Chapter 379: Fire Miasma and Tiger Beast

    Chapter 379: Fire Miasma and Tiger Beast

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    Shi Mu and Yu Yi exchanged a few random sentences for a moment. After that, they didn't stay there for long. Shi Mu took out the Green-Winged flying carriage after cleaning up the battlefield. Then, he hurried in the direction of the Red Flame City along with Yu Yi.

    However, they hadn't covered a long distance when they saw that the sky had suddenly dimmed.

    "What's wrong?" Both Shi Mu and Yu Yi were stunned.

    "Shi Tou, look over there!" Cai shouted from Shi Mu's shoulder.

    The two of them immediately turned their gazes towards a mountain range that wasn't far from them.

    A bright-red mist emerged from that volcanic mountain and floated outwards. It immediately spread all over the place.

    The red mist looked a little slow initially. But, it was so fast that it pervaded the air in front of these two men in an instant.

    Shi Mu's face revealed a surprised look as he saw this red mist.

    However, Yu Yi's complexion turned pale the instant he saw this; he stood beside Shi Mu at the moment.

    "Brother Shi, fly down quickly!" Yu Yi's facial expression became solemn, and he gave a loud.

    Shi Mu urged the Green-Winged flying carriage to fly downwards at full speed as he saw Yu Yi's facial expression.

    Yu Yi quickly took out two bright-red magic charms as they landed on the ground. Then, he pasted one on his own body, and handed the other one to Shi Mu.

    After that, Yu Yi issued a low-pitched shout to activate those magic charms.

    The two magic charms lit up, and exuded a burst of red light in response. Then, the red light took the shape of two protective screens, and enveloped the two of them.

    Shi Mu stared at the magic charm in his hand in an astounded manner. The magic characters drawn on top of it were very odd. He found himself unable to recognize the origin of these magic characters even with his enriched experience of magic charms. In fact, they were entirely different from the all those magic characters he had seen before.

    Shi Mu was in a state of distraction when both of them were got shrouded in the cloud of red mist.

    The cloud of red mist rushed towards the two of them. But, it was blocked by the red light screen that had recently been formed by the magic charms.

    Yu Yi's face loosened a bit as he witnessed this scene.

    "Brother Yu, what is this red mist? Looking at your appearance... it seems that you are very afraid of it." Shi Mu asked.

    "Brother Shi, you don't seem to be aware of it. This red mist isn't ordinary. This is Fire Miasma. It contains a violent poisonous mist. It won't take long before your skin and flesh would rot if you happen to get infected by it due to your carelessness... And, you would eventually die due to the poison," Yu Yi explained in a solemn voice.

    Shi Mu's felt a slight chill in his heart. He hadn't come across this matter in the ancient book of the Hundred-Thousand Volcanoes. But, it was actually normal. There ought to have some careless omissions in the compilation of books.

    "This magic charm appears to be rather special. Can it shield the Fire Miasma?" Shi Mu asked.

    "This one is called the Evading the Inflammation Charm. It is considered a relatively common magic charm in the Red Flame City. We're used to venturing to the Hundred-Thousand Volcanoes for practice. So, we run into this Fire Miasma rather often. Therefore, this Evading the Inflammation Charm is an essential thing for us," Yu Yi explained.

    Shi Mu nodded in a slow manner while looking towards the Hundred-Thousand Volcanoes. He didn't know how many perils would show up ahead on the way.

    Shi Mu felt that he would like to stay here for a long time after this incident. And, he took this decision in his heart secretly. He would wait until he set foot in the Red Flame City. Afterwards, he would make more preparations to understand the dangers lurking in this area as much as possible.

    The billowing red mist continued to emerge from the mountains and gush towards outside in a continual manner. Half an hour passed like this. But, there was still no end to the red mist. It looked like the flow of red mist would never end.

    The red light-screen on the two men's body had also started to dim gradually with the passage of time. And, it was obvious that the greater part of the spiritual energy that this magic charm contained had been used up by now.

    Yu Yi's facial expression turned unsightly as he saw this. And, his eyes got suffused with anxiousness.

    "Brother Yu, it seems that the spiritual energy of these magic charms has almost exhausted. Do you have a few more Evading the Inflammation Charms at the moment?" Shi Mu asked.

    "This worth of this magic charm is considerably high. So, I had only two copies of this magic charm. The Fire Miasma is not very common around here. Basically, it's enough to have one or two Evading the Inflammation Charm to guard again any eventualities. But, I didn't expect that it would make such a large-scale appearance this time," Yu Yi forced a smile as he said.

    "Is there any other means to resist it?" Shi Mu asked again

    "The poisonous mist of this Fire Miasma is very fierce and pervasive. Ordinary methods are radically not strong enough to resist it. Precisely, one could escape this peril only with the help of Evading the Inflammation Charm." Yu Yi shook his head as he said.

    A dignified look appeared on Shi Mu's face when he heard these words.

    The layer of red light screen on their bodies became even gloomier while the two of them were discussing. And, a wisp of faint-red mist passed through the light screen and permeated the air inside.

    Shi Mu felt that the surface of his body suddenly started to give off steam despite he had long stimulated his Real Qi and had already formed a layer of protective shield outside his body. Meanwhile, a wisp of heat penetrated his Real Qi-condensed protective shield and invaded his body.

    Yu Yi was also going through the same situation. He also had a layer of the brown protective shield on his body surface. But, he seemed to be in an even worse situation than that of Shi Mu's. Even red silks had begun to bubble up on his face by the impact of this invasion.

    Shi Mu's complexion profoundly changed. He started the operation of Real Qi in his body in an attempt to force out the poisonous mist.

    Suddenly, his left hand heated up.

    An idea streaked across Shi Mu's mind as he saw this. So, he took the brown glove off his left hand. His coke-like left hand issued an invisible suction force the moment the glove was removed.

    The poisonous mist that had just infiltrated his body was immediately swallowed up by his left hand without leaving a trace.

    Shi Mu was gobsmacked. He stared at his left hand, and a hint of happiness flashed through his eyes.

    On the other side... the red light screen on Yu Yi's body had become even gloomier by now. Also, more and more red silks had appeared on his face. Yu Yi had even started to gasp for breath.

    Yu Yi's body softened and he flopped down to the ground. But, he took out a bottle of pill with his trembling arm, poured out a few fiery-red-colored pills, and was about to take them.

    However, a black palm extended from the side, and pierced Yu Yi's dim light screen. Then, it stuck to his body in a gentle manner.

    Yu Yi turned his head in a surprised manner. He didn't even notice when Shi Mu had appeared beside him. Also, the light screen of the Evading the Inflammation Charm had long disappeared from his body, and had left him standing directly in the midst of red mist. However, Yu Yi was still fine even after the disappearance of the light screen.

    Yu Yi was about to speak something when Shi Mu's blackened left hand suddenly issued a suction force.

    Suddenly, it seemed as if the tyrannical poisonous mist - that had just infiltrated Yu Yi's body - had run into its nemesis. The suction force had started gobbling up at terrific speed.

    Resultantly, the poisonous mist in his body got absorbed in a matter of few breaths. Even the red silk disappeared from his face without a trace.

    "Brother Shi, you..." Yu Yi stood up and stared at Shi Mu with astonishment. Then, he looked at his coke-like left hand.

    "This isn't the right place to talk about this matter. Let's go." Shi Mu waved his hand to stimulate the movement of the Green-Winged flying carriage. Then, he drew Yu Yi and jumped on to the carriage.

    The Green-Winged flying carriage radiated dazzling green radiance and soared into the sky. Then, it flew towards the Red Flame City.

    There was still a look of anxiousness on Yu Yi's face. It was because the carriage was flying at a great speed. But, he knew that it wouldn't be able to fly out of the range of this poisonous mist in a short period of time even with such speed. And as he had expected... fine wisps of poisonous mist again started to force their way into his body in a persistent manner.

    However, Shi Mu's left hand again got stuck to Yu Yi's body, and continued to issue a suction force from time to time. And, that suction force continued to swallow up the poisonous mist that would invade his body.

    Yu Yi's facial expression eventually calmed down, and he looked at Shi Mu with a sense of gratitude.

    It took the flying carriage almost a quarter of an hour to fly out of the range of the poisonous mist. After that, it suddenly stopped in the air.

    The cloud of red mist under their feet suddenly revealed a surge... as if a gigantic ferocious beast was making a threatening gesture in order to swallow up everything.

    Shi Mu felt a kind of lingering fear in his heart when he saw the vibration in the Fire Miasma below. So, he exhaled a long breath, and thought that he didn't die this time because of his left hand. Otherwise, he feared that this Fire Miasma might have peeled off a layer of his skin.

    Just then, Cai shouted aloud from Shi Mu's shoulder.

    "Shi Tou, watch out!"

    Cai's voice had barely faded when the Fire Miasma under their feet revealed a burst of tumble. It was followed by a massive red shadow that flew out of it and pounced towards the carriage at a terrific speed.

    Shi Mu was alarmed by this. The flying carriage under his feet immediately brightened, and shifted to one side in a horizontal position.


    However, Shi Mu couldn't evade it completely, and the Green-Winged flying carriage ended up receiving a heavy blow. Simultaneously, a wisp of overwhelming force rushed over, and struck Shi Mu and Yu Yi off the speeding car.

    Shi Mu was in a big shock, but he wasn't in a confused state. Immediately, a white Qi burst forth on his body with a flash of a white light. Then, it propped up his body, and landed on the nearby ground in a gentle manner.

    Meanwhile, Yu Yi also cast a spell to stabilize his body. Then, he landed in the vicinity. His complexion had paled, and a wisp of blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth. Apparently, his injuries had been caused by the recent blow.

    "What is this thing!?" Shi Mu swept his gaze over it once.


    The massive silhouette plummeted down from midair, and landed in front of Shi Mu and Yu Yi with a meteor-like loud rumbling sound. The ground revealed a fit of violent tremor as a result. Gravel and layers smoking dust scattered everywhere by the impact of this dangerous landing.

    Shi Mu's eyes shrank. The layers of smoke and dust gradually settled, and revealed a silhouette. It turned out to be a gigantic ferocious tiger demon beast; it was red in color.

    The pair of its dreadful eyes was fiery-red in color as if a pair of flames was blazing in them. The skin and fur of its whole body were rich in hues. They were primarily black and red. Its massive body looked very smooth. Its long tiger tail looked almost similar to a steel whip since its movement would cause a steel-whip-like acute sound.

    However, none of these features was special to speak of in contrast. And, that was because this red tiger also had a pair of wide wings on its back. And, they were far longer than its body when they were unfolded.

    The red tiger's eyes emitted two red lights as it threw a look at Shi Mu and Yu Yi. After that, its whole body exuded an enormous spiritual pressure; this indicated that it was an Earth-ranked demon beast.

    "It's a red-winged tiger beast. No wonder this Fire Miasma looks so fierce today!" Yu Yi's complexion turned deathly pale, and an appalled look appeared on his face as he saw the red tiger. He then said.

    The red-winged tiger issued a low-pitched roar at this time. Simultaneously, it stretched open its wide wings, and a layer of bright red radiance burst forth on its body. Then, its massive body pounced toward Shi Mu with inconceivable lightness, and arrived in front of him in a split second. Then, its enormous claw made a grabbing gesture with a shrill strong wind in order to grab his head.

    Shi Mu eyes flashed, and his body swayed. He had turned half of his body with this movement. Then, Shi Mu seized the opportunity and held his left hand - that hung alongside his body - in front of him like a shield.

    "Brother Shi, be careful!" Yu Yi looked profoundly shocked at the moment. Still, he waved his hand and three plank-sized green wind blades burst out. Then, they hacked towards the red-winged tiger.

    At the same time, a fiery light gleamed on the red-winged tiger's tail. Then, its tail turned into a red shadow, and smashed the three wind blades into pieces.

    Then, a "Bang" sound was heard. It was the massive claw of the tiger that struck Shi Mu's arm in a ruthless manner, and sent him flying backwards. Shi Mu kept rolling back almost a hundred or more feet away, and then heavily falling to the ground. Layers of smoke and dust rose skywards as a result of this heavy fall.

    "Brother Shi!" Yu Yi issued an alarmed scream.

    The red-winged tiger also exuded a loud roar, and its robust four limbs moved again. Its enormous body turned into a red shadow, and swooped straight towards Shi Mu whilst ignoring Yu Yi's presence in its entirety.

    The fact was that it was Shi Mu out of the two men who had given the red-winged tiger a kind of dangerous feeling. So, the red-winged tiger thought that the other person wasn't a threat to it as long as it killed Shi Mu.

    The tiger beast opened its big mouth, and puffed out a thick column of flame towards Shi Mu.


    A sea of fire emerged on the ground with a loud rumbling sound. Simultaneously, blazing flames engulfed the surrounding area in a radius of a hundred or more feet in an instant.

    The red-winged tiger fluttered into the sea of fire, and threw itself at Shi Mu once again.

    But then, a "Whoosh" sound was heard. It was the sparkling golden sword-light that departed from Shi Mu's body with a rustling sound. Then, it flashed and changed into a massive golden sword light; it was several feet long. It then made a chopping blow toward the red-winged tiger.

    The golden sword-light was in the midway when it exuded a mass Sword Qi. The Sword Qi hadn't arrived yet, but the tiger beast felt that a wisp of violent killing intention hit it head-on.

    The red-winged tiger was startled by this. It was in the air when it realized that it wouldn't have enough time to move aside by the time the sword-light would reach it.

    So, the tiger beast gave a low-pitched roar, and the fur on its body glowed with bright red radiance. After that, a mass of blazing flame flared up on the surface of its body.

    Those blazing flames flashed, and a red tiger-shadow darted from the red-winged tiger's body. It dashed and collided with the massive golden sword-light.
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