Chapter 355: Deadline Approaches

    Chapter 355: Deadline Approaches

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    Shi Mu swept his gaze around. Then, he went to the corpse of the first demon bird that he had killed a moment ago, and collected its spirit in his beast soul bag as well.

    He patted the beast soul bag with satisfaction since he had spent a great deal of effort to collect the beast souls during the course of his journey to the Rising Sun City. His hard work had paid off since there was now a large stock of beast souls in his beast soul bag.

    Shi Mu's prime goal behind gathering so many beast souls was to use them to win Yan Luo's favor. He knew that his strength would certainly mark a qualitative ascension if Yan Luo agreed to show him how to exhibit the mysterious power of the black blade.

    It must be mentioned that Shi Mu could trigger this peculiar power on his own every now and then. But, he knew that luck was a prime factor to achieve the desired result. He also knew that he would bump into some pivotal battles sooner or later. And, that the outcome of battles was sometimes determined in a couple of seconds. So, he couldn't afford to be casual in this regard.

    However, Yan Luo hadn't been responding to his summons these days. And, Shi Mu was quite depressed because of this.

    Shi Mu let out a sigh. He then turned his hand, and pulled out the black blade from his back. Then, he flipped his hand, and took out a middle-ranked fire-attribute spirit stone. He then stuck that stone close to the black blade.

    A light flashed on the spirit stone as it touched the black blade. Then, a stream of spiritual energy gushed out of it, and started to seep into the black blade.

    The black blade gobbled up the spiritual energy of five middle-ranked spirit stones in a row. Then, it seemed as if the weight of the blade had reached its maximum limit since it no longer showed any sign of increment.

    Shi Mu inserted the blade back into its scabbard. He then waved his hand, and the Green-winged flying carriage emerged with a flash of green light.

    Shi Mu jumped onto the flying carriage, and waved his hand to cast a magic spell.

    A green light flashed on the Green-winged flying carriage in response. And then, it flew into the distance.

    Shi Mu had already entered deep into the mountains during this pursuit. But, he couldn't tell how many miles he had covered so far.

    The fact was that Shi Mu had less than two days left to meet the date of delivery that Zhong Xiu had promised. He had succeeded in getting hold of the Star Stone. So, he only needed to rush back as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be a little troublesome if he delayed the time of delivery.


    In the Black Pavilion... inside the Rising Sun City.

    A few people were seated in a beautifully arranged living room along with the guest-of-honor.

    Wang Rui Kun was seated on the seat-of-honor. And, a middle-aged man sat opposite to him; he had brown hair and blue eyes. This man was none other than the Lord of the Rising Sun City - Linghu Kuan.

    They were engaged in an awkward situation. One minute they would talk, but they would quieten down the other.

    Zhong Xiu and the enchanting woman were seated on the left and the right of these two people respectively.

    The enchanting woman wore a faint smile on her lips, and her cursory gaze was travelling over these three people from time to time. In addition, she was occasionally inserting a few perfunctory words in the conversation between Wang Rui Kun and Linghu Kuang.

    However, Zhong Xiu sat there with her mouth zipped. But, there was an expression of serenity on her face.

    A green-dressed attendant walked in at this time. He held four exceptionally good-looking white jade teacups in his hand. He gave the people a cup each, and then departed.

    The curling steam was floating up from the cups. But, it didn't disperse. It instead condensed, and gave off a distinct and peaceful aroma.

    "This is the spirit tea that the Chamber of Commerce has shipped from faraway locations. The flavor of this tea is very nice. I request City Lord to taste it once." Wang Rui Kun said with a smile.

    Linghu Kuan held up the teacup, and took a sip. He felt a strong aroma pervading his mouth as the tea reached his mouth. Simultaneously, he felt a kind of warmth surging in his lower abdomen. His eyes brightened up in response, and he said a few words in appreciation, "It's a wonderful tea. Can this tea possibly be that world famous 'white velvet dew'?"

    "Hehe, Respected City Lord indeed has a wide range of experience. This tea is the freshest white velvet dew of this year. This Old Man has two small boxes of this tea. And, I can see that City Lord likes it. You may take them along so that you can enjoy its taste later," Wang Rui Kun said. Then, he waved his wand, and took out two green tea boxes. He then passed it to him.

    "The worth of this kind of spirit tea should be at least ten-thousand spirit stones. I can't even buy one box at the moment. So, how can I accept such an expensive gift?" Linghu Kuan waved his hand to decline his offer.

    Wang Rui Kun didn't insist either. Instead, he placed the small box of tea on the table.

    "I haven't arrived here for any special or crucial matter. I only wish to know the status of the batch of goods that has been transported from the Peaceful Sun City. What's the situation now? The delivery date is tomorrow between 3 to 5 PM," Linghu Kuan changed the thread of discussion, and said.

    "As for this matter... Elder Zhong had specifically paid a visit, and given her word to City Lord some time ago. But, City Lord has come again to inquire about this matter. Can it be that you believe those rumors? Has this led you to question the strength and capability of my Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce?" Wang Rui Kun retained the same facial expression as he asked.

    "The name and fame of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce are beyond comparison. So, how can I dare to question its strength? It is just that lots of rumors have been floating in the city of late. And, there's one thing in those goods which is extremely important to me. So, I can't afford the slightest mishap. I believe that Vice President Wang can understand my difficulties, right?" Linghu Kuan said at a moderate pace.

    "City Lord Linghu, you can rest assured. You can come to receive your goods tomorrow at the appointed time," Wang Rui Kun turned his head, and glanced at Zhong Xiu as he said.

    "This man is ready to wait for one more day since Vice President Wang says so. I'll pay a visit tomorrow. It's time for me to take leave now," Linghu Kuan said. Then, he stood up, clasped his hands together, and extended his greetings to Wang Rui Kun. He then glanced at Zhong Xiu, and walked toward the door of the living room.

    "Oh, by the way... this man has spoken such offensive words in front of you all. But, don't blame me if I don't care about your sentiments and report this matter to the higher authorities of the Association in case the Chamber of Commerce fails to deliver the goods at the appointed time," Linghu Kuan came to a halt midway. Then, he turned his head, and said a few words.

    He stepped out of the hall after he said this. In fact, he didn't even wait for Wang Rui Kun or the others to reply.

    Wang Rui Kun's complexion turned gloomy after Linghu Kuan's departure.

    The enchanting woman cast a glance at Zhong Xiu, and a gleam of exultation flashed through her eyes. She seemed to be rejoicing in her misfortune.

    "Elder Zhong, you've also heard what that City Lord Linghu has just said. Have you found anything about the whereabouts of the lost goods? Do you have any reliable information to fill me in?" Wang Rui Kun looked at Zhong Xiu, and asked.

    "Respected Vice President, please feel relieved. I assure you that the goods will be delivered on time," Zhong Xiu had worn a calm and composed look since the beginning. And, she still had the same unperturbed expression on her face as she replied.

    "Elder Zhong, are you sure that you're not kidding with us? As far as I know... you've just been wandering around the city these days. May I venture to ask Elder Zhong something...? Have you grasped the so-called crucial clues that you had mentioned the other day? What are those clues? I believe that you haven't tried to solve this problem with diligence!" the enchanting woman spoke-up.

    "Okay; you can stop now," Wang Rui Kun raised his hand, and stopped the enchanting woman.

    "Elder Zhong, you do know that you would be held solely responsible for this matter since you had refused to accept the solution proposed by the Chamber of Commerce. We'll treat this matter as if it had never happened if you deliver the goods successfully on time. In fact, the Chamber of Commerce will also record this achievement as your great contribution to us. However, I'll personally report this matter to the President if you fail to recover the goods. In addition, I'll also ask them to remove you as an Elder. Furthermore, a three-fold fine will be imposed on you for the failure of this escort mission. Moreover, that fine will be deducted from your future work," Wang Rui Kun stated.

    Zhong Xiu didn't say anything in response. She simply nodded.

    Wang Rui Kun looked at Zhong Xiu, and didn't say anything. He instead turned around and walked toward the inner room.

    There were only two people left in the living room now - Zhong Xiu and the beautiful woman.

    "Elder Zhong, do you have time to sit here idly? Or, you are already mentally prepared for the demotion?" The enchanting woman stood up and smiled while looking at Zhong Xiu.

    Zhong Xiu raised her head and looked at the enchanting woman once. She then slowly stood up.

    It could be said that the enchanting woman was as beautiful as a flower. But, she was no way near Zhong Xiu's peerless beauty.

    Even her temperament couldn't be compared with Zhong Xiu's pure charm which made Zhong Xiu look like a heavenly-fairy.

    The enchanting woman looked at Zhong Xiu's snow lotus-like face, and her eyes got smeared with a look of envy.

    "I didn't come across Xiao Wei even once after having left the Cloud Wing City. However, I didn't find her corpse either," Zhong Xiu suddenly said a few words.

    "Xiao Wei? Who's that?" The enchanting woman's facial expression somewhat stiffened as she heard these words. But, she quickly flashed a smile and replied.

    Zhong Xiu cast a glance at her once. Then, she turned around, and walked out of the living room. Her expressions looked as refreshing as a breeze. In fact, there wasn't even a trace of anxiety across her face.

    The enchanting woman looked at Zhong Xiu's receding silhouette from behind, and her complexion sank. She then walked out of the living room, and arrived at the courtyard.

    "Young Lady." A beautiful and delicate maid walked out of the courtyard, and bowed to greet her. This maid was none other than Xiao Wei.

    However, she looked a lot thinner as compared to when she had been in the Cloud Wing City. In addition, there was a vague red mark on her neck. It appeared to be a severe wound that had just been healed.

    "Get up," the beautiful woman said in a faint voice. She then stepped into the main hall of the courtyard, and sat down.

    Xiao Wei blindly followed suit, and went behind her. She waited for the beautiful woman to sit down. After that, she poured her a pot of green tea.

    "You've worked hard this time," the enchanting woman said.

    "These are merely a part of this young maid's duty," Xiao Wei lowered her head.

    "You've made a great contribution. So, you're entitled to receive a reward for your hard work. But, try to recall the person that you had met in the Cloud Wing City... the one who had wanted to warn Zhong Xiu. What characteristics did that person have?" she asked.

    Xiao Wei was struck dumb for a moment. She then tried to recall Shi Mu's appearance from that time, and put them in words before the enchanting woman.

    The enchanting woman listened to her words. She then waved her hand in an indication for Xiao Wei to retreat.

    The beautiful woman considered something for a moment. She then turned her hand, and a white jade charm appeared in the hollow of her palm.

    Then, a light flashed on the jade charm, and condensed into a water mirror.

    After that, two silhouettes emerged in the water mirror - one was Zhong Xiu and the other was that young rough-clothed manservant. But, there was a scarf on that servant's head; it had covered almost half his face.

    Her eyes stayed on that grey-dressed servant for a moment. Then, they flickered in response.

    She received the jade charm after some time, and clapped her hands.

    A shadow flashed in front of her the next moment... A black-dressed man had appeared before her.

    "Young Lady." The black-dressed man bowed to greet her.

    "I had asked you to investigate that young male servant who stays around Zhong Xiu. How was your investigation?" she asked.

    "Reporting to Young Lady Qi... this subordinate has been keeping his keen watch over Elder Zhong Xiu's residence these days. I saw this person for the first few days. But, I never caught sight of this person afterwards. It seems... it seems that he has disappeared." The man hesitated for a moment. Then, he began to say.

    "Nonsense!" The enchanting woman reprimanded him in a cold manner, and he lowered his head in response.

    "Go on... continue to keep a close watch over the area around Zhong Xiu's residence. Report to me if you find this person," she said in a cold manner after a moment.

    The black-dressed man complied, and took his leave.

    After that, the enchanting woman's beautiful eyes flickered a few times... It seemed as if she had gotten absorbed in making some crafty plots and conspiracies. She stood up after some time, and the trace of a sneer spread across her face.

    "I don't care if someone is helping you in secret. All I believe is that you won't be able to find the lost goods within a short span of one day!" the enchanting woman sneered while muttering to herself.
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