Chapter 366: Arrived in the City Beforehand

    Chapter 366: Arrived in the City Beforehand

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    "Elder Zhong is very polite to people. It's us who have taken the liberty to pay you a visit. So, we're the ones who've bothered you," The outward appearance of the red-armored man looked rough and rude. But, he had appeared quite tactful and evasive when he had just spoken. It seemed as if he was paying great attention to his speech and action.

    The blue-robed young man exposed a smile in response. He had acted like a completely different person at this moment which formed a stark contrast to his previous arrogant self.

    The other people also exchanged pleasantries. Then, the guests and the host sat down on their respective seats.

    "I wonder what has brought so many distinguished guests here together," Zhong Xiu asked after she had taken her seat.

    The blue-robed man and the red-armored man looked at each other once as they heard these words. But, neither of these two men spoke anything for a moment.

    Both of them were well-aware of the fact that there was only one purpose that had pulled all of them here together.

    "Elder Zhong, I'll get straight to the point instead of dragging you into a random conversation. I'm very interested in the high-ranked magic charms that your honored pavilion had just offered at the auction. I wonder how many such high-ranked magic charms are there in your pavilion's possession," the white-faced man asked.

    The blue-robed man and the red-armored also directed their gazes at Zhong Xiu when they heard these words.

    "We do have some high-ranked magic charms. But, I'm unable to reveal the specific quantity of them at the moment. Please, accept my sincere apologies for this behavior. I can see that my respected guests are very interested in high-ranked magic charms. So, I request all of you to mark your presence at the Pavilion at the end of the month and join the show," Zhong Xiu replied.

    "We've heard that Elder Zhong has had the honor to invite a proficient charm magician to work for the pavilion. May I ask if there is any possibility of further cooperation with that prodigy?" the blue-robed man asked. A hint of regret had appeared on his face when he had asked this question.

    The question he had asked could be treated as rude and offensive.

    "Young Master Lan is well-informed. That's right... That great charm magician is now in this pavilion. However, we'll have to wait until the end of the auction for further discussion. Afterwards, this humble girl will be in a position to consider further business dealings with the three of you if you're sincere in this regard," Zhong Xiu said.

    The blue-robed man and the other three men revealed an ecstatic look as her words surfaced in their ears.

    They had come here this time to inquire about magic charms. However, it was a secondary matter for them. The main reason behind their sudden visit was to find out Zhong Xiu's true intention through her words. They wanted to see whether they could form a relationship with that proficient Charm magician who was backing her. After all, the magicians who could draw high-ranked magic charms were very rare to find in the Western Continent. They knew that a significant development of strength was self-evident as long as there was a stable supply of higher-ranked magic charms.

    "Can we take Elder Zhong's words seriously? We won't fail to attend the auctions that would be organized by the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion from now on if that's the case. We'll mark our presence at the final auction as well," the blue-robed man said in an excited manner.

    "He he, my Blazing Tiger Tribe also has some goods that I want to sell off at this auction. And, I think that it would be a good option to entrust them to the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion," the red-armored also said with a smile.

    "Hundred Gem Pavilion also has a batch of goods that I would like to entrust to the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion," the blue-robed man also spoke-up.

    "The Blue Dome Association also wants to do the same," the white-faced man also said.

    Zhong Xiu's face beamed with happiness to see this... The opposite parties agreed one by one to sign the entrustment agreement with her the next day.

    Then, those people exchanged some words for a while. After that, the blue-robed young man and the others got up and took their leave.

    Zhong Xiu sent a few people to see them off to the pavilion's door. And, she herself returned to a room on the top floor with quick steps.

    "Big Brother Shi, everything has gone as you had expected. Those influential people have agreed to sign off an entrustment agreement with the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion." Zhong Xiu's words were brimming with excitement.

    "That's good. This has regained some popularity for us. However, a lot of disparities still exist between us and the opposite party. So, it's still necessary to draw more and more power. By the way... I don't think that the Jade Spirit Pavilion will keep an indifferent attitude towards this matter and do nothing. You'd better dispatch some people to keep close watch over them." Shi Mu took a moment of consideration before he said.

    Zhong Xiu nodded.


    In the Jade Spring Pavilion... the beautiful woman's complexion looked a bit gloomy at the moment.

    The Jade Spirit Pavilion's manager - the green-robed young woman - stood in front of her.

    "So you mean to say that the Blazing Tiger Tribe, the Hundred Gem Pavilion, and the Blue Dome Association have already reached an agreement to entrust their goods to the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion for the auction?" the beautiful woman asked.

    "Yes, I've already sent someone to confirm this news."

    The beautiful woman's brows wrinkled tightly, and her face got overcast with a sulky expression.

    "The Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion has made a big commotion with merely a few magic charms; so much so that three not-so-small forces couldn't refrain from forming an alliance with them. It appears that we've indeed underestimated Zhong Xiu's capabilities." The beautiful woman remained silent for quite a while. Then, the gloominess in her facial expression slowly receded, and she said.

    "Even so, as far as I know... there are still many disparities between the products of the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion and ours."

    "But, we mustn't lower our guard... We have cards in our hands that we haven't revealed so far. There is no way they can have those things... These high-ranked magic charms have made us somewhat passive. Moreover, it can be said that they may attempt to draw some more forces in by the end of the month. Oh, by the way... have you investigated the background of that charm magician?" the beautiful woman asked.

    "The Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion is very well hidden. So, it's impossible to confirm it completely. However, I had gone to the Chamber of Commerce a few days ago to check Zhong Xiu's details. And, I had unintentionally discovered something about that Shi Mu who is always seen around her... He's also a charm magician. I don't know his attainments in this field of expertise yet... but I guess that perhaps..." the green-dressed woman said.

    "Oh? It can be possible if it's Shi Mu. This person's strength can't be regarded as too high. But, he doesn't look as simple as we think. You keep a close watch over him to confirm if it is truly this person," the beautiful woman commanded.

    "Yes," the green-robed woman replied.

    Then, the beautiful woman thought of something, and turned her hand... A palm-sized white jade token appeared in her hand. Numerous and densely packed tiny characters were written all over it... like numerous flies; it was a list of items.

    She then considered something for a moment. Then, she placed her finger on it a few times, and selected a few items.

    "Go and take all these things out. They all will be assigned to the following two auctions," the beautiful woman passed the jade slip to the green-dressed woman, and said.

    "Elder Zhao, these things were originally planned to be kept for the final auction. Shall we take them out now?" the green-dressed woman received the jade slip, and glanced at it once. Then, she said with a little hesitation.

    "It doesn't matter since we have just a few days before the end of the month. So, it's the appropriate time to sprinkle some bait," the enchanting woman said.

    "Elder Zhao, please forgive this subordinate for speaking too much. There are several other kinds of things. But, we have spent a great deal of time to think about this mysterious dark flower. If it is revealed now, then apparently..." she said again.

    "I know fairly well about this matter. But, you should know that only the genuinely good things can be used as lure to hook the big fish." The beautiful woman's face creased and revealed a hint of sorrow. But then, she quickly regained her calmness, and said.

    The green-dressed woman had noticed her sorrowful facial expression, and had understood that it wouldn't be good to say anything again. So, she made a respectful gesture, and then retired.


    The Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion had a large number of magic charms to sell at the auction. Also, there were many high-ranked magic charms at their disposal... This news travelled throughout the Rising Sun City at lightning speed. It piqued the interest of countless people for a while. It also made many influential people of the city restless to make their move.

    However, a rumor flew across the city in the midst of all this excitement. It was about the small-scale auction that the Jade Spirit Pavilion was going to hold tomorrow. According to the rumor... they would put forward several excellent treasures tomorrow. And, some of those treasures had the power to enable the user to break through to a whole new realm of their magic power.

    The intense competition between the Jade Spirit Pavilion and the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion could be regarded as a matter that all influential people of the city would earnestly wish for these days. It was because the two sides would naturally come up with a lot of good things in order to attract more and more people.

    Two people sat opposite to each other in a certain side hall in the Dark Moon Cult's sub-altar at this time; this sub-altar was situated not far from the Rising Sun City in the Split Wind Cliff.

    One of them was Di Feng, and the other one was the red-dressed woman - the woman surnamed Zhen; she had left for somewhere during her last meeting with Di Feng.

    Di Feng's arm had been cut off by Shi Mu during their battle. But, it had grown out by now. However, his face still looked pale as if his strength hadn't recovered yet.

    "Sister Zhen, why have you returned? Hadn't you said back then that Brother Liu An has assigned you a more important task?" Di Feng asked.

    "Brother Liu An has taken care of that matter personally. So, he has asked me to come back and attend the auction of the Rising Sun City," the woman surnamed Zhen replied.

    "The auction...? Isn't it just an event that is being organized by the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce? Don't tell me that they're going to present something at the auction that Brother Liu An cares about?" Di Feng was left dumbfounded for a moment when he heard these words. Then, he said without thinking.

    "I've heard that this auction is being jointly organized by two Elders of the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce. And, it seems that both of them are competing with each other for something. One of them is Zhong Xiu. This woman is not our concern. However, she has a close relationship with Shi Mu. I presume that you know this already," the woman surnamed Zhen said in a manner that made it seem as if she was well aware of the matters related to the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce.

    "Yes, I hadn't expected that this Shi Mu would have some relation with the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce," Di Feng spoke in a thoughtful manner.

    "According to the information that I've scouted out... that Zhong Xiu is presently in a disadvantageous situation in that competition. So, I think that Shi Mu will certainly take some step to help her," the woman surnamed Zhen said.

    "You mean..." It seemed as if Di Feng had thought of something.

    "It can be said that this auction is radically an intense competition between the two sides. And, the quantity and quality of resources as well as promotion and preparation are being considered the key parameters to judge the supremacy of one over another. As for the valuable things Shi Mu has... I have absolutely no idea. But, I know that there is one thing in his possession that is extremely precious. And, that thing will inevitably attract the attention of several people in case it is revealed by him," She showed a trace of a smile.

    "Star Stone!" Di Feng blurted out.

    A hint of embarrassment and resentment bubbled-up on his face as he said.

    The fact was that this Star Stone had been snatched away by Shi Mu from his hands.

    "Brother Di, that Shi Mu seems no better than a Xian Tian-ranked martial warrior on the surface. But, he isn't as simple as he appears... He has some intriguing trait that even made Brother Liu treat him in a special way. So, it can be considered as a normal thing if we missed a move in the chess. Moreover, Brother Liu has said that this matter can be put on hold for the time being." The woman surnamed Zhen noticed the changed expression in Di Feng's eyes. So, she said again.

    Di Feng felt relieved by her comforting words... His facial expression looked better now.

    "In addition, Brother Liu An has secretly informed me that something is going to appear at this auction that is even more important than the Star Stone," she said again.

    "What's that thing?" Di Feng asked in a curious manner.

    The woman surnamed Zhen hesitated a bit. Then, her lips slightly moved, and she said something.

    "There's someone who would take this out at the auction?!" Di Feng looked flabbergasted as he said.

    "I don't believe this news either. But, this news is unlikely to be fake since Brother Liu An has himself told me about this," she said.

    A sound of footstep spread from outside the hall at this moment. Then, a Dark Moon Cult's disciple walked in.

    "Altar Lord Di, the Heavenly Wu Chamber of Commerce's Jade Spirit Pavilion has just sent an invitation." The disciple had held an illustrious invitation card which he handed over to Di Feng.

    Di Feng's eyebrows snapped upward. He then waved his hand to make that disciple leave.

    After that, he slightly opened the invitation letter, and his eyebrows twitched upwards in response. He then passed the invitation letter to the Zhen-surnamed woman.

    A list of some of the treasures that would appear at the auction was mentioned on that invitation card apart from a few respectful words of invitation.

    "The Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion has offered some high-ranked magic charms this time as the bargaining chip. So, it's too obvious that the Jade Spirit Pavilion can't sit still in response," Di Feng said.
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