Chapter 356: Waits

    Chapter 356: Waits

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    Zhong Xiu sat in the room in another courtyard of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce. The green jade bracelet that Shi Mu had previously gifted her was in her hand. However, there wasn't a trace of serenity on her face at this time. Her beautiful eyebrows were wrinkled upwards, and her eyes were suffused with anxiousness.

    "Big Brother Shi, it doesn't matter if you can't retrieve that thing. I only want you to get back here... safe and sound..." Zhong Xiu clasped the bracelet in her hands, and held it in front of her chest. She then muttered to herself.

    But then, her facial expression froze, and she immediately took out a jade plate from her waist. A row of small letters appeared on the surface of that plate with a flash of light. They then disappeared the next moment.


    The second day... at noon...

    Wang Rui Kun, Zhong Xiu, the enchanting woman, and some other people of the Chamber of Commerce assembled in the main hall. They were apparently waiting for something.

    The enchanting woman was seated with a smile on her face, and her fingers were fiddling with her hair. She would often look at Zhong Xiu with a complacent look in her eyes.

    However, Zhong Xiu was still as calm as always. In fact, there wasn't the slightest trace of abnormality on her face.

    As for the other people in the hall... most of these people had their focus centered on these two women. And, they would talk to each other in whispers from time to time. Many young men's gaze would often travel back-and-forth between the enchanting woman and Zhong Xiu. But, their eyes would stay longer on Zhong Xiu.

    Wang Rui Kun acted as if he wasn't aware of the situation behind him. But, these voices continued to grow louder and stronger with each passing moment.

    So, he coughed a bit in a gentle manner.

    The sound of his coughing wasn't loud. But, it had barely faded when the voices of the other people in the hall came to an abrupt stop.

    "Elder Zhong, today is the day of delivering those goods. Where are the goods that you had previously promised to find and retrieve?" Wang Rui Kun looked at Zhong Xiu, and asked.

    Zhong Xiu threw a glance at the front door outside the main hall, but there wasn't a person in sight.

    She then regained her gaze, looked at Wang Ruikun, and said, "Vice President, the batch of goods is with my friend. And, he'll be here soon. I request you to wait for some time."

    "This Old Man can wait a little longer. But, the owner of these goods will be here in a while. And, they may not be willing to do the same," Wang Rui Kun said.

    "Vice President, we still have more than one hour before the time of delivery. I'm ready to accept the punishment without any objection if the goods fail to reach here on time," Zhong Xiu said.

    "Okay," Wang Rui Kun glanced at Zhong Xiu first. He then turned around, and looked outside the hall.

    A sound of footsteps came from outside at this moment. It was followed by two silhouettes who were accompanied by some people of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce.

    One of them was Linghu Kuan, and the other was a grey-robed old man. It could be said that he was a member of the Dark Moon Cult judging from his grey cloth. However, he wasn't Di Feng.

    "City Lord Linghu, please come in. I guess this is Elder Lin of the Dark Moon Cult. Both of you have honored us with your presence. I'm deeply sorry for not coming out to give you a proper welcome," Wang Rui Kun moved forward to welcome them. He clasped his hands together, and extended his regards to them.

    "Vice President Wang, you don't have to be very formal." Linghu Kuan chuckled, and walked into the main hall alongside the grey-robed old man.

    "Both of you, please take the seat of honor," Wang Rui Kun invited them to the main seat. Then, he sat down next to Linghu Kuan. Other people sat down on the secondary seats.

    "Vice President Wang, this man will get straight to the point. I've visited to talk about the batch of goods that has been transported from the Peaceful Sun City. This is the balance of the payment agreed to transport those goods under your custody. You can check it once. After that, allow me to check the goods if you have no problem with it." Linghu Kuan took out a small cloth bag. There were some spirit stones in that bag. He opened it, and placed those spirit stones on the table.

    "This Old Man is here to represent the Dark Moon Cult's Sub-altar which is situated in the Wind-Splitting Cliffs. I've come here with City Lord Linghu for the same purpose," the grey-robed old man also took out a cloth bag as he spoke.

    Wang Rui Kun heard their words. Then, he shot a glance at Zhong Xiu, and gestured her to come forward and deal with this matter.

    Zhong Xiu stood up, and arrived in front of Linghu Kuan and the grey-robed old man. She then said, "City Lord Linghu and Elder Lin... this young girl is Zhong Xiu. She's the one in-charge of escorting your goods."

    "Elder Zhong, where are the goods?" Linghu Kuan asked.

    "City Lord Linghu, can you please listen to a few words of this little girl before that?" Zhong Xiu said.

    "Yes, you can speak out what is in your mind," Linghu Kuan said.

    "To be honest... our caravan had met with an accident while we were passing through the Wing Crane Mountains. And, the goods of both of you had fallen into the hands of robbers," Zhong Xiu said.

    The members of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce exposed a surprised look as soon as this statement surfaced in the hall. However, Wang Rui Kun and the enchanting woman hadn't done the same. The fact was that Zhong Xiu had admitted this matter for the first time in public. Therefore, everyone was left stunned for a moment despite the fact that they had already made various speculations.

    Wang Rui Kun lowered his eyes, and looked below as if he hadn't heard anything. As for the enchanting woman... she looked at Zhong Xiu with a scornful expression in her eyes.

    City Lord Linghu Kuan's facial expression turned unsightly as he heard these words. However, the grey-robed old man looked much calmer than before.

    "So, our goods have been plundered. But, hadn't you promised that you would deliver the goods on time? Do you have any explanation in this regard?" Linghu Kuan asked.

    "This young girl had spent several days to track down those goods after they had been robbed. And, she had eventually succeeded in recovering them," Zhong Xiu said.

    The people present on the scene heard these words, and their complexion changed in response. Simultaneously, a trace of disbelief emerged on their faces.

    The glittering smile on the enchanting woman's face froze as she heard Zhong Xiu's reply. She looked at Zhong Xiu in a manner that made it seem as if she wanted to say something. However, Wang Rui Kun struck a glance at her, and she was made to swallow her words.

    "But, those people were very deceitful. They had secretly taken away a very precious thing that had been in the pile of your goods. This little girl had been inquiring around to trace the whereabouts of that particular thing over these days. And, I fortunately found some crucial clues in the end. My friend has already taken hold of that thing. And, he's on his way to this place. Therefore, I request both of you to have patience, and wait for some more time," Zhong Xiu continued.

    "Humph! Do you think that you can make us wait here foolishly by your empty talk? I don't think that your position is high-enough to do that," the grey-robed old man grinned in a fiendish manner as he said.

    "Elder Lin, I request you to be patient. There is still some time left before the appointed time. So, we can wait since Elder Zhong is requesting so," Linghu Kuan said.

    "What if she fails to present our goods at the last moment?" the grey-robed old man threw a glance at Wang Rui Kun as he spoke.

    "The Chamber of Commerce will do as it has promised if she fails to deliver the goods on time. It'll naturally bear all consequences, and compensate both of you by paying thrice the value of your respective goods," Wang Rui Kun opened his mouth to say.

    "Fine, it's settled then!" the grey-robed old man replied.

    Linghu Kuan's brows wrinkled, but he chose to remain silent.

    The living room was gradually permeated with an air of silence. A little time passed like this. Zhong Xiu stood alone in the centre of the hall, and was being targeted by the surrounding people's gazes. But, she didn't pay attention to them, and kept standing there in an unyielding manner like a snow lotus.

    Linghu Kuan held the teacup, and took sips in a relaxed manner. Meanwhile, the grey-robed old man closed his eyes to give rest to his mind.

    The enchanting woman saw Zhong Xiu's silhouette, and her eyes flickered as if she had been pulled into a thought.

    Zhong Xiu looked up at the sky outside the hall. The weather was very pleasing. The sky was smeared with deep blue color, and a few white clouds were floating slowly in a carefree manner. Such beautiful sight had the ability to make people's hearts feel a kind of sudden enlightenment.

    Zhong Xiu's mind had been clouded with some worries in the beginning. But, her restless mind gradually regained its equanimity. Also, a delightful smile bloomed across her face as Shi Mu's image flashed across her mind.

    She was relaxed since Shi Mu had given her assurance. She knew that he would rush back in time.

    She believed in him!

    It didn't matter to her even if Shi Mu couldn't get back. The fact was that she was prepared to be punished by the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce for Shi Mu's sake. What relation did she have with him in the end?

    Time passed bit by bit. The time was almost up. The appointed time seemed to be getting increasingly close.

    The hint of a pleased look peeped through the enchanting woman's eyes at this time. A gleam of elation streaked across the grey-robed old man's eyes as well. It was just a matter of little time. After that, his wish would be fulfilled... He would be entitled to receive triple compensation.

    The sound of hurried footsteps spread at this moment. Then, a yellow-dressed attendant walked into the hall. He greeted Wang Rui Kun in a respectful manner. Then, he said, "Vice President Wang, a fleet of Floating Cloud Carriages has arrived outside the Chamber of Commerce. The leader of the fleet said that they contain Elder Zhong's goods."

    This statement sparked-off a tumultuous situation in the hall. And, whispering voices started to spring up from everywhere.

    The smile on the enchanting woman's face froze. And, she clenched her lily-white hands in response.

    Linghu Kuan's eyebrows twitched upwards, and his eyes brightened up as he heard these words. However, the grey-robed old man's complexion slightly changed.

    "Silence!" Wang Rui Kun stood up and said in a faint voice while sweeping his gaze across the hall.

    The ringing voices of the people in the hall came to a halt in response.

    "Let those carriages enter," Wang Rui Kun commanded the yellow-robed attendant.

    The yellow-robed attendant complied. He then turned around, and walked out of the hall.

    Wang Rui Kun turned his head, and looked at Zhong Xiu. He saw that there was a joyful smile on her face, and a gentle look in her eyes. However, there wasn't much surprise in her eyes... It seemed as if she had expected this.

    A Floating Cloud Carriage entered from the main door with a burst of sound. It was covered with a black cloth, and was bulging with goods. A total of eight Floating Cloud Carriages got parked outside the hall one by one.

    A black-robed young man sat cross-legged on the last carriage. And, a black blade could be seen on his back; this man was none other than Shi Mu!

    Shi Mu's gaze swept over the people on the scene, and stopped on Zhong Xiu. Then, he appeared next to the first carriage in a flash.

    Wang Rui Kun moved forward and walked out of the hall as he saw this situation.

    Other people in the hall couldn't sit still either. So, they also walked out behind Wang Rui Kun.

    It was natural that Linghu Kuan and the grey-robed old man of the Dark Moon Cult wouldn't continue to sit there and drink tea; they also walked out.

    "Big Brother Shi!" Zhong Xiu rushed to Shi Mu's side, and pulled his hand.

    "I haven't come late, have I?" Shi Mu looked at Zhong Xiu as he said.

    Zhong Xiu shook her head, and made an effort to grip his hand.

    The enchanting woman looked Shi Mu up and down, and her eyes gradually narrowed.

    The surrounding people also witnessed this scene. And, the complexion of many among them changed as they did so; this was especially true for some young men.

    Zhong Xiu's breathtaking appearance rendered these people awestruck... so much so that some of them started to have some strange thoughts in their mind. Zhong Xiu looked so close and affectionate to Shi Mu at this moment. However, the relationship between them was unknown to everyone present here.

    Many young people looked at Shi Mu's eyes, and got overwhelmed with an envious and ill feeling.

    However, both Shi Mu and Zhong Xiu turned a blind eye to the surrounding gazes, and continued to stand together as before. Also, they would often talk something in a whispering voice.

    Linghu Kuan and the grey-robed old man had walked over by now. They took a quick look at the carriages. Then, their eyes fell on Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu looked back at them, and gave a brief smile. Then, he patted Zhong Xiu's hand in a gentle manner.

    Zhong Xiu turned around, and walked to the side of the carriages. She then said to City Lord Linghu and the grey-robed old man, "Both of you, this little girl fortunately hasn't failed in her mission, and has found the lost goods. You can check them to see if something is missing."
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