Chapter 95 - Sword Arent Meant To Be Used Like That!

    Chapter 95 - Sword Aren't Meant To Be Used Like That!

    Senior Uncle Bai... is like a god!

    "Senior Uncle Bai is going down the road of no return by becoming the North Bank's common enemy and is walking it without missing a beat..." Respect surfaced in the hearts of everyone from the South Bank while looking at Bai Xiaochun.

    Many people were even celebrating. A disaster like Bai Xiaochun was fortunately not on the North Bank. Otherwise, one wouldn't even be able to imagine how how much the South Bank would have suffered.

    "We of the South Bank would be fine with just one Senior Uncle Bai. Him alone can make the entire North Bank crazy." Today, Xu Baocai had been shocked many times. He now realised that Bai Xiaochun's audacity... had no limits.

    But no matter how this Heaven's Chosen War's atmosphere had changed, it still had to continue. And so, with the South Bank staring in admiration, and the North Bank seething in fury, the fourth round of the third stage began.

    Shangguan Tianyou, Gui Ya and Bai Xiaochun. These three people had won three matches, and this round did not require them to make an appearance. What would be decided now was who would be placed fourth, fifth and sixth.

    The Gongsun siblings and Xu Song quickly appeared on the fighting stage and began their battles. Ultimately, Gongsun Yun defeated both Gongsun Wan-er and Xu Song and without further ado, Gongsun Yun was the first to leave the arena, taking the fourth place with him.

    Although Xu Song was not as good as Gongsun Yun, he managed to beat Gongsun Wan-er and finally won the match, leaving the arena as the fifth ranked Heaven's Chosen.

    As for Gongsun Wan-er, having lost all five matches, she gloomily took the sixth place.

    After that was over, the time to decide this Heaven's Chosen War's top three ranks arrived! How would Bai Xiaochun, Shangguan Tianyou and Gui Ya place in these three spots be in the end? The disciples of the North Bank and South Bank paid close attention.

    However, every time the North Bank disciples looked at Bai Xiaochun, fury would immediately surge within them. They acknowledged both Gui Ya and Shangguan Tianyou, however, Bai Xiaochun was just too shameless and despicable...

    At this moment, all the hopes of the North Bank were placed on Gui Ya. In their opinion, even if Bai Xiaochun had some hidden cards, in the face of absolute strength, he would still be destroyed as easily as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

    "First match, Bai Xiaochun versus Shangguan Tianyou!" Ou Yangjie's voice sounded out. With Bai Xiaochun's appearance, it seemed to have lost its usual coldness, and a trace of emotion appeared instead.

    Shangguan Tianyou suddenly raised his head as seriousness flashed across his eyes. The scene of being surpassed by Bai Xiaochun during the qualifying battle surfaced in his mind, and a trace of coldness appeared in his eyes. When he was stepping on to the stage, a breeze lifted his long hair. At this moment, in the eyes of countless disciples, Shangguan Tianyou looked especially dazzling, like an unsheathed blade, making excitement surface on the faces of the countless disciples watching from the sides.

    However, the people from the South Bank dared not to cheer. After all, Bai Xiaochun too was from the South Bank, and furthermore, Bai Xiaochun had too many tricks up his sleeve. They were worried that if they cheered, Bai Xiaochun might hold a grudge against them. As such, they could only hold themselves back.

    On the other side, the North Bank cheered for Shangguan Tianyou, but that actually made him feel uncomfortable. He knew that the North Bank's cheers was not because of him, but because of Bai Xiaochun. In other words, even if the opponent facing Bai Xiaochun were to be a pig, the North Bank would still cheer for the pig. With this in mind, Shangguan Tianyou grew even more annoyed with Bai Xiaochun.

    Bai Xiaochun coughed and walked onto the fighting stage. Looking at Shangguan Tianyou, he flourished his sleeves as a smile emerged on his face.

    "It's alright, it's alright, we are both..." But before Bai Xiaochun could even finish his words, coldness exploded from Shangguan Tianyou's eyes. He raised a finger, and in an instant, a flying sword appeared by his side. With an ear-piercing sound, it instantly flew out like a bolt of lightning. It quickly made its way to Bai Xiaochun as it cut through the air like a hot knife through butter. Its speed was so fast, that in a short instant, the distance between it and Bai Xiaochun was less than seven zhang already!

    Bai Xiaochun's pupils instantly shrank. In the face of immediate danger, he quickly crouched down. A gust of wind caused by the sword whistled just above his head. A strand of hair even floated down in front of Bai Xiaochun's face.

    "In a fight between cultivators, you have to seize every moment. Even if you hadn't dodged this sword, it wouldn't have taken your life. You have a mischievous personality, and you lack a proper upbringing. Since your parents have not taught you well, then let me teach you a lesson. In the future, you must remember this well; do not use underhanded methods. They will make the South Bank lose face." As Shangguan Tianyou spoke lightly, his flying sword returned and floated before his body.

    The North Bank that had quieted down instantly renewed their cheering. The South Bank alone remained quiet. When they looked at Shangguan Tianyou, dissatisfaction arose on their expressions. Even those who supported Shangguan Tianyou furrowed their brows.

    They beared no ill will toward Bai Xiaochun. In their opinion, even if Bai Xiaochun was mischievous, he hadn't been excessive. Even though he made people feel helpless, he also caused them to like him from the bottom of their hearts. Even though the North Bank hated him to the bone, if one were to ask the South Bank, Bai Xiaochun was still their representative and he had still brought glory to the South Bank.

    Just now, when Bai Xiaochun opened his mouth, everyone could see that he wanted to concede and had no intention of fighting Shangguan Tianyou. Furthermore, there was also another motive. He would let Shangguan Tianyou preserve his spiritual power, so that he could have a much better chance at beating Gui Ya and becoming the champion.

    It was impossible for Shangguan Tianyou to not have understood what Bai Xiaochun was doing. However, Shangguan Tianyou still attacked and even did something akin to a sneak attack, and furthermore, he even spoke of teaching him a lesson and insulted his parents. This type of behaviour attracted many of the South Bank disciples' contempt.

    The crouched Bai Xiaochun stared at his falling strand of hair in a daze. He retracted his smile, and he stood up to face Shangguan Tianyou, the words of his opponent still echoing in his mind.

    "You're a Heaven's Chosen, whether you look down on me, I don't care. I have never been concerned with others' opinions." Bai Xiaochun spoke in a low voice, looking somewhat unusual.

    "Even if you launch a sneak attack on me, it's still fine. I cultivate to achieve immortality, and I have never been fond of fighting and killing." Bai Xiaochun raised his right hand and tore the dim talismans off his body, throwing them away. At this moment, a faint ruthlessness was gradually emanated from his body.

    Within the South Bank's crowd, Hou Yunfei's stared at the arena, his body uncontrollably shaking. Looking at Bai Xiaochun, that distinct feeling from back when they were being chased by the Fallen Chen Clan... surged up once again.

    "But what right do you have... to teach me a lesson in my parents' stead?!" Bai Xiaochun suddenly raised his head, his eyes bloodshot. His parents had died early, and that had affected him greatly. Even his reason to pursue immortality was deeply connected with the death of his parents.

    His optimistic personality was deliberately forged when he had been young. He was still young when he had personally witnessed the death of his parents and had stayed with their bodies for days, unwilling to accept it, crying and shouting for his father and mother until their corpses began rotting away before the other villagers finally buried them. After that, he remained in shock for a long time. At that time, he liked to talk to himself... such kids, once they grow up, would usually live a gloomy life.

    He replaced his cries with laughter, and his longing for immortality sprouted from the moment he recalled the reluctant faces of his parents before they died as they told him to live a good life.

    He was mischievous, but he still had propriety. There were many things that he didn't intentionally do. He had always remained kindhearted.

    He was afraid of death, so much that it he came off as a coward. But when danger faced his comrades, his camaraderie conquered his fear of death, and with a roar, he risked his life despite trembling in fear.

    He had a wacky behaviour, but he valued those close to him. Zhang Fatso One, Li Qinghou, Hou Yunfei, Du Lingfei, Hou Xiaomei and the Sect Head. All those people who treated him well, he would remember for his whole life.

    "What right do you have!" With a bang, Bai Xiaochun's body quickly shot forward and arrived in front of Shangguan Tianyou in an instant. Shangguan Tianyou's pupils suddenly shrunk, and his hair stood on end. Before he could react, Bai Xiaochun's fist, carrying a silver glow, landed.

    Boom! A protective light surged from Shangguan Tianyou's body, but it didn't have the slightest resistance against Bai Xiaochun's strike as it instantly collapsed. Bai Xiaochun's fist was like a hot knife cutting through butter as it landed on a small shield that instantly appeared in front of Shangguan Tianyou.

    Boom! The small shield shook and was unexpectedly sent flying by Bai Xiaochun's fist, which then collided with Shangguan Tianyou's chest. Shangguan Tianyou spat out blood, and he was pushed back by the great force. He retreated more than ten steps back, spitting out another mouthful of blood as an expression of disbelief appeared on his face.

    "This is a Heaven's Chosen?" Bai Xiaochun faintly said. At this moment, he neither raised his chin, nor did he assume the look of an expert. Contrary to everyone's expectation, Bai Xiaochun, at the moment, stood out like the blazing sun. Countless deep breaths could be heard from the South Bank disciples, and the North Bank was just as shocked.

    A sharp gaze appeared in Gui Ya's eyes. On the terrace, the expressions of the Sect Head and others suddenly changed, becoming serious.

    "Bai Xiaochun!" Shangguan Tianyou felt humiliated, and with a growl, he formed a hand seal and five swords simultaneously appeared next to his body. Every one of the swords that appeared released an astonishing Sword Qi. With the assistance of Shangguan Tianyou's sword spirit's body, the five swords whistled out towards Bai Xiaochun.

    (ED note: the "sword spirit" clearly seems to be referring to the actual person now, as such we'll be changing it to "sword spirit's body". How is that related to what it does is still unknown so we may have to change it in the future when it becomes clearer. )

    The swords had an earth-shattering speed, and it was as though they had become five sword dragons that were half a zhang thick and more than ten zhang long. Some of them shot at Bai Xiaochun, while the others dived towards him in an arc from above. An explosion sounded out and cracks appeared on the fighting stage. With such an imposing force, one sword could easily kill an ordinary disciple, two swords could kill another Heaven's Chosen, and three swords would force a Heaven's Chosen of Gongsun Yun's caliber to concede. But at this moment, five swords had instantly appeared, covering the whole arena with Sword Qi.

    "I do not understand swordplay nor do I have a sword spirit's body. But from what I see, swords... are not meant to be used like this!" Bai Xiaochun unhurriedly spoke as he raised a finger from his right hand. In an instant, the Golden Crow Sword turned into a golden ray as it carved forward.

    "Whether you use three or five swords, I will only use one!"

    As the sword moved forward, a loud noise exploded out as a storm of Sword Qi formed!

    This sword strike contained both the concept of 'Lifting the Heavy as Though It Was Light' and the concept of 'Lifting the Light as Though It Was Heavy'!

    In this sword slash, the spiritual Qi that Bai Xiaochun used was so precise that he didn't waste even the tiniest bit!

    Even though he wasn't skilled with a sword, he understood how to use the Purple Qi to create a cauldron. He had mastered the concepts of both 'Lifting the Heavy as Though It Was Light' and 'Lifting the Light as Though It Was Heavy'. He knew that a leaf could not support the heavy wood, but by coiling the leaves together, they could even support stone. And if one were to tear a leaf into many small strings, one could even lift an even heavier rock!

    He knew that this was one of the principles of using Spirit Power!

    This one method, even against ten thousand methods, within the Qi Condensation... combined with his Impenetrable Silver Skin, was unmatched!

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    A deafening sound spread in all directions and countless rock fragments flew about in the arena. When the storm of Sword Qi that Bai Xiaochun had unleashed collided with Shangguan Tianyou's five sword dragons, an earth-shattering explosion occurred. The five sword dragons twisted, and with a 'Peng Peng' sound, they shattered apart. But Bai Xiaochun's sword storm didn't stop there as it surged forward towards Shangguan Tianyou.

    The wind picked up Bai Xiaochun's long hair. He stood there on the arena with a serene expression. He did not clasp his hands behind his back, and he did not flourish his sleeves. Instead, he remained silent amidst the storm of Sword Qi. This formed a timeless scene that would be deeply engraved in the hearts of both the South Bank and the North Bank disciples.

    "Is that really...Bai Xiaochun?" At this moment, everyone's heart was stirred from shock.


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