Chapter 63 - Crushing the Fallen Chen Clan

    Chapter 63 - Crushing the Fallen Chen Clan

    In an instant, Li Qinghou was already standing in the formation array. His expression was solemn, and his entire being was burning with viciousness.

    Ou Yangjie glanced at him, his pupils slightly shrinking. In the entire South Bank, from the ancestors of all three mountains, this was the person he was most concerned with. He was also one of the most formidable in the entire Spirit River Sect.

    Not only was he a medicine master, Li Qinghou was a gifted man, an extremely rare genius. Only a hundred years were needed for him to reach the later stages of Foundation Establishment. Even in the inner sect, he was seen as one of the few hopes of achieving a breakthrough from the Foundation Establishment to the Gold Core.

    "I heard one of the four outer sect disciples has connections with Li Qinghou..." Ou Yangjie was thinking when the formation array began rumbling, emitting a blinding light. A deafening sound echoed and more than two thousand people, along with Ou Yangjie and Li Qinghou, instantly disappeared.

    What took Bai Xiaochun's group three months to reach, with the teleportation formation array of the Spirit River Sect, took only a couple breaths.

    A hum and a lightning crackling appeared above the unconscious Du Lingfei as the sky suddenly darkened. The many clouds were suddenly torn apart as if giant hands had swept it away, and the outline of a large formation array appeared.

    It violently slammed on the ground, engraving itself onto the earth, shaking the ground in a hundred li radius. In the next moment, the lands cracked into the formation's pattern.

    (ED note: one li is 576 meters, or 630 yards)

    The trees, rocks, and mountains within this radius vanished without a trace. The power of the formation array was too overwhelming, instantly bringing desolation when it landed.

    As for the area Du Lingfei was in, it was protected as soon as the formation array appeared, preventing even the slightest injury. After the impact, the blurry figures of those transported started forming.

    Soon, the place was filled with more than two thousand of the South Bank's inner sect disciples, the power of teleportation still lingering in their bodies, enough for one more teleportation. Ou Yangjie and Li Qinghou quickly approached the unconscious Du Lingfei, where a couple female inner sect disciples were already giving her recovery medicine and covered her with clothes. Du Lingfei slowly opened her eyes in a daze, seeing the crowd of the sect's disciples. She started crying, overwhelmed by relief.

    Especially to her as an outer sect disciple of the Scented Cloud Mountain, seeing Li Qinghou appear with the rest of the Scented Cloud Mountain, caused even more tears to flow as she opened her mouth to speak.

    "Ancestor, help Junior Brother Bai..." Du Lingfei was pale, her voice was filled with desperation.

    "What happened to Bai Xiaochun?!" Li Qinghou stepped forward, quickly appearing in front of her, anger and restlessness burning in his eyes.

    "Brother Bai... he... he flew away by himself to save me and Elder Brother Hou Yunfei, luring away the Fallen Chen clansmen that were chasing us..." Du Lingfei wept, explaining everything she had experienced with Bai Xiaochun in their journey.

    Most of the disciples were oblivious to who Bai Xiaochun was. As they listened to her story, however, they were all moved and heaved a sigh.

    Feng Yan had died to protect his companions, while Du Lingfei and Hou Yunfei barely escaped death. The Fallen Chen Clan had dispatched two groups of people, many of whom at the eight and even one at the ninth level of Qi Condensation...

    This sort of relentless pursuit, for any other inner sect disciple alone, would be a certain death.

    Du Lingfei's tale told them of a man possessing extraordinary loyalty to his companions, a near-selfless saint.

    Abandoning his chances of escaping, he had returned for his companions, killing his way through many formidable foes as he carried two heavily injured companions, running for half a month close to a ten thousand li radius.

    In the end, he had managed to give his companions hope by luring the pursuers after him, leaving Du Lingfei to expose the betrayal of the Fallen Chen Clan to the otherwise oblivious sect.

    Slowly, the image of Bai Xiaochun was imprinted in the hearts of the inner sect disciples, without a doubt, he was an unwavering hero.

    Even those from the enforcement department were taken aback by the tale, Qian Dajin included. He blinked, finding it hard to associate what Du Linfei described as Bai Xiaochun with what he once thought to be a mischievous and shrewd disciple from the few investigations he conducted when he thought that Bai Xiaochun might be the Little Turtle. But he was a petty and selfish man filled with hatred. He'd rather have the wrong man killed than to risk sparing the Little Turtle. He felt relieved that with Feng Yan's death, it wouldn't be traced back to him.

    When the cold-blooded Ou Yangjie heard this, he sighed deeply. His eyes had a hint of respect in them, with his high cultivation level, he could tell that Du Lingfei was telling the truth. He also felt that Du Lingfei knew only half of what happened.

    "A disciple like this... the Spirit River Sect will not let him fall here!" Ou Yangjie tossed his sleeve to his side, quickly arranging hundreds of his inner sect disciples to search for Hou Yunfei and Bai Xiaochun.

    Silent, Li Qinghou raised his head, his eyes slightly bloodshot. He was bitter, he felt he treated Bai Xiaochun unjustly, but his experience also told him that the odds for Bai Xiaochun's survival were... almost nonexistent.

    "I brought you to this mountain..." Li Qinghou's body flashed, bursting into light as his body took a step forward, using up the remnants of the teleportation energy to transport the disciples around him to the Fallen Chen Clan.

    Ou Yangjie sighed, hearing Du Lingfei's words, he too knew that Bai Xiaochun's chances of survival were extremely slim. With a flash, his body joined the the two thousand disciples and teleported.

    The skies rumbled as Li Qinghou and Ou Yangjie brought two thousand inner sect disciples and descended to the Fallen Chen mansion.

    The clouds were sundered and tremors ran through the ground as the mansion was filled with shocked cries. The moment the outline of the formation array appeared right above of the Fallen Chen mansion.

    Boom, boom, boom!

    The formation array engraved itself on the ground, the jade stones paved around the mansion disintegrating into ash. The entire mansion shook and subsequently collapsed.

    Angered cries came out of the mansion, and many figures bursted out, furious and desperate, their voices were shaky.

    The stone lions in front of the main door along with the fruit trees of the mansion all quickly turned into puppets, ravaging the area. Li Qinghou stepped forth and crushed the two lions with a wave of his sleeve, shaking the fruit trees, causing the puppets to fall and instantly be destroyed by the disciples.

    The land shook as the fight turned to a slaughter, the Spirit River Sect disciples surrounded the entire area.

    Li Qinghou headed for the mansion's ruins. He formed a hand seal and a cyan fire spread, his hair was whipping as an earth-shaking might had appeared out of his body.

    A sea of fire swept through the ruins, the emerging clansmen's screams sounded as their bodies were incinerated, instantly turning into ashes.

    Li Qinghou then slammed his right foot on the ground, the land beneath him cracked open, forming a large fissure in which the underground palace could be seen.

    The lake of blood in the underground palace suddenly rose as the elders of the Fallen Chen Clan hastily emerged.

    Upon seeing Li Qinghou, their faces were filled by despair. The sudden attack of the Spirit River Sect was simply too strong for their incomplete formation array. If it was someone else, they could have used their preparations to deal with them, but the ones that appeared were actually Ou Yangjie and Li Qinghou.

    They anxiously backed away, wretched cries leaving their mouths.

    "Run, as long as even a few escape, run!"

    All of the inhabitants of the underground palace ran, trembling. At the command of the expressionless Ou Yangjie, the inner sect disciples charged.

    With cold eyes, Li Qinghou stared at the lake of blood. Ou Yangjie too was filled with rage when he noticed it.

    "This clan will be wiped out, even if it's the last thing we do." Li Qinghou swept with his sleeve and the sea of fire surged.

    At the same time, endless screams could be heard as the Spirit River Sect disciples continued their advance. It was no longer a slaughter - it was a massacre.

    Two thousand people were chasing down a couple hundred.

    The elders of the Fallen Chen Clan ran even faster as their clan was being wiped out. As for their sons and daughters and other clan members, they simultaneously fell beneath the might of the Spirit River Sect's purge.

    Just as Li Qinghou was chasing, another rumble echoed behind him, heralding a sea of fire, fast, strong and overwhelming, it enveloped the the patriarch. Li Qinghou's eyes were cold as he raised his right hand and clenched it.


    The patriarch's screams echoed, his body completely red in one moment, then it turned to ash in the next. Li Qinghou had killed him... in a single move!

    This scene had made the surrounding disciples take a deep breath, even Ou Yangjie's eyes widened as he stared at Li Qinghou in shock.

    Floating in mid-air, Li Qinghou swept his hand and a sea of fire erupted once again, enveloping the entire the Fallen Chen Clan. He gazed at the horizon and sighed.

    "Bai Xiaochun, I, Li Qinghou... apologize to your Bai family." Bitter, he headed out into the distance, unsatisfied with handling the task of searching for Bai Xiaochun to anyone else. So long as there was a glimmer of hope, he intended to search as well.

    As Li Qinghou disappeared into the distance, reflected in the lingering vicious flames was the excitement of the inner sect disciples. The stronger their sect grew, the brighter their future would be.


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