Chapter 337: Mishap and Rescue

    Chapter 337: Mishap and Rescue

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    Zhong Xiu's beautiful eyes suddenly brightened up... It seemed as if she had discovered something. She fixed her gaze on the black silhouette, and a sparkling light flashed across her eyes.

    Ling Chu's eyes had naturally caught sight of this fleeting change as well.

    So, he turned his head, and took a look at the black silhouette outside the black light curtain. He didn't know why he felt a kind of unpleasant feeling surging in his heart... so much so that he let out a cold snort in response.

    Meanwhile, Shi Mu had killed seven-or-eight people in a row. Then, his silhouette appeared behind another Formula Magician of the Wing Crane Tribe.

    But then, a "Chi" sound was heard. Then, a grey light flew out of the storm of explosion the next moment; it was that strange grey sword. It dashed straight towards Shi Mu as soon as it appeared.

    A wisp of green light appeared on the grey sword on the way; it looked like a green eye. It was releasing a kind of sinister aura.

    Shi Mu ducked out of the way in a flash.

    However, the grey sword also took a swift and abrupt turn in the air... It seemed as if it was sentient! Then, it shot towards Shi Mu once again.

    Shi Mu's brows creased as he saw this scene. He waved his hand, and a golden sword-light dashed out and blocked the grey sword in midair; it was the golden sword.


    An intense collision took place between the two flying swords in midair. This collision set off intermittent bursts of metal clanging sounds which resounded in the air for some time.

    Meanwhile, a silhouette sprang out of the explosion, and stopped in front of Shi Mu; it was Mo Yun Yang!

    His clothes were awfully shredded at the moment. However, his body didn't seem to have sustained any severe injuries... A strand of grey Qi was coiling around his body, and a thick layer of green cuticle had sprouted over his skin. Moreover, four long canine teeth had protruded from his mouth, and he was clearly exuding waves of Dead Spirit World's aura.

    "Zombie Art!" Shi Mu was flabbergasted.

    The art that Mo Yun Yang was displaying at the moment was the Zombie Art of the Dark Moon Cult.

    The remaining Formula Magicians beamed with happiness when they saw him. The fact was that some of them had already decided to run away from here. However, they felt relieved after they witnessed this scene.

    "Don't panic... City Lord will take down this assassin even in the midst of the night. So, let's focus our attention with all our strength... We can't let these two people slip out of this great array at any cost," a short Formula Magician of the Wing Crane Trobe shouted at top of his voice.

    Then, he bit the tip of his tongue, opened his mouth, and spurted out a mouthful of his blood essence. Then, his blood essence blended into the light-curtain of the great array.

    The other Formula Magicians' facial expression revealed a sudden change. They sat down on the ground one after another, and followed suit... They similarly bit their tongue, and spouted a mouthful of their blood essence into the light-curtain in quick succession.

    The black light-curtain had been on the verge of disappearance. However, it slowly started to regain its brightness once again.

    Zhong Xiu and Ling Chu's complexion changed as they saw that the light-curtain was about to return to its original state.

    The green radiance on Ling Chu's body flashed, and the totem transformation was relieved... Ling Chu had resumed his original human form in an instant. Then, he turned his hand, and a blood-red short-spear appeared in his hand.

    The short-spear looked like a damaged weapon since a few obvious traces of damages could be clearly seen on its hilt. Also, a faint blood-light could be seen flowing on the surface of this spear. It gave off a rather unusual aura.

    Ling Chu sucked in a deep breath, and stroked his finger in the wrist. Then, a blood arrow departed from the pores of his finger, and integrated into the short-spear.

    After that, the blood-red radiance that the short-spear immediately brightened by a big margin. Also, a fine black silk emerged in the blood light. Then, this silk started to twist around the spear's body. The spear's body got wrapped up in it in no time. The fine silk seemed alive as it started to creep on the spear.

    The blood-red short-spear started to exude a strange demonic light... It seemed as if it could absorb everything in its vicinity.

    Zhong Xiu stood nearby... A trace of amazement flashed across her eyes as she saw this scene.

    Ling Chu restrained his fear as he stared at the short-spear in his hand. However, he then sensed Zhong Xiu's line of sight, and exerted all of his strength to stabilize his mind. Then, he looked at the light-curtain that was gradually recovering, and a cold gleam flickered in his eyes.

    "Miss Zhong, I accept that I've made a mistake in trusting people this time. But, you just wait and watch... I'll break open this array, and take you out of this mess!" He flashed a broad smile while tightening his grip on the spear. And, the strange demonic light on the spear's surface immediately lit up.

    Ling Chu then fired towards the light curtain in the front... The short-spear in his hand dazzled as he thrust it forward in a fierce manner.

    A blood-red spear-shadow flew out of the short-spear as Ling Chu pounded his spear. The spear-shadow then radiated glaring rays of light, and a blood-red electric light emerged on its surface. The electric light then scuttled forward in a disorderly manner with a hissing sound.

    The blood-red spear-shadow stabbed the light-curtain. The light-curtain hadn't fully recovered yet. So, the spear-shadow penetrated it easily. It got embedded in the light-curtain in spite of fading away.

    Zhong Xiu's beautiful eyes flashed, and an awestruck look emerged on her face.

    Ling Chu saw this, and laughed in response. Simultaneously, his face got smeared with a complacent look.

    Outside the magic array...

    The battle between Mo Yun Yang and Shi Mu was in full swing at this moment.

    None of them was drawing support from any sharp weapon in this battle. They were simply fighting with their bare hands.

    Shi Mu's body had become very tenacious... It was surging with strength after having displayed the totem body transformation. Therefore, confronting an Earth-ranked primary stage warrior wasn't a big problem for Shi Mu now. However, Mo Yun Yang had resorted to Zombie Art. So, he wasn't inferior to Shi Mu now in any aspect... whether it was tenacity of body... or the amount of strength.

    This battle had become very intense!

    However, these two men noticed the situation in the back as soon as Ling Chu revealed the blood-red spear. Mo Yun Yang's complexion immediately changed, and he attempted to withdraw from this battle.

    However, there was no way Shi Mu would let him have his way! Shi Mu immediately flicked his arms, and innumerable fist-shadows rushed out. Then, they plummeted down towards Mo Yun Yang like raindrops with a shrill and ear-piercing sound and alarming vehemence.

    Mo Yun Yang's silhouette slowed down as he saw this scene... He had understood that he was left with no choice but to receive the bombardment.

    The people present on the scene hadn't noticed the situation around the light-curtain. However, that blood-red silhouette with head of a snake and body of a human wasn't far from it... His eyes gleamed, and his head slowly moved... only to find the blood-red spear-shadow embedded in the light curtain.

    On the other side... Ling Chu wielded the short-spear whilst laughing.


    The blood-red spear-shadow that had just pierced the light-curtain was drawn back. Then, a big cut suddenly landed on the light curtain, and revealed a ten-feet-wide slit therein.

    "Miss Zhong, after you!" Ling Chu waved his hand in a graceful manner, and signaled her to move out of first.

    Zhong Xiu didn't show any sign of general courtesy either, and flew out of the slit in an instant.

    Ling Chu was about to fly out of this trap behind her. However, the spear-shadow in the light-curtain suddenly flashed and exploded. It then turned into wisps of blood, and scattered everywhere. These wisps of blood then submerged into the blood-red snake-headed silhouette that was over the light-curtain.

    Simultaneously, the light-curtain that had just been split-open by Ling Chu suddenly got closed with a loud sound. Consequently, Ling Chu knocked against the light-curtain, but was bounced back due to insufficient momentum.

    "How is it possible?!"

    Ling Chu turned over, and stood up. He looked at everything in front of him in blank dismay.

    Zhong Xiu had flown out of the light curtain by now. However, her facial expression changed when she turned around and saw the situation.

    The snake-headed silhouette became a lot clearer after it had absorbed the wisps of blood. Therefore, it was also clearly visible that he was blazing with fury at the moment... so much so that its glaring eyes looked like a pair of blood-red lanterns.

    The snake-headed silhouette's eyes flickered, and projected a pair of red lights. Those lights flashed, and broke into the short-spear in Ling Chu's hand.

    The short-spear received a powerful jolt, and shook up with a droning sound. Then, countless wisps of blood coiled around Ling Chu's body like a bolt of lightning.

    These wisps of blood started to squirm on Ling Chu's body... as if they were alive. They then stung his entire body all at once.

    A petrified look eventually peeped through Ling Chu's face. He opened his mouth to scream in agony, but couldn't issue the slightest sound.

    His body had started to wither at a speed which was visible to the naked eye. And, he turned into a dried corpse in a matter of few breaths.

    Meanwhile, the blood-red short-spear shook a little, and fell from Ling Chu's withered corpse with a "Thud" sound.

    Squish... Squish...

    A burst of strange screams spread from the short spear... It seemed as if it had tasted the flavor of Ling Chu's flesh and blood.

    The surrounding people saw this unexpected scene with profound shock. They felt a shiver running down their spine.

    The scene they had just witnessed was too strange to believe. Even Shi Mu and Mo Yun Yang stopped their battle, and retreated.

    The two men noticed a stunned look in each other's eyes when they exchanged a glance.

    Shi Mu felt great relief in his heart since he had realized that the strange change in that short-spear hadn't been planned by Mo Yun Yang.

    Shi Mu made a conjecture after analyzing the situation that this blood-red short-spear ought to have a great background. However, he had no idea how Ling Chu had gotten his hands on this stuff. Also, it could be said that Ling Chu hadn't attained absolute control over it. Otherwise, he wouldn't have experienced such a terrible counter-attack.

    Shi Mu was far from the light-curtain of the magic array. However, he could still sense the dreadful aura that was spreading from the short-spear. This aura reeked of blood!

    Shi Mu then felt as if this dreadful aura was strengthening little by little... It seemed as if this short-spear was slowly awakening.

    His complexion changed as he realized this, and the corners of his mouth moved since he wanted to tell Zhong Xiu to leave at once.

    But then, he saw that the blood-red short-spear quivered, and the dreadful aura it was emitting abruptly increased by several fold. Then, a dazzling blood-red light spread from that short-spear.

    The fuzzy silhouette of a person appeared amid this dazzling red light. Then, it disappeared in a fleeting moment.

    After that, a massive shockwave burst out of the blood-red short-spear. It proliferated in all directions with the short-spear as the center.


    The light-curtain of the magic array couldn't withstand the impact of this tremendous blow, and collapsed! In fact, it got crushed to pieces!

    The shockwave stopped only for a moment. Then, it again continued to sweep across the surroundings.

    Zhong Xiu and a few remaining Formula Magicians were closest to the light curtain. So, they came in contact with the shockwave, and were sent flying into the distance like a fallen leaf in the wind!

    Zhong Xiu's reaction timing was obviously faster than other people since she was a Moon-ranked magician. A layer of white light had flared up on her body before the shockwave could touch her. Then, that white light had condensed into a light-screen in front of her body. Zhong Xiu had then shot toward the rear to evade the shockwave.

    However, the white light-shield had been able to resist the shockwave only for an instant before it had shattered into pieces.

    Consequently, Zhong Xiu's body had been hit by a gigantic force like a vigorous surging wave. A spurt of blood had gushed out of her mouth, and her body had been sent flying backwards by the impact of this force.

    Everything before her eyes turned dark, and she passed out in midair.

    However, a shadow suddenly flashed and appeared behind her; it was Shi Mu. He caught her unconscious body in the air.

    Then, he whirled around like a flash of lightning. Simultaneously, his body got shrouded in a layer of bright black light. The fact was that Shi Mu had turned his back against the shockwave to receive its impact.

    His complexion terribly changed, and his body was shaken up in a manner that made it seem as if he had been pounded by a small hill. Consequently, he was sent flying toward the front like a kite with broken string.

    He stopped and landed on the ground after he was thrown flying 100-or-200 feet.

    Meanwhile, the surrounding buildings had also received a severe hit by the shockwave. They started to collapse and scatter around in quick succession. Even the plants, flowers, and trees in the surrounding were uprooted. Everything in the radius of hundreds of feet with the blood-red short-spear as the center had been razed to the ground in no time.

    Shi Mu turned around to take a look around. He had a sense of lingering fear in his heart.

    Suddenly, a blood-light flashed on the surface of the blood-red short-spear. It then flew toward the west after exhibiting such a destructive might. It seemed as if this spear had its own intelligence. It flashed and vanished into thin air in no time.

    Shi Mu saw this, and heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. He then moved since he wanted to leave from here.

    But then, something fell not far from him with a loud "Bang" sound.

    He turned his head to look at that thing, and found that it was Ling Chu's dried corpse.

    Shi Mu's vision drew toward the palm of Ling Chu's left hand, and his eyes brightened up... There was a deep-green ring in his palm.

    Shi Mu waved his hand, and a plume of black Qi departed from his hand. It then rolled up the ring, and returned to Shi Mu.

    Afterwards, a long and blue shuttle emerged under Si Mu's feet with a flash of blue light. It then lifted the bodies of both people, and shot into the distance.

    On the other side, the golden sword had reached a deadlock with the strange grey sword by now. It also dashed to follow Shi Mu... like a streak of a golden light.

    A grey shadow flashed, and appeared far into the distance at this time; it was Mo Yun Yang!

    Plenty of wounds could be seen over his body... His facial expression looked very unsightly at the moment.

    Mo Yun Yang hadn't sustained any fatal injuries since he was a considerable distance away from the scope of the explosion. Moreover, he had the support of Zombie Art to shield the impact.

    He gazed at Shi Mu who was drifting far into the distance like a blue light, and a trace of cold gleam flashed across his eyes. He knew that it was too late to chase after him. So, he beckoned with his hand, and withdrew his grey sword.
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