Chapter 348: Causes Havoc in Hidden Wind Valley

    Chapter 348: Causes Havoc in Hidden Wind Valley

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    "Who dares to act atrociously in the Hidden Wind Valley?!"

    A thunderous shout was heard at this moment. Four or five silhouettes flew out of the Hidden Wind Valley in unison; all of them were curled up in grey light. Then, they pounced towards Shi Mu even though he was in the air. A large number of the Dark Moon Cult's disciples also gushed out behind those silhouettes.

    In midair... Shi Mu raised his hand and the golden sword-light departed from therein. Then, it started to inflate against the wind until it turned into a hundred-or-more-feet-long gigantic sword. Then, it hacked down towards those approaching grey silhouettes.

    Those people were appalled to see the overwhelming might of the golden sword. They clearly knew that they couldn't withstand it. So, they turned around and started to flee in different directions.

    But, a few White Qi Chains departed from Shi Mu's location. These chains then galloped towards those people in a manner that made it seem as if they had eyes. They dashed and bound those people on the spot.

    Then, the huge sword took a few circles in a graceful manner. And, it flashed past those people while streaking a string of remnant-shadows on the way.

    Ah Ah Ah!

    A series of blood-curdling screeches were heard the next moment. The fact was that those people had been chopped by the golden sword in one fell swoop. Their anguished screams rang out in the air for a moment. Also, several pieces of their bodies fell from the sky.

    The Dark Moon Cult's disciples who stood below quieted down as they witnessed this ghastly scene. Some of them had wanted to hurtle up in the air. But, they stopped after they saw this incident.

    The people who were just slaughtered in the air were a few Xian-Tian-ranked Ministers of the Hidden Wind Valley. However, all of them had been struck to death in one confrontation alone!

    Far from the Main Palace... Hou Sai Lei was scuttling farther into the distance when his foot came to an abrupt stop. He then turned his head, and looked in the direction of the palace.

    Hou Sai Lei turned around after a few breaths, and returned to the Palace along the original road. He took advantage of this tumultuous situation, and flashed into the palace even though it was engulfed in blazing flames.

    Meanwhile, Shi Mu turned around and swooped down towards the ground.

    The disciples who stood below were horrified to see him approaching. Hence, they started to flee in all directions.

    However, their speed wasn't enough to compete with Shi Mu. Shi Mu brandished his hands and flung a bunch of magic charms. Those magic charms turned into a cluster of blazing flames, wind blades, and other magic techniques as they showered down on those disciples.

    Then, a burst of pitiful screams resounded from all around!

    These disciples were either ordinary Hou Tian martial warriors or Spirit-ranked magicians. In fact, a few of them were merely magician apprentices. They weren't strong enough to resist the incredible might of these magic techniques.

    Therefore, this torrent of attacks resulted in disastrous causalities. Bursts of anguished wails and screams resounded from everywhere.

    Shi Mu took one quick rotation in the air, and cast a spell to destroy a dozen or more buildings around him. After that, he swept his gaze over a particular place below, and noticed that there wasn't a shadow of any person in sight. He then stimulated his blue jade shuttle. Then, he turned into a blue light, and disappeared into the air.

    A long time passed like this. The remaining disciples of the Cult raised their heads and gazed into the sky; all of them were trembling with fear at the moment. But then, they heaved a sigh of great relief when they saw that the devil-like black silhouette had finally disappeared.

    The main palace had been reduced to ruins by now. Also, dozens of surrounding buildings had been blown to bits. The raging fire was still spreading around. In addition, agonized cries and screams for help were constantly spreading from all around.

    "What happened here..." The remaining disciples of the Dark Moon Cult looked at each other in blank dismay.

    "By the way, why hasn't the Altar Lord shown up yet? Don't tell me that he's already..." There was a sensible person among them. Such thoughts suddenly crossed his mind.

    The palace had collapsed by now. In fact, it was shrouded in a layer of blazing red flames.

    However, a loud "Bang" was suddenly heard at this time. This sound had come from a broken-wall inside the palace; that wall had been struck to fly. Then, a person's silhouette walked out of the sea of fire. He was staggering along the way. He held a feathered fan in his hand; he was the Altar Lord of the Hidden Wind Valley!

    The clothes on his body were mostly damaged. Also, half of his body was covered in blood. Even his complexion looked deathly pale. These signs were enough to conclude that he was in a severely injured state.

    "Altar Lord!" The surviving disciples were overjoyed to see him. So, they rushed towards him in succession.

    They had just survived a catastrophic situation. So, they were exhilarated to see their Altar Lord in front of them in this critical situation. They didn't find themselves helpless anymore. After all, they had someone to rely on.

    The middle-aged man's body swayed a little, but he supported himself by holding a nearby rock. After that, he sat down on it.

    "Altar Lord, how is your body? Are you okay?" There was a thin disciple among them. He looked deeply concerned when he asked.

    "I'm fine. I just had an intense battle with that intruder in the palace's hall. Unfortunately, the opposite party had made a plan to injure me and weaken my strength beforehand. However, I still put my life on the line and inflicted severe injuries on him," the middle-aged man said. But, he was gasping for breath while speaking.

    The thin man let out a long sigh of relief in response. He also realized something in his heart at this time. It was no wonder the spiritual aura around the Altar Lord seemed a lot weaker at the moment.

    "I'll stay here to adjust my breathing. And, I'll somehow suppress my injuries for the time being. Meanwhile, you go and count the casualties in the valley. I also want you to investigate the condition of the Xian Tian and the Star-ranked Ministers in a proper manner," the middle-aged man said to the thin man.

    "Yes!" the thin man complied.

    "The palace is in such a devastated state. Even the barrier spells on the side hall and the warehouse have been annihilated. So, you take some people to keep watch over this place. Also, send people to organize and pack the stuff present in the warehouse. It's not safe to leave these things here anymore. I'll have to report this matter to the higher authorities of our Cult so that these goods get transported to another Sub-altar for their security," The middle-aged man took a moment of consideration. Then, he said to another disciple who was at the peak of the Hou Tian realm.

    "This... Altar Lord, isn't it perhaps inappropriate?" The man was left stunned for a moment.

    "Do you dare to question my order?" the middle-aged man shot a glaring look at him as he said.

    "This subordinate would never dare to do that!" that man immediately complied and departed along with a few people.

    The middle-aged man saw their receding figure. Then, he retracted his gaze and exhaled a long breath.

    "Altar Lord, such a big incident has occurred in the Hidden Wind Valley. Do you wish to notify the Vice-altar Lord to return?" someone suggested.

    "I have just sent him a message. So, you don't need to think about this matter," the middle-aged man replied while beckoning with his hand.

    That person nodded and hurried away to extinguish the raging flames in the surroundings.

    Then, the middle-aged man slowly stood up. The reflection of the surrounding blazing flames appeared in his eyes. Then, a ray of light flashed past his pupils.

    Outside the Hidden Wind Valley... a blue light flew out of the valley and stopped at the valley's entrance for a moment. Then, it again soared in the air and flew towards the west. Then, it disappeared into the air.


    Grey mist was billowing somewhere in the Dead Spirit World. A gigantic grey mountain peak stood upright amid this mist.

    The summit of this mountain peak pointed straight towards the sky like the edge of a sword. The mountain wall looked very smooth and glossy like the surface of a mirror. In fact, the reflection of those blood moons in the sky could be seen on the surface of this mountain wall. In addition, it was also emitting a strange radiance.

    The mountain peak was shrouded in the mass of greyish-black clouds from halfway up the mountain. And, a flash of lightning often streaked across inside these grey clouds.

    There was a turbulent sea below this mountain peak. And, blood-red water was frequently hitting the foot of this mountain with a burst of rumbling sound.

    A gigantic grey silhouette flew from the foot of the mountain peak at this moment. It soared into the sky while clinging to the blade's tip-like pointed mountain peak.

    The grey silhouette was an enormous bone-bird that was dozens of feet in size. Red veins could vaguely be seen on its bones. Also, a blood-red liquid was flowing in those veins. There was a cluster of throbbing red light in its chest cavity. In addition, a layer of greyish-black feathers could be seen on its two large wings.

    This bone-bird's head was triangular in shape, and had a few-feet-long pointed horn on top of it; the horn was exuding dazzling red light. It looked as if there was a kind of bright red crown on its head.

    The bone-bird held a grey bone in its curved eagle-like beak. That grey bone seemed to be a section of an ordinary leg-bone.

    The bone-bird was sending forth a dreadful and imposing aura. But, the trace of a flustered look could also be seen peeping through its eyes. It would often look back and sweep a glance around. In addition, it was also flapping its wings in a continuous manner. Its huge body stuck close to the mountain peak, and was moving upwards at full speed in a spiral pattern.

    A tiny white light shot from the foot of the mountain peak at this moment. It was also flying at terrific speed. So, it gradually caught up with that bone-bird.

    The silhouette of a white human-skeleton could faintly be seen amid that white light. It held a short black stick.

    The white skeleton waved the short stick, and a black stick-shadow emerged in the air out of nowhere. It was hundreds of feet in length. It pounded towards the grey bone-bird with a fierce and frightening stormy wave.

    It seemed as if the grey bone-bird had already anticipated the consequences when the white skeleton had wielded the short stick. So, it spread its wings and tilted to the side in order to dodge the blow.


    The black stick-shadow rubbed past the bone-bird's body, and bombarded the mountain wall. Consequently, a large piece of rock collapsed with a loud crashing sound. Simultaneously, an unbelievably huge crack appeared in the mountain wall due to impact of the blow.

    The bone-bird raised its head, and nipped the grey bone it was carrying in its mouth. Then, it swung its wings in a continuous manner, and the speed of its flight saw an enormous increase. Then, it drifted into the distance like a grey cloud.

    Yan Luo's eyes flared up with a fit of anger as it saw that bone-bird's action. So, it opened its mouth and exuded a whistling sound. Then, it stretched-open its white bone-wings, and its speed increased by almost half as a result. After that, it continued to chase the bone-bird.

    Both of them were flying at lightning speed. They cut their way through the sky, and disappeared into the distance under the billowing grey mist.


    Half a month later... in the periphery of a quiet forest.

    The old trees in this forest were very dense. They had thick vines hanging from them. However, they also looked very tall. It could be said that they were towering trees with luxuriant leaves and branches that seemed to be covering the whole sky.

    A bluish-green light flew out of the forest while breaking the silence of this place.

    A bluish-green flying carriage could be seen wrapped up in this bluish-green light. That carriage had a pair of green wings on both its sides. It was the same Green-winged flying carriage that Ling Chu had previous flaunted.

    Two people sat on this flying carriage; they were Shi Mu and Zhong Xiu.

    "Phew... We've finally left this place..." Cai exhaled a long breath and said; he was on Shi Mu's shoulder at the moment.

    The forest behind them was called a 'whispering forest' by the barbarian people. And, it was said so because a kind of strange trees grew in this forest. Those trees would emit a kind of sound that was almost similar to the soft whisper of the humans. It was said that this strange sound had the ability to obstruct people's sense of direction. Therefore, a passerby was likely to get trapped in this forest if he didn't possess a strong spirit sense. And then, he would continue to circle around in the forest for an indefinite period of time.

    However, Shi Mu and Zhong Xiu were outstanding warriors with remarkable strength. Moreover, both of them were practitioners of dual arts - magic and martial arts. Therefore, their spirit sense was much stronger than an average person's. But, the crucial point was that sound of these strange trees had a superposition effect. Moreover, the entire forest would issue this kind of whispering sound at the same time. Therefore, it had made things difficult for Shi Mu and Zhong Xiu as well.

    Moreover, this forest was also a dwelling place for all kinds of demon monsters and poisonous insects. And, the flying-class demon beasts were considerably high in number here. Hence, Shi Mu and Zhong Xiu had no other choice but to deal with them the entire way in order to pass through. And, this process had been very tiring and time-taking for them.

    However, Shi Mu and Zhong Xiu were so immersed in this journey that they rather took a lot of pleasure in it. After all, they were getting to share their joys and hardships along the way...

    Besides, they also knew that they wouldn't be very far from their destination - the Rising Sun City - once they had left this forest.

    There was a flat plain outside the Whispering Forest. And, an unbroken streak of whiteness was faintly visible in the horizon at the front of that area.

    The flying carriage continued to head in that direction. And, Shi Mu gradually discovered that the smear of white on the horizon was the wall of a city that extended far into the distance.

    These city walls were hundreds of feet high, and were pure-white in color. In fact, they looked spotless without a speck of dust.

    There was a majestic building in the city; it rose straight from the ground. It was also primarily white in color.

    "Wow, that's such a big city!" Cai shouted.

    "Big Brother Shi, this is the Rising Sun City," Zhong Xiu said with a smile.

    Shi Mu lifted his gaze upwards to see, and his face got suffused with a trace of amazement.

    It could be said that Shi Mu had seen many exotic barbarian cities ever since he had set foot in the Western Continent. And, those cities hadn't been small in size.

    However, the cities he had seen before were far too small, old, and shabby in comparison to the city that was presently in front of him.
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