Chapter 352: Fights for the Stone

    Chapter 352: Fights for the Stone

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    "The person in-charge of this Sub-altar comes out to be Liu An's man. This is indeed a wishful thinking. He has already snatched away the entire batch of goods. But, he's still planning to demand a huge compensation from the Chamber of Commerce even though the Chamber has been afflicted with misfortune and heavy losses. Cai, you go in the vicinity of the Wind- Splitting Cliffs, and keep a keen watch over this Di Feng for some time. Be a bit more careful; don't get caught by them." Shi Mu took a moment of consideration. After that, he gave an order to Cai.

    "Shi Tou, you can rest assured!" Cai complied with his order. Then, he spread his wings and flew out.

    "Big Brother Shi, what are you thinking?" Zhong Xiu asked.

    "Miss Xiu, we may have to wait for the enemy to fall into our trap. So, you will have to stay here like this for another few days. And then, we will do these things..." Shi Mu showed a faint smile first. He then moved closer to Zhong Xiu's ear, and said something in a whispering voice.

    ... ...

    Almost ten days later... there was a secluded mountain valley dozens of miles away from the Rising Sun City's suburbs.

    This valley was also far from the official road since it was located very far from the city. Therefore, very few people would go there in normal times... let alone at night.

    A shadow swayed a few times and appeared in this valley at this time.

    The dim light of the moon revealed that this person was over thirty years old. He had a thin stature and red eyebrows; he was Di Feng.

    Di Feng looked very vigilant. He was keeping a sharp lookout for any contingency the entire way. He walked straight to a covert cave in the valley after having confirmed that there was nothing suspicious around.

    The cave wasn't so big. It was only a hundred or more feet in size. A red-dressed woman stood in the centre of the cave at the moment; she was that woman surnamed Zhen.

    Shi Mu was also present somewhere in the valley. He saw the scene through Cai's field of vision, and his complexion changed for a moment. But then, a hint of joy bloomed across his face.

    Meanwhile, Di Feng and the woman surnamed Zhen had already started a conversation in the cave.

    "Big Brother Di, that Zhong Xiu has genuinely appeared here?" the woman surnamed Zhen asked.

    "Yes, she had arrived in this city sometime ago. But, she has started her activities in the city in the last few days only," Di Feng said.

    "Oh, is she alone? Has she revealed any unusual behavior so far?" she asked again.

    "Yes, she is alone here. She goes to the Black Pavilion every other day. She has also visited the City Lord's office once during the period," Di Feng knitted his brows while he was saying.

    "City Lord... Black Pavilion... why would she go there? Do you have any idea?" she asked.

    "It seems that she went there to meet Linghu Kuang. She perhaps talked to him about some matters related to those plundered goods. She also tried to give him assurance in the name of the Chamber of Commerce... She said that they would deliver the goods on time. Or else they would compensate the loss by paying thrice the price... In addition, she always looks for Wang Rui Kun every time she visits the Pavilion. And then, their conversation lasts for at least half-an-hour. I'm currently unknown about the concrete details of their conversation. But Sister Zhen, I'm worried to think about that particular evidence she has gotten her hands on. So, I thought of keeping you informed about these things. After all, the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce has a deep-rooted foundation. I don't think it would be good to deal with them if they find out our involvement in this matter and condemn us for the same," Di Feng said.

    "The fact is that we couldn't eliminate this Zhong Xiu at that time due to the occurrence of some unexpected situation. I agree that she knows that this incident has some relation with us. But, I can guarantee you that she doesn't have any evidence to prove our involvement. After all, the person who appeared before them as the villain that day was old man Mo Yun Yang. In addition, many barbarians were also actively engaged in that plundering since they wanted to make a spurt of progress with the help of our Zombie Art. In fact, not a single person of the Dark Moon Cult acted in public during the entire process. Besides, we should forget this cunning Wang Rui Kun. He is well-known for his cautiousness. He may not believe in Zhong Xiu's words even if she tells him everything. So, don't be anxious about this matter, and execute everything in accordance with our original plan," the Zhen-surnamed woman said.

    "So, I shall take this burden off my mind now. Anyways, I've reached a consensus with Linghu Kuan... We will wait a few days until the date of delivery finally arrives. After that, we will go to the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce, and ask for the compensation." Di Feng said.

    "Well, you can handle the other matters yourself according to the circumstances." the Zhen-surnamed woman said.

    "By the way, what's the situation of other works? How's the collection of Star Stones?" Di Feng nodded in agreement and then asked.

    "There are still many disparities, but..." she said.

    ... ...

    "As I had expected..." Shi Mu saw this situation, and couldn't help recall that handsome and outstanding, gentle and refined, blood-red-haired man. Everything that had happened in the Ascension to Immortality Auction at the Heavenly Yu City flashed across his mind. That man was undoubtedly proficient in scheming and conspiracy.

    As for the collection of Star Stones they just mentioned - it might be related to some conspiracy they were making again.

    A string of such thoughts swirled in Shi Mu's mind for a moment. But, he wasn't least interested in Liu An's plot. All he wanted was to bring justice by taking that Star Stone back from them since that Zhen Woman had stolen it from Zhong Xiu's mission.

    The opposite party was a Moon magician. And, she had only one person by her side to help her at the moment. So, it wasn't a big deal to get into a fight with her. It was just a little troublesome.

    Suddenly, a green bracelet on that Zhen Woman's wrist flashed. Her complexion changed as she noticed this. She then closed her eyes for a moment. But, she opened them with a flash of understanding.

    "Sister Zhen, what happened?" Di Feng promptly asked.

    However, she didn't give him any reply. She instead took a moment of consideration. She then turned her hand, and took out a small jade box. Then, she passed it to Di Feng.

    "Big Brother Di, there are two Star Stones in this box. You take them back to the Main altar, and hand them over to Big Brother Liu. He just sent me a message that he needs them urgently," she said.

    "Sister Zhen, won't you return?" Di Feng received the jade box as he asked.

    "Some issues have cropped up at some places. So, I need to rush. These Star Stones are very important. So, they must be escorted by you in-person. As for the compensation from the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce... I believe that Brother Di can arrange for someone else to handle this matter on his behalf," that Zhen Woman said.

    "Well, these are trivial matters. Sister Zhen doesn't have to worry about these things," Di Feng nodded.

    The Zhen-surnamed woman smiled faintly, and exchanged a few words with him. After that, she took the lead and walked out of the cave. She turned into a grey light, and flew into the distance.

    Di Feng also rushed out of the cave after a while. He then swept a cautious gaze over the surroundings a few times. But, he didn't fly in the air to depart from here like that Zhen Woman had. Instead, he swept from the ground in the Rising Sun City's direction.

    However, he had barely arrived at the mouth of the valley when a silhouette suddenly appeared and stopped in front of him. He was a black-robed man with a conical-bamboo hat on his head.

    "Who are you? Why did you block my way?" Di Feng felt a powerful jolt of shock in his heart when he saw someone in the front. He then asked in a sinking voice.

    The fact was that someone had appeared in front of him, but he hadn't detected the slightest movement from the opposite party even with the power of a Moon-ranked magician's spirit sense.

    Fortunately, the aura of the person in front of him didn't seem strong. He was only a Xian Tian advanced-stage warrior.

    Di Feng secretly started to condense the magic power in his body. Simultaneously, all kind of thoughts started to tumble in his mind... such as - when did this man arrive here? Did he also catch sight of the meeting that he just had with that Zhen Woman? If so, then he wouldn't let this person slip by today.

    "He he, Palace Lord Di is indeed a noble person who has the tendency to forget things with ease," The black-robed man chuckled and took the bamboo hat off his head to show his face. The face of a young man appeared before him. That man had distinct facial features.

    "You are... Shi Mu!" Di Feng was left dumbfounded for a moment as his eyes fell on Shi Mu's face. He then exclaimed in a low voice.

    "It seems that Palace Lord Di still hasn't forgotten me. It's a great honor for me," The trace of a smile emerged on Shi Mu's face.

    "Where do these words come from, Brother Shi. Anyways, thanks to your parrot's predicting ability that helped our fleet in evading plenty of dangers at that time at sea. Everyone said that you had suddenly disappeared later on. All of us were very worried about you; especially Brother Liu An. He has been looking for you everywhere these years," Di Feng's words were accompanied by a chuckle. Also, the tensed atmosphere between the two men seemed to lighten up a bit.

    Shi Mu smiled a bit, but didn't respond.

    "Oh, by the way... Brother Shi might as well think about joining our Dark Moon Cult since he has also ended in the Western Continent. Both Eastern and Western Dark Moon Cults have merged now. Also, Big Brother Liu has been promoted to the rank of Vice-President. Brother Shi's strength and abilities are remarkable. You can at least become an Altar Lord if you join our Cult." Di Feng's gaze was continuously hovering over Shi Mu's body while he was speaking.

    "Thank you for your deep affection and esteem, Palace Lord Di. But, it's not necessary. I have come to see Your Excellency in order to retrieve something," Shi Mu said.

    "What thing?" Di Feng's complexion sank and his smile slowly receded.

    "Star Stone." Shi Mu said.

    "What Star Stone? What does Brother Shi Mu mean to say?" a puzzled look emerged on Di Feng's face when he asked.

    "This Shi doesn't wish to intervene in any matter of your Dark Moon Cult. But, this Shi won't think twice before taking any stern decision if your Cult tries to provoke him," Shi Mu stated in a lowered voice.

    The mask of doubtful expression that Di Feng had worn on his face slowly vanished. Simultaneously, his complexion also sank.

    "Your Cult worked in collusion with the Wing Crane Tribe in the Cloud Wing City in order to plunder the goods of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce's caravan. I have seen everything with my own eyes. Do you want me to explain it in more detail? The fact is that I don't care about this matter. However, someone very precious to me has been implicated in this matter. And, that Star Stone is very important to her. So, I request Palace Lord Di to return it to me," Shi Mu said.

    "This Di won't hesitate to have a frank and straightforward talk with Brother Shi Mu now. After all, he's already aware of this entire matter," Di Feng's facial expression looked tranquil even after hearing Shi Mu's words.

    Shi Mu looked into Di Feng's eyes, but didn't speak anything.

    "That Star Stone is indeed in our possession. But, it's impossible to return it to you since this thing holds great importance to us. But, this Di is ready to give Brother Shi corresponding compensation since things have got to this point. And, it's Brother Shi's face that has compelled me to take this decision. In addition, I promise that we won't pursue the goods that were on Pang Yu's carriages. This matter is considered settled in light of this. Do you agree?" Di Feng said after a momentary consideration.

    "Don't tell me Palace Lord Di is cracking jokes? Your Cult is the culprit since it had made this crafty plot. And, you still dare to talk to me with the courage of your unreasonable convictions. You will have to return the Star Stone regardless of anything!" Shi Mu responded with a sneer.

    Di Feng's complexion darkened. He stared at Shi Mu fixedly for a moment. Then, he raised his head and broke out laughing.

    Shi Mu looked at the opposite party, and his eyes narrowed a bit. But, his facial expression remained unchanged even after.

    "Shi Mu, you don't know how to appreciate someone kindness. I am being courteous to you just for the sake of Brother Liu. Don't forget you are just a Xian Tian-ranked martial warrior. What qualifications do you have to negotiate the condition with me? Can you possibly think that I won't dare to tangle with you since Brother Liu An treats you with special respect?" Di Feng blurted out everything in one breath. There was a hint of coldness in his voice this time.

    "It seems that Your Excellency is reluctant to return the Star Stone. So, it's futile to drag this conversation any further," Shi Mu sighed.

    Shi Mu's voice had barely faded when he pounced towards Di Feng like an arrow that had left the bowstring. He dashed at such an incredible speed that he left a series of afterimages along the way. He arrived in front of Di Feng in a fleeting second. In fact, there was hardly a distance of three feet between them now.

    Meanwhile, the black blade appeared in his hand with a flash of light. And then, the blade seemingly turned into a black lightning as Shi Mu hacked it towards D Feng.

    Di Feng's eyes revealed a startled look. It seemed for a moment that he hadn't expected that Shi Mu would actually dare to make the first move... and, at such an unbelievable speed on top of that!

    However, Di Feng obviously had a wide-range of battling experiences since he was a Moon-ranked magician. Therefore, a magic staff emerged in his hand with a flash of light. A skeleton's head was embedded at the tip of that staff.

    Then, a mass grey light burst forth on the ground in front of Di Feng's body as a grey light flashed in that skeleton's head. Then, a massive bone-shield emerged in that grey light out of thin air, and stood in front of Di Feng to shield him.

    A "Bang" sound resounded!

    A wisp of overwhelming force plummeted down on the bone-shield as the black blade pounded on it. And, the blade made a deep cut into the bone-shield with a "Ka-cha" sound. In fact, the blade had cut open a few feet long hole in that shield. However, the offensive might of the black blade was eventually withstood by the shield. And, the blade's tip was blocked by it when the blade was only half-a-foot away from Di Feng.

    A thin layer of cold sweat had broken out on Di Feng's face by this time. In addition, a trace of amazement had also started to float in his eyes.

    This Hidden Nine Bone-Shield was a high-ranked magic technique that could only be practiced by a Moon-ranked magician. It was powerful enough to withstand even the blow of an Earth-ranked powerhouse. But, it had nearly been chopped into two halves by the opposite party's blade at this time.
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