Chapter 334: Turns Hostile

    Chapter 334: Turns Hostile

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    The black-skinned barbarian raised his hand, and flicked it once. And, the other Wing Crane Tribesmen separated and dispersed at once. They then walked towards various places inside the inn.

    In the City Lord's office...

    The dimly-lit buildings were glowing with bright lights at the moment. In fact, the entire official mansion of the City Lord was illuminated with magnificent glory.

    "Both of you; please come in. The reception feast is already ready," The black-robed old man went into the official mansion along with Zhong Xiu and Ling Chu.

    An exquisite arrangement of a flowery garden and an artificial hill could be seen along the way. The old man began to introduce these things to the two people with a smiling face. It seemed for a moment as if a torrent of words were gushing out of the old man's mouth while he was introducing the surrounding things. However, the three of them didn't stop anywhere; they had continued to move into the depths instead.

    Zhong Xiu's insipid facial expression had remained unchanged this entire time. Also, her beautiful eyes continued to look around in an attentive manner. In fact, the gleam of vigilance in her eyes didn't subside even for a second.

    "Miss Zhong, please feel relieved. Yun Yang is a close friend of mine. He's unlikely to harbor any evil intentions against us," Ling Chu's lips slightly moved to say a few words to Zhong Xiu in a soft voice.

    "We must keep a watchful eye over everything all the time," Zhong Xiu shot a glance at Ling Chu, and replied in a soft voice.

    The black-robed old man was walking in the front, and talking about random things. He didn't seem to notice the exchange of words between the two people behind him.

    The three people passed through two corridors, and finally arrived at a spacious living hall. A round table was placed in the centre of this hall. It was packed with an assortment of sumptuous dishes.

    In addition, a red-dressed woman was seated by the side of the round table. Shi Mu would've surely recognized this woman if he were here. She was the same junior apprentice of Liu An he had previously seen - the girl surnamed Zhen.

    Zhong Xiu and Ling Chu were dumbfounded to see the red-dressed girl sitting there.

    "It's a great pleasure to meet you!" the girl surnamed Zhen stood up, and greeted Zhong Xiu and Ling Chu with a sweet smile.

    "Hehe, this is Noble Friend Zhen. She belongs to the Dark Moon Cult. She's also a good friend of this Old Man. She happened to be in the Cloud Wing City. So, I invited her over together with you two. I hope you won't mind it," the old man said.

    "Of course not," Ling Chu replied with a smile. Then, he gave an amiable nod to the girl surnamed Zhen.

    Zhong Xiu sized up that girl a couple of times, but she didn't speak anything in response.

    "Please have a seat. All these dishes are made from the special products of the Wing Crane Mountain ranges. They've been specially cooked by the chef of this official mansion with utmost care. You can't find these dishes elsewhere!" the old man said with great enthusiasm.

    The people took their respective seats. The black-robed old man and Ling Chu were pretty good at striking up a conversation with people. And, the girl surnamed Zhen was also speaking a few words every now-and-then to go along with them. So, the mood of the grand dinner party soon became lively and enthusiastic in the midst of raising toasts and chats.

    On the other side, Shi Mu stood motionless in the shadows in a certain corner of the garden outside the living hall.

    Cai's remarkable see-through ability had enabled Shi Mu to take a panoramic view of the situation in the living room along with the on-going activity.

    "Shi Tou, what do we do now?" Cai asked.

    "This old man has casually invited Zhong Xiu to dine with him here. But, it seems that he ought to have some ulterior motives for inviting her. Let's examine the surroundings separately before making any further plans." Shi Mu pondered for a moment. Then, he said while running his vision around.

    Cai complied. Then, he fluttered his wings, and flew into the distance.

    After that, Shi Mu also sneaked towards another side.

    Inside the hall... the third round of drink was in full swing.

    "City Lord Yun Yang, we are done with the delicious feast of food and drink. So, I was wondering about the whereabouts of the goods that you had mentioned before. I think we should go and take a look at them," Zhong Xiu opened her mouth and said.

    She had hardly eaten anything so far. Even the glass of wine in front of her was untouched.

    "Hehe... If Miss Zhong says so," the black-robed old man said with a smile and stood up.

    "The goods?" the girl surnamed Zhen asked in an inquisitive manner.

    "That's right. This Old Man has a batch of goods that he wants to get rid of. So, I had requested Miss Zhong to come over, and have a quick glance at them. Is Friend Zhen also interested in coming over to see them?" the black-robed old man said.

    "It would be inappropriate if this humble girl tagged along with you since you're going there to make some business deals. But, I would like to thank City Lord for hosting such a wonderful feast for us today. This humble girl is taking her leave now," The girl surnamed Zhen flashed a smile once. Then, she clasped her hands while facing the other people in the hall, and spoke-up with due respect.

    The black-robed old man accompanied her to the door. Then, she left the hall.

    "Both of you, please come with me," the black-robed old man said to Zhong Xiu and Lin Chu. Then, the three people walked in a particular direction of the hall.

    The three people took a few turns in the following time, and eventually arrived before a remote garret building. The garret was shrouded by a layer of faint black light screen.

    Zhong Xiu's elegant eyebrows wrinkled when she saw this building. She didn't know why she had a vague feeling that something unpleasant was about to happen here.

    "This is the place where this Old Man stores all his important things. So, I've set up a layer of prohibition magic formula outside this place," the black-robed old man explained.

    Meanwhile, he turned his hand, and took out a black token. Then, he mumbled something.

    A light flashed on the surface of the token. Then, a streak of black light burst out of it, and submerged into the black light-curtain.

    The black light-curtain flashed in response, and a gateway split open in a slow manner.

    Zhong Xiu released her spirit sense, and examined the black light-curtain for a while. Then, the expression in her eyes loosened a bit.

    She also had an understanding of the principle of magic formulas to a certain extent. So, she had just found out that this black light-curtain was a kind of protective barrier that couldn't be used for launching any offensive moves.

    "Please come in," the black-robed old man invited as he pushed-open the garret's door and walked in.

    Zhong Xiu and Ling Chu also took a step, and followed him.

    The old man heard the sound of footsteps behind him, and a wisp of strange gleam flashed across his eyes. However, it then quickly disappeared without a trace.

    The garret was large and spacious. But, there was nothing inside it. There wasn't a trace of household furniture or any other stuff in the garret. There were only a dozen or more shelves. And, these shelves had been arranged in the centre of the room. Moreover, all of them were covered with a layer of grey cloth so that no one could see inside.

    The gleam in Zhong Xiu's pupils brightened as she saw these shelves. She then walked up to a shelf with quick steps. Then, she stretched out her hand, and lifted the gray cloth cover.

    However, the shelf was completely empty. There wasn't a single thing on the shelf.

    The smile on Zhong Xiu's face immediately froze as a result, and she turned her head to look at the black-robed old man.

    The black-robed old man stood still with a smile on his face. However, his facial expression made it seem that he had no intention of giving any explanations.

    Ling Chu also lifted the gray cloth from a wooden frame in this meantime. But, that rack was also completely empty.

    "Dear Friend Yun Yang, what does this mean?" Ling Chu's complexion darkened as he asked.

    However, the old man didn't speak anything. He bore the same smiling expression as before.

    "This isn't good!"

    Zhong Xiu's facial expression changed. She waved her wand, and a beam of white light darted out. It turned into a gigantic blade of light, and hacked toward the old man.

    The old man didn't budge an inch to evade the attack. Therefore, his body was cleaved into two halves by the light blade.

    Then, the two severed parts of his body turned into black smoke with a "Bang" sound, and dispersed in the air.

    "It's an illusion technique!" Ling Chu's facial expression profoundly changed. He looked dumbfounded.

    "We've fallen into a trap! Let's leave quickly!" Zhong Xiu shouted in a low voice. Then, she swept toward the garret's entrance.

    Ling Chu promptly responded. And, both of them flashed towards the exit like two beams of light.

    However, the garret's door suddenly got closed with a loud "Bang" sound.

    Simultaneously, the black light-curtain outside the garret also got closed on its own. And, it enveloped the entire garret once again.

    Zhong Xiu and Ling Chu's bodies dazzled with white and green lights respectively at the same time.

    And, the garret's door was smashed to pieces with a "Bang" sound the next moment. Then, two light beams - one black and one white - bombarded the black light-curtain with full force.

    The black light curtain revealed a fit of violent tremor as a result. Also, wave-like ripples appeared on its surface. However, it withstood the attack in the end.

    The black-robed old man stood outside the light-curtain with his hands crossed behind his back. The trace of a complacent smile hung on his face.

    In addition, dozens of people of the Wing Crane Tribe stood beside the old man. It couldn't be said when they had appeared here. They all mumbled something, and released streaks of black lights from their hands. Those light-beams blended into the black light-curtain, and the light-curtain quickly got stabilized.

    Simultaneously, the patterns of eight beasts' heads started to emerge on the surface of the light-curtain in a slow manner.

    These strange patterns looked grotesque... as if they were some kind of monsters. In fact, it appeared that these eight devils were walking around on the surface of the light-curtain.

    Inside the light-curtain...

    A dazzling green light flew out of the garret. It dazzled magnificently, and issued a shrill whistling sound which could pierce one's eardrum.

    There was a long green pole amid the green light. And, it thrust the light-curtain with the incredible speed of thunder.

    However, it had hardly pierced half a foot into the light-curtain when it abruptly stopped. And, it couldn't advance any further thereafter.

    One of the eight monsters on the surface of the light-curtain had the body of a human and the head of a sheep. Its eyes suddenly gleamed with a bright red light. Then, a streak of red light dashed out of its mouth, and struck the green pole.

    Consequently, the green pole was shaken up, and sent flying backward.

    Ling Chu stood at the entrance of the garret. His complexion changed when he saw this. He beckoned with his hand, and the green light flew back into his hand.

    The eight monsters in the light-curtain were getting increasingly clear... In fact, it seemed as if they wanted to crawl out of it.

    "Yun Yang, what does this mean?" Ling Chu's face looked unsightly at the moment. He stared at the old man outside the light-curtain, and roared in a dull voice.

    "What does this mean? Hahaha... It's indeed ridiculous. You still haven't understood the present situation?" The black-robed old man burst into laughter. There wasn't a trace of generosity on his face at this time. Instead, he shot a sarcastic look at Ling Chu.

    Ling Chu's face turned even more unsightly, and his body started to quiver in exasperation.

    "You racked your brain just to lead us here. Isn't it because you want to kill us, and plunder the goods that we're escorting?" Zhong Xiu said in a cold voice while staring at the eight monstrous patterns in the light-curtain.

    "Haha, Miss Zhong is very smart," the black-robed old man said with laughter.

    "Your Excellency's act will obviously offend the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce. Aren't you worried about the consequences?" Zhong Xiu asked in a cold voice.

    "As you can see... the decision has already been made. It naturally means that we've done a proper preparation beforehand. So, Miss Zhong will have to take a lot of trouble," the black-robed old man replied with a smile.

    Zhong Xiu's beautiful eyes flashed. Her white face looked like ice. She extended her hand behind her back, and grabbed a purple jade slip. Then, a purple light appeared on the slip.

    The purple light dazzled for a moment. But then, it died down.

    Zhong Xiu's refined eyebrows slightly creased. She tightened her grip on the jade slip, and a purple light lit up again. But, even this one got extinguished at once.

    "Hehe, Miss Zhong doesn't have to make futile efforts. The magic array you are confined in is called the Great Black Concealing Formula. It's impossible to summon yourself out from inside," the black-robed old man explained with a mischievous laughter.

    Zhong Xiu's facial expression finally sank.

    "By the way... my people would've taken care of those people you've left in the inn by now. In fact, that place should've turned into a sea of blood by now," The black-robed old man laughed.

    Zhong Xiu and Ling Chu's complexion awfully changed as they heard these words.

    "That red-dressed woman from before... You must've joined hands with the Dark Moon Cult!" a thought crossed Zhong Xiu's mind, and she shouted out.

    "Dear Friend Zhong truly has a sharp mind. Your guess is right to some extent. However, you should be concerned about your own situation at the moment!" The black-robed old man smiled.


    The inn had indeed turned into an intense battlefield like Mo Yun Yang had said. People's screams, vigorous fighting sounds, and loud sounds of collapsing houses were continually ringing everywhere.

    In the courtyard... the remaining guards of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce stood in encirclement with their backs leaning against the Floating Cloud carriages. Several injuries could be seen all over their bodies.

    They were surrounded by innumerable Dead Spirit creatures. A mighty tide of human skeletons, carrions, zombies, and other creatures were surging toward them.

    In addition, an open space-channel could be seen in the void outside the courtyard. It was thirty-feet in size, and there was pitch-black darkness inside it.

    The girl surnamed Zhen was treading on the dark clouds above the space channel's door. A bright light was flowing in her pupils, and she was mumbling something.

    A few gray-robed silhouettes could be seen standing around this woman. Some of these people were the old subordinates of this woman.

    A few of them were also reading some incantations at this moment. Simultaneously, they were waving their hands, and projecting light-beams into the space channel. They were seemingly maintaining the stability of this passage.
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