao Wei walked across the courtyard, and proceeded towards Zhong Xiu's room in a submissive manner. But then, a silk of crystal light emerged in her eyes when she arrived at a place where nobody could see her. And, she shot a glance at the jade slip in her hand.

    There wasn't the slightest trace of fear in her eyes at this moment. In fact, it seemed as if she had transformed into a completely different individual.

    A streak of green light departed from her hand, and seeped into the jade slip.

    Her eyes got smeared with a trace of shock after a few breaths.

    Her eyes continued to flicker for some time. Then, a hint of cold look flashed through her eyes, and she received the jade slip.

    She had arrived in front of the door by this time. So, she pushed open the door and walked in.

    Zhong Xiu sat cross-legged in the inside room at this moment. She seemed to be practicing something with her eyes closed. There was only one person in the room apart from her - that baby-faced maid.

    "Xiao Wei, why did you take so long to return?" the baby-faced maid greeted Xiao Wei when she saw her walking in. Then, she asked.

    "Sister Xin, I'm sorry... I was stopped by an escort outside. And, it was very difficult to get rid of him," a naive smile spread across Xiao Wei's face as she replied.

    "Someone dared to stop you? Who is that person? Did he do something to you? Do you want me to tell this to My Lady? Did you teach him a lesson?" the baby-faced maid's facial expression turned cold when she asked.

    "It's not needed. He just casually asked me about My Lady's situation. He should be that Ling Chu's subordinate. So, you don't need to tell this matter to My Lady," Xiao Wei shook her head, and replied in a soft voice.

    "Fine... but you need to be careful now. You must tell your big sister if something like this happens again." The baby-faced maid gave her a nod after a momentary consideration.

    Xiao Wei nodded in a repetitive manner. She then glanced at the inside room in an anxious manner, and the corners of her mouth curled into a faint smile.
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