Chapter 73B - Who did it?!

    Chapter 73B - Who did it?!

    Up above in the sky, a flock of five-coloured phoenixes were elegantly soaring through the air, giving out crystal-clear cries. Bai Xiaochun didn't bother with those phoenixes, instead, he headed to a Spirit Tailed Chicken coop and requested one of the chickens. After that, he immediately headed back to his own courtyard and took out one of the red-coloured medicine pills. With a flick of his hand, he threw the medicine pill onto the ground in front of the Spirit Tailed Chicken.

    The Spirit tail Chicken, which was originally lazing around, quivered immediately after it noticed the pill, and without delay, it sprung up and pecked at it.

    But just then, a sharp cry resounded from the sky as a fierce gust of wind swept by. Before the Spirit Tailed Chicken could even eat the medicine pill, its body was immediately swept aside by the wind.

    Bai Xiaochun jumped in shock and quickly backed away. When he looked across, he saw that the flock of five-coloured phoenixes that were previously flying in the skies were now all zooming in on the medicine pill with a fervent look in their eyes and were even fighting each other on the way. Soon, one obviously much more muscular male suppressed its companions and swooped down in an instant. It pecked the medicine pill and quickly swallowed it.

    After it was done, it threw a look of contempt toward the Spirit Tailed Chicken that was blown to the side and then elegantly rose up into the sky. Bai Xiaochun didn't know whether to laugh or to cry as he stared blankly at the sky.

    The phoenix that had elegantly soared up suddenly shuddered as it let out a piercing screech. Its eyes turned red as countless of blood vessels expanded in its eyes. The feathers all across its body stood on end, as if fire was about to surge out from within it.

    What was even more surprising was that the muscles over the entire body of this male phoenix suddenly bulged, and with crackling sound, its entire figure doubled in size. Most notably, the feathered area between its two claws, in the center of its abdomen, a hard stick suddenly appeared.

    This male phoenix had an odd gaze as it suddenly turned to look at the surrounding phoenixes.

    The phoenixes all around trembled. Just when they were about to scatter, that male phoenix suddenly pounced at one of them as if was struck with insanity. Immediately, a shrill phoenix cry filled the air.

    Bai Xiaochun stared with his mouth wide open. He sucked in a breath as he stood dazed in his courtyard, watching the scene unfolding in the sky right in front of him. He watched as that muscular phoenix... ravaged every last phoenix. After which, with its eyes still red, it charged at Bai Xiaochun as if its entire body was on fire.

    This scared Bai Xiaochun out of his wits as he quickly stepped back, barely stopping himself from screaming.

    Fortunately, he discovered that the phoenix bird was not heading toward him as it swept away that Spirit Tailed Chicken with one claw.

    A good while later, Bai Xiaochun watched the male phoenix fly towards the mountain's peak with a screeching cry. Not until then did Bai Xiaochun wipe off the perspiration on his forehead.

    "This was way too scary.....just what kind of medicine pill was that!" Bai Xiaochun lowered his head and looked at the remaining two medicine pills in his hand. He felt his heart tremble as he vaguely guessed that these two medicine pills had similar effects to an aphrodisiac pill, and quite obviously... its effects were above average.

    This day, for every disciple of the Scented Cloud Mountain, would be unforgettable...

    Because on this day, in the entire Scented Cloud Mountain, every single bird - no matter what type - would get ravaged by a crazed phoenix raised by Elder Zhou... in front of the eyes of countless of disciples. And these disciples saw with their own eyes how each and every single one of those birds let out tragic cries as they desperately tried to escape from the clutches of the phoenix, but would never be able to match up to the strength of Elder Zhou's phoenix, sealing their fate...

    This wicked phoenix didn't spare even the Spirit Tailed Chickens, much less the other kinds of birds that Elder Zhou had raised. And so, from the top to the bottom of the mountain, as long as a creature had wings... on this day, it would experience its worst nightmare.

    All the disciples were having heated discussions as they witness these scenes. Each of them all felt their hearts tremble in fear. The news reached even the Purple Cauldron Mountain and Green Peak Mountain, some were even curious enough to come and see it for themselves.

    "Did you hear, one of the phoenixes of Scented Cloud Mountain's Elder Zhou went mad, pouncing on any bird as it sees it..."

    "I saw it with my own eyes, that phoenix bird was too savage, even the magpies just passing by were not spared..."

    "Just what did Elder Zhou do to make that phoenix do that......"

    "How terrifying, I even saw that phoenix bird, unable to contain its excitement, attack some birds over and over again, what a tragedy!"

    As Bai Xiaochun walked in the sect, he heard numerous people discussing in hushed voices; his heart trembled as he felt guilt stir his heart.

    "You can't blame me, it really wasn't my fault... I was going to give the medicine pill to the Spirit Tailed Chicken... it was that phoenix who snatched it on its own accord!" Bai Xiaochun felt wronged as he quickly rushed back to the Medicine Refining Pavilion, thinking that he should not let anyone known about this matter.

    Inside the Medicine Refining Pavilion, he let out a sigh as he took out the two red-coloured medicine pills and fell deep into thought.

    "To think this medicine pill is so impressive, perhaps it could become one of my trump cards... in the future, when I meet monsters, I won't have to be afraid anymore."

    "If I want to use it as a trump card, then I would still need to refine a pill that gives off a strong female scent to complement it." Bai Xiaochun imagined the scenario in his mind; with these two medicine pill, whenever he meets a monster, he could directly throw one at it and then throw the other somewhere else, luring the monster away.

    His heart was tempted, however, he didn't have the medicine recipe for such a pill. He thought long and hard as all his herbal knowledge flashed through his mind and he went through each and every one of them, preparing to create a medicine recipe on his own.

    Just as Bai Xiaochun was in the Medicine Refining Pavilion contemplating about his new medicine recipe, Elder Zhou had came out from the peak of the Scented Cloud Mountain. He stood in a daze as he saw the listless looks on most of the phoenixes in front of him. Not too far away, that male phoenix bird was currently pressing upon the body of a Spirit Tailed Chicken as it screeched repeatedly.

    Elder Zhou felt an explosion go off in his head as his entire body trembled. The whole world before him seemed like it was spinning as he let out an earth-shaking roar.

    "WHO DID IT!!!"


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