Chapter 370: Makes A Comeback

    Chapter 370: Makes A Comeback

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    The Jade Spirit Pavilion.

    The beautiful woman stood in the aisle of the venue. It was hard to determine whether there was a gloomy or a clear expression on her face.

    There was a jade token in her hand, and a few lines of characters were popping on it from time to time.

    "How is the situation there at the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion?" a voice was heard at this moment. It was followed by Wang Ruikun; he walked over at a slow pace.

    "Uncle, you are here!" The beautiful woman made a respectful gesture of greetings.

    Wang Rui Kun beckoned with his hand to hint her that she didn't have to be over-courteous.

    "It can't be said why the second half of the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion's auction suddenly made an excellent performance. Their several things were constantly sold at high prices. Therefore, their total volume of transaction has already got close to three million spirit stones." The beautiful woman said.

    "How is their result compared to yours?" Wang Ruikun asked.

    "We have a total turnover of 3.3 million today. It seems in the light of their products that the star stone should be their final product. I must say that it would be regarded as a ridiculously high price even if it gets auctioned for 400,000 spirit stones. By the way, the auction of our Soaring Flame Crystal is already in progress. And, its bid price has clambered up to 500,000 by now. So, we will surpass the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion in any case." The beautiful woman said, but her words were tinged with complacency.

    An intense bidding was already going on at the venue below. And, a dark-red crystal stone was also placed on the auction stage; it was Soaring Flame Crystal.

    Suddenly, a light flashed on jade token that the beautiful woman held in her hand. She cast a glance at it and a gleeful smile spread across her face.

    "Uncle, the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion's star stone has been auctioned. It has been sold for 390,000 spirit stones," the beautiful woman said.

    Wang Rui Kun heard the words and nodded. The only thing he said in response was "good".

    Meanwhile, a woman's voice spread from a private room in the auction hall.

    "600,000 spirit stones. I want to have this Soaring Flame Crystal!"

    An air of silence pervaded the entire hall and rendered everyone speechless all at once.

    The beautiful woman's corners of mouth also curved a little when she witnessed this scene.


    At the auction of the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion...

    The auction hall sent a person to deliver the star stone to the box where the woman surnamed Zhen was seated.

    Everyone in the hall was whooping with excitement at the moment. Most of the faces were suffused with an expression which indicated that they considered this trip a worthwhile one. Some people had even stood up, and were preparing to leave the venue.

    "Everyone, the auction hasn't ended yet. The next product is the final product of our auction!" the purple-robed middle-aged man said.

    Everyone on the scene was left stunned for a moment as these words surfaced in their ears. Some people even started to talk in whispers.

    "Didn't it seem that the most valuable thing on the list of items was the star stone?"

    "Can there possibly be something which is even more valuable than the star stone? Did I miss to see it on the list?"

    "It's impossible. Apparently, all products have already been auctioned."


    There were many people in the hall who looked flabbergasted after this announcement. But, they still stayed back out of curiosity, and threw gazes towards the middle since they want to see what that so-called final product was.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, this precious thing is also mentioned on the list of items you received before. We carried out some kind of comparisons between this thing and the star stone when we had accepted the entrustment of this thing. After that, we finally came to a conclusion that we would use this treasure as the final product of our auction." The purple-robed middle-aged man said.

    Someone brought over a small tray, and placed it on the auction stage when the purple-robed man was speaking. The tray was covered with a yellow embroidered cloth.

    The purple-robed middle-aged man lifted the yellow cloth, and a White Jade Tower appeared in front of everyone; it was less than half-foot in height.

    The tower was sparkling, translucent, and acquisitively wrought. The surface of this tower was engraved with circles of complicated magic characters. They were emitting bursts of white radiance. It rather had a very peculiar appearance.

    Everyone's eyes glued to the white tower as soon as it appeared. Simultaneously, intermittent bursts of exclamation also started to ring from time to time. There were also some people who were unknown to this thing. So, they started to raise questions. But, the majority of people were silent. They were apparently waiting for the purple-robed man's introduction.

    "Perhaps, you may not have seen this thing ever before. So, I'm going to introduce it to you. This precious thing is called the Spirit Stabilizing Tower. It passed through the evaluation process of our Chamber of Commerce, and was declared as a genuine top-notch spirit tool. It can help one in keeping their spirit stabilized. This allows the user to keep his mind on the task during practice. As for its other functions... hehe, it's temporarily confidential." The purple-robed middle-aged man said in a mysterious manner.

    Everyone in the hall burst into an uproar as soon as this statement was made. Queries and questions started to spring up one after another.

    These people had noticed that except for some well-known or famous spirit tools and treasures... the auctioneer had always used all means to clearly explain the background and usages of all goods in order to evoke the desire of people to buy them. In fact, the auctioneer would often make a big exaggeration to sell these precious treasures at a good price.

    However, the purple-robed middle-aged man had said only a few words this time. In fact, he didn't speak anything about the origin or specialty of this tower. The only thing he said this time was it was a high-ranked spirit tool.

    There was a possibility that this tower had only one ambiguous feature that could help one in keeping his spirit stabilized. However, its value mightn't be as good as an ordinary middle or low-ranked offensive spirit tools in terms of their practical usage if that was the case. After all, some magic tools and spirit tools didn't have any value in the market although they had good quality. And, the only reason behind this was their functions that weren't too much in demand.

    There were some people who revealed inquisitive looks on their faces. However, the majority of people seemed to have already lost interest in this thing. They stayed back only to watch the play.

    "Then, let's begin the auction. The initial price is 200,000 spirit stones. And, each subsequent bid shouldn't be less than 10,000 spirit stones." It seemed as if the purple-robed middle-aged man had already anticipated the reaction of the surrounding people. So, he waited until the clamorous sound subsided a bit. Then, he said.

    The initial price of this tower was 200,000 spirit stones. This was the same as the starting price of the star stone!

    The people looked at each other in blank dismay, but no one spoke anything.

    This was not a small sum of money. This price could be considered as a reasonable value if it was meant for a star stone. After all, everyone was aware of its value and cherished degree. However, the specific detail of this spirit tool was still unknown to everyone. So, the risk of making high bids was naturally at higher side.

    Some people began to gaze at the private rooms since they knew that only the big shots sitting in these rooms had the guts to spend thousands of spirit stones.

    However, the majority of people had this feeling that there wouldn't be anyone among these influential people who would dare to take this risk.

    A grey-robed old man was seated in one of those private rooms. He looked at the white jade tower, and his brows slightly wrinkled. He then released a wisp of his spirit sense, and tried to penetrate the tower.

    However, it seemed as if his spirit sense knocked against an invisible soft wall, and was shot back with a "Ping" sound.

    The grey-robed old man's brows twitched upward and a hint of astonishment surfaced in his eyes.

    "200,000!" He remained silent for a moment. But then, he made his bid.

    This bid gave rise to a tumultuous situation in the hall since nobody had expected that anyone would be willing to bid.

    "215,000!" that languid voice once again resounded in the hall.

    Everyone was left speechless as they heard the voice.

    However, most people were already accustomed to this strangeness due to the previous precedents.

    The grey-robed old man's eyes flickered once and he felt a bit of hesitation.

    "260,000." The grey-robed old man quoted a number again tentatively.

    "300000!" But, the languid voice resounded immediately.

    The grey-robed old man shook his head, and didn't continue to bid further. Even the hall quieted down for a while.

    The fact was he also got carried away for a period of time. He wanted to examine this thing in order to find out what unusual characteristics it had. He then used his spirit sense that allowed him to conclude that this small white jade tower in the hall did stand out from the masses. And, it did seem to be very useful as well. However, he was still unable to figure out what other special features it possessed.

    But, it was still too unreasonable to spend a great deal of spirit stones on it.

    "350000!" A voice spread from a private room at this moment.

    A yellow-robed man was seated in that private room. There was a sluggish look in his eyes... as if he was a puppet who was being controlled from behind the scene. In addition, Shi Mu sat beside him in a relaxed manner and was fiddling with a white order token.

    A translucent silk of spirit was faintly connected to the back of the yellow-robe man's head, and its other end was connected to Shi Mu.

    "400000!" There wasn't a trace of hesitation in that languid voice... as if tens of thousands of spirit stones were just a small sum of money.

    "450000!" Shi Mu waved his hand, and the stupefied yellow-robed man opened mouth to quote a higher price.




    It seemed that the yellow-robed man and the languid voice were only competing in his bid. None of them was ready to back down. They were continuously adding up the price. Consequently, the bid price soared to 600,000 spirit stones in a flash.

    Meanwhile, everyone in the hall had also started to talk about it.

    The bids of these two people were stemmed not from the presence of plenty of spirit stones at their disposal. It was because they had perhaps discovered the extraordinary characteristic of this white tower.

    "Can this thing possibly be a damaged magic weapon?" The people couldn't help but start to think about this possibility. And, their hearts started to pound as a result.

    Even some financially powerful forces couldn't help but start itching for a try. They also wanted to join this bid competition. But, they were still clenched with a shackle of hesitation. So, they started talking with their companions in whispers.

    "800,000 spirit stones! Dear friend, I want to have this thing. So, I request Your Excellency to consider your own worth first. You would lose everything if you still continue!" The languid voice suddenly changed and said in a cold manner.

    The private room where the yellow-robed man was seated seemed to be blown away by these words. Also, no sound was heard from that room for quite a while.

    In addition, those people - who were just planning to join the bid - abandon this idea in the end.

    The white jade tower was finally auctioned at 800,000 Spirit stones, and the auction came to an end.

    The people above the hall started to talk with each at this moment. Also, they all looked quite excited.

    Today's harvest didn't matter to them. This experience was alone enough for them to chat about in the future.

    The grey-robed old man stood up, and looked at that private room which was the source of that languid voice. And, a ridiculing expression peeped through his eyes in response. He shook his head, turned around, and walked out of the private room.

    The white jade tower wasn't worth 800,000 spirit stones even if it turned out to be a broken magic weapon!

    The woman surnamed Zhen was in another private room. She covered her face and sneaked into the stream of people. And then, she walked out of the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion.

    "You can go." Shi Mu stuffed the white order token into the bosom of the yellow-robed man and said.

    The yellow-robed man stood up as if he was in a daze, and walked out of the room. Then, he also mixed into the crowd without attracting anyone's attention.

    But then, his body trembled, and his eyes regained its sobriety as soon as he stepped out of the Pavilion.

    He looked around in a somewhat confused manner and immediately remembered something. He then walked straight towards the Jade Spirit Pavilion at a fast pace.

    In the Welcoming the Immortals Pavilion's certain room... Zhong Xiu overwhelmed with excitement. There was a list of items in her hand and her arms were shuddering a bit.

    "How is everything? How much is the total transaction amount today?" Shi Mu walked in and asked.

    Zhong Xiu jumped-up like a child as she saw Shi Mu there.

    "The total amount is almost 4.08 million. And, I just got the news from Jade Spirit Pavilion. The auction has also ended there. And, their total turnover is almost 3.9 million. So, their turnover is clearly below 4 million." A flush of excitement rose to her face as she said.

    "That's good." Shi Mu nodded.

    Zhong Xiu was so excited that she was about to say something again. But, her face - that was smeared with a flush of excitement - suddenly turned white and her body shook a bit.

    "What's wrong?" Shi Mu's facial expression changed, and he hastily supported her.

    "It's nothing. Maybe I have exerted myself so much over these days that it has started to take its toll on me." Zhong Xiu shook her head and took a deep breath. And, the pale expression on her face slowly faded. Then, she said with a smile.

    "Miss Xiu, the past few days have been really a very hard time for you." Shi Mu said.

    "Oh, that's right... that noble guest who has won the bid of nearly half of our items... is he still in the pavilion? I need to express my gratitude to him." Zhong Xiu suddenly recalled something and asked in a worried tone.

    "Don't worry, he is waiting outside. I'll let him in since you aren't feeling well." Shi Mu said with a smiled. Then, he said something facing outside.

    After that, the door was shoved open and a black-robed young man walked in.

    Zhong Xiu was left stunned for a moment. Then, she gave a soft chuckle.

    This black-robed man turned out to be a familiar person to her; he was actually Hou Sai Lei.
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