Chapter 361: Spirit Stabilizing Tower and Appearance Freezing Fruit

    Chapter 361: Spirit Stabilizing Tower and Appearance Freezing Fruit

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    Zhong Xiu had her hands full with various tasks for the next few days. She would rush out of the house every day with the crack of the dawn, and wouldn't return home until it got dark.

    Shi Mu had wanted to lend her a hand. However, Zhong Xiu was capable-enough to deal with the few miscellaneous matters regarding the preliminary preparations for the auction. This gave Shi Mu ample time to take a good rest.

    He didn't insist on this either. After all, he wasn't a member of the Chamber of Commerce at present... He could undertake a lot of things here. And, he knew that the Chamber of Commerce of this city wouldn't say anything in this regard. But, it might bring some unnecessary troubles to Zhong Xiu.

    However, Shi Mu hardly had any idle time apart from the morning and night practices every day.

    It would seem on the surface that he wasn't helpful to Zhong Xiu. But, he obviously couldn't resign himself to this situation and stay idle. So, he thought something for a moment. Then, he got up, and went out of the house.

    The Jade Spring Street... in the western region of the Rising Sun City...

    This street was considered the most bustling street in the western region of the city. Also, it was equally famous as the Welcoming Immortals Street of the east.

    Endless stream of horses and carriages could be seen everywhere on this street at this time. The waves of people on either side of this street were moving in a manner that made it seem as if they were weaving. In addition, all sorts of restaurants, stores, medicinal shops, teahouses, and blacksmith shops could be seen here. This street was undeniably buzzing with the hustle and bustle of people.

    Moreover, the style of dressing of the pedestrians here indicated the presence of many foreign customers as well as merchants in this crowd. This obviously made this street far stronger than the Welcoming Immortals Street. In fact, this street was undoubtedly very famous.

    Both the Welcoming Immortals Street in the east and the Jade Spring Street in the west could be considered as the liveliest and most prosperous places in this city. However, one would indeed find some difference between these two if they compared them with each other.

    The Jade Spring Street was undeniably slightly better than the other one... whether it was in terms of the size, the number of shops, the pedestrians, the decoration of shops, or the presence of foreign merchants...

    Shi Mu took a stroll here for some time. It didn't take him long before he found Elder Zhao's auction; this auction site was called Jade Spring Pavilion. It was a large three-storey building with carved railings, jade inlays, and an upturned flying eave.

    This pavilion commanded the most striking position on the entire Jade Spring Street just like the Welcoming Immortals Pavilion commanded the most striking position on the Welcoming Immortals Street. Shi Mu couldn't help but admire the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce's foresight and sagacity when he noticed this.

    He then saw that many barbarian craftsmen were bustling-about in the periphery of this pavilion building at this moment. The pavilion's door was closed, and a few yellow-dressed guards stood at the entrance. It was obvious that they wouldn't allow a stranger to set a foot inside. However, this wasn't an issue for Shi Mu. He didn't even need to use his golden pupils since he had Cai by his side.

    He and Cai were on the second floor of a tea house that was over a thousand feet away from the Jade Spring Pavilion. Shi Mu had found a window position from where he could see the whole picture of the Jade Spring Pavilion as well as carefully observe it.

    It could be said on the basis of the period of construction that this pavilion was obviously newer than the Welcoming Immortals Pavilion. It had three floors just like the Welcoming Immortals Pavilion, but the scale of each of them was much larger. So, it could be ascertained that the auction venues inside this pavilion should be larger than those of the Welcoming Immortals Pavilion.

    This pavilion was already magnificent. But, it would become even more royal and illustrious now by the exquisite work of these craftsmen.

    A brand-new signboard hung on the most eye-catching position of the third floor. It was inscribed with golden letters. It seemed to have been arranged in the venue with utmost care. Elder Zhao seemed to have set a great plan in her heart for this auction.

    Shi Mu left the tea house after having observed the situation for a while. He then arrived at the Huarong Street; this street was adjacent to the Jade Spring Street.

    The popularity of this street was obviously not in the same league with that of the Jade Spring Street despite the fact that it was just one street across.

    Shi Mu started to walk on this street. Simultaneously, he was sizing-up the surroundings with his keen eyes. He stopped in front of a shop after a while. It was a spirit materials shop; it was called Heavenly Element House.

    This wasn't the first time that Shi Mu had come to this place. He had already visited this place previously when he had been purchasing the goods. However, he had been in a pressing situation at that time. So, he hadn't had enough time to examine everything in a careful manner.

    Shi Mu had hardly stepped into the store's door when he saw a young man walk out of some corner. There was a radiant smile across that man's face. He walked over, and gave a warm welcome to Shi Mu.

    This man was rather young in age, but Shi Mu knew that he was the manager of this store - Tian Hao An.

    "Noble Friend Mu, it feels like I haven't seen you for days. This small store has been looking forward to seeing you again!" Tian Hao An said with a smile.

    "Manager Tian is being very modest. I wonder if any good thing has arrived in your precious store of late," Shi Mu asked.

    "Dear Friend Mu, come in, and see for yourself. There are many things that I have especially reserved for you." Tian Hao An said whilst pointing towards the store's hall.

    Shi Mu gave him a nod, but he didn't speak anything. He had relied on the source of goods of Manager Tian at that time. In fact, he had purchased a large quantity of Ink Stones which had been so hard-to-find back then. That had engraved a very profound impression of this place in Shi Mu's heart. Therefore, the first place that had flashed across his mind was this store.

    Shi Mu passed through the hall, and arrived inside a back room whilst following Tian Hao An.

    "This is the place which is specially used by this small shop to invite precious guests like Friend Mu. Please take a look at them first." Tian Hao An said. After that, he called a young male servant who brought a pot of tea.

    The fact was that Shi Mu had planned his each and every action very carefully last time. However, he had still ended up purchasing a huge quantity of Ink Stones from this store owing to their unavailability at other places. Therefore, his incredible purchasing power had greatly broadened Manager Tian's horizons.

    Tian Hao An had been running this business here for many years. So, he was naturally unwilling to let go off his high-money roller.

    This place didn't look big, but it seemed to have plenty of high-quality products. However, Shi Mu looked all around, but didn't find any particularly precious thing. Still, he did find a few special things.

    One of them was a wood-attribute spirit grass; it was called the Ghost Cry Pistil. It was said that this wood was quite good for refining pills. In addition, it could also be used to enhance the strength of an illusionary magic formula by increasing the degree of illusion.

    The so-called Ghost Crying Pistil used to emit a kind of sound that was similar to the distant ghost screaming sound. This kind of sound could pull people into an illusion. In fact, a thousands-of-years-old Ghost Crying spirit grass had the ability to trap even an Earth-ranked powerhouse into an illusion if it was used in the formation of a magic array. After that, the trapped person wouldn't be able to free themselves from this illusion.

    In addition, there were three Appearance Freezing Fruits in that room. It was said that these fruits came from a place that was situated in the far west of the Western Continent. Its efficacy could make a person's appearance stay the same for eternity once it was consumed.

    The lifespan of the martial warriors and warlocks used to substantially increase with the ascension of their strength. However, it was seen that the speed of their ageing would slow down along with their advancement after the consumption of this fruit... However, it wasn't that they wouldn't grow old ever. Still, no one would care about it in general.

    It could be regarded as a special thing if it was truly able to maintain the current appearance of the user for a long time.

    Such thoughts crossed Shi Mu's mind for a moment. After that, he shifted his gaze to other shelves.

    The shimmering radiance of a thing suddenly captured his attention towards it; it had been kept in a certain corner of the shelf.

    That thing had a very dainty and delicate appearance. It was a small white-jade tower. It was small in size, and looked very exquisite in workmanship. It bore a great similarity to that of the Human race's pavilion. The first floor of this tower was the widest one. And, the width gradually decreased towards the top. In addition, the eaves of each floor of this tower were closely overlapped.

    Circles of complicated and incomprehensible magic characters were engraved on the surface of this jade tower. And, those characters were exuding a layer of fluorescing radiance. That radiance had the ability to render people a kind of calm and peaceful feeling once they set their eyes upon it.

    "Dear Friend Mu has good eyesight!" Tian Hao An said when he noticed that Shi Mu's gaze was hovering over this jade tower in a very keen manner.

    "Manager Tian, this thing is..." Shi Mu had never seen this kind of jade tower. So, he asked.

    "This thing is called the Spirit Stabilizing Tower," Manager Tian introduced that thing as he noticed Shi Mu's interest in it.

    "Spirit Stabilizing Tower? I wonder what the usage of this thing is." Shi Mu asked.

    "This thing is incredible! It is said that this thing can help one in keeping their spirit stabilized. This allows the user to keep his mind on the task during practice. But... I have no idea how to use this thing in an appropriate way," Tian Hao An explained in a calm manner.

    Shi Mu couldn't understand why Manager Tian had held back the words that had been on the tip of his tongue. He also didn't know whether the words that Manager Tian had just spoken were authentic or not. However, he discovered that this thing was a spirit tool after he questioned a little. Also, it could only be stimulated by an Earth-ranked warrior or even higher ranked powerhouses. In addition, it seemed as if this thing didn't have any specific function apart from what the Manager had mentioned. Therefore, very few people would show interest in this thing due to its considerably high price.

    Tian Hao An had regarded this tower as the most valuable treasure when he had received it for the first time. But, he hadn't expected that it wouldn't have any significant function despite the fact that it was a spirit tool. On top of that, it could only be stimulated by an Earth-ranked powerhouse. Therefore, this thing had become an insignificant object in his store... so much so that he hadn't been able to sell it off till now.

    The fact was that Tian Hao An had noticed that this thing had somehow piqued Shi Mu's interest. Therefore, he had thought to seize this opportunity to sell this thing off. However, Shi Mu wasn't the kind of a person who could be easily swindled. Consequently, Tian Hao An couldn't keep up with his questioning, and found himself unable to conceal its information anymore.

    "Friend Mu, I agree that this thing has many limitations. But, it is a spirit tool after all... I've been running Heavenly Yuan House for so many years. And, I can say that this thing should have some functions that are unknown to us based on my experience..." Tian Hao An looked at Shi Mu, and said in a cautious manner.

    How could have Shi Mu known about the thoughts that were swirling in Tian Hao An's mind right now? However, he had somehow developed an inexplicable liking for this jade tower. And, he also had an adequate number of spirit stones at present. So, he knew that he could purchase it without a hitch.

    However, Shi Mu also didn't hesitate to haggle over its price since it was an object of little value.

    Shi Mu negotiated a bit with him. After that, he bought three Appearance Freezing Fruits and one Ghost Crying Spirit Grass which he had just seen along with that Spirit Stabilizing Tower. He spent nearly 30,000 spirit stones to buy these things.

    As for Tian Hao An... he had sold this jade tower to Shi Mu at the cost price. But, this deal still hadn't made him lose any money. Also, he now didn't have to keep these goods piled-up anymore. Therefore, he was quite delighted in his heart.

    In fact, this had been a joyous transaction for both parties involved.

    Shi Mu had barely stepped out of the Heavenly Yuan House when Cai flew over to him. He had left the Jade Spring Street's Tea House before Shi Mu. After that, he had flown away on his own in the glorified name of 'breathing fresh air'.

    "Can't you ever calm down? Is it right to run around aimlessly?" Shi Mu said.

    "Shi Tou, see... you're being unfair to me. I wouldn't have had to nose around if it weren't for you. Otherwise, who would like to show up in public and wander around?" Cai didn't look happy at this moment. So, he started to shout at him.

    "Then, let's talk about it. What good news did you find out?" Shi Mu said, but he couldn't refrain from laughing.

    "I don't want to argue with you. Don't you want to collect some good stuff? I've just found a good place." Cai said.

    "Spit it out now. Don't keep me in suspense." Shi Mu didn't bother to talk to him. He directly shot a glaring look at him.

    "Hehe, I'm talking about the Dragon Street.It is near the City Lord's office. I've found a shop there that looks pretty good to me... It isn't as lively as the Jade Spring Street. However, I've seen many high-status people passing through there," Cai said.

    "City Lord's office? Dragon Street?" Shi Mu felt a little strange when he heard these words. The fact was that he had been to this street many times. But, there hadn't been any shop there that could leave a profound impression on his mind. However, that place had the city's largest ground for martial arts practice.

    "That shop is hidden behind the martial-arts practicing ground. So, common people can't find it easily."

    Shi Mu advanced in the direction of that Street with Cai when he heard these words. But, he didn't seem to place full trust in Cai's words.

    He would have to pass through the City Lord's office to reach the Dragon Street.

    The streets of the Rising Sun City weren't straight. It was because the city was structured like the wings of an eagle. Therefore, the streets were built in a very twisted manner. A person would have to often take several turns while passing through a street.

    There was an alley which was diagonally opposite to the City Lord's office. Shi Mu had barely turned around the corner on this alley when he happened to see two people walking side by side in the City Lord's office. They were talking and laughing merrily. It seemed that there was a very cordial relation between them.

    Shi Mu was left thunderstruck when he saw those two people clearly.

    One of them was the Lord of this Rising Sun City - Linghu Kuan... The other man was clad in a pale-white robe. He was a very handsome man who had long red hair trailing over his shoulders.

    Who could this person be other than Liu An?!
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