Chapter 55 - Young Master Chen Heng!

    Chapter 55 - Young Master Chen Heng!

    "Purple Qi Cauldron Melting Technique!" Both Hou Yunfei and Du Lingfei cried out in surprise with stunned expressions.

    Especially Du Lingfei, she had already mastered the stage of 'Lifting the Heavy as Though It Was Light', hence, she was aware of the difficulty involved in mastering the Purple Qi Cauldron Melting Technique. That was a technique that few had mastered throughout the entire Southern Bank.

    With a loud bang, the large cauldron smashed against the Malicious Spirit. The ground trembled as the Malicious Spirit let out a pitiful wail; its body immediately collapsed and transformed into countless strands of black Qi that dissipated into the surroundings, revealing a barely breathing Chen Yue within.

    Blood escaped out of Chen Yue's mouth as his body plopped on the ground. He gazed bitterly at the dissipating large cauldron and murmured softly under his breath.

    "Purple Qi...Cauldron Melting..." He struggled to give Bai Xiaochun one last look before his body stilled, drawing his last breath. Before he had even executed the secret technique, he was already exhausted and wounded. With his method destroyed by the Purple Qi Cauldron Melting Technique, and the Malicious Spirit that fed on his body was destroyed, he barely had any strength left to keep him alive.

    Even up till death, Chen Yue kept his eyes wide open and stared straight at Bai Xiaochun.

    Seeing that Chen Yue had died, Bai Xiaochun felt his entire body go limp; he had expended so much of his body's spiritual Qi that he felt lightheaded. Like a deflating balloon, Bai Xiaochun stood there shivering; his body swayed from side to side as though it was about to collapse any moment; his face awashed with a sickly white, apparently in disbelief that he had killed everyone.

    As he recalled the scenes from before, Bai Xiaochun felt a metallic taste in his mouth. Before he could check what it was, fresh blood had seeped out from the corners of his mouth again.

    "I'm bleeding...I...I almost got killed!!" Bai Xiaochun felt his entire body ache in pain; especially when he tried to lift his shoulders, an unbearable pain shot through his entire arm. His skin was also badly scorched in numerous places. The waves of pain shooting through his body made Bai Xiaochun remember the fight before, making him shiver in fear once again.

    "I...why did I come back...if I was careless even for a single moment just now, I would have died......I have lived in vigilance my entire life, when did I become so rash......" Bai Xiaochun regretted his actions when all of a sudden, an unfamiliar soft and supple convexes pounced straight into his arms, accompanying this rather unfamiliar sensation was a very sweet fragrance. It was Du Lingfei.

    Bai Xiaochun was stunned for a moment, but he immediately put on a serious expression and opened his mouth as he hugged onto Du Lingfei.

    "Senior Sister Du, don't be scared, as long as I am here, nobody should dare touch a single strand of your hair!" As he spoke, Bai Xiaochun unconsciously moved his hand toward the protrusions on her body.

    "Thank you, thank you so much......" Du Lingfei replied emotionally as tears streamed down her cheeks. When she realised that she was in the arms of Bai Xiaochun and furthermore, felt a hand placed inappropriately on her backside, her face immediately flushed and she hastily backed away, looking angrily at Bai Xiaochun.

    Bai Xiaochun coughed dryly as he relished the feeling, deep in his heart he thought to himself that Du Lingfei lived up to her title as one of the five great beauties of the Southern Bank; just her figure alone was already enough to blow away the competition.

    At this moment, Hou Yunfei had a weird expression on his face. He gave a dry cough and flashed a smile at Bai Xiaochun.

    "Junior Brother Bai, there will be time to reminisce in the future, right now the Fallen Chen Clan will definitely send out their next batch of pursuers; I fear that the next batch will comprise of the strongest of the clan other than the Foundation Establishment patriarch himself. We have to make use of the time we have now to quickly escape."

    The moment Bai Xiaochun heard these words, he felt his heart skip a beat; he had went all out previously to secure that victory and now, at the thought of the clan sending out even more people as strong as Chen Yue go after him, Bai Xiaochun couldn't help but feel a shiver ran down his spine. With a deathly pale look on his face, he nervously surveyed the surroundings, shrunk his neck back and hastily nodded.

    "Right, right, right, let's go, we have to escape quickly!" Bai Xiaochun immediately broke into a run, appearing extremely afraid of death, contrasting greatly with the hot-blooded ferocious youth from before. Looking at Bai Xiaochun now, Du Lingfei did not find him detestable, but rather, she felt his actions were adorable. Compared to before, whenever Du Lingfei looked at Bai Xiaochun now, she would admiringly recall the scene of Bai Xiaochun abandoning his own well-being, jump in and fight fiercely to save her.

    Hou Yunfei helplessly shook his head as he picked up the storage pouches from the bodies of the Fallen Chen clansmen and chased after Bai Xiaochun to give them to him.

    "Junior Brother Bai, these are your spoils."

    Bai Xiaochun did not bother to inspect them as he took the stuff and threw them into his own pouch. At this moment, Bai Xiaochun couldn't help but shake from fear. There was only one thought running through his head right now, and that was to escape.

    Within the Fallen Star Mountain Range, at the underground palace of the Fallen Chen Clan, in the instant that Bai Xiaochun killed the first Chen clansman, one of the nodes within the formation array surrounding the blood lake shattered. The blood inside of it dried up almost immediately.

    (ED note: in chapter 52, we used 'cornerstones' for nodes and mistakenly said they are four, which was in fact referencing to the borders of the formation array. It has been fixed now, we advise you re-read the description regarding the blood lake of chapter 52. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

    Seeing this scene, the surrounding Fallen Chen family clan members were all stunned for a moment. All of them turned their heads to look over there but before they could even react, a second node, third, fourth, fifth......

    Cracking sounds resounded through the air as nodes continuously shattered.

    This scene immediately caused all the clansmen to widen their eyes in surprise. As their facial expressions changed, the Chen clan's patriarch sitting within the blood lake slowly opened his eyes as well.

    In the instant he opened his eyes, an explosion echoed from the node where Chen Yue was supposed to be at.

    "Chen Yue......has also been killed!"

    "All dead, seven people went out, and they are all dead!"

    "How is this possible, those seven people only had to kill two outer sect disciples. Could it be that the Spirit River Sect has found out about us and sent a Foundation Establishment cultivator!" The surrounding Chen clansmen lost their composure as a wave of panic swept over them, some of them even revealing fear.

    "Silence!" Among the cries of shock, a cold archaic voice resounded from the mouth of the old man sitting within the blood lake. Like a thunderclap tearing the air apart, the voice made the hearts of everyone present tremble, causing a shiver to ran down their spines. One by one they quieted down and looked nervously at their clan's patriarch.

    "To go against the heavens and change our fate, to remove this seal in our bloodline; this is the only chance our clan has acquired in a thousand years. Since we have already decided, do not let your mind run wild. If a Foundation Establishment cultivator were to step into my formation array, I would sense it immediately. Currently... there are no Foundation Establishment cultivators, not even a piece of information has been leaked out. What are you guys panicking for." The elder slowly opened his mouth, his expression was just as gloomy; if it wasn't for him taking charge of this important formation array causing him to be unable to leave, he would have definitely personally went out to destroy Bai Xiaochun's group long ago.

    However, the moment he stepped out and broke free of the clan's Blood Reversal Formation Array controlled by the Spirit River Sect, all of his efforts would go down the drain. He would even experience a backlash from the formation array, perhaps he could still survive it with some difficulty, but his clansmen would undoubtedly die the instant their blood flow reverses.

    "To be able to kill someone of Chen Yue's caliber, it might not necessarily be a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Between those two outer sect disciples, either one of them has hidden his cultivation level, or they possess a precious artifact!"

    "Even if they have hidden their cultivation level, it is at most at the eighth level of Qi Condensation, as for the precious artifact...the stronger it is, the more restrictions it should have when a Qi Condensation cultivator uses it."

    "Heng-er!" A sharp glint flashed in the old man's gaze as he raised his right hand to slap the blood lake by his side. Immediately, the lake waters started churning as a blood-robed teenager slowly rose from within the lake.

    This young man had an exquisitely handsome look with well-defined features. At this instant, both his eyes suddenly opened, and a bloody light flashed from within his gaze, causing his aura to swiftly rise up as nine blurry blood-coloured malicious spirits appeared around him and released soundless shrieks.

    The moment the surrounding Chen clansmen saw this young man, their expressions all brightened as they lowered their heads to greet him.

    "Heng-er, as the young master of the Fallen Chen Clan, you are the strongest cultivator in this clan excluding myself. The ninth level of Qi Condensation...it is more than enough to undertake this mission. Take nine people with you, make sure...that you kill those three outer sect disciples!" The patriarch looked at the young man as his gaze shone with compassion and admiration, even his tone softened and became gentler.

    "If they do not die, then I shall never return." The young man's gaze glinted with coldness as he nodded his head. He leaped and the nine blood-coloured spirits surrounding him turned into a bloody mist which formed a cloud for him to ride on. As he flew out of the blood lake, he hovered in the air, and after picking nine other clansmen, the ten of them of them departed immediately.

    In the blink of an eye, ten silhouettes whistled out from within the Fallen Chen Clan. With the wave of a hand by the young man named Chen Heng, clouds of bloody mist immediately appeared underneath the feet of the nine other people, and the ten of them flew off into the distance together.

    Their speed was fast, incomparable to travelling on the ground, and in no time, they had already arrived near the area where Chen Yue and his group had died. Using their clan's bloodline to guide them, they quickly flew towards that direction.

    Among these ten men, Chen Heng was in the ninth Qi Condensation level, the weakest was at least at the seventh Qi Condensation level, five others even had cultivations similar to Chen Yue's - eighth level Qi Condensation.

    Such a line-up was already the strongest that the Fallen Chen Clan could send out at this moment.

    In the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, the ten people had already flew out from the Fallen Star Mountain Range forest and appeared at the spot where Chen Yue and the six others had died.

    Looking at the eye-shocking and heart-stopping state of the bodies, everyone's expression changed except for Chen Heng's.

    Chen Heng wore a cold expression as he gazed at the bodies on the ground one by one, especially after realising that a few of them had their necks broken, a malicious glint shone from his eyes.

    "Body-refining cultivator!"

    With a flash of his body, he appeared beside Chen Yue's corpse and lowered his head to examine it for a few seconds. Deep in thought, Chen Heng lifted his right hand and pressed towards Chen Yue's face, closing the eyes of the latter. Soon after, Chen Heng opened his eyes abruptly.

    "Interesting, there are actually some residue shockwaves from the Purple Qi Cauldron Melting Technique......"

    "This is both a spirit and body cultivator; not only does he have a fearsome physique, he also wields shocking and powerful spiritual techniques. No wonder he was able to kill Chen Yue and the others."

    "This person is definitely one of the Proud Son of the Heavens of the Spirit River Sect; Shang-Guan Tianyou? Or it is Lu Tianlei?" A vicious glint flashed through Chen Heng's eyes and within the depths of that glint was actually a thick thirst for battle.

    (ED note: in chapter 42, we have used 'genius' instead of Proud Son of the Heavens, it should be fixed by now. It is more of a status rather than just a simple 'genius' that's why we apologize for this mistake.)

    "Each of you choose a direction and search for them, if you spot anything, immediately send out a signal!" Chen Heng stood up and ordered in an icy tone. The nine people beside him all lowered their heads in acknowledgement and dispersed in different directions.

    "The circumference of the formation array is extremely huge, without at least half a month, one can forget about escaping out of it. As for you guys...you can forget about escaping at all!" Chen Heng snorted coldly as he too picked a direction and quickly flew off into the distance.


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