Chapter 353: Pursues to Kill

    Chapter 353: Pursues to Kill

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    An idea streaked across Di Feng's mind like an electric current, and he hurriedly drew a few steps backwards. Then, he waved his magic wand, and grey Qi rolled out of it. Four or five huge bone splinter also emerged from it. They shook a bit, and then shot towards Shi Mu who stood close at hand.

    A shrill and ear piercing "Chi Chi" sound rang out in the air.

    A layer of the green light-screen had already emerged on Shi Mu's body, and he had turned into a green silhouette by this time. He turned fuzzy as he saw the approaching bone splinters, and barely managed to dodge them.

    The trace of crafty look flashed through Di Feng's eyes. Then, a ray of light flashed on the magic stick he held in his hand.

    A stream of grey light flowed on the surface of the bone splinters even though they were in the air. And, their trajectory changed as a result. They then turned, and started to chase after Shi Mu. In fact, it seemed as if they had their own eyes.

    Shi Mu felt a slight chill in his heart at first. But then, a golden gleam flashed in his eyes, and he found every bone-splinter behind him in an instant. He also noticed that a thin and semi-transparent silk of spirit was faintly attached to those bone-splinters. Moreover, the other ends of those silks were connected with Di Feng. This technique was more-or-less the same as his Magic-controlling Spirit Chain.

    Shi Mu exerted himself to dodge the attack, but he was obviously in a passive situation at this time.

    Therefore, he clenched his teeth, raised his arm, and streaked one big circle in the air. This abrupt movement made the black blade turn into a black blade-net.

    Clang Clang Clang!

    Some of the bone splinter were struck and sent flying by the black blade when they came in contact with it. But, Shi Mu couldn't remain unaffected either since a wisp of formidable strength had struck his arm. In fact, it had rendered him a kind of tingling pain along with numbness. Even his body was also forced a few steps back by this impact.

    "A poor Xian-Tian warrior seems to have overestimated his capabilities!" Di Feng flashed a fiendish grin as he said. The virtual shadow of a crescent moon also appeared behind his head as he said this. Then, the waves of magic power his body had been sending forth made an abrupt ascension. In addition, a light also started to flash on his magic stick.

    Simultaneously, a series of bone-spears and bone-splinters emerged out of thin air. They then flew towards Shi Mu like raindrops. Consequently, the area within a radius of over a hundred feet around Shi Mu was shrouded by them in such a manner that they blocked his all escape routes.

    Suddenly, a dazzling black light gleamed on Shi Mu's chest, and his entire body got covered with a layer of snake scales. Shi Mu had completed the totem body transformation in an instant! He then released a wave of immense spiritual aura that proliferated in all directions.

    "Totem technique!" Di Feng's complexion changed.

    A stream of Real Qi gushed out of Shi Mu's body, and poured into his black blade. The black blade started to issue a "Buzz" sound in response. Simultaneously, a layer of pure black blade-light appeared around it.

    Shi Mu was left astounded at first, but his face brimmed with an ecstatic look the next moment. He then stomped his foot, and shot out in a manner that made it seem as if his body had changed into a black meteorite. He darted towards Di Feng while cutting his way through the torrent of bone-spears and bone-splinters even thought they had shrouded the entire sky.

    Shi Mu re-instilled his Real Qi into the black blade with a flick of his arm. And, his black blade turned fuzzy. Then, it formed a dense cluster of black blade-shadows in front of him. Consequently, he again managed to form a black blade-net before him.

    Clang Clang Clang!

    The bone-spears and bone-splinters were smashed to smithereens as they bumped against the black blade-net.

    In fact, the bone-spears and bone-splinters had seemed as fragile as paper-paste in front of the black blade.

    Di Feng was profoundly shocked to witness this scene.

    Shi Mu forced his way through the aerial bombing of bone-spears, and arrived in front of Di Feng in a matter of few breaths. Then, the black blade in his hand shone with black light as he swept it towards Di Feng in a horizontal manner.

    Meanwhile, a spurt of grey Qi curled up in front of Di Feng. It then took the shape of an even bigger bone-shield before his body.


    This Bone Shield Technique had been able to block the black blade's hack a moment ago. But, it was easily cleft into two halves as soon as it was summoned this time.

    Shi Mu looked at Di Feng with his ice-cold golden pupils. His shining black blade radiated a deathly aura, and hacked towards Di Feng with a whistling sound.

    Di Feng revealed a fit of shudder when he saw this scene. He then gave a shout, and shot towards the rear. Simultaneously, he wielded his magic stick.

    A vast-stretched mass of grey smoke rolled out in front of him as this happened. And, it was also followed by a twenty-or-thirty-feet-tall golden human skeleton. It emerged amid that rolling smoke, and stationed itself between him and Shi Mu like a shield.

    A purple light was flickering in the golden skeleton's eyes. This signified that it was an Earth-ranked Dead Spirit creature.

    The sturdy and bulky bones of the golden skeleton looked like thick roots of a tree. The bones of its arms looked distinctly robust. Some odd purple magic characters could also be seen on the surface of his arms. In fact, they made its arms look exceptionally firm.

    A pair of purple soul flames swayed in the rim of the skeleton's eyes at this time. Then, it issued a low-pitched roar and pounded its fist; its fist looked like a lower-millstone. It set-off a burst of intense wind in the surrounding as it pounded its fist. In addition, layers of soil and crushed stones also rose upwards from the ground by the impact.

    Shi Mu accelerated his speed as he saw the golden skeleton. Then, he seemingly turned into a green afterimage, and flashed past the golden skeleton in a crisscross pattern.

    The golden skeleton's massive body was rooted to the spot as a result. The skeleton lowered its head, and looked at its chest. However, it only to found a long slit therein. The fact was that its chest had been cleaved horizontally from its left shoulder.

    And, a similarly thick crack could also be seen in its right arm.

    Ka Ka!

    The crack started to get bigger at an astonishing speed. And, the golden skeleton's right arm broke off its body soon after. The upper part of its body also swayed a bit as this happened. Then, it slid down and fell to the ground with a loud crashing sound.

    Its massive body had snapped into two segments after crashing to the ground!

    "How's this possible?!" Di Feng stood nearby. His eyes revealed a look of disbelief when he saw this.

    The Golden Skeleton King was widely known for its sturdy body. But, it had been slashed into two pieces by the opposite party's blade!

    Di Feng was still swaying in his tide of thoughts when a black shadow flashed and Shi Mu's silhouette appeared in front of him. Then, the black blade turned into a fuzzy blade-shadow as Shi Mu wielded it towards him.

    Di Feng was startled to see this. Even his body shook up in response. But then, a dazzling red light erupted from his magic stick, and enveloped his entire body. Then, it took the shape of a mass of red cloud.

    The red cloud had hardly come into appearance when it was chopped down by the black blade. It was surprising to see that it had been hacked into two halves.

    A muffled groan was heard!

    Half the red clouds dissipated, and a blood-drenched arm fell down immediately afterwards.

    The other half of the red cloud revealed a burst of tremor, but didn't dissipate. It changed into a red light on the contrary, and flew into the distance at an incomparably fast speed.

    "Don't even think of running away!"

    Shi Mu waved his hand, and a bluish-green flying carriage appeared in front of him.

    Shi Mu jumped onto the flying carriage. The flying carriage exuded splendid green radiance, and turned into a long green light. Then, it dashed towards the red cloud. Its flying speed wasn't slow. So, it gradually caught up with the red cloud instead of being pulled down.

    In the red clouds... beads of cold sweat had started to roll down Di Feng's forehead. He turned around to take a look at the situation behind him, and his heart shuddered with apprehension as a result.

    However, his eyes suddenly gleamed, and he quickly mumbled some words. Then, he streaked his severed arm in the air with the palm of his intact hand.

    A stream of blood gushed out of his severed arm. It then transformed into blood-red magic characters in front of him. Then, they started to integrate into the surrounding red clouds in quick succession.

    The red clouds revealed a burst of tumble in response. After that, its color became even deeper, and its flying speed accelerated by half. Consequently, it quickly pulled a large distance from the flying carriage that was chasing after it.

    A hint of astonishment appeared on Shi Mu's face when he saw this. He waved his hand to cast a magic spell, and the green radiance that the flying carriage was exuding immediately brightened.

    Shi Mu also mumbled something. Then, he shot out two black streaks of lights with a flick of his hand. The two lights integrated into the green wings that were on either side of the flying carriage.

    A layer of bluish-green magic characters emerged on the carriage's wings. The wings then rose to a great extent. In addition, bluish-green light-silks also appeared on the surface of the wings. In fact, it seemed as if living creatures were creeping on them.

    The flying carriage's speed increased by a big margin. And, the distance between it and the blood-red cloud started to reduce once again.

    Di Feng's face revealed a hint of deep anxiousness when he saw the situation of the flying carriage behind him.

    The fact was that Di Feng had squeezed out every bit of his power to exhibit this bloody escaping secret technique. However, it seemed that he couldn't support it for long.

    A gigantic mountain peak showed up at the end of the horizon in front of him at this time. Di Feng's eyes flashed and the blood-red cloud swooped downwards. Then, it started to advance straight towards the mountain peak.

    The blood-red cloud clung to the back of the mountain peak, and took a sudden turn with a "Whoosh" sound.

    It couldn't be said whether it was intentional or not that the blood-red cloud touched the ground when the mountain peak blocked the rear view. But, it again shot up to the sky immediately-after. Then, it changed the direction, and flew towards the right this time.

    The flying carriage had also flown over in the blink of an eye. But, it came to an abrupt stop with a "Chi" sound, and failed to catch up with the blood-red cloud that had drifted far into the distance.

    However, Shi Mu sneered and looked at a certain place on the ground below. Then, he waved his hand and the golden sword-shadow darted out like an electric current. It started to expand until it reached seventy-or-eighty feet in length. After that, it flew and made a downward cut.

    A loud "Boom" sound rang!

    The golden sword smashed into the ground with full force, and struck-open a several-feet-long crater that was ten-feet-deep.

    This explosion also set-off layers of gravel and a mass of smoke. They then spread and enveloped the surrounding area within a radius of a hundred or more feet.

    Suddenly, a cluster of grey light flew out of the dust and smoke. Di Feng's silhouette was faintly visible amid that grey light. It seemed that he was about to dash away in the direction of the Rising Sun City.

    But then, the flying carriage arrived in front of the grey light with a flash of green light, and blocked his way.

    Di Feng instantly stopped when he saw Shi Mu in front of him. His complexion also turned pale. He then asked, "How is it possible? How did you notice it?"

    "Give me the Star Stone, and I promise that I'll spare your life," Shi Mu looked at him with a cold and indifferent expression in his eyes as he stated.

    The fact was that it wasn't him who had seen through Di Feng's secret technique. Instead, it was Cai! It must be mentioned that Cai's gaze hadn't left Di Feng's body from the beginning to the end.

    "Don't even imagine that!" A sneer emerged on Di Feng's face.

    "You've left me no choice but to grab it myself in that case," Shi Mu waved his hand and the golden sword flew out. It flashed and turned into a huge golden sword that was several feet in size. Then, the sword hacked towards Di Feng head-on.

    Di Feng also raised his remaining arm, and a glaring brown radiance burst forth on the surface of the magic stick he held.

    Then, a stuffy rumbling sound spread from the depths of the ground like the sound of a muffled thunder. It even made the surrounding ground reveal a burst of violent tremor for a moment.

    Simultaneously, an intense "Boom" sound rang out in the air!

    The rumbling sound was followed by dozens of huge cracks that split open in the ground. Then, those cracks burst open, and hundreds of huge stones flew out of those cracks with a howling wind. They then showered down on the golden sword as well as Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu saw this, and patted the flying carriage under his feet.

    The Green-winged flying carriage lit-up with dazzling brilliance, and flew away in the air. The golden sword exuded a large amount of light as this happened. Then, that mass of light took the sword's hilt as the centre, and started to rotate at lightning speed in order to form a huge golden sword-shield. Resultantly, all shooting boulders were crushed to pieces as soon as they touched this sword-shield.

    However, the golden sword-shield also began to tremble in a violent manner under the repetitive bombardment of these intensive boulders. Even the dazzling light on the surface of the shield also started to flicker as a result. But, it still succeeded in resisting the bombardment in the end.

    However, this bombardment left countless crushed stones and masses of smoke to flutter in the air for some time. In fact, they had completely shrouded the surrounding area.

    Shi Mu saw this and turned his hand to withdraw the golden sword. Then, he took out a green magic charm, and crushed it to pieces. A gust of wind emerged in response. This gust then blew off the surrounding smoke and dust.

    Shi Mu suddenly realized that Di Feng had disappeared during the time period.

    "Shi Tou, the man fled in the northwestern direction with the help of Escaping into the Ground Charm!" Cai's voice resounded in Shi Mu's mind.

    Shi Mu quickly patted the Green-winged flying carriage, and made it fly towards the northwest the moment he heard Cai's words. And, a grey fleeing light re-appeared in his field of vision in a short while.

    The Green-winged flying carriage again shone brightly, and its speed took a sudden leap. Consequently, it seemed as if the flying carriage was chasing after something like an electric current.

    Di Feng saw the flying carriage behind him, and felt profoundly shocked. He stimulated a magic spell with his remaining hand, and the grey flying object lit up brightly under his feet. Then, it darted into the distance.

    Two lights - one green and one grey - gradually penetrated into the depths of the mountain range that was in the vicinity of the Rising Sun City.

    Shi Mu saw this situation, and his brows tightly creased in response. Cai stood on his shoulders at this time.

    The two men's pursuit had already continued for more than half a day by now. One of Di Feng's arms had been cut-off by Shi Mu during this period. Di Feng had also sustained several other serious injuries. However, he was a Moon-ranked magician at the end of the day. So, he obviously had myriads of strange techniques up his sleeve.

    Di Feng would succeed in getting away every time Shi Mu felt that he was about to grab him; he would do so with the help of various strange means.

    However, it didn't matter what kind of tricks and confusing means Di Feng would use to escape... After all, they were dispelled by Shi Mu one after another. Moreover, the distance between them had also been growing narrower with each passing moment...
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