Chapter 103 - I Want To Contribute To The Sect

    Chapter 103 - I Want To Contribute To The Sect!

    There weren't many Spirit River Sect disciples on the overgrown mountain range, only about ten or so. After all, although rare, there were still some dangerous Foundation Establishment beasts.

    Therefore, only those who believed themselves to be truly powerful would come to this place.

    Due to Bai Xiaochun's loud shouts, all nearby disciples would hear his voice. Most of them adhered to Bai Xiaochun's advice and left, holding the compensation Bai Xiaochun had given them as an apology. However, there were still two or three naturally cold-hearted people. With disdain on their faces, they treated what they thought to be cries for help with contempt. They completely ignored Bai Xiaochun's shouts, pretending not to hear them. Even thoughts of taking the storage pouch of the crier emerged, without necessarily waiting for him to perish.

    They were wandering about as usual at the beginning, unaware of the changes. But they soon realised that there was something amiss with the monstrous beasts. Everything, down to their very habits, had suddenly become berserk.

    Shangguan Tianyou was also on the overgrown mountain range and had similarly heard Bai Xiaochun's shouts. His gaze flashed briefly, but he didn't pay further attention to it. The mission that he had accepted was the same as Bai Xiaochun's, so he was searching for Parasitic Exterminating Beasts. The current him was very apprehensive. He had just seen a huge bear, comparable to the sixth Qi Condensation level, that hugged a big tree and continuously rammed against it...

    This wasn't the first time he had seen such a scene. Along the way, he had also seen a rabbit that even dared to attack him with a crazed look in its eyes. He felt the scene was somewhat familiar as his scalp tingled.

    "Something's not right. Could some misfortune befallen this overgrown mountain range?!" Shangguan Tianyou took a deep breath as he immediately thought of Bai Xiaochun's Aphrodisiac Pill and his entire being suddenly shuddered.

    Currently, there were already more than thirty Parasitic Exterminating Beast cores inside Bai Xiaochun's storage pouch. He was still excitedly spreading the Aphrodisiac Pill's powder until half a month later, Bai Xiaochun was pleasantly surprised to find a huge wind gap where the mountain range intersected in a shape resembling the figure eight (  ).

    It seemed as though the surrounding wind would all funnel there and then spread over half of the overgrown mountain range. The wind's speed was high, and based on Bai Xiaochun's estimation, the wind could spread over half the overgrown mountain range within three days. With the wind gap below him, Bai Xiaochun needed to use a large amount of his strength just to prevent his body from being blown away. As such, he didn't approach it any further.

    His hair was dancing in the wind, and as he looked at the wind gap from above, excitement immediately filled him.

    "This is the perfect place to scatter my Aphrodisiac Pills! Moreover, there ought to be no more fellow sect disciples in this mountain range by now, so I can reap the benefits without worry!" Bai Xiaochun was exhilarated. In order to not bring calamity upon his fellow sect disciples, he had already given away more than ten cores. But he wasn't particularly concerned with that. After all, he was sure he could obtain much more cores as though he could see countless Contribution Points flying straight into his pouch.

    He took a deep breath and immediately took out all of the remaining Aphrodisiac Pills. After crushing them to pieces, he scattered them towards the wind gap. The crushed Aphrodisiac Pills were immediately carried away by the wind from the wind gap, spiralling ahead as they spread over half the overgrown mountain range.

    Bai Xiaochun stood proudly atop the mountain peak, gazing down upon the forested land as the feeling of being an expert swept over him.

    "For I, Bai Xiaochun, to benefit from this overgrown mountain range, is not easy at all. Thinking about it, in many years from now, there would be much more monstrous beasts in this mountain range... all thanks to my contribution."

    As he basked in his emotions, a roar suddenly sounded from the forest close by. Shortly after, countless more roars continuously filled the air and very quickly... those roars spread farther and farther away. A day later, in over double the previous area of the overgrown mountain range... one could hear ferocious roars. Three days later... half the overgrown mountain range was already in a frenzy!

    After half the overgrown mountain range was already in a frenzy, Bai Xiaochun quickly flew out and threw out most of his Female Fragrance Pills over even intervals. After attracting all the monstrous beasts to this area, he would then harvest the Parasitic Exterminating Beasts' cores.

    He was very satisfied. Not only from harvesting the cores, but from contributing to the whole overgrown mountain range. Especially after he saw the monstrous beasts go into heat and eventually pounce one another, his sense of contribution grew even larger.

    "I am a good person. All of the monstrous beasts in this mountain range should be grateful to me in the future." Bai Xiaochun quickly flew as he threw down even more Female Fragrance Pills.

    The few disciples in the mountain range that had previously ignored Bai Xiaochun's shouts were now staring, their eyes wide and mouths hanging, as the monstrous beasts all around them were overcome with insanity. Especially after the monstrous beasts began pouncing on one another... everyone sucked in a deep breath.

    "This... What is going on!"

    "This scene... seems somewhat familiar..." Those few disciples were all aghast and filled with apprehension. Every single one of them hurriedly made their escape, wanting to leave this place as soon as possible.

    "Bai Xiaochun!" Shangguan Tianyou similarly gave up on killing the monstrous beasts and quickly dashed far away. He felt it would be too horrifying to stay in this place. Especially after the scene with Beihan Lie surfacing in his mind, Shangguan Tianyou's face paled and his entire body had shook uncontrollably.

    However, almost all of them were already in the depths of the overgrown mountain range and leaving wouldn't be easy. Especially now that the monstrous beasts on half the overgrown mountain range had gone crazy, it had become even more difficult...

    Bai Xiaochun cheerfully flew from above, occasionally throwing down an Aphrodisiac Pill, and after gathering a large amount of monstrous beasts, he would harvest the cores. Two weeks later, he left the overgrown mountain range, there were already near two hundred Parasitic Exterminating Beast cores inside his storage pouch.

    Bai Xiaochun left the overgrown mountain range content and headed straight for the sect.

    Not until several days after Bai Xiaochun had left did Shangguan Tianyou and the others gradually come out. They all had miserable expressions on their faces. All of them had a sorry figure, hair dishevelled and dull eyes. When they walked out of the mountain range, they looked up at the skies and let out anguished cries.

    As for what exactly had happened to them in this mountain rage... it would eternally remain a mystery.

    Bai Xiaochun galloped the whole way before arriving at the sect with trepidation. He quickly went to the Mission Monument. When the disciples in the Mission Monument saw Bai Xiaochun actually take out 200 inner cores of Parasitic Exterminating Beast, their eyeballs nearly popped out. They could simply not believe this. By the time they had carefully examined each and every one of them, whenever they looked towards Bai Xiaochun, it was already filled with an expression of terror and astonishment.

    He had been been at this Mission Monument for many years, and the Parasitic Exterminating Beast mission frequently appeared. But one would return with a couple tens of cores at most, and that was after spending a whole year.

    However, Bai Xiaochun had only went to the overgrown mountain range for a few months, and now that he's back, he had actually obtained so many.

    "He is undoubtedly Bai Xiaochun, the Sect Head's Junior Brother, Honourable Disciple, Heaven's Chosen War's best..." These inner sect disciples inhaled deeply, with strong and profound respect for Bai Xiaochun. After Bai Xiaochun checked in, he had procured nearly two hundred thousand Contribution Points. He tried his best to appear indifferent, but he couldn't truly conceal his self-satisfaction.

    This matter caused a sensation in the South Bank. No one could believe that he had gotten two hundred thousand Contribution Points at once. However, after the disciples Bai Xiaochun had persuaded to leave explained the reason with wry smiles, any inner sect disciple among the three South Bank peaks would feel their mind shiver when they looked at Bai Xiaochun.

    "What a fearsome person!"

    "That's crazy, he actually scattered Aphrodisiac Pills over half the overgrown mountain range!"

    "Going there anytime soon would be disastrous..."

    Amidst those discussions, Shangguan Tianyou and a few other sorry disciple figures arrived one after the other. Shangguan Tianyou himself was aware that Bai Xiaochun was the cause and was in a somewhat better condition than the rest. But the few other people who had just realised it, let out anguished roars and nearly coughed out blood. But they couldn't blame Bai Xiaochun, after all... they had all heard Bai Xiaochun's loud shouts. They could now only feel regret in the bottom of their hearts; if they had responded before, perhaps they wouldn't have ended up so miserable.

    Due to Bai Xiaochun's large harvest in this mission, his interest had been sparked. Ever since then, his figure frequently appeared in the Mission Monument, and every time, he would choose similar object-retrieving missions involving monstrous beasts.

    It was as if he was addicted to it. Every time he accepted a mission, he would first refine some medicine pills, then immediately set off. And every time... he would drive a few disciples crazy. Regardless of whether they were participating in missions or not, they would be enraged because as long as Bai Xiaochun had went somewhere before, others wouldn't even think of going there anytime soon.

    It was too dangerous...

    The Cloud Mountain Range, Cold Forest Mountain Range, Scenic Peak Mountain Range and Primary East Mountain Range...

    Over the following year, Bai Xiaochun had transformed into the Mad Mission Devil as he swept through all of the Mission Monument's missions related to monstrous beasts. His harvest would always be huge and cause a sensation at the Mission Monument. But at the same time, some inner sect disciples would be enraged.

    After the Scented Cloud Mountain ran out of missions related to monstrous beasts, Bai Xiaochun went to the Green Peak Mountain and the Purple Cauldron Mountain to snatch the missions related to monstrous beasts. This allowed all of the Purple Cauldron Mountain and Green Peak Mountain disciples to understand exactly why he was called the Mad Mission Devil.

    In the end, the South Bank's inner sect disciples realised in despair that there were no longer any mountain ranges near the sect that they could go to. They were all filled with countless monstrous beasts that were constantly in heat...

    Desperate, hundreds of the three mountains' inner sect disciples presented a petition to the sect requesting the sect to revoke Bai Xiaochun's rights to do missions...

    Even Li Qinghou was unable to forcibly interfere with this matter. Bai Xiaochun was simply overzealous when it came to completing the missions, that even the Sect Head had a headache. He realised that ever since Bai Xiaochun entered the sect, he would give him a headache ever so often. Now, practically as soon as he heard Bai Xiaochun's name, he would subconsciously heave a sigh in his heart.

    "Fortunately, he's usually not acting seriously. Him being serious... really is... sigh. This Bai Xiaochun can cause a storm wherever he goes!"

    "Didn't he want to refine pills? Then go and refine pills! The sect will give him Contribution Points and only wishes that he would calm down..."

    Seeing the inner sect disciples support the petition increase from hundreds to thousands, the Sect Head gritted his teeth. After discussing it with Li Qinghou, he revoked Bai Xiaochun's rights to missions for ten years.

    He was the only disciple in the whole sect who needn't complete any missions for ten years, and furthermore, he received a substantial amount of Contribution Points every month.

    Bai Xiaochun felt wronged. He was about to take a mission he had taken a liking to in the Mission Monument again when he received the news, leaving him dumbfounded.

    "For what reason? I want to contribute to the sect, I want to invest my time for the sect. You're being too excessive!" Bai Xiaochun said, enraged. Under the worshipful gazes of the Mission Monument disciples who already viewed him like a deity, Bai Xiaochun sighed deeply. In the end, he grudgingly raised his small chin and flourished his small sleeve.

    "At the snap of my, Bai Xiaochun's, fingers, the Mission Monument... scatters into ashes and disperses into smoke." He shook his head and sighed. A trace of loneliness could be seen as he walked away, dejected.


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