Chapter 335: Reneges on Word

    Chapter 335: Reneges on Word

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    Muffled hissing roars continued to ring in the air. Simultaneously, unending stream of Dead Spirit creatures continued to rush out of the space channel. They were killing the guards in the inn's courtyard.

    These Dead Spirit creatures didn't possess astonishing strength. But, the number of these creatures was very high... so much so that it seemed impossible to kill them all.

    "Damn, where are these many Dead Spirit creatures coming from?"

    "They are the people of the Dark Moon Cult!"

    "Go and inform General Ling and Elder Zhong that we can't hold them anymore."

    "We are surrounded by them. We can't go out."

    The guards in the courtyard were exerting their utmost effort to fight to the death. All these guards were either Xian Tian-ranked warriors or Star-ranked magicians. However, the layer of protective radiance on their bodies had already become bleak.

    Everyone was drenched in cold sweat. Droplets of sweat were oozing from their foreheads. Their eyes were bloodshot, and they were gasping for breath. They suddenly issued a hysterical howling sound... as if a savage beast had uttered an anguished wail right before its death.

    Leng Yue Tong stood in a certain corner of the crowd. Her complexion looked deathly-white like frost. She brandished her wand, and purple electric lights shot out. They then intertwined with a flash, and a fork-shaped purple lightning was formed. Then, it swept across the courtyard.

    She had summoned two gigantic silver skeleton warriors in front of her. Both of them were at the peak of the Xian Tian realm. And, they also had the advantage of their massive body. Therefore, they blocked the wave of attacks launched by the Dead Spirit creatures with great ease.

    Leng Yue Tong's eyes caught a glimpse of the girl surnamed Zhen in the midst of this chaos; she stood in the distance, and her eyes showed a trace of profound shock.

    Leng Yue Tong also belonged to the Dark Moon Cult. Therefore, she naturally knew the process of opening a space channel. She was also well-aware of the degree of difficulty to summon such a large number of Dead Spirit creatures; not to mention the myriads of preparations and heavy consumption of resources needed to carry out this task.

    However, this woman had executed the entire task in an effortless manner. The fact was that Leng Yue Tong didn't remember the existence of such a proficient person in her Cult. So, where had this woman come from?


    Suddenly, a long bone-spear broke through the defensive nets of the two gigantic skeleton warriors, and stabbed at Leng Yue Tong.

    Leng Yue Tong was caught off guard. She knew that the bone-spear would certainly pierce her chest if she didn't respond at once.

    Suddenly, a yellow pendant that hung on her waist lit up brightly. Then, it changed into a pale-yellow light-screen before her body, and blocked the bone-spear.


    The bone-spear was shaken and flicked-off the moment it slammed into this yellow light-screen. Then, it shattered, and dispersed into the air.

    Meanwhile, one of the silver skeleton warriors issued a loud below. Then, it stepped forward, and hacked its bone-blade below. And, a Dead Spirit creature which grasped a long bone-spear in it hands was chopped into two halves.

    Fine beads of sweat broke out on Leng Yue Tong's forehead.


    A loud bellowing sound spread from afar at this moment.

    Then, a mighty silhouette stepped out of the space channel's door; it was a seventy-or-eighty feet tall carrion-tiger. Its massive body looked like a small hill. A pair of purple soul flames was flickering in the eyes at the moment. And, it was sending forth a wave of turbulent and surging force. This turbulent force was proliferating in all directions in a terrifying manner!

    "It's an earth-ranked Dead Spirit creature!" Leng Yue Tong's facial expression underwent an abrupt change.

    The mighty carrion-tiger thundered, and galloped toward the crowd at a terrific speed... In fact, it seemed as if its four feet were flying. It treaded on the Dead Spirit creatures along the way, and they got smashed to pieces by the impact of the powerful collision.

    Thump Thump!

    The heavy sound of its footsteps was similar to the sound of a muffled thunder. They were so vigorous that they imposed huge pressure on the surrounding guards' hearts.

    It took the carrion-tiger hardly two-or-three seconds of time to arrive in front of the people. Then, it swung down its huge forepaws, and grasped a barbarian man who stood in the front.

    That barbarian man was already in the beast mode through the totem body transformation. So, his entire body was covered with a layer of green scales. He issued a loud roar as he was captured. Simultaneously, he brandished his bronze hammer which was almost the size of a tall man, and hacked at the front claws of the carrion tiger.

    A loud "Bang" sound rang out!

    The huge bronze hammer was struck and sent flying the next moment. Simultaneously, the barbarian man was also sent flying in the air by the impact of the tremendous force... like a kite with a broken string. He then fell in the midst of the army of the Dead Spirit creatures, and was encircled by the surrounding Dead Spirit creatures in an instant.

    An agonized and blood-curdling screech rang out in the air. And then, it abruptly stopped.

    The other guards' facial expression terribly changed as they witnessed this scene. And, their small and courageous bodies started to tremble out of fear.

    "Don't panic! Stabilize the formation!" a thunderous shout resounded at this moment.

    Then, a black silhouette jumped out, and stopped in front of the carrion-tiger to block its path; it was that thin and middle-aged man who had been guarding at the doorway.

    This man was one of the several escorts who belonged to the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce. He was a Xian Tian advanced stage warrior, and was considered to be the most powerful warrior in the group of remaining people.

    He held a long black spear. The spear's body was sending forth a strange stream of black light. This man was standing in front of an earth-ranked Dead Spirit creature. But, he didn't reveal the slightest hint of fear.

    The earth-ranked carrion-tiger gazed at the thin middle-aged man, and felt a vague menacing aura around his body.

    However, the tiger's flagitious natural disposition compelled it to shake off this feeling in an instant. Then, it loudly roared, and pounced straight toward this lean middle-aged man. Simultaneously, a thick layer of grey light bubbled-up on the surface of its two big front claws. It threw its claws at the opposite party to grasp him.

    The lean middle-aged man bellowed, and ducked out of the way. Simultaneously, the black spear in his hand shone with a splendid black luminescence. Then, a few ten-feet-long black spear-lights burst forth from the spear, and darted out.

    The spear-lights pierced through the grey light with a "Puff" sound. Then, its sharp point thrust deeply into the carrion-tiger's claw.

    The barbarian gave a loud shout as he poured his Real Qi into the spear's body. Then, he gave a sudden flick to his arm that grasped the spear.


    A deep wound got cut open in the carrion-tiger's front claw. It was so deep that the carrion-tiger's bone became clearly visible. Also, a large amount of pale yellow pus gushed out of the wound.

    The carrion-tiger uttered a long screech in agony. Then, the purple light in its eyes gleamed, and it turned its huge head in a nimble manner. After that, it opened its mouth wide, and spouted a streak of yellow light.

    The thin middle-aged man was thunderstruck as he knew that he was too late to dodge this attack. But then, he rolled on the ground at the very last moment, and barely evaded the yellow light.

    However, he hadn't even stood up when a beam of grey light dashed out of the girl surnamed Zhen's hand, and fell on his body. This immediately made his movement very slow.

    Then, a shadow flashed above him... The huge tiger-claw descended from the sky, and crushed the middle-aged man underneath.

    A stuffy "Ka-cha" sound echoed!

    Simultaneously, an expansive layer of bright-red watery blood scattered from the gap between the tiger's finger claw. This dealt a profound shock to the surrounding people, and left them frozen to the spot.


    The carrion-tiger raised its head, and issued a low-pitched roar in delight. Then, it raised its front claw.

    The thin middle-aged man had been left beyond recognition on the ground... In fact, his meat had been treaded into the mud!

    The carrion-tiger then turned its head, and its massive body made an abrupt pounce towards the other guards in the surroundings.

    The surrounding people couldn't stay calm after this incident. The formation they had maintained so far fell apart, and the people started to issue flustered screams one after another. They all dispersed, and started to flee in a disorderly manner. However, they were blocked by the surrounding Dead Spirit creatures... The situation became very chaotic and unruly for a period of time.

    Leng Yue Tong rushed to a certain corner under the protection of the two silver skeleton warriors in the midst of this chaos. She then turned her hand, and took out a white magic charm. Then, she crushed it to pieces.

    A white light flashed, and enveloped her body. And, her silhouette disappeared into the white light the next moment.

    Leng Yue Tong had pinched her magic stick when she was at the point of disappearance. Consequently, a mass of black smoke had flashed on the surface of the two silver skeleton warriors, and they had also disappeared from their place.

    Some time passed. The fierce battle in the courtyard had eventually marked its end. All the guards had been slaughtered with no exceptions. However, it was hard to say if it was intentional that the opposite party had retained as many corpses as possible. In fact, they had piled-up these corpses together.

    The girl surnamed Zhen floated down from the air, and landed in front of the fleet of carriages.

    A few carriages had been overturned in the course of this battle. However, they hadn't been damaged owing to the special quality of their materials.

    The hint of a blissful look emerged in the girl surnamed Zhen's eyes when she saw the materials in these carriages.

    "Noble Friend Zhen is very powerful. These dozens of guards were Xian Tian-ranked warriors, but all of them were eliminated by you so easily. It's truly commendable!" a voice spread at this time; it was the voice of that thin and tall barbarian of the Wing Crane Tribe. He walked over from afar, and said with a broad smile.

    This person was one of the two barbarians of the Wing Crane Tribe that had made a deal with the girl surnamed Zhen in the Peaceful Sun City. Forty-or-fifty tribesmen of the Wing Crane Tribe stood behind him at the moment.

    He stood in front of the fleet of carriages with a broad smile across his face. But, there wasn't even a hint of a smile in his eyes. It couldn't be said if this act was intentional or just a coincidence.

    "General Bi Hong is over-praising me," the girl surnamed Zhen replied in a dull voice.

    "Haha, these goods have come into our custody now. So, both parties should take equal share as per our initial agreement. I think Friend Zhen shouldn't have any objection," Bi Hong said.

    "Of course."

    The girl surnamed Zhen heard these words, and her eyes slightly narrowed for a moment. But then, she flashed a smile, and waved her hand... The surrounding Dead Spirit creatures drew back, and stood aside in response.

    That gigantic carrion-tiger also walked to one side. But, it still issued a low-pitched roar, and the purple soul-flame in its eyes started to leap.

    Bi Hong felt relieved when he saw this scene. He then beckoned with his hand.

    A dozen or more Wing Crane Tribesmen stepped forward from behind him, and drew four Floating Cloud Carriages.

    "Dear Friend Zhen, we had an exciting cooperation this time. So, I hope that there will be one hereafter!" Bi Hong looked at the four full and bulging carriages, and a trace of complacent look flashed through his eyes. He then clasped his hand toward the girl surnamed Zhen in a respectful manner and said.

    "Of course... There will be cooperation between us in the future as well," she said, and the corners of her mouth curled into a strange smile.

    The gleam of happiness on Bi Hong's face grew even stronger when he heard her reply. He was about to say something again, but his facial expression abruptly changed. And, he said "That's not good!" in his heart.


    An expansive grey light bubbled up from the ground with a fit of vibration. Then, it turned into seemingly sentient tentacles, and wound around Bi Hong and the other barbarians' feet.

    "You reneged on her word! Respected City Lord won't let you off easily!"

    Bi Hong's complexion terribly changed. His feet had been tied down by the grey light. And, all he could feel was a surge of weakness... as if he was about to lose consciousness.

    This kind of powerless feeling gradually spread along his legs, and welled up in his body.

    He issued a loud shout, and a layer of black radiance burst forth on his body. Then, the muscles of his body swelled up, and a black feather grew up. In addition, a pair of large, black, and fleshy wings sprouted on his back.

    Bi Hong flew into the sky as soon as his wings opened up.

    However, a huge shadow pounced toward him head-on; it was that gigantic Earth-ranked carrion-tiger.

    Bi Hong had flown only a little when he was pushed down to the ground by the carrion-tiger. Then, the carrion-tiger stretched open its big mouth, and grasped half his body firmly in its mouth... The tiger then flung its head, and tore Bi Hong into two pieces.

    Fresh blood and internal organs showered and splashed in all direction like rain... It was a very ghastly sight!

    Then, the surrounding Dead Spirit creatures impetuously pounced over one after another. The Winged Crane Tribesmen were unable to budge the lower half of their bodies. Consequently, all of them were slaughtered. Then, the Dead Spirit creatures stacked up their bodies along with the guards' corpses. These creatures had taken hardly a dozen breaths to finish the whole process.

    "You just wait for me to train you to be an obedient corpse-soldier. Then, we'll be able to continue our cooperation!"

    The girl surnamed Zhen looked at the corpse mountain in front of her. And, the hint of an evil grin bloomed across her face; there were around a hundred-or-more dead bodies there.

    "Everyone... take these Floating Cloud Carriages, and leave this Cloud Wing City right away." the girl surnamed Zhen said to a few disciples of the Dark Moon Cult who stood next to her.

    "Yes." one of the Dark Moon Cult's disciple complied.

    "Master Zhen, won't you come with us?" another disciple of the Dark Moon Cult asked after a momentary hesitation.

    "You go first. I have some other matter that needs to be dealt with. I'll catch you people at the designated time," she replied.

    She had turned her head, and had looked in the direction of the City Lord's office while she had spoken this. Then, a strange gleam streaked across her beautiful eyes...
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