Chapter 100 - Are You Still Not Going To Acknowledge Your Mistakes To Your Senior Uncle Bai?

    Chapter 100 - Are You Still Not Going To Acknowledge Your Mistakes To Your Senior Uncle Bai?

    Bai Xiaochun felt even more wronged. He had already realised that whenever he tried to explain himself, it would somehow end up backfiring.

    This wasn't his intention; he didn't want this to happen...

    Beihan Lie's elder brother, Beihan Feng, was similarly enraged by Bai Xiaochun's explanation. After taking a deep breath, black light began to burst out from his right hand, and in the blink of an eye, a black crescent moon appeared on his palm.

    It was like the moon after sunset, except this black-coloured moon emitted waves of terrifying energy which could make one's mind shudder. The moon pressed on towards Bai Xiaochun's immortal cave's formation array.

    A loud bang rang out. The whole immortal cave trembled a couple times; many ripples began appearing outside the immortal cave's formation array. There were even hints of cracks appearing in many different places, but ultimately... the formation array didn't crumble and even repaired itself to its normal condition in the blink of an eye.

    Even Beihan Feng sucked in a deep breath at this scene. The might of this immortal cave's formation array would be a big headache. He gnashed his teeth and prepared to continue attacking.

    But suddenly, a cold snort resounded out from the distant sky.

    "Beihan Feng... What are you doing?! Are you still not going to stop?!" This voice was like a muffled thunder that exploded right beside Beihan Feng. As the sound spread, Beihan Lie was similarly jolted out of his crazed state as he trembled in fear and hurriedly backed away.

    The colour on the Setting Sun Peak inner sect disciples' faces began to drain, and they too backed away, stopping their attacks and raising their heads to the sky. Six long rainbows became more and more vivid as they arrived in a split second from the distant Zhong Dao Mountain.

    The roar came from a middle-aged man wearing a long black-coloured robe. A glowering look was plastered on his square face, his whole body emitting a dangerous aura.

    "Master..." Beihan Lie and Beihan Feng's minds were shaken by this middle-aged man's enraged bellow as they quickly paid their respects to him. The Setting Sun Peak inner sect disciples around them were similarly shuddering as they bowed their heads in unison.

    "We pay our respects to the Ancestor!"

    This middle-aged man was precisely Beihan Lie's master and the Setting Sun Peak's Ancestor who had shot a ferocious glare at Bai Xiaochun before carrying Beihan Lie away during the Heaven Chosen's War.

    "Good-for-nothings, you're standing out like sore thumbs! Are you still not leaving? This old man shall deal with you later!"

    "Subsequently, once you go back, all of you are to train in seclusion for three years as punishment!" The middle-aged man furiously roare. The Beihan siblings minds shuddered. They weren't quite sure what was going on. Although they had broken the sect rules by coming here, their Master had always treated them kindly, and he shouldn't have been so angry. After all, their Master too had been furious at Bai Xiaochun that day.

    The younger of the two brothers, Beihan Lie, felt that something must have happened and it was far from good. He became nervous and cautiously glanced at his Master in the sky while backing away. What he saw made his scalp tingle; the rest of the three mountain's North Bank Ancestors were standing beside the Setting Sun Mountain's Ancestor with sour expressions.

    Beside the four North Bank Ancestors, the Sect Head, Zheng Yuandong, was also present. Furthermore, there was yet another person. He was looking down with an indifferent expression, as though the dispute that had occurred between the disciples down below didn't bother him at all. He was... the Scented Cloud Mountain's Ancestor, Li Qinghou.

    The Setting Sun Peak disciples weren't the only ones that felt that this situation was taking a turn for the worse. The the Scented Cloud Mountain inner sect disciples too were surprised, thinking that this scene was somewhat strange... One should know that the North Bank had been pretty arrogant in the past. Events such as today's had happened countless times before. The North Bank was always the one who turned big problems into small, and small problems into nothing every single time.

    Angry scoldings like today's were extremely rare.

    Even Bai Xiaochun in the immortal cave was startled for a moment before he curiously surveyed everyone outside the immortal cave.

    The four North Bank mountain's Ancestors glanced at one another in mid-air. The old woman from the Iridaceae Peak coughed dryly and looked towards Li Qinghou.

    "Ancestor Li, according to our previous discussion, look..."

    "If the accident that happened just now hadn't occurred, I would've agreed with it. Now things are difficult for me as well. It'd be best if you discuss it among yourselves." Li Qinghou shook his head and spoke lightly. His gaze swept across Bai Xiaochun's immortal cave down below with a hint of a smile in his eyes.

    "This..." The old woman from the Iridaceae Peak hesitated for a moment and looked towards the middle-aged man from the Setting Sun Peak, feeling a light headache. The Setting Sun Peak's Ancestor let out a deep sigh. He knew that his disciples were the ones who had caused trouble and understood that he alone could solve it. Thus, he put a smile on his face and directed his gaze towards Bai Xiaochun's immortal cave.

    "Junior Brother Xiaochun..." Once these three words left his mouth, he felt extremely awkward as discomfort spread through his whole body. But he had no other choice. After the discussion held between the North Bank's four mountains, they all extremely valued Bai Xiaochun's Aphrodisiac Pill. They had even inspected the war beasts and concluded that even those with a first rank bloodline would be affected.

    This caused an uproar among them. To the North Bank, such a medicine pill would be sacred. One should know that there were far too many mighty war beasts that had difficulties leaving offspring due to various circumstances. Especially the first rank bloodline war beasts that usually went into heat only once every tens of centuries. That was one of the problems that had troubled to the North Bank for many years now.

    Especially with the pressing matter of one of the two Setting Sun Peak's sacred beasts, the Blue Eyes Nether Moon Monkey, was about to die from old age soon without leaving an offspring to inherit its bloodline.

    But it seemed that Bai Xiaochun's medicine pill defied the Heavens' will. This caused the four North Bank Ancestors to steel their determination and obtain the pill recipe. Only after rummaging through countless data but still failing to find any information related to the medicine pill did they force themselves to inquire whether that was... Bai Xiaochun's personally-created medicine pill!

    Only after that did they look for the Sect Head and Li Qinghou in order to procure the medicine pill.

    If it had been any other disciple, even if they were to be an inner sect disciple, so long as the Ancestors said the word, the matter would be very simple. The Ancestors had many ways to make a disciple obediently hand over a pill recipe. But Bai Xiaochun was different... He was an Honourable Disciple as well as the Sect Head's Junior Brother. With such a status, the Ancestors could only think of how to exchange the pill recipe and were unable to use other means to get a hold of it.


    They even needed Bai Xiaochun's agreement and couldn't force him to hand it over... Originally under the Sect Head's mediation, they had already agreed on some terms with Li Qinghou, but before they could finish their discussion, word that the Setting Sun Peak disciples had went to cause trouble for Bai Xiaochun arrived. Naturally, the four North Bank Ancestors were immediately enraged.

    They feared that the Setting Sun disciples had behaved inappropriately and had offended Bai Xiaochun, causing further difficulties in the exchange for the medicine pill recipe.

    And that lead to the current scene of the Setting Sun Peak's Ancestor angrily scolding those disciples just now.

    "Junior Brother Xiaochun, please come out to talk." The Setting Sun Peak's Ancestor was trying his best to squeeze out an affable look. Even his voice had greatly softened. As soon as the words left his mouth, the surrounding Setting Sun Peak disciples shuddered. The two brothers, Beihan Lie and Beihan Feng, even more so, staring wide-eyed, feeling dumb as a wooden chicken.

    Inside the immortal cave, Bai Xiaochun rolled his eyes as he looked with astonishment at the scene outside. He felt that something was definitely amiss, but seeing Li Qinghou's gaze made him thought deeply. Even though he didn't know what had happened, countless speculations spun inside his heart.

    "Those disciples of yours were too fierce and wanted to beat me to death. I almost lost this feeble life of mine. I dare not to go outside..." As Bai Xiaochun was thinking about this matter, his aggrieved voice sounded out.

    He spoke with a weak and pitiful voice, and once his words sounded out, Beihan Feng felt a chill crawl up his back. The expressions of the surrounding Setting Sun Peak disciples similarly paled. They had just witnessed the importance the four North Bank Ancestors placed on Bai Xiaochun, it was as though they were trying to please him. And now, with Bai Xiaochun speaking in this manner, they could already imagine their fates.

    Li Qinghou and Zheng Yuandong's cheeks twitched slightly and the Setting Sun Peak's Ancestor suddenly turned his head around and fiercely glared at the Setting Sun Peak disciples, letting out a low roar.

    "Are you still not going to acknowledge your mistakes to your Senior Uncle Bai!"

    Each and every Setting Sun Peak disciple had a sullen look on their face as they quickly cupped their fists towards the immortal cave, apologising.

    Beihan Lie's heart was filled with bitterness and indignation and wanted to resist. But under his Master's stern gaze, he aggrievedly bowed his head and cupped his fist towards the the immortal cave.

    "Senior Uncle Bai... I... I... I was in the wrong!"

    Beihan Feng remained silent as he raised his head in refusal and looked at his Master. But after noticing his Master's gaze get even sharper, he trembled slightly as veins bulged out on his forehead, but in the end, he still cupped his fist and apologised.

    His whole body trembled and the gaze he directed towards the immortal cave overflowed with fury.

    "Junior Brother Xiaochun, is this enough?" The Setting Sun Peak's Ancestor quickly spoke, trying his best to make himself slightly more affable.

    After a long time, a crack appeared on the immortal cave formation array. Bai Xiaochun's head popped out and he quickly inspected his surroundings before clearing his throat and swaggering out. He lifted his small chin up, assuming an arrogant appearance.

    "Forget it, forget it. As their senior, I shouldn't be bickering with these Nephews." Bai Xiaochun flourished his small sleeve in a magnanimous manner.

    Beihan Lie stood in front of him, his eyes were bloodshot and his whole body was trembling. He wanted to go up to Bai Xiaochun and punch him in the face, but he didn't dare to do it. His elder brother, Beihan Feng, also felt as though Heaven and Earth had flipped around and the need to suppress his emotions was driving him crazy.

    The duo's gazes angered Bai Xiaochun and he viciously glared in their direction and secretly thought in his heart, "Who's afraid of whom? When it comes to a stare down, I, Bai Xiaochun, have never been afraid of others in this lifetime.

    "Xiaochun, that medicine pill of yours that causes war beasts to... go into heat, is it your own creation?" Setting Sun Peak's Ancestor took a deep breath and asked in a soft voice.

    As soon as the words left his mouth, the old woman and the other two North Bank Ancestors all looked at Bai Xiaochun with an expectant look in their eyes. Both Beihan brothers only felt a droning sound in their minds as they finally understood the Ancestors' behaviour. The bitterness the duo felt only caused them to detest Bai Xiaochun even more.

    Bai Xiaochun blinked as he immediately figured out what lie in the heart of all this. He stuck his chest out and raised his head, nodding arrogantly.

    "That is right. That great pill medicine is truly my, Bai Xiaochun's, own secret creation. I alone can refine it!"

    The four North Bank Ancestors rejoiced in their hearts although their expression did not reveal too much. The middle-aged man from the Setting Sun Peak smiled lightly and nodded his head as he spoke.

    "Junior Brother Xiaochun is so young and can already create a pill recipe of his own. He is truly worthy of being called a Heaven's Chosen. The pill recipe for that medicine pill is of great importance to our Spirit River Sect. This old man is offering you a hundred thousand Contribution Points in exchange for your pill recipe, how about that? Junior Brother Xiaochun, handing the pill recipe over to the sect is a great service to the whole sect. As an Honourable Disciple, the sect is your home." The middle-aged man from the Setting Sun Mountain said in a slow and tempting manner.

    "Alright!" Bai Xiaochun immediately said with an expression that suggested he would go through water and thread on fire for the sake of the sect. The four North Bank Ancestors were pleasantly surprised as he even directly started recounting the pill recipe.

    "The pill medicines are the Ming Jue Seed, the Bodhisattva Wood Flower, the Winter Spirit Bamboo and also... Eh, what else is there? How come I can't recall it? Perhaps I forgot it after being frightened just now?" Bai Xiaochun furrowed his eyebrows with a puzzled expression.

    A smile tugged at the corner of Li Qinghou's mouth and Zheng Yuandong felt helpless. The four North Bank Ancestors's expressions had turned ugly. How could they not see the reason behind Bai Xiaochun's words? They smiled wryly as the Setting Sun Peak's Ancestor clenched his teeth and glared towards the Setting Sun Peak disciples down below.

    Under his sweeping gaze, the Setting Sun Peak disciples, including the Beihan siblings, trembled.


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