Chapter 90 - The North Banks Common Enemy

    Chapter 90 - The North Bank's Common Enemy

    Following the departure of Beihan Lie and his master, the disciples of the South Bank and North Bank from both ends of the arena were left dumbfounded. They were stunned, at loss for words as the scene of the huge dog climbing ontop of Beihan Lie replayed itself in their minds...

    They weren't the only ones at a loss, even the Sect Head, the mountains' Ancestors and Elders on the terrace looked silly as they blankly stared at Bai Xiaochun who had an innocent look plastered on his face as he stood on the arena down below.

    Elder Zhou was also among them, his body shuddering, his eyes bulging out as he looked on with mixed feelings... As for the phoenix in mid-air, it screeched multiple times with a look that suggested it wanted to convince everyone that it hadn't slandered Bai Xiaochun back then.

    After a long while, the sound of countless people sucking in their breaths sounded from the South Bank as the outer sect disciples there focused on Bai Xiaochun in this instant. Every last one of them was tongue-tied with an odd expressions on their faces

    All of the female disciples' faces were beet red. When they looked at Bai Xiaochun, their faces were extremely odd, many of them even spat in contempt.

    Similarly, the ones that sympathised the most were the male disciples. Almost all had subconsciously closed their legs in this moment as cold sweat covered their foreheads. They felt sympathy for Beihan Lie from the bottom of their hearts.

    "Bai... Senior Uncle Bai... Heavens! That Beihan Lie... I reckon that he would be left with a psychological trauma for the rest of his life..."

    "One by all means should not provoke Senior Uncle Bai. He... he is truly frightening!"

    "Isn't this the medicine pill that Elder Zhou's phoenix swallowed? Such a medicine pill can make monstrous beasts go into heat... I am really unable to imagine exactly on what basis did Senior Uncle Bai find a reason to... refine that pill!"

    Soon, an uproar arose from the South Bank. But regardless of what methods Bai Xiaochun had used, ultimately, the South Bank had achieved a victory. It was important to note that this was barely the second time the South Bank had won since the beginning of this Heaven's Chosen War. While it caused the South Bank disciples to feel uncomfortable, they still cheered for Bai Xiaochun.

    Shangguan Tianyou wiped his cold sweat and looked at Bai Xiaochun. No matter how much he previously looked down on Bai Xiaochun, he too had sucked in a deep breath today. When he thought of the miserable state that Beihan Lie was in previously and thought what would have happened if it were him there instead of Beihan Lie... He did not dare to continue that train of thought.

    Zhou Xinqi had already been left at a loss for words before, and now she was shellshocked.

    However, an even bigger uproar followed like thunder from the North Bank disciples. This uproar was completely unprecedented. The North Bank had previously won many rounds in a row and stood grand like a rainbow. Now it was the exact opposite.

    "This is ridiculous! What kind of medicine pill was that? Dammit, how can such a medicine pill exist in the world!? I want to destroy that Bai Xiaochun, and I want to destroy that medicine pill!"

    "Heavens, Senior Brother Bei had actually been pounced on by his monstrous beast. This... This..."

    "Down with Bai Xiaochun! He had brought the greatest humiliation to us, the North Bank, in countless years up till today! That kind of medicine pill should be classified as a prohibited drug, regardless of possession, it must be completely exterminated!" All of the North Bank disciples, even those inner sect disciples that had come forward to watch from the sidelines were now crazy in this moment. Their eyes were completely red and they were frantically shouting out.

    It was impossible for them not to go crazy. The male disciples from the South Bank sympathised with them even to the extent that they pitied Beihan Lie, but to the North Bank, they were the ones who really felt as though it had happened to them... Each and every single one of them had their own combat beast. As for this moment, amidst their shouts filled with insanity and anger, all of them subconsciously took a glance at the combat beast by their side. When they thought of Beihan Lie, they immediately felt that their whole being was uncomfortable...

    Just like that, more and more crazed outcries rose from the mouths of more and more of the North Bank disciples, shaking the skies.

    "North Bank's common enemy is Bai Xiaochun!"

    "Down with Bai Xiaochun! As long as he's still around, the North Bank will remain humiliated!"

    "Dammit, I want him killed, I want him destroyed! He has defiled our North Bank for all of eternity!" One could imagine that from then on, when anyone of the North Bank disciples looked at their own war beasts, they wouldn't be able to help but recall Beihan Lie's misery.

    The Gongsun siblings too had sucked in a deep breath. When they looked at Bai Xiaochun now, an unprecedented fear was revealed in their eyes. But even more apparent was the raging fury. The one who had suffered was Beihan Lie, but that was also a humiliation for the entire North Bank.

    Even Xu Song's chubby figure had began trembling as a fury surfaced on his face. Despite their mutual dislike with Beihan Lie, now he still felt deep sympathy for him. And in the depths of that sympathy lurked fear.

    "Beihan Lie only has one beast... I... I have five..." When his thoughts reached that point, Xu Song nearly wanted to cry. He gnashed his teeth with anger as he snarled at Bai Xiaochun with reddened eyes.

    Even Gui Ya was shaking slightly in his black robe as he gazed at Bai Xiaochun, his eyes filled with seriousness.

    Seeing the situation had turned out as though he had stirred a hornet's nest and caused a large reaction, Bai Xiaochun felt innocent as he stood on the arena and looked at all those fuming North Bank disciples as he quickly defended himself.

    "Don't blame me. When I entered the arena just now, I warned Beihan Lie and suggested for him to concede. But he just wouldn't listen. I already said it... Once I make my move, even I fear what may happen." Bai Xiaochun felt deeply wronged, but his explanation was poor, such an explanation only added oil to the fire...

    "Bai Xiaochun. You are actually called Bai Xiaochun. Damn it! You are not pure in the slightest!"

    (ED note: His name (Xiaochun) is composed of the words "small" and "pure" )

    "A disciple that knows no shame and is extremely despicable, you actually dare to humiliate us even further!"

    "Down with Bai Xiaochun!"

    The North Bank disciples were raging, all of them had red eyes and actually moved forward. These tens of thousands of people walking forward as one as though they really intended to come up on the arena and kill Bai Xiaochun.

    This scene immediately alarmed Bai Xiaochun and he quickly backed away. When he neared the South Bank's side, Bai Xiaochun sighed and lifted his chin as he flourished his sleeve, putting on the airs of a lonesome expert.

    "I did nothing wrong, yet the people slander me? Oh well, nothing I can do about it." Bai Xiaochun sighed softly and quickly jumped off the arena. Even louder bellows arrived from the countless North Bank disciples behind him. If looks could kill, Bai Xiaochun would have definitely died tens of thousands of times from those glares.

    Bai Xiaochun coughed dryly as he returned back to the South Bank's side. The the South Bank disciples had odd expressions on their faces as they realised exactly how terrifying Bai Xiaochun's ability to enrage people was.

    At this moment, to everyone in the North Bank, the enemy was no longer the South Bank, but one single person. Bai Xiaochun!

    One could imagine that if the North Bank emerged victorious today, due to what had happened to Beihan Lie, although the the North Bank would have won, they would have also lost...

    The Sect Head on the terrace above had an awkward expression on his face. He lowered his head and glared fiercely at Bai Xiaochun down below as waves of helplessness washed over him from within his heart. He felt that whenever Bai Xiaochun appeared, regardless of how serious one matter was, the atmosphere would still change by the end... As for the five Ancestors from the mountains still present, the trio from the North Bank couldn't determine what sort of expression to make. Throughout their lives, they had never seen anything like this happening...

    The colour of Li Qinghou's face was alternating between green and red as he stared with empty eyes. The previous scene was really too shocking, the four Grand Elders on the peak of the Zhong Dao Mountain, with their spiritual senses, flickered as their emotions did.

    Seeing the North Bank's fury was about to get out of control, Ou Yangjie's voice suddenly echoed from the sky. Following his voice, a huge pressure exploded on the arena, causing the North Bank disciples close to the arena to be pushed away.

    "Seventh round, begin!" Ouyang Jie too felt helpless. After his words sounded out, a competitor immediately rushed out off the North Bank disciples. He was a burly fellow with bloodshot eyes who roared out as soon as he got up on the arena.

    "Bai Xiaochun, I challenge you to a battle!"

    "Only after entering the top ten will you have the qualifications to challenge me." Bai Xiaochun raised his chin and assumed an expert's look as he lightly spoke. The burly man from the North Bank let out a growl, his eyes bloodshot. At this moment, from beside Shangguan Tianyou, a disciple from the top ten of the South Bank summoned his courage and walked to the arena.

    The uproar continued throughout the battle, the North Bank had gone crazy... The burly man from the North Bank in particular was the first to rise against Bai Xiaochun. The wrath he held for Bai Xiaochun was vented on the South Bank disciple, causing that South Bank disciple to be pushed back little by little. In the end, the South Bank disciple had no choice but to concede.

    The following eighth and ninth round... the North Bank disciples battled like they were injected with chicken blood. Each and every one of them had a monstrously vicious aura surrounding them, and as soon as they got onto the arena, they would sweep down like a typhoon. They felt suffocation, striving to finish the battle and entering the top ten as fast as possible in order to have a battle with Bai Xiaochun and wash away the humiliation that he had given them!

    "I must win, and then in the battle of the top ten, I will get rid of Bai Xiaochun and give him a taste of the misery from being pounced on by a war beast!"

    "Blast it, I'd violate the sect rules and cripple him!"

    "Even if he's killed, the masters wouldn't punish the one who did it too severely because they'd be the North Bank's hero!" These North Bank competitors used all of their means and all of a sudden, their desire to fight rose to the heavens.

    As for the tenth round, because the North Bank had two more competitors, that battle was between the the North Bank competitors themselves. Even though it too was intense, it was obviously toned down significantly.

    Soon, the last round from this stage began. Zhou Xinqi took in a deep breath as a purple light lit up beneath her feet and she floated up into the air and landed on the arena, as did the North Bank's competitor. And so, the final round began.

    That battle was not particularly thrilling. After all, Zhou Xinqi was one of the Heaven's Chosen. Even though the North Bank's competitor had a few tricks up his sleeves, compared to Zhou Xinqi, he was still lacking in many areas. The two made their moves, but within ten breaths, the North Bank disciple suddenly spurted out fresh blood and grudgingly conceded.

    Zhou Xinqi was victorious and calmly returned. Intense ovations exploded out from the South Bank. As Bai Xiaochun listened to those cheers, a slight ache rose in his heart as he secretly wondered why he didn't receive nearly as many cheers from the South Bank as Zhou Xinqi did even though he had also won.

    As such, the first stage of the Outer Sect's Heaven's Chosen War between the South and the North Bank had concluded with only eleven people left. And among them, eight were from the North Bank and only three were from the South Bank!


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