Chapter 51 - Senior Brother Feng is a good man!

    Chapter 51 - Senior Brother Feng is a good man!

    Bai Xiaochun felt as if his scalp burst open as he gave a roar, his eyes bloodshot. He took out a huge number of talismans and ferociously slapped them onto his body. 'Hong, hong, hong" ,

    layer after layer of light screens burst forth, forming a barrier almost as tall as half a zhang.

    (ED note: one zhang is approximately 3.58 meters, or 3.64 yards.)

    As soon as this barrier of light appeared, the red-clad woman that previously appeared suddenly appeared from the shadows beside Bai Xiaochun and crashed into the light barrier.

    With a loud bang, the woman actually managed to force her way 3 chi into the light barrier before she was stopped and could not proceed any further. She immediately released a piercing shriek which penetrated through the barrier, deafening Bai Xiaochun, to the point that even his consciousness had become hazy for a moment.

    (ED note: 1 chi = 1/10 zhang)

    Bai Xiaochun viciously bit his tongue and as soon as his consciousness cleared, he saw that the red-clad woman had transformed into countless red beetles that were trying to dig their way through the barrier from all directions.

    However, Bai Xiaochun's protective barrier was far too thick, regardless how of much effort those red beetles put out, they still failed to penetrate through the last 7 cun of the barrier. When the beetles reached that point, they were immediately bounced back, coalescing together in the air, and reforming into the red-clad woman.

    (ED note: 1 cun = 1/10 chi)

    With a sinister laugh, she glared at Bai Xiaochun and leaped at him once again.

    At the same time, a crumbling noise resounded from the surroundings as the decorative rocks, one after the other, began trembling and slowly rose to form stonemen. The fruit trees also shook and started to grow out hands and legs, pulling themselves out from the ground. With huge steps, these trees suddenly approached from all four directions and charged towards the trio. As for the fruits hanging on the trees, they had once again revealed their smiles and continued singing the lullaby from before.

    One of those fruit trees was especially close to Bai Xiaochun, and it took this opportunity to follow up behind the red-clothed woman, charging straight at Bai Xiaochun.

    "Puppets!" Du Lingfei cried out in surprise.

    Bai Xiaochun felt his entire body shiver from fear, he had never been in such a dangerous situation in his entire life. Right now, his eyes were bloodshot; seeing the woman was nearing him again, he rapidly gestured with his fingers, released all of his Qi, and pointed towards the woman.

    Instantly, his wooden sword flew out with such a speed that it seemed like a black lightning. As the sword zoomed, it swept up a gust of wind and with a loud 'hong', the sword went through the woman's head.

    The woman released a pitiful scream as she crumbled into countless of red beetles that began falling down onto the ground. As those beetles convulsed, they started to break into pieces before they had even reached the ground.

    The power of the sword didn't diminish a single bit; that was a full-power move that Bai Xiaochun used when his life was threatened. After passing through the woman's head, it immediately sped straight for the fruit tree-man behind the woman.

    In an instant, the fruit tree-man's body shook as its head abruptly exploded. The fruits on top of the tree started to wither at a rate visible to the naked eye; even until its death, those fruits were still happily singing their song.

    Upon seeing this scene, Bai Xiaochun grew even more fearful. Fortunately, the power of the sword was extremely strong, and while it was flying, it hit a wall with a loud bang, causing a huge hole to appear on the wall. Many snake-like patterns danced around the hole like water ripples as if trying to mend the hole.

    "Break out of here!" Du Lingfei hastily shouted. In a flash, she dashed straight for the hole in the wall. However, Feng Yan was the closest to the hole. With a pained expression, he once again took out the black elixir and blew it up right in front of the young man he was fighting with. A loud bang reverberated as Feng Yan made use of the recoil to reach the hole.

    With a whoosh, Feng Yan arrived beside the hole. Just as he was about to dash out, his expression suddenly changed as he saw two huge stone lions charging toward the hole from outside. The two stone lions lifted their heads and howled, one of them charging at Feng Yan while the other toward Bai Xiaochun.

    These two stone lions were undoubtedly the lion statues they previously saw standing outside the main door!

    "Don't bother running away, Spirit River Sect disciples......you will all die!" The young man who was fighting with Feng Yan released a loud laughter which echoed out. In a flash, he once again closed in on Feng Yan.

    Seeing that the hole was being rapidly repaired, Feng Yan gave out a loud roar as he gestured with both his hands. Immediately, countless balls of fire, each as large as the size of one's head, appeared around his body. The balls of fire exuded an extremely high temperature, causing the surrounding air to distort; one by one, the fireballs blew up the surroundings, and fire spread everywhere.

    Even the stone lion was forced to take a step back; as for the young man from the Fallen Chen Clan, his expression immediately changed. The two fruit tree-men nearby were hit head-on; one of them even exploded.

    As for the other, since it was flying backwards, it was destroyed with a sword by the charging Du Lingfei.

    As sounds of explosions continuously resounded through the area, the bodies of those two fruit tree-men started to release out copious amounts of green fluids. Within their bodies, corpse-like figures were revealed; their entire bodies were shriveled up as if more than half of their lifeforce was sucked out.

    Out of the two figures, one of them was unconscious, while the other barely managed to open its eyes. After seeing Du Lingfei, its gaze shone with emotion.

    "Senior Brother Hou!" Du Lingfei cried out in surprise, she recognised that the other was actually Hou Yunfei. She immediately went forward and helped him up.

    "The Fallen Chen Clan has betrayed us, quickly escape and report it to the sect!" Hou Yunfei was evidently weakened, but he still poured out whatever Qi he had left in him into Du Lingfei as he grabbed onto her arm.

    The Qi within Du Lingfei's body immediately surged out; as she clenched her teeth, she supported Hou Yunfei and dashed toward the hole with haste.

    As Bai Xiaochun glanced towards them, he instantly recognised that the person was actually Hou Yunfei. With a swish, he avoided the incoming stone lion and also darted towards the hole.

    At this moment, the three of them were all running towards the hole, with Du Lingfei now being the closest, followed by Feng Yan and with Bai Xiaochun not too far behind. However, Bai Xiaochun's speed was obviously the fastest, he was even nearing Du Lingfei.

    Feng Yan face was deathly pale; that fireball technique had put a large strain on him and now, as he noticed Bai Xiaochun's speed, a cold glint flashed in his eyes as another black-coloured elixir appeared with a flip of his right hand.

    "Junior Sister Du run faster, bring the news back to the sect, I'll assist you!" The moment he said that, he threw the black-coloured elixir in his right hand, aiming exactly between Du Lingfei and Bai Xiaochun.

    With a boom, the elixir exploded in the air, sending shockwaves around. The recoil pushed Du Lingfei's speed up another notch and she slammed at the hole on the wall mid-leap. As her body merged into the water-like surface that covered the hole, she took the chance to escape.

    As for Bai Xiaochun, he was dazed for a moment when the shockwave hit him. In that instant, he was blocked by a stone lion, causing Bai Xiaochun eyes to turn red.

    "Feng Yan!" Bai Xiaochun growled as the surrounding winds started to blow ferociously and the stone lion directly pounced at him. Bai Xiaochun was about to dodge, but three fruit tree-men had already neared him, and with the four puppets working together, Bai Xiaochun was caught in-between, suffering a direct hit.

    'Png'. The light barrier covering Bai Xiaochun's body flickered a few times before it crumbled. Even the blue glow from the jade tablet dimmed and subsequently shattered. Even though most of the attack was blocked, the stone lion was extraordinary and the remains of its attack still managed to land onto Bai Xiaochun's chest.

    The huge imapact caused Bai Xiaochun's entire body to tremble and be blown backwards.

    "Junior Brother Bai......" Feng Yan smiled coldly as he watched this scene. Even though a heart-wrenching cry came out from his mouth, his speed did not reduce one bit. In less than a moment, he had already reached next to the hole. His body was halfway into the water-like surface covering the hole and was just about to escape when the young man from the Fallen Chen Clan let out a shriek. The young man's body instantly blew apart and turned into countless pieces of bloodless flesh that flew straight toward Feng Yan.

    Just when Feng Yan was about to reach the outside, these pieces of meat suddenly surrounded his body and viciously tugged.

    Feng Yan howled in anger as he was pulled out of the hole which had almost been repaired.

    In his anxiety, Feng Yan mercilessly clenched his teeth and bit his tongue, causing blood to fly out and land onto his flying sword. The flying sword turned crimson red in the blink of an eye, and instead of flying towards someone, it bursted into countless shards with a boom and aimed for himself.

    Feng Yan had actually resorted to such a self-mutilating method! Innumerable pieces of blade shards pierced through his body, but at the same time he hurt himself, he also successfully managed to cut off those pieces of flesh stuck onto his body.

    His body now free, Feng Yan's body was riddled with countless wounds; his blood and flesh were a mutilated mess and he felt giddy in his head. Fortunately for him, those blade shards had avoided his vitals under his control. Feng Yan gritted his teeth and headed straight for the hole.

    At the same time, Bai Xiaochun had just suffered a strike from the stone lion to his chest. As his body rapidly retreated, he let out a painful shout. However, mid-way through his shout, Bai Xiaochun suddenly stopped. He blinked his eyes in shock and lowered his head down to look at his chest - layers of his clothes were destroyed and broken, but......he didn't feel any pain.

    He quickly checked his condition again. Actually......from the moment the fight had begun, even though it looked extremely dangerous, but in reality......he didn't have a single wound on his body.

    That strike from the stone lion did made him fly away due to the impact, but Bai Xiaochun did not feel anything at all.

    Just as he was immersed in this joyful surprise, the surrounding fruit tree-men had chased after him and landed some punches on his back. Bai Xiaochun flew forward and after discovering that he still did not feel anything, he looked toward the sky and laughed loudly.

    "To think that I was so strong, scr*w your grandmother, what am I still afraid of." Bai Xiaochun trembled with excitement, in this moment, he had complete confidence in himself. He utilized all of his speed and wooshed straight through the hole. His current speed was much faster than before and he arrived near to the hole in the blink of an eye.

    At this moment, half of Feng Yan's body was already out. With regards to Bai Xiaochun's increase in speed, he had not noticed the slightest bit. From Feng Yan's perspective, when Bai Xiaochun was attacked by the numerous puppets from before, he was already a dead man.

    Seeing that Feng Yan was about to leave, a streak of pure hatred flashed in Bai Xiaochun's eyes. He fiercely lifted his right hand and with one move, he grabbed Feng Yan's shoulder, which was was already out, and viciously pulled.

    "I'm finally out!" Feng Yan cried out with joy when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Before he could even react, his entire body was pulled back through the hole by an immense amount of force.

    "NOO!" Feng Yan roared in anger. Before he could even see clearly how he was pulled back, he felt his storage pouch loosen, and subsequently, his entire body was roughly thrown far away by the immense of force.

    It was only at this moment that he saw Bai Xiaochun's figure standing at the hole.

    "BAI XIAOCHUN!" Feng Yan eyes turned crimson-red as he was immediately surrounded by the two stone lions; with a loud bang, a pitiful cry echoed out.

    "Senior Brother Feng!" Bai Xiaochun let out a heart-wrenching cry as he stepped through the hole and escaped just the moment the hole was about to close.

    The instant he fully came out, the hole completely disappeared.

    Outside the hole, it was no longer the grounds of the Fallen Chen Clan, instead, it was outside the main door. After Du Lingfei had escaped, she did not dare to waver or stop for a single moment. On the far-away edge of the forest, she anxiously waited, nervously inspecting the surroundings. Just as she saw Bai Xiaochun escape, she was about to call for him when she noticed Bai Xiaochun's heart-wrenching cry and bloodshot eyes.

    "Senior Brother Feng! In order to save me, not only did you give me your storage pouch, you also sacrificed yourself to block those puppets, Senior Brother Feng!"

    "Bai Xiaochun, we have to go quickly!" After hearing what Bai Xiaochun had said, Du Lingfei felt sadness rise from the depths of her heart. But seeing that the hole had disappeared, and Bai Xiaochun still drowned in sorrow, she quickly acted.

    With tears in his eyes, Bai Xiaochun hastily ran over and helped Du Lingfei support Hou Yunfei; together, the three of them sprinted into the forest.

    "Senior Brother Feng was a good man......"Bai Xiaochun wore a pained expression as he looked back from time to time.

    Du Lingfei could only feel bitterness and regret. Who would have known that her first mission would be dangerous to this extent; if only they had previously listened to Bai Xiaochun's advice and not come to the Fallen Chen Clan, perhaps Feng Yan wouldn't have died.

    Especially when she witnessed the scene of Bai Xiaochun pounding his chest in grief and sorrow, her heart couldn't have felt any worse as she released a pained sigh.

    "Junior Brother Bai, we have to quickly escape. The Fallen Chen Clan have betrayed us, they will not let us report back to the sect easily. I have already tried just now, but this entire area has its communications cut off......the communication jade slip can no longer be used." Du Lingfei looked towards Bai Xiaochun and bitterly said.

    But then suddenly, Bai Xiaochun jolted from shock as he felt a sense of danger washed over him.


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