Chapter 84 - An Unbelievable Explosion

    Chapter 84 - An Unbelievable Explosion

    Bai Xiaochun was taken aback when he heard this roar and quickly turned his head around. When he saw Elder Zhou quickly approaching him, Bai Xiaochun's eyes widened as he was scared out of his wits.

    Elder Zhou's appearance was especially menacing. His shout didn't say he'd take his life, but it threatened to have Bai Xiaochun personally experience that phoenix's misery instead. But once Bai Xiaochun recalled how the phoenix had pounced on all the birds in the Scented Cloud Mountain in a single day and without even passing up the Spirit Tailed Chickens, he felt absolutely horrified.

    His mind couldn't help but imagine himself in the phoenix's place. His pupils suddenly enlarged as his whole being violently trembled before he quickly turned around and fled as fast as he could.

    Even though he wasn't one to back down easily and was only afraid of dying... in this moment, he suddenly understood that in this world, there are things even more terrifying than death. Such as turning into that phoenix...

    "Senior Brother, save me! I don't want to be a bird!" When Bai Xiaochun's thoughts reached that point, he let out a miserable shriek.

    On the high platform, Sect Master Zheng Yuandong coughed dryly, pretending he didn't hear anything.

    Under this intense stimuli, Bai Xiaochun repeatedly cried out. His speed suddenly exploded with a bang as he shot forward, leaving only a blur behind. In the blink of an eye, he caught up to the rear of the crowd. These disciples only felt a gust of wind blowing past them. Startled, they could only stare blankly as they raised their heads to see Bai Xiaochun's back in the distance.

    "This... What is this speed!" They were all overwhelmed with shock. They could see Elder Zhou's figure following close behind him as he similarly whistled by while chasing after Bai Xiaochun.

    This sudden scene caused all these disciples to take a deep breath.

    Even the outer sect disciples spectating from beside the stone bridge now all stared with their eyes wide from shock.

    "That Bai Xiaochun is actually so fast!"

    "Him being pursued seems to produce shocking results..."

    While everyone was in an uproar, Bai Xiaochun wanted to cry yet had no tears. He felt extremely aggrieved as he was running as though his life depended on it. He surpassed one disciple after another. All of them sucked in a deep breath, swallowed by disbelief from Bai Xiaochun's speed. One even gritted his teeth and madly chased after him, only to stare with wide eyes as Bai Xiaochun escaped further and further away.

    "Dammit, he's like a mouse which had its tail stepped on!"

    Currently, all the disciples that were both on and before the stone bridge were all stunned by Bai Xiaochun's explosive speed, and even the Sect Head's group on the high platform was also staring dumbstruck. They were all amazed at Bai Xiaochun's speed in this moment.

    "Eh... quite clever of the Sect Head!" Li Qinghou smiled wryly as he said to Zheng Yuandong.

    Xu Meixiang and the Green Peak Mountain's Elder both had strange expressions on their faces, and the surrounding Elders couldn't help but let out a laugh.

    "For such an unruly kid... I can only resort to this kind of method." Zheng Yuandong sighed.

    At the same time, the commotion caused by everyone outside the stone bridge was gradually getting rowdier as the crowd was following Bai Xiaochun's outburst.

    "He has already surpassed half of the participants, and if he continues like this, he can definitely enter the top one hundred!"

    "Good luck, Senior Uncle Bai..." There were even people who cheered for him as they laughed.

    It was during this time that the stone bridge suddenly shuddered and puppets actually appeared on it. The eyes of these puppets flashed and they immediately growled and rushed out toward the disciples running on the bridge.

    Shangguan Tianyou, who was at the forefront, had a casual expression on his face as he sweeped with the sword in his hands, causing the puppets surrounding him to crumble in a rumble. His speed did not decrease in the slightest bit, maintaining his leading position.

    Lu Tianlei, Zhou Xinqi and about three to five disciples, who had previously concealed their abilities, were right behind Shangguan Tianyou and were similarly very relaxed as they burst through the puppets along the way.

    Puppets soon appeared in Bai Xiaochun's surroundings as well. He panicked when he saw them approaching, but just as he was about to make his move, a sudden gale whistled from behind him. Elder Zhou had caught up.

    "Bai Xiaochun, this old man has changed his mind. After I catch you, I won't let you experience the phoenix's misery, rather, I will let you experience the misery of all the other birds from that day!" Elder Zhou laughed sinisterly, giving his all to draw out Bai Xiaochun's potential...

    When Bai Xiaochun heard this, he suddenly felt the blood in his whole body rush in his head. The sight before his eyes went dark and he blanked out for a short moment. After he realised the implicit meaning behind Elder Zhou's words, he recalled the miserable fate of those birds and remembered the anguished wailings of the Spirit Tailed Chickens, and even the male phoenix's robust body... Bai Xiaochun produced the most blood-curdling scream in his whole life.

    "Save me! I don't want to be pounced on..."

    In this moment, his fear had exceeded even the one from when he was hunted by the Fallen Chen Clan. He had reached this age, yet he had never been forced to this extent. His whole body trembled as he screamed. A silver glow suddenly appeared and enveloped his body in an instant, causing him to turn into a silver person.

    In this instant, it seemed as though his speed broke through some barrier. Just as Elder Zhou reached out for him, a muffled explosion sounded, and like a wild boar, he charged ahead.

    Boom, boom, boom!

    His speed was incredibly fast, as soon as any puppets approached him, they were immediately knocked into the air, and only a silver streak could be seen as he sped ahead.

    Taking a glance into the distance, his figure couldn't even be seen, there were only countless puppets being shot into the air.

    His speed was much faster than before, and soon he he had surpassed the top four, three, two, and finally... the top one hundred!

    Extremely fast!

    Monstrously loud sounds rang throughout the way as he surpassed hundreds of disciples. Each and every one of them stared dumbfounded, overwhelmed with shock by the sight of Bai Xiaochun heading off into the distance like a ferocious dragon. Bai Xiaochun was screaming as he dashed, and his eyes had already turned bloodshot. He vowed to never let Elder Zhou catch him.

    He had long since forgotten that this was a trial, there was no ranking in his eyes. Only one thought filled his mind - run away... and get off this bridge!

    There were even some disciples in front of him that he felt were a hindrance, so he grabbed them and tossed them aside as explosions followed in his wake.

    Some disciples outside of the stone bridge were standing on the peak of a mountain and watched this scene from afar. After seeing this scene unfold, they all sucked in a deep breath and revealed their shock.

    "He... Is he still a human!"

    "In what way is he a human? This is clearly a wild boar or a ferocious dragon!"

    Elder Zhou stared blankly at the scene before his eyes. He stared at Bai Xiaochun's figure as the boy didn't even try to dodge the puppets and relied solely on his body to send them into the air. Elder Zhou also sucked in a deep breath and wondered whether he had perhaps... gone a little too far.

    Bai Xiaochun's acceleration showed no signs of decreasing. He was originally astonishingly fast, but he was actually accelerating even further. The explosions soon turned into earth-shaking tremors. There were no more puppets in front of him, but large nets had appeared instead. These nets materialised out of thin air, obstructing people on the way.

    But as these large nets appeared in front of Bai Xiaochun, he just immediately ran through them, tearing large holes in the process. Loud tremors echoed continuously as the nets too failed to stop him.

    It seemed as though his body had turned into the sharpest weapon under this extreme speed!

    After them, the ground heaved up and down, just like a marshland, even vortexes appeared from time to time. If one were to be caught by one, it would be very difficult for them to escaped out from it. As such, the speed of many disciples plummeted here.

    Bai Xiaochun, however... completely ignored all of it. With a whoosh, he charged straight through. Even with vortexes continuously appearing near him, his speed didn't decrease at all. He continued forward, dragging those vortexes behind him.

    Not long after, he had surpassed the top eighty, fifty, thirty, and finally, he entered the top ten...

    As Elder Zhou watched this happen, he took another deep breath, let alone all those observing disciples standing outside the stone bridge. At this moment, almost everyone's gaze was fixed on Bai Xiaochun. As for Shangguan Tianyou and the others, not a single disciple was looking in their direction anymore.

    There was a bald young man in front of Bai Xiaochun. There was a cold look in his eyes. He had concealed his fighting abilities for many years and had rarely come in contact with others. He had gathered all his strength today and wanted to let the so-called Big Three Heaven's Chosen understand what the proverb of a mountain beyond every mountain meant.

    His whole body radiated light as three beads rapidly danced in the air around him with shocking might. There were more than ten vortexes near his body, and even though the restrictive ability of these vortexes was not small under the full might of his cultivation, he knew that once he had escaped out of this area, the vortexes would disappear.

    "The stronger one is, the more vortexes would wind up around their bodies. I wonder how those few ahead of me fared. These ten vortexes on me are already shocking." While this bald disciple was proudly monologuing, he suddenly heard an ear-piercing sound from behind. He froze for a moment but assumed he had imagined things, there couldn't be an ear-piercing sound...

    Not waiting for him to turn his head around, a gale swept from behind him. Immediately after, he noticed a figure rapidly rushing past him with more than a hundred vortexes surrounding that figure!

    The bald young man's eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets as he stared dumbfoundedly at the figure. More than a hundred vortexes surrounding it, yet its speed did not seem to slow down in the least. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief, but when he looked at the figure once again, the other party had already gone a distance so far away that only its back was visible.

    "Impossible!" The bald young man blurted out.

    Bai Xiaochun was shaking. He suddenly let out another blood-curdling scream as the over a hundred vortexes surrounding his body disappeared. He had finally made it out of that area. His speed increased and he shot forward, surpassing another few people along the way. Those were all disciples that had entered the top ten. Each and every one of them had their own lucky encounters and had concealed their abilities before this battle, aiming to to become a sensation overnight. However, when all of them noticed Bai Xiaochun, they were all overwhelmed by shock as though they had seen a mind-blowing monster.

    Zhou Xinqi gritted her silver tooth in another zone. There was an endless pressure enveloping her as if the air had solidified, and her speed couldn't help but drop.

    However, just as she was about to struggle out from this zone, a cracking sound suddenly sounded from behind her. Zhou Xinqi paused in surprise and turned her head around. Immediately, her eyes shrunk, her face filled with astonishment.

    Boom. Bai Xiaochun rushed straight past her. His speed was so fast that a Kaka sound could be heard as the pressure enveloping his body cracked in the air before Bai Xiaochun actually... broke through!

    "Bai Xiaochun?"

    "Impossible!" Zhou Xinqi's eyes widened as she felt the pressure crumble after Bai Xiaochun dashed past her. She stared at Bai Xiaochun's back as though she had been struck by lightning, her eyes locked on his figure as her mouth hung wide open--


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