Chapter 67 - Senior Brother, Where is Our Master?

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    Chapter 67 - Senior Brother, Where is Our Master?

    The Spirit River Sect had eight mountains; four on the North Bank, three on the South, and one in the center... the pivotal mountain, in the heart of which was the sect's backbone.

    It was the place where the council of elders, led by the Sect Head Zheng Yuandong, usually handled the sect matters.

    At this moment, the chimes of the bells were echoing as the council of the North and South Bank's mountains gathered in the great hall, with the Sect Head in the middle.

    Soon after, Li Qinghou and Ou Yangjie brought Bai Xiaochun outside the hall and had him wait there while they both entered inside.

    Outside the hall, positioned on both sides were four disciples on guard duty, staring at Bai Xiaochun with curiosity.

    Bai Xiaochun looked back and smiled. It was his first time here, so he decided to look around. The Qi was rich, and the plants were beautiful. It was heavenly, isolated from the noise of the mundane... Not something the Scented Cloud Mountain could compete with in terms of tranquility.

    This was an important place for the sect. Other visiting disciples would tread with extreme caution, but Bai Xiaochun felt no pressure at all, looking around nonchalantly.

    This calmness naturally surprised the four disciples. It was not unexpected for the four to think that only a person of great stature can remain calm in such circumstances, it'd be unusual for common people.

    In truth, although Bai Xiaochun was afraid of death, with the great service he had done for the sect, it would be impossible for him to die here. So without any fear, he held his head high in expectation of the rewards he would receive.

    "With my contribution... At the very least, the reward wouldn't be any less than something like a hundred year life extending pill? One million contribution points, the best cave they have, perhaps. Naturally, a promotion into an inner sect disciple as well. Heh." Bai Xiaochun got more and more excited as he waited, without anyone summoning him in the great hall.

    Surprised, Bai Xiaochun continued waiting. A long while later, just when he was about to groan with impatience, a helpless voice came out from the palace.

    "Bai Xiaochun, come inside."

    Sobering up, Bai Xiaochun took in a deep breath, trying his best to put on the appearance of someone who would jump in boiling water and walk through fire for the sect. His entered with big strides and immediately cupped his fist in respect.

    "Bai Xiaochun of the Scented Cloud Mountain, honoured to meet the council composed of my predecessors."

    After paying his respects, Bai Xiaochun lifted his head and saw an old man standing out in the middle, draped in a white robes. His cultivation unfathomable.

    Surrounding him were eight people, six males and two females. Li Qinghou and Ou Yangjie included. Those present were eyeing Bai Xiaochun up, obviously surprised that he was alive.

    As for what he was wearing, upon taking a closer look, naturally, they could tell that the holes and tears on the clothes were not done by him intentionally, but were really a result from a battle's aftermath.

    Bai Xiaochun's looked clean and innocent, he was very obedient, not in the slightest bit haughty or humble. Just calm.

    This scene, although it looked normal and only contributed to the already great image of Bai Xiaochun, still made caused others to feel somewhat strange.

    "Bai Xiaochun, tell us in detail your tale and your involvement with the Fallen Chen Clan, from beginning to end." Li Qinghou looked at Bai Xiaochun and gently spoke.

    Bai Xiaochun calmly retold the story to the elders from beginning to end, everything except for the elder in black robes. That was his personal secret.

    Other than that, he also spoke of Feng Yan's sacrifice as well as the perils of the journey. He presented the story craftily, emphasizing not on his own deeds but on Feng Yan, Du Lingfei, and Hou Yunfei's instead.

    "I am to blame, Senior Brother Feng died to save me, it was my fault."

    The more he acted that way, the higher the council regarded him. These men were, however, extremely experienced cultivators. From the clothes he wore, they could tell the subtle cunningness in Bai Xiaochun's character, but they didn't really mind it.

    "You were completely healed upon waking?" The Sect Head smiled, without caring much for Bai Xiaochun's explanation - everyone had their own secrets, after all. The sect sought a sense of belonging, not total control. Otherwise, discord would arise.

    "Bai Xiaochun, the rewards for your deeds were given out a few months ago. You are now our sect's... Honourable Disciple!" The moment the Sect Head said the words, Bai Xiaochun felt it was somewhat weird. It was his first time hearing the term.

    Before he had appeared, a discussion was held, with both sides placed in a difficult position. The title held great weight and was given only after someone was killed, never to living people. But now Bai Xiaochun was alive and kicking in front of their door...

    After receiving news of his survival, they had all been stunned for a short while.

    It's wasn't a title that they could just take back. The funeral had been held, the announcement, everything... It was troublesome indeed, which was exactly why they had him wait outside the great hall for so long.

    After the long discussion, without a way to change it according to sect rules, they allowed Bai Xiaochun to continue living with the title.

    "Honourable Disciple?" Bai Xiaochun blinked, oblivious to the title, never having the chance to hear it mentioned in his life. He blinked several times at the elders, as if waiting for something. He couldn't bear it, and after a while, he took the initiative to speak.

    "Um... Is that all?" Bai Xiaochun asked.

    "That's all." The Sect Head squeezed out a smile.

    Bai Xiaochun panicked. He opened his mouth, ready to protest and tell of his hardships and near death experiences when Li Qinghou coughed. He was the one most familiar with Bai Xiaochun's personality.

    "Shouldn't you thank the council? The title of Honourable Disciple has only been given to ten people in the last ten thousand years, you, being the only one alive after receiving it!"

    "An Honourable Disciple was above an inner sect disciple. It was the highest honour in the sect, granting descendants all the resources of the sect for their personal use, and the right to be an inner sect disciple from birth. The Spirit River Sect would look after the bloodline for eternity!"

    "The Spirit River Sect has nine great families, all of them were Honourable Disciple bloodlines. This title is the beginning of a new great family." Li Qinghou explained.

    After hearing the explanation, Bai Xiaochun frowned, feeling the excitement leaving his body. He threw a pitiful look at Li Qinghou with puppy eyes, and then to the council.

    He didn't know what to say. He roughly understood that the Honourable Disciple title seemed good, but it was something meant for the deceased... The benefits are left entirely for the descendants to enjoy, but he wasn't dead...Currently, Bai Xiaochun realized that he was reduced to the state of feeling jealous of his future descendants.

    "Thank you... Sect Head..." Bai Xiaochun was downcast, thanking with a feeble voice.

    "From this day on, you may refer to me as Senior Brother Sect Head." Sect Head Zheng Yuandong coughed dryly, feeling awkward. He had taken Bai Xiaochun as a disciple because of his sacrifice. Now he had come back alive, yet he was too old to have a less than twenty years old kid following him around. He sighed again and again in his heart.

    "Ah?" Bai Xiaochun widened his eyes. His mood experienced many ups and downs, he first went in the great hall with great hopes, only to find himself in a cruel reality where he was dashed and his heart had sunked. And that had now lead to the current development.

    "Due to your great service and absence of a master, this old man has taken it upon himself to accept you as a disciple of his teacher. So from now on, I'll be Senior Brother Sect Head to you." The Sect Head felt even more awkward after saying this.

    Taking a deep breath, Bai Xiaochun's face was filled with excitement again. He felt that the sect had indeed treated him kindly. This man was at the center of the elders. Judging from this, Bai Xiaochun knew that this man wasn't simple, perhaps this man was an extraordinary man.

    "Let's see anyone bully me now! Look at who my master is! Ha!" Bai Xiaochun was brimming with joy as he cupped his fist and bowed deeply.

    "Thank you, Senior Brother Sect Head. Where is our master? I want to pay my respects to him." Bai Xiaochun's eyes were glowing with anticipation.

    "Take it slow. He currently rests in peace at the back of the mountain. I have made preparations, you may join him shortly." The Sect Head said slowly, acting a little odd.

    "Resting in peace... at the back of the mountain..." Bai Xiaochun was dumbstruck, his head was filled with these words. It took some time before he could react... his respectful master had already... passed away.

    "I..." Bai Xiaochun felt a buzz in his mind. His heart sank to the bottom once again, he wanted to cry but had no tears. He paid no attention to his surroundings as he followed behind the Sect Head to the back of the mountain. He paid his respects to the portrait of his deceased master, and went back to Scented Cloud Mountain.

    He met many disciples who greeted him with respect on the way back, their eyes exposing their curiosity, some of them even kind enough to show him his very own tombstone.

    Looking at his own tombstone, Bai Xiaochun felt that dark days had arrived.

    "I... I paid my respects, yes... To the portrait of my master..." Bai Xiaochun somehow managed to make it back to his courtyard. He slumped down in front of his wooden cabin as grief and indignation filled him.

    Several days later, Bai Xiaochun still continued sitting there, frowning. Only after two weeks had passed did he finally recover.

    Sighing, he left the place to have a reunion with Zhang Fatso One, only to see two outer sect disciples greeting him with utmost respect.

    "Greetings, Senior Uncle Bai."

    Bai Xiaochun walked a few steps before suddenly pausing. His eyes burning as he pulled the disciples closer.

    "What did you just call me?"

    "Senior Uncle Bai? You're the Sect Head's Junior Brother, so it's only natural for us to refer to you as Senior Uncle." The outer sect disciples quickly explained, staring blankly at him.

    Bai Xiaochun's eyes shined as he let go of them, his heart beating fast. He realized the true weight of his current identity... It was an enormous weight.

    He licked his lips and broke into a laughter, echoing all around and scaring the disciples away, uncertain as to why Bai Xiaochun was acting crazy.

    Stopping himself, Bai Xiaochun coughed dryly and put on an air of superiority. He gave them a nod, and changed his mind about visiting Zhang Fatso One and went to the Mission Exchange Pavilion instead, full of anticipation.

    Because... it was full of people...

    At the same time, on the peak of Scented Cloud Mountain, Li Qinghou had gone into seclusion. He sat cross-legged behind closed doors, and after pondering for a long while, he flourished his big sleeves. With a dignified look, he began refining.

    "Bai Xiaochun is a mischievous child, I'd better prepare something to ensure his survival. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with refining tools, I can only make this Nine Absolutes Pill, and use it to exchange for something with the Pill River Sect... To prepare this kind of treasure for a Qi Condensation disciple, with a single glance, anyone will be able to tell that it is for a Martial Nephew. I'm sure the Pill River Sect would be shocked." Shaking his head, Li Qinghou remembered the difficulty of refining this Nine Absolutes Pill, even if it was him doing it. Thinking of Bai Xiaochun's narrow escape this time, he took a deep breath and focused his attention and readied himself to open the furnace.


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